How to Get More Website Traffic to Your Singapore Website

get more website traffic

A good website is vital for any business. A website is the face of your business and acts like an extra employee working 24/7. Its functions include providing a company’s information, answering customer’s questions and making sales. However, your site may be of no use if it does not get online visitors. According to statistics, there are approximately one point two four websites in the world. The high number similarly applies to Singapore which causes massive competition. Your primary goal is getting your target audience to visit your site. Website traffic is important in monitoring your marketing progress, gathering your audience insights, and increasing your search engine optimization for search engine credibility. This will enable you to generate more leads conversions and build a vast customer base. This article goes through some simple ways on how to get more website traffic to your Singapore website.

  1. Perform On-Page SEO

SEO helps improve your website ranking on the search engine results page. Performing SEO tactics will rank you higher in the search engines resulting in more site visitors. One of the SEO tactics is publishing high quality and valuable content that will be useful to your audience. More so, writing brief and clear site pages meta description enables the online users to know what the page is about easily. Meta descriptions always appear in search results below your URL. Online users are more likely to click on a page that they are aware of the content details. This will get your site more traffic.

  1. Get Listed

Getting listed in review sites and online directories is another way to increase traffic to your Singapore website. Your profile contains a link to your site. You should thus regularly and actively update these listings and get positive reviews. This move will more likely result in more website traffic for your Singapore website.

  1. Posting in Social Media with Hashtags

Social media is one of the popular marketing platforms in the world today. Majority of Singaporeans are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn raising the probability of getting your target audience through social media. You can promote your website by use of blog posts and other useful content on social media. Through these, you can get both your social media followers and their followers who they share your content with to your site. Adding hashtags to your social media posts that promote your website pages gives more exposure beyond your customer base. More online users searching for your products and services will discover you results in more website traffic.

  1. Use Landing Pages

Excellently designed landing pages are essential for increase website traffic. They can act as a source of website traffic. Make sure that you create specific landing pages for your business offers. These offers may include a free guide download, redeeming discount codes and starting a free trial. Your website landing pages should consist of the appropriate details that the online users want for them to convert to actual customers.

  1. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Majority of the people often search short-tail keywords more frequently. However, these short-tail keywords are difficult to rank on search engines. By targeting long-tail keywords, you will have a higher chance to promote your Google ranking. You are more likely to be ranked higher for searches related to your products and services. More top ranking on the search engine means that your site will receive more traffic. More so, you should know that Singaporeans are using more specific keywords with the advancements of voice-to-text capabilities and search engines.

  1. Start Email Marketing

Customer retention requires you to keep in touch with them. This is perfectly achieved through sending promotion offers and regular newsletter through email. Email marketing is effective in providing your website page links and useful information. This directs your prospects and customers to your site blog posts, and landing pages offer to help to get more traffic. However, take care not to over bombard your customers with emails that can lead to disengaging or unsubscribing from your emails. More so, design influential email subject lines to convince your customers to open the emails. Otherwise, you won’t get traffic if the emails do not get opened.

  1. Online Advertising

Online advertising is a remunerative option for small and big businesses regardless of their budget size. Investing in paid online advertisements is a worthy way to promote your Singapore business. More so, it is an effective way of getting people to visit your website. PPC advertising provides great channels including display, social media, and paid search advertising to increase your website visitors.

  1. Guest Blog

Getting a micro-influencer to upload a blog post on your site can effectively promote your website traffic. This is because the influencers will share the blog post with a broader audience that follows or subscribe to their channels. More so, you can ask the influencers to mention your company in their reviews or posts or get into an interview about your business with them. Being a guest blogger involves identifying complementary business with an audience who are relevant to your business. Write a blog post to their website that may be valuable to their audience with a link back to your website. The audience will most likely be interested in visiting your site which will build more traffic.

  1. Engage Online

Engaging with your online community gives you more exposure and profile visits. You need to be more active in online groups and websites that are relevant to your business industry. Take part in conversations about your industry, comment on social media posts and blogs and answer questions asked by online users. Avoid hurting your online business reputation by being moderate and sincere. Don’t include your website links on your comments. The website’s links should be on your online profiles. Let the website traffic be a secondary result rather than being the primary goal.

  1. Learn from Your Analytics

Using tracked marketing campaign links and regularly checking your website analytics is vital in analyzing the digital marketing progress. Website analytics tools will help you know the effective type of contents, those that need improvements and those that cannot generate more traffic for your website.


The tips above are only some of the many marketing strategies you can use to get more website traffic for your Singapore website. Increasing your website traffic is a long-term motive that requires time, dedication and hard work. The listed points give you directions on what you have to do to get more traffic. Start implementing them today an improve your website traffic to help you have an edge in the competitive Singapore business.

December 09, 2018

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