How to Get People to Revisit Your Website by Remarketing and Other Methods

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Getting people to visit your website once is not enough. You need to get them to revisit your website from time to time. One of the main important aspects of getting people to revisit your site is the first impression. If your product or the presenting method is not appealing to your visitors, then these potential customers are more likely not to come back to your site. Some reasons can make your visitors not to revisit the site including confusing design, lack of good sales pitch or they are unable to navigate your website. Something is putting them off, and that’s what you need to address. Additionally, you need to get the people buying from your brand to come back for more. If that’s not the case with your business, you need to find a remedy for you to build a repeat and reliable business model. This article will go through the top best ways of getting people to revisit your website with a special reference to Singapore where the digital marketing is increasingly growing higher.


  1. Use of A Simple and Accessible Website


One of the crucial things that you should ensure with your website is making it accessible and straightforward. Your business website may be well designed with all the lovely styles and features. However, this is of no use if it is not easy to use and approachable. The lots of website designs complicate its navigation for the online visitors. Your website should comprise of a simple design containing a sales pitch in the form of a small short paragraph on the home page. You should avoid cramming all the content to your website visitors. It doesn’t matter how good your product or services are, if your website is complicated, the client will leave and never revisit. Make your site easy to navigate through for your visitors. Keep in mind that many Singapore websites on the internet are simple and worthwhile to your visitors. Consulting an expert on website design is key to avoid making blunders.


  1. Make Your Website Sticky


The first step has enabled you to make your site easily accessible. Other than the ability for your visitors to quickly navigate through the website pages, you need to have something that makes them stay engaged with your site and eventually your products. Make your site sticky by offering a reason for your visitors to revisit often. The best way to make your site sticky is offering super quality content. Upload videos, blog posts, and attractive images. This makes your site fun, informative or entertaining to visit. Provide more than enough content for them to back come in the future. You want to give your visitors a reason to stick around on your site. You should note that it doesn’t matter how whether your website is easily accessible or it contains informative and entertaining content, the visitors will not revisit the site if they have nothing left to enjoy.


  1. Use of Fresh Content


Your website needs to be regularly updated with fresh content as a way of getting visitors to come back. This is in addition to having great content. A dynamic website that keeps uploading new content provides a sure way of encouraging the visitors to revisit the site. More so, you should make sure the material has some relationship with your products in a move towards promoting your digital marketing. The vital details about using fresh content are to do it regularly more preferably on a predetermined schedule. This way, your visitors will know exactly when to come back for more content. Fresh content helps to maintain the customer base and keeps the high interest of visitors in your site. You don’t want them to come back and view the same old content on your website.

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  1. Use of Blog Posts


As an online marketer, you want more people to get into your blog, but you still want to keep them following you on your website. Providing exclusive content information of blog topics, you post on your blogs or photos that have not been shared in any other platform helps to maintain audience following. You can make new content from the old blog post as long as it’s helpful to your followers. Blog posts can be either longer or shorter articles that inform your online clients about the products they want to purchase from your business website. The blog should be related to the products or services you offer, it will drive people back into your site, and by regular updating of blogs, they will have a reason to keep coming back. Your blogs should have links that lead someone to the specific product or service that your business offers by just clicking. More so, having a comment section promotes engagement of people with your website. Leaving a question at the end of each blog for your visitors to answer is an efficient way of promoting visitor’s interaction.


  1. Forum Set Ups


Making your website a social platform for people to interact is one of the best ways of getting the people to revisit the site regularly. The goal is to have customers engage with your content other than just reading through it. The approach of using it except as a promotional platform cannot work. You have to spend actual time interacting with your followers and other internet users. Comment on photos and videos of other people on the platform. You can also look into the blogs of people discussing similar aspects to yours. Creation of personal connection with other people on your website is of great significance. A community forum set up allows people to hang out and discuss things they want to talk about. However, the forum has a specific section of your products where people will discuss, endorse and recommend issues related to your products and services. This forum will create a relationship between your brand and the community giving you a closer attachment to your customers. You will also be able to quickly and easily discuss with your clients something that will keep them coming back to your site to participate in the discussion.


  1. Advertising Balance


Excessive advertisement in a website acts a turn off for most visitors. Despite being the primary objective or source of revenue, many adverts on your site drowns out the provided content and even makes it seem like an afterthought. The advertisements may include standard page and pop-up windows advertising. Advertising balance is a short and straightforward rule to follow. You need to balance the adverts on your page to be enough for a good revenue but not excess to set your visitors off. You want to give the best first impression on your site visitors. A page bombarded with all sorts of adverts will not give confidence in your business. The advert placement should be strategic in place that they do not affect your potential customer attitude towards your site. Advertising balance will in one way or another drive traffic and increase hits in your site as the people keep revisiting your website.

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  1. Using Newsletters


The best way to maintain audience connectivity and encourage them to visit your website regularly is the creation of an email list. Mailing list enables you to contact your website users in the way of trying to get them back into your website. This is by informing them about a new blog or video on your site. An email will automatically notify all the people to include in the mailing list about it. You should use your site to try and promote your email list. You will then use the email lists to keep your blog upfront to followers who signed into your email list. In this way, more people get to access your website and stay connected to you. One of the major pros in using a well-designed email is the provision of links about discussion forum, new products, and social media pages information on your website that may be of interest to them. The power of email listing is displayed by the fact that the majority of the people have email accounts compared to Facebook accounts. These are the people that you will be able to entice, contact and engaging with your brand and content.


  1. Social Media


Social media is one of the most significant platforms for digital marketing and can never be overlooked. The foundation of many companies and businesses is laid on twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Millions of people own a Facebook and Twitter account. Facebook and Twitter are social visual platforms for sharing videos, images, and photos. Incorporating a video or related image to your blog post goes a long way in promoting your site. You need to begin your blog with a related video or image. Establishing a Facebook page for your business opens up an opportunity for everyone to like the page and connect with you through the Facebook page. This increases the visibility and popularity of the brand.


One of the strategies that you can use with Facebook is paying a little amount of cash for your business content posts to be promoted onto peoples personal Facebook feeds. Facebook can similarly convince people to get back to your website the same way email campaign does. More so, your Facebook emails will never get lost through spam folder. On the other hand, Twitter is a capable social media platform especially for quick respondents to your client’s questions. Twitter is also suitable for daily informative links which keep your website on the customer’s mind. Many of these links increase the repeat business by leading back to your website. Other social media platforms available include Tumblr and Pinterest. However, Facebook and Twitter are easy to work and most popular platforms.

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  1. Incentives


Everybody likes cheaper and free products or services. Advertising limited discounts and special offers is a sure way to remarket your website. Your previous visitors will return to see whether they can walk away with a cheap bargain. As stated above, your social media platform and email marketing promotion should be well developed and designed to help link the customers directly back to your website and the specific landing pages for the products and services on offer. To encourage more people to subscribe into your site, you can make the discount offers to be only available to customers on social media pages or these on your mailing list. Your website products discount should be eye-catching, easy to understand and desirable.


Quick Customer Correspondence


For any company or business to develop into a big brand, an overwhelming customer service is essential. You need to correspond to your customers quickly. One of the best ways of ensuring customer correspondence is by answering all questions put forward to you by the audience. This will ensure that you engage with your customer base more closely. All questions are it on your website blog posts, or any other forum should be answered. The customers will feel that they are being taken care of hence will be willing to support your business brand and come back to your website. The customer is more likely to return with a related question from the previous chat for the dialogue to continue. However, failing to carry out customer correspondence makes them think the website is not functional or you care less about their concerns. This will negatively hurt your business brand.


  1. Remarketing Campaigns


Remarketing campaigns are developed to capture back potential customers by displaying ads on their platforms. These potential customers include those who previously used your mobile application or visited your business website. Remarket camping’s will help you build brand awareness while staying connected to target audience. Remarketing involves utilising the people who you already have been in contact with to your advantage. These could be your loyal customers or your website visitors; you are sure that the people are interested. The campaigns enable you to target ads to these people who have visited your site. Some of the platforms suitable for remarketing include Gmail, YouTube, apps, display network and remarketing listings Ads. In this way, you try and recapture their attention and may convert them to business customers.




Today, Singapore has plenty of opportunities for web advertisers and marketers. It is not easy to get people to come back to your website. This is due to the stiff competition of Singapore websites and the world as a whole. However, spending some time on your site design, infrastructure, the mode of interaction with people and your social media platform, you will be assured of higher lead conversions. The customer base built will keep revisiting your website maintaining your business in a healthy condition for several years.


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