How To Get Loyalty Programmes For Your Singapore E-Commerce Store

loyalty programme for e-commerce

E-commerce is a simple method for small enterprises to get more clients and for Yoast optimisation, provided that they don’t lose them to their competition. For your online store to become successful, you must be able to outdo your competitors by offering excellent service, great expertise, and unique content.

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The other way to make your website appealing to new visitors and maintain the current ones is using an e-commerce loyalty system.

What Benefits Can Your Online Store Gain from An E-Commerce Loyalty System?

Most businesses see loyalty programs as a way to get visitors to visit again. But that is not all that the program can do. Below are some of the benefits of having an e-commerce loyalty program for your online store.

  1. Attract new customers

Do not let your clients stay until they have spent a certain amount or have placed some orders to allow them to gain the benefits of being members of your loyalty programs. Advance an immediate bonus item or discount to your new subscribers for becoming members of your loyalty program. They are most likely to enrol and make purchases.

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  1. Contains Analytics

A good loyalty program collects marketing data on your visitors. So, you can observe the products they prefer, the time they make purchases, their expenditure, and other marketing information that can enable you to refine your strategies. Fantastic offers can increase your order values and general sales.

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  1. Enhance the value of your existing customers

Your customer loyalty program ensures that you not only keep your customers but also gain more from them. Upsells, previews, and exclusive product offers of items are simpler when your data is correct, and customers can trust you.

That trust is very precious – studies found out that reputable customers in Singapore are 50% more probable to purchase a new product from a business than new visitors are, and those prominent clients use about 30% more during purchases.

  1. Reduces your expenditure on acquiring new customers

Using a digital loyalty program to provide offers to your existing clients can enhance your return on investment from the shoppers and reduce your expenses on acquiring new customers. And when looking for new clients, data from your customer loyalty program can assist you to focus on audiences with similar behaviours with those of your existing customers on the Web.

  1. Get old clients back

Sometimes some of the existing customers stop buying from you, and you don’t understand the reason. Rather than forget the clients, you can utilise your e-commerce loyalty programme to create custom email offers to bring back to your agency.

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Think about the goals that are most important to your enterprise, and reach out your new and existing customers through the channels that they use most. You may need your developer to design a loyalty program that includes social media incentive options, or that offers direct points for purchases depending on the customer habits and your goals.

How to Set Up Your E-commerce Loyalty Program

There are various tools that you utilise to add an e-commerce loyalty program to your Singapore online agency. Your choices will be influenced by the hosting platform of your program, your financial plan, customer habits, and your goals.

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Below are a few e-commerce loyalty programs that you can use to enhance your online store in Singapore:


Magento features various e-commerce loyalty program extension solutions that work with it. Here are some of them:

  1. Aheadworks

Aheadworks has developed two Magento loyalty program extensions namely Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Magento 1: this loyalty extension program allows you to modify the rate by which your visitors get rewards for particular actions. It also features options to reward points for answering polls, answering queries from other visitors, uploading customer-created videos, as well as other gift features for referrals and shopping. Automatic reminders are also part of this programme.

Magento 2: this extension includes pre and post-sales settings for tax points and analytics on rates of spending by individual customers and by the group. This solution connects with ConnectPOS to integrate customer rewards throughout your in-store and online channels.

  1. Amasty

Amasty loyalty program for e-commerce store enables you to create various levels of benefit for your subscribers depending on their buying histories. They include awarding free shipment services to your VIP group and creating custom-made campaigns.

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There are various WordPress loyalty programmes that you can choose from, and they include the following:

  1. WooCommerce Points and Rewards

This loyalty program solution enables you to establish a Points-Per-Purchase loyalty program with adjustable settings for maximum amounts of discount and point values. You can make points based on previous purchase, use points to reward new members for signing up and reviewing, and more.

  1. SUMO

Another choice for WooCommerce and WordPress stores is SUMO. This extension offers you with an option to award points to customers for making donations, using coupons, commenting, blogging, sharing content, referring customers, purchases, and reviews. The program also enables you to set a time when the award points will expire.

  1. Beans

Beans is a WooCommerce store extension that includes more than 20 options for giving rewards to visitors. Some of the possibilities include rewards on shopping, reviewing, referrals, shares, likes, and awards during birthdays of your users. The solution also allows you to develop offers that expire after a certain period for loyalty program subscribers, create customised gifts, and set automatic reminders to urge clients to come to your store.


You should take time before you decide on the best loyalty programme for your e-commerce website. Take your time and read the customer reviews of your provider and ensure that the solution includes the features you need for your advertising plan.

The more suitable you become at gifting your clients, the more profitable your loyalty program solution will be to your store. With various brands in the market, it can become challenging to keep your customers who you earned with difficulties. With an excellent structure and strategy, an e-commerce customer loyalty programme can make things work in favour of your business.

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