8 Interesting Fun Facts About SEO

fun facts about SEO

There are plenty of SEO statistics and facts out there that you need to be updated so that it becomes easy for you to become successful in the market. SEO keeps many secrets for several beginners, however, even pro users should be continuously up-to-date with what takes place in the digital marketing world. 

shocking facts about SEO

Every day various changes are occurring in the sector of Search Engine Optimization. To know about all these things, some of the SEO professionals stay tuned with the current update regarding any change in the algorithm, all the time.

The majority of people who are in this industry do not know about many updates as well as some really interesting facts about SEO. Having complete knowledge about these regular modifications and some important facts will make you gain a better understanding of SEO’s several main principles. 

Below-mentioned are the top 8 interesting fun facts about SEO 

1:  Rich Snippets do not directly affect your rankings 

 Since the time of their first appearance in 2009, rich snippets have been the sneak preview on the SERP page. Now, the question that arises is that – do they have a direct effect on the ranks? The answer is, not really. If you know what is SEO and its important elements, then you must be aware of the fact that rich snippets add additional information to the search listing, however, as per Google, they do not affect rankings. 

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Google has mentioned many times that the rich snippets have an indirect impact on site rankings. Just because rich snippets do not directly impact the rankings does not mean that you cannot produce direct SEO advantages, such as helping the page to be convenient or presenting valuable data for the reader. With the help of rich snippets, you can get more website traffic, and that ultimately might assist you with the rankings, however, it does not directly affect the ranks. 

2:  Search Evaluators are used by Google for determining the quality of results 

All those people out there who have complete knowledge about What is SEO are also well aware of the fact that Google utilizes many algorithms for ranking sites. It will be a surprising fact for you that to assess the search results’ quality.

shocking facts about SEO

These search evaluators need to build the results’ quality for a lot of searches. Google uses search evaluators from many countries as well as with many languages. This refers to the fact that Google is attempting to comprehend content written in several languages. 

3:  Object detection in pictures is the powerful ranking signal 

It helps in adding an extra layer of the ranking signals which cannot be simply modified. You might know that Google is intelligent enough to identify objects in images however what might come to you as a surprise is that object identification is now the ranking signal which can impact any company out there. 

With the help of object detection, you can classify pictures into several categories, find and read the printed words consisted of the images, and detect individual faces and objects within pictures. A lot of companies providing SEO services use this feature as it helps them establish metadata on the image catalog, enable the latest marketing scenarios by image sentiment evaluation, and moderate derogatory content. Object detection permits search engines for identifying what content is inside the pictures that you post on the sites and then rank it accordingly. 

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4:  Want to rank your site? Add a video on your homepage 

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Can you guess the preferred platform? Yes, it is YouTube that dominates the SERP of Google. All the achievements of YouTube during the last year have made it the 2nd largest search engine in the world and also the most favorite choice for online video advertising and marketing. 

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facts about SEO

Now, think about it. Who doesn’t like videos, correct? They are quickly more appealing than the text for many people. A video helps in keeping the visitors more on the site and it will be viewed as the ranking factor by search engines. The SEO services provider also considers the chance of visitors sharing the web page consisting of the video on social media as well as it will enhance the possibility of getting inbound links from those users that notice the same. 

5:  There is no penalty for duplicate content 

A lot of people have this question in mind that will they be penalized for duplicate content? Well, the answer is no. Now, is the duplicate content hurting your website? It depends. You won’t see the duplicate content mentioned anywhere as it is all about the copied content. And Google treats copied content differently than the duplicate one. 

You won’t get penalized for duplicate content but in the case of copied content, you might have to pay a certain amount of penalty. The lowest rating is proper in case almost or all of the main content on your page is copied with no or little effort, time, manual curation, added value for the users, or expertise. Such SEO blogs or pages must be rated lowest, even in case the page gives credit to another source for the content. Never forget that in case there is a site duplicating the content and also, you don’t have an agreement, you can fill in the request for its removal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

6:  Top Ranking positions have more Facebook activity 

There is a lot of buzz and mystery about the impact of likes, shares, and comments etc., generally on SEO. If you are wondering whether the social signals are the ranking factor or not, then please keep it in mind that the answer is not a simple “no” or “yes”. While any casualty cannot be inferred, an enhanced presence on Facebook is related to the higher rank on the search list. 

shocking facts about SEO

It looks like Facebook interactions have a huge impact on Google search rankings. Hence, the social network offers you engagement with the audience of your SEO blogs and also affects the measurable results beyond engagement, including the higher search results ranking. You need not be the SEO professional to know that the organic listing does not easily come up, irrespective of the social media game plan or SEO tactics you have utilized. 

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7:  Out of the top 10, only 2 most famous websites on the Internet are content sites 

As of September 2019, the topmost well-known sites are – Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing, Twitter, MSN, and eBay. (http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/most-popular-websites) Look closely and you will realize that only YouTube and Wikipedia are content-oriented sites. The rest of them are the “content gates” as they do not offer direct content in a manner that a general site does.

Google portrays as a tool that provides the users with an opportunity of instantly searching the entire web to look for something that they desire. They are not famous because of amazing link bait or content but as the result of the interaction. So, now the question for an SEO lead generation company is that – is content still the king? Undoubtedly, content marketing still works. What is important to note is the fact that interaction is doing wonders. 

8:  Travel Time is the metric for Google’s ranking 

What one means by “Travel Time” is the physical time for someone to get from the location to a place/event/business a person is interested in, as well as consequently, it is about local and search optimization. The total amount of travel time a person goes through for reaching the place is the ranking factor. 

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shocking facts about SEO


It looks like Google also wished to know in case someone visits the place after viewing it in the Google Maps, either after seeing the same in search results or following a suggestion. Proximity does not only come first in our regular lifestyle but also the SERPs. An important point to consider for the SEO Company is that those websites which are not as optimized as the other ones will rank ahead in case they are closer to the user. Hence, in case you have a local business, you must be interested in this feature of the search market if you are also at a high close rate. 

Nonetheless, there is not a single most efficient SEO tip, fact, formula, or statistics for lead generation that will result in absolute marketing success. Still, the above-mentioned fun and useful facts can guide you about the on-page SEO, the integrated content or marketing strategies.

Even in case you invest in link building or paid search, what everyone wants at the end of the day is, if possible, to have all the web users, producing organic clicks on the site. If you are in the digital marketing and SEO sector, you must be aware of these 8 facts that will help you in being a successful SEO professional.  To increase your conversion rates you should strongly consider live chat agents who are also conversant in lead generation techniques.

Get in touch with us for more information about how to do SEO in Singapore. Our team will help you understand all the aspects of SEO and their impact on your business. 

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