Free Online Social Media Marketing Courses You Should Take As a Singapore Marketer

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Profiting In a Digital World through Social Media Marketing Courses

Social media seems to be the platform for carrying out all kinds of businesses. The most significant percentage of prospect clients can be found through social media as it looks, making it the best place to make your business known by reaching out to the target audience of customers. To make sure this chance is highly efficient; taking online social media marketing courses will achieve the goal. This is a valid choice for all kind of marketers in Singapore, from those already established to those aspiring to grow their digital marketing businesses.

Free Online Social Media Marketing Courses You Should Take As a Singapore Marketer 1
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Those who were wise enough have used social media to find new jobs, create job opportunities, build an engaged audience and expressed their personality. From these, they have become essential digital marketing gurus in this knowledge-based 21st century. These free online social media marketing courses will guarantee you;

  • Becoming your boss through your website
  • Getting a job by creating a social media presence that gives potential employers and customers a glance of your skills, expertise, and personality.

Take a look at them and make sure you achieve either or both of the above.

Social Media Marketing Course      

This is a new specialization offered at Northwestern University. It is specially designed for digital marketing professionals and business owners with the objective of using the social media to grow their businesses. 

A total of 6 online social media course are offered in this specialization. One is therefore needed to complete them as well as several projects to show how the theoretical knowledge gained can be applied in practical skills.

The Social Media Marketing Course will teach you what social media is, skills of active listening, Advertising, Content and Social IMC, strategies for Engagement and Nurture Marketing, the Business of Social Media and Social Media Capstone Projects among more.

Inbound Marketing Course

Although this program mostly targets those specializing in online marketing and social media industries, the HubSpot Academy offers Inbound Marketing certification Course that also covers content marketing.  Videos have been incorporated as a way of teaching to make it easy for learning because you can take your own pace of watching and completing the courses.

On completion, an Inbound Marketing Certification exam is issued out before one is certified by HubSpot Academy. This program covers the following:

  • Website optimization
  • Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Strategy
  • How to idealize the Conversion Process
  • Fundamentals of Blogging
  • Using Social Media to intensify your content
  • Creating Content with a Purpose
  • The structure of a Landing Page
  • Reaching the target audience through appropriate means of communication
  • The Power of Marketing
  • Achieving Customer satisfaction
  • Taking Your Sales Process Inbound

Hootsuite Academy Social Media Marketing Training

Hootsuite academy offers training in online social media marketing course for both at the beginner and intermediate levels. The following series of free classes are available for the newbie on online social media marketing in Singapore.

What It Contains

At the beginner level we have:

  • Introduction To Social Media Marketing
  • Optimizing Social Media Profiles

At the intermediate level we have:

Open DS106 Course

It is widely known as the digital storytelling and social media course offered at the University of Mary Washington.

Have you ever tried to imagine how one can tell a story fluently using the social media in this digital era? That is what this course seeks to teach the Singapore social media marketing aspirants. The online version of this course is known as Open DS106 freely accessible by anyone.

Every unit tasks, every instructional video, the DS106 handbook, and participant blogs are all available on the Open DS106. One will find and get to interact with a whole active online community.

What it Contains

  • Using photos and the web to tell a story
  • Bootcamp-getting through Bootcamp and Personal Cyber Infrastructure

How to effectively listen to an audio

  • Advanced radio show production
  • Advanced audio production
  • Digital storytelling
  • Making and reading movies
  • Timer and Mashup
  • Final Project and Wrap Up

Alison’s Diploma in Social Media Marketing

This free online social media marketing course only takes between 15 hours to 20 hours. It is short and concise covering concepts about social media marketing, skills in planning and implementing a successful social media marketing strategy and how to how to apply the skills and knowledge.

What It Covers

  • Email marketing
  • Using social media tools like podcasting, Twitter, and blogging
  • Ways of using Facebook to establish a business page
  • Affiliate marketing

Search and Social Media Marketing For International Business

This is a one of a kind social media marketing course that is aimed at teaching you how to use social media to develop international businesses. It is therefore the best option if you wish to build your professional identity online and explore strategies for using social media marketing tactics and SEO expertise to develop and engage their online audience.

Skills Taught

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Personal branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Online copywriting
  • Online monitoring and reporting
  • The legal implications of social media

Writing for the Web Course

This one here best suits bloggers, those with the passion of writing and swaying minds of their audiences through words. We all know the power of written words, but just having the skill of writing is not enough anymore. This course will prove to be very helpful. With the aid of an instructor, one gets to learn how they can use web designing, SEO, and the writing styles and structure to keep their online audiences engaged.

It is a guarantee that by the end of this course, your writing would have improved because everything from the content to style and structure will aim at achieving a high rank in readability and search engines.

What It Covers

  • How to write effective content
  • How to differentiate between ordinary writing and writing for the web
  • What makes good content
  • Looking after your content

Social media is here to stay. Use this chance to build your brand and get yourself a good audience. However, there is a catch; you have to be a regular user of social media. You should have accounts in each platform and share your content, videos, blogs, photos, stories on a regular basis. The more you do this, the more you move towards success. Taking an online social media marketing course makes it more fun and more manageable. Let your skills be reflected through your work on social media. That is what it takes to make it in the Singapore digital market.

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