4 Secrets to Get More Facebook Followers for Free

Facebook Followers

Facebook marketing is a double-edged sword that needs to be conducted with care to ensure that your brand benefits fully. Recent reports indicated that in January 2017, the platform has more than 1.94 billion monthly active users thereby making it one of the best social media sites to market your brand and connect with customers.

However, another report by Ogilvy shows that organic reach has dropped to 6%. This statistics means that out of 200 followers, only 12 get to see your post. It also means that you need to focus more on increasing the number of followers and engaging with them consistently.

Here are 4 tips that you can use to get more Facebook followers for free.

Maintain a High Degree of Transparency

There are plenty of faceless and overly corporate brands in the market that are a dime a dozen in spite of their immense popularity across the globe. Very few people on Facebook interact with these brands. We, humans, have a profound and innate desire to establish connections with other people.

Doing so is not easy especially if your brand shares nothing about its culture, values, and philosophy with the target audience. Maintaining a high degree of honesty and transparency will help to connect with prospects easily.

This, however, does not mean that you become an open book and reveal your brand’s deepest and darkest fears. Use your judgment to know where to draw the line, but regardless of how formal or serious your brand is, a little transparency will go a long way. Simple moves such as posting behind the scenes videos and pictures can do the trick.

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Post More Videos

Don’t get it twisted, the traditional articles are fine, but the problem is that every brand is posting articles on their pages. The savvy customers especially the millennials cannot stand this type of content. So, stop copying what everyone else is doing and post some videos on your page. The videos need to offer real value to the followers.

They will help spice up things and the audience excited about your brand and your content. Since most people interact better with videos than text, you will notice a sharp increase in engagement levels after consistently post videos on your Facebook page. Note that as the engagement level increases, so do your chances of gaining more followers.

Use a Follow Button to Promote Your Page

The first thing you need to note at this point is that every demographic or segment of your audience interacts with your brand differently. Each interaction is an opportunity to grow and take your business to the next level.

Creating a Follow Button and displaying it in various places online make it easy for anyone who comes across it to follow your page. There are some tools that you can use to make the button. At the end of the creation process, you will get a unique code that you can post on the various platforms that you intend to market your Facebook page. You can also double the chances of someone following your page, by including the button on a popup. However, be careful when using popup as over-the-top interstitials can nowadays result in a penalty from Google especially if it hurts the user experience.

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Use Facebook Groups

A study that was done in 2016 showed that more than one billion Facebook users are members of one or more groups on the platform. One of the main reasons why Facebook groups are so popular is because they provide users with an excellent opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with like-minded people.

Join groups that are relevant to your niche and already have plenty of followers. Then, consistently engage with the group members by commenting on posts to get on the radar. Ultimately, the members will start following your comments and contacting you directly for insights.

Alternatively, you can create your group of scratch and invite people who may be interested in your brand or niche in general to join. The only downside of using this strategy is that it might take some time to accrue a large number of followers, but you will get there if you consistently post valuable videos, posts, and respond to comments.

Consider hiring a reputable Singapore search engine marketing company to help you develop content for posting on your Facebook page. The company will also periodically carry out A/B tests to determine the ideal types of content for your brand.


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