25 Finest Graphic Design Agencies In Singapore For 2023

25 Finest Graphic Design Agencies In Singapore For 2023 _ MediaOne Marketing Singapore

At MediaOne, we love to explore and celebrate the best in every industry. In the spirit of that, we bring you our list of 25 graphic designers making waves in Singapore in 2023.

These talented folks have put their design skills to good use, creating eye-catching visuals for businesses and organisations across the city-state. 

From small business logos to intricate visual campaigns, these designers have been hard at work bringing their creative vision to life. 

So, without further ado, let’s get to know the 25 finest graphic designers in Singapore right now:

#1. MediaOne

Singapore Business: Top Marketing Firms In Singapore - MediaOne

MediaOne is a full-service design agency offering graphic design, web design, advertising, and marketing services. 

The agency has been around since 2008, and they have managed to build a solid client base over the years. 

MediaOne is one of the most experienced graphic design agencies in Singapore. Their team has worked on projects for global brands like Edelman, Acer, Just Co, Changi Airport Singapore, Singtel, and Island Maid.

Their services include website design, logo creation, branding strategies, SEO, Media Buys, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, and more.

Services SEO, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Website Development, Branding, Content Development
Contact Details (65) 6965 7008


Address 1 Neil Road #03-02

Singapore 088804

Website https://www.mediaonemarketing.com.sg

#2. Lemongraphic

It’s easy to see why Lemongraphic is one of the best graphic design agencies in Singapore.

First established in 2007, Lemongraphic has grown to become one of Singapore’s most popular graphic design agencies. Their experienced designers are known for creating beautiful visuals for both digital and print media. 

The company creates solid, eye-catching visuals that capture attention and communicate a powerful message. 

From corporate logos to wedding invitations, Lemongraphic’s portfolio is filled with stunning designs.  

Better yet, they have one of the best rates in the city, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget. 

Not only that, but their customer service and responsiveness are top-notch.

It’s easy to see why Lemongraphic is one of the best graphic design agencies in Singapore.

Services Graphic Design, Information Design, Vector Illustration
Contact Details (65) 9822 4829


Address Singapore
Website https://www.lemongraphic.design/

#3. Kson Tay

Kson Tay is a multifaceted freelance graphic designer specialising in modern visuals and illustrations. 

He has an impressive portfolio of works, from corporate logos to fashion designs.

Kson’s style combines clean lines and bold colours to create stunning visuals that stand out from the crowd. 

Not only that, but she also offers a range of services, including branding, social media content, and illustration. 

Kson’s passion for graphic design is evident in each of her projects, and she’s quickly becoming a household name in the industry.

Services Graphic Design, Branding, Packaging, Illustration
Contact Details hello@ksontay.com
Clients P&G, Olay, Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay, Jack Morton, Sistic., CBS Interactive
Website https://ksontay.com/

#4. Jab Design

Jab Design is one of the best creative design agencies in Singapore. The agency is best known for providing premium graphic design services tailored to each client’s needs. 

The team at Jab Design is highly experienced and can create stunning visuals for both digital and print media. 

What sets them apart from other agencies is their attention to detail and dedication to creating the perfect design. 

Whatever the project may be, Jab Design will go above and beyond to ensure that the result is something special. 

Jab Design’s portfolio is filled with impeccable artwork, from logos to social media content.

Services Graphic Design, Branding, Copywriting, Interactive and Environmental Design, Editorial and Publishing, Campaign Development, Identity Branding
Contact Details info@jab.sg
Address 1 Kallang Junction Level 6

Vanguard Campus

Singapore 339263

Website https://jab.sg
Services GUI Development, Logo Design, UI/UX Design, Social Media Content, Physical Print

#5. Singsys

Singsys is a front-runner in the Singapore graphic design industry. The agency specialises in innovative and creative designs that are sure to turn heads.

Whether it’s a logo or social media content, Singsys creates visuals that capture attention and communicate a powerful message. 

The team at Singsys is highly experienced and strives to create perfect designs for each project. 

Not only that, but the agency is also renowned for its excellent customer service and responsiveness. 

Singsys’ portfolio is filled with stunning work from web design to branding — it’s no wonder they are considered one of the best graphic design agencies in Singapore.

Services Design Studio, Web Application, Digital Marketing
Contact Details (65) 6571 3900


Address 1 North Bridge Road

#17-10 High Street Centre

Singapore 179094

Website https://singsys.com

#6. Subraa

Subraa is a freelance web designer, WordPress developer, and SEO specialist. He is one of the few graphics designers in the country who’s genuinely passionate about creating stunning visuals that capture attention and communicate powerful messages. 

Subraa is well-known for his creative and innovative work, which has gained him recognition from businesses across Singapore. 

He specialises in creating unique designs that stand out from the crowd, whether a logo or website. 

Subraa takes pride in creating the perfect design for each project and ensures every detail is taken care of.

Services Logo Design, Name Card Design, SEO, Illustration Design, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Flyer Design
Contact Details (65) 9795 7890

WhatsApp: (65) 8580 9111


Address 471A Upper Serangoon Crescent

Singapore 531471

Website https://www.subraa.com

#7. Novage

Novage is a leading digital agency in Singapore. Founded in 2010, the agency has managed to create a name for itself as one of the best in the business. 

Novage provides a wide range of services, including web design, app development, branding, and digital marketing. 

The team at Novage is highly experienced, with a seething passion for creating unique and creative visuals. 

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From logo designs to websites, only a few can match the beauty and quality of Novage’s work.

Services Web Development, Website maintenance, Digital Marketing, SEO Services
Contact Details (65) 6744 4064


Address The Commerze

Irving 1 Irving Place

#09-01 Singapore

Singapore 369546

Website https://www.novage.com.sg

#8. ChillyBin

ChillyBin is one of Singapore’s leading web design and development services providers. 

They’re a one-stop shop for everything related to websites, from design to content management. 

What makes ChillyBin stand out is its commitment to providing customised solutions tailored to each client’s needs. 

website design banner

Founded in 2009, the agency has continued to grow and develop, emerging as one of Singapore’s most reliable and sought-after digital agencies. 

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Whether it’s a logo or website design, ChillyBin has proven, time and again, that they are more than capable of creating professional-level graphics design visuals.

Services Development, Marketing, Strategy, Design, Branding
Contact Details (65) 3159 1596
Address 1 Scotts Road

#24-05 Shaw Centre

Singapore 228208

Website www.chillybin.com.sg/

#9. GSK Group

GSK Group isn’t just a graphics design agency – they are one of the leading branding agencies in Singapore. 

And they have been around for more than 15 years, serving local and international clients.

GSK Group offers a broad range of services, from website design to logo creation. Their specialty lies in creating comprehensive branding solutions that capture the essence of each client’s brand. 

One look at their portfolio, and you can see why GSK Group is considered one of the best graphic design agencies in Singapore.

While writing this, GSK Group has bagged more than 3,088 projects.

Services Brand Strategy, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Conceptualization
Contact Details (65) 6536 4019
Address 531A Upper Cross Street

#03-116 Hong Lim Complex

Singapore 051531

Website info@gsk-group.com.sg

#10. Secret Hideout

Secret Hideout is a full-service creative micro-agency based in Singapore. They’re a boutique creative agency specializing in branding, logo design, website design, and advertising.

At Secret Hideout, the team focuses on delivering high-quality visuals that meet their clients’ expectations. 

They pride themselves on making meaningful connections with their clients and helping them achieve their goals. 

With a mix of creative ideas and expertise, Secret Hideout has created some amazing visuals for its clients.

Services Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Logo Design, EDM, UX/UI, Newsletter Design Services, Annual Report Design, Infographic Design, Brochure Design
Contact Details (65) 8751 2167
Address 76 Play Fair Road LHK2 

Building #04-02 

Singapore 367996

Website hello@secrethideout.sg

#11. Global Dot Com

Global Dot Com is a creative and digital agency offering branding, marketing, advertising, and website design services. 

The agency has managed to amass a large client base over the years, including some of the biggest companies in Singapore. 

Whether it’s a logo or website design, Global Dot Com has the experience and expertise to create stunning visuals. 

Their team is well-versed in graphic design, allowing them to provide creative solutions that meet their clients’ needs.

Services Logo Recreation, Graphic Design, Flyer Design, Logo Design, Business card Design, Banner Design, Brochure, Newsletter Design Services, Graphic & Website Design, Label Design, Magazine Design
Contact Details (65) 6908 5866


Address 7030 Ang Mo Kio 

Avenue 5 #09-85

Northstar Singapore 569880

Website https://www.globaldotcom.sg/

#12. Creative Nation Art

Creative Nation Art is a freelance graphic design studio based in Singapore. Chayan Durra, a professional designer with decades of experience in the industry, created the agency.

The agency focuses on creating visuals that tell a story, regardless of how complex or simple the project may be. 

They strive to create visuals with purpose and meaning, which makes them stand out from other graphic design agencies in Singapore.

Their team has repeatedly exceeded their clients’ expectations thanks to their skills and experience. 

Services Graphic Designing, Sketch Art, Caricature Art Services, Video Animation
Contact Details (65) 8189 5430
Website https://www.creativenationart.com

#13. Verz Design

Verz Design is a full-suite creative agency specializing in digital marketing, branding, web design, and graphic design. Since 2009, the agency has been helping businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

The team at Verz Design offers a wide range of services, including web design, UI/UX design, SEO, branding strategy, and more. They have worked with numerous clients from different industries over the years, each time managing to deliver stunning visuals that meet their expectations.

Services Digital Marketing, Web Development, SEO, SEM, Copywriting
Contact Details (65) 6841 1680
Address 56 Kallang Pudding Road


HH@Kallang 349328

Website https://www.verzdesign.com

#14. Above1 Design

Above1 Design was established in 2006 with the mission to provide world-class design services to Singapore businesses. 

Their services include graphic design, web design, logo design, branding strategy and more.

After 16 years, the company has worked on thousands of projects, delivering top-notch graphic design services to businesses in Singapore.   

Their team has a keen eye for detail and strives to produce visuals that match their clients’ expectations.

Services Paid Search, E-commerce, Search Engine, Web Design, Web Maintenance
Contact Details (65) 6634 6276


Address 1A Kaki Bukit Rd 3

Singapore 417821

Website https://www.above1.com/

#15. EADC

EADC is a creative web design company based in Singapore. The agency was founded in 1999 and has grown to become one of Singapore’s most successful creative design firms.

Their competency is in web programming and design, and they have worked with almost every industry, from finance to e-commerce. 

The team at EADC specializes in crafting innovative and visually appealing websites that are both user-friendly and SEO optimized. They understand the importance of a well-designed website and strive to deliver results that meet their clients’ expectations.

Services Website design, Website Development, WordPress Development
Contact Details contact@eadc.com.sg
Website https://www.eadc.com.sg/

#16. Firstcom Solutions

Firstcom Solutions is a proven, reliable, creative, and result-oriented web design agency in Singapore. 

Since 2011, the agency has been helping brands transform their businesses by creating powerful websites, e-commerce stores, logo designs, and more. 

The team at Firstcom Solutions is highly experienced in web design, graphic design, and other digital marketing services. Their work speaks for itself, as they have managed to create visuals beyond their clients’ expectations.

Services Website design, Web Application, Brand Strategy, Website Development, WordPress Development
Contact Details sales@firstcom.com.sg

(65) 6848 4984

(65) 6848 4284

Address 158 Kallang Way

#03-05 Performance Building

Singapore 349245

Website www.firstcom.com.sg/

#17. Corsiva Lab

Founded by two entrepreneurs five years ago, Corsiva Lab is a forward-thinking creative agency specializing in graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. 

The team’s mission is to help businesses stand out from the competition with stunning visuals through logo design, branding strategy, or website development.

By leveraging the latest trends and technologies, the team at Corsiva Lab has serviced more than 400 clients since its inception. 

Their clientele includes some of the biggest names in the industry, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Here’re some of the companies they have worked with: NUS, Capitaland, Public Transport Council, Camel Nuts, and Loreal. 

Services Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting
Contact Details (65) 6980 3180


Address 82 Playfair Road

#12-01 D’lithium

Singapore 368001

Website https://corsivalab.com
Past Clients Orchard Central, Republic Polytechnic, Far East Organization, SIM, NUS, Capitaland

#18. 24K Design Studio

24K Design Studio was established in 2009 by a group of passionate creatives. As their name suggests, their goal is to create designs worth 24 carats. 

The 24K Design Studio team specializes in web design and brand development. Their services include logo design, web development, branding strategy and more. 

Thanks to their state-of-the-art technology and thorough understanding of industry trends, they have helped hundreds of companies create visuals that stand out from the competition. 

Services Website Design, Mobile Application Development, Copywriting, Web Hosting, Video Production, SEO, Digital Marketing, eCommerce Solution, Facility Booking System
Contact Details (65) 6844 0132


Address 61 Upper Paya Lebar Rd

#05-02 Tat Wan Building

Singapore 534816

Website https://www.24k.com.sg/

#19. EFusion Technology

EFusion Technology is a Singapore-based digital agency founded in 2004. They specialize in web design and development, logo design, and marketing consultation. 

The team at EFusion believes that the best way to stand out from the competition is to create distinctive visuals that communicate your brand message effectively.

Their portfolio includes projects for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Petmuse Studio, Swee Bee Contractor, Econo Green, Axil Scientific, Star Living, Zertona, Thiam Peng, and more.

Services Website Design, Digital Marketing, Web Services, Marketing Consultation
Contact Details (65) 6292 3086


Address 321A Beach Road

Singapore 199557

Website https://www.efusiontech.com

#20. VVCares

VVCares is a top-of-the-line digital agency in Singapore. Founded by a group of veteran designers and developers, the team at VVCares manages your IT solutions services with excellence. 

They offer web design, branding strategy, logo design, and more services. Their team of experienced professionals is committed to creating great visuals and making the best impression on your current and potential customers.

The agency started in 2011, registering with ACRA as a small business, and has since grown to become one of the top digital agencies in Singapore. 

Services Website Design, Payroll Software, Web Hosting, Email Marketing, SEO
Contact Details (65) 6693 5414


Address No.10 Anson Road


Singapore 079903

Website https://vvcares.com

#21. 5ive Media

5ive Media is an interactive digital marketing company specializing in web design, graphic design, internet marketing, and website design. 

Based in Singapore, the 5ive Media team is dedicated to providing creative solutions for its clients.

Their expertise in web design has helped them create and maintain some of the most popular websites in Singapore. 

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They have also worked with some of the biggest brands in the country, including B&M Organization, BQueens, Tree Touch, and more.

Services Graphic Design, Website Design, Internet Marketing
Contact Details (65) 6362 3937


Address 2 Gambas Cres

#06-03 Nordcom 2

Singapore 757044

Website https:// 5ivemedia.com.sg

#22. VeecoTech Web

VeecoTech is a graphic design and web development agency based in Singapore. Founded in 2011, the VeecoTech team is dedicated to providing high-quality design solutions for its clients.

Their services include logo and branding design, ecommerce website design, custom website development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more. 

Their professional designers study, analyze, and develop creative designs representing the brand’s story, mission, and values.

Services Graphic Design, Logo Design, Social Media Marketing, Poster, Banner, Brochure, eCommerce, Mobile App Development, Branding
Contact Details (65) 8700 0054



Address 8, Jalan Lembah Kallang

#06-01 Min Ghee Building

Singapore, 339564

Website https://www.veecotech.com.sg

#23. Jab

Getting Jab for your web design and branding needs is like getting a five-star service. The team at Jab offers exceptional solutions for all kinds of projects, big or small. 

Their services include Identity and Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Development, ecommerce, and more. 

Loads of design punch and a client-focused attitude are what have made Jab one of the leading graphic design agencies in Singapore.

Clients prefer them for their simplicity, speed, scale, and quality of service. 

Services Identity and Branding

Publishing services

Copyright and editorial services

Environmental design services

Campaign Development

Contact Details (65) 6994 1381
Address 1 Kallang Junction

Level 6 Vanguard Campus 

Singapore 339263

Website https://jab.sg/

#24. Momographics

MomoGraphics are best known for its expertise in infographic design, motion graphics, animation, 3D rendering, and printing services. 

The experienced team delivers next-level branding and storytelling in stunning visuals. 

They provide custom solutions for all digital projects, delivering their designs on time and to the highest quality standards. 

MomoGraphics is a perfect solution for small and large companies looking to make an impactful impression.

Services 3D Product Rendering, 3D Retail Rendering, 3D Product Animation, Virtual Interior, 3D Logo Visualization, Corporate Videos, AR and VR Rendering, 3D Architecture Rendering
Contact Details (65) 6673 2428
Address 1030 Upper Serangoon Road

Singapore 534767

Website https://www.momographics.com.sg/

#25. Applify

Next to having an online presence, the most important thing for a business is to have an engaging and attractive mobile application. 

That’s why Applify is the go-to place for any business looking to create a successful mobile app. 

Founded on February 9th, 2014, Applify is one of Singapore’s leading mobile app development agencies. 

Their team of experienced developers and designers is dedicated to delivering high-quality mobile apps that meet the clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. 

Not only that but their apps are also optimized for both iOS and Android devices.

Services Website Design, Mobile Application Design, Marketing Strategy Development, Graphics Design, Mobile Media Marketing
Contact Details (65) 1301 6492
Address #05-03 Plus

20 Cecil Street

Singapore 049705

Email Address contact@applify.co
Website www.applify.co

Some Final Words 

The criteria for picking these 25 finest graphic design agencies in Singapore were based on their quality, performance, and customer service. 

Each of these companies has a well-equipped team to deliver the finest design solutions, regardless of size or scope. 


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