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As a website owner, it is solely your responsibility to increase the visibility of your website content so search engines like Google can see the latest pages as well as the older ones. Especially if your website is related to particular niches like e-commerce, news, forums and content publishing then you need to make sure your latest pages are indexed too. By not ensuring the latest content are out there as soon as possible, you would be losing tons of users because they are hungry for new content marketing but all they can find is the older pages.

Problem Analysis

First you need to analyze the problem and see what new contents are not explored and indexed by Google. In order to do that, you need to set crawler to visit the website every week or so. This way you would get the full inventory of all the new pages and new changes. The next step is to see which pages are explored by Google and which ones are neglected. The only way to do that is by analyzing web server logs.

Web servers log everything and every hit whether it comes from a user or from a search engine. By comparing the results, you can easily find out which pages are neglected or how much time Google takes to index them.

Does Google Ignore All New Pages?

That is an important question; sometimes Google explores all of the new pages but some of those pages do not start generating traffic right away (as compared to others). Here you need to compare different time stamps. First get your hands on the exact time/date Google explored a particular page, you can get that from the web server log. Find the time/date of the publication of that page. Find the time/date of the first user coming from Google search results. The time differences among these three events would give you better insights about the issue.

Content Quality

The quality of your contents has dual effect on Google neglecting your contents or generating little traffic. Most of the time Google does not continue exploring contents that are very little unique or offer low value to the reader. These less frequent visits to your website can cause the latency between publishing the contents and Google exploring them. Also, the phenomenon of a webpage not generating enough traffic could be caused by low quality contents that are not good enough to generate traffic.

Website Structure and Internal Links

Website structure can highly influence Google behavior toward your website and new pages. If lots of clicks are required to navigate through the latest contents, then it is likely Google would ignore those contents. Your new pages must be accessible via as fewer clicks as possible. Internal linking can do miracle for your website especially for new pages. Linking new pages with older ones which are popular among users and search engines help latest contents to get Google’s attention.

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August 26, 2016

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