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For the past several years, the social networking service industry has become prevalent all over the world. States like Singapore has a significant number of users of Social media platforms such as Facebook, which has more than 50% users, Twitter with around 12% users and Instagram having about 5% users in the country. Businesses have consequently established a means of marketing themselves through these platforms. They deploy agencies to promote their services and products by advertising them on social media.

How will you identify a good, reliable social media marketing agency?

The primary basis of the growth of your business would be the social media marketing agency you choose. Therefore, it is essential to take some factors that may facilitate your decision making into proper consideration before selecting any agency. Here are some questions you should raise to weigh the proficiency of different agencies.

  1. What is their field of specialisation?

Before selecting any company, it is crucial to determine if they are specialised in social media marketing. A company may label itself a digital agency whereas it is involved more in promoting content rather than the idea and products of your organisation. A company categorised under social media marketing would be more reliable, since its workers may be more creative and skilful as they are more experienced.

  1. Have they ever dealt with such a related business?

An agency may be proficient in social media marketing after undertaking several projects. However, have they ever been involved in a similar business like yours? If so, they may be more likely to yield better outcomes than a company that has never worked with a related business to yours.

  1. Can the agency attest to their successful marketing involvement?

The agency company should provide evidence to their previous operations, such as case studies including their involvement. They can as well provide links to their various customers whom they are promoting businesses for in the specific social media programs. If a company declines to provide such information, you should least consider working with them.

  1. Did they show interests in your business goals?

Once you contact the preferred company, you can determine how earnest they may be in providing you with quality services. Determine if they enquired about the objectives of your business and if they did, how sincere did they seem or sound? A company that enquires more about your business will most definitely offer you excellent services, as they clearly understand the business requirements.

  1. Which criteria do they use to assess the performance of the program?

Before selecting a company, you should establish how they determine the level of success attained by the social media campaigns. It might include fundamental factors such as the number of people the program has reached and how many of the people were actively involved in the program. For example, the number of likes and comments on Facebook and the number of invites in LinkedIn will help assess the performance. A plan may be evaluated and termed successful if there is a considerable number of people involved and newer ones continuously being reached. Its success can also be determined by the level of increase of website traffic it causes. The company you choose should most preferably be using criteria that relate to your business.

  1. How many clients are assigned to one worker?

It is also important to consider the number of clients that are served by one member of staff in the agency company. In Singapore, you would realise that some companies will assign 20 – 25 clients to one employee. That would be reasonably unmanageable during the working hours for a single worker. You might consider companies that assign around 4 – 6 clients to a worker since the promotion process would be more efficient. Substantial energy and time will be diverted to your project for a worker with fewer accounts to manage.

  1. Will they contact you regularly?

Building trust and good relation with the client should be among the agency’s core objectives. Regular communication should hence be the principal activity that should be highly prioritised by the workers. Before working with any Singaporean social media marketing company, you need to establish how regular the company intends to communicate with you, informing you about the campaign’s progression.

  1. Are their communication channels dependable?

At times, you will need to inquire about the progress of the promotion campaign yourself. Contacting the agency is the easiest way you can get hold of such information. Therefore, before hiring any company here in Singapore, consider how efficient it was reaching them for the first time. If you contacted the company for the first time without any difficulties, it would signify that communication methods will supposedly be efficient even in the future.

  1. What are their charges?

It is evident that the company you are going to choose will offer charges within the limit of your capabilities. Nonetheless, you do not want to experience the poor services associated with the undercharging agencies. Such a company might have employed non-qualified workers and may be burdening them with low-salary offers. At least a company with relatively high but affordable prices will guarantee you improved services.

  1. How do people comment about the agency on social media?

People will certainly give their reviews on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Look for such comments, compare the reviews for different companies and then make a clever decision based on these comments.

  1. Do they employ what they are proffering?

What you need to consider as well is, does the company use services from another agency to market themselves? Enquire about the nature of their followers on social media accounts. Are these followers only Singaporeans or even from outside Singapore? The specific social media marketing company you settle on should have a significant influence on the social media platforms, with control to even followers beyond Singapore.

  1. Are there seminars or blogs available?

For you to get familiar with the approach used by the agency to strategise on the campaigns, you need to have an insight into how processes run inside the company. Such information is made available through blogs and probably attending their seminars. You should go for that company which has such provisions and its operations match the goals of your business.

  1. Do they subcontract?

Establish whether the company involves a second or a third party in their operations, whether they outsource their work or have indoor employees. A company that involves other parties in offering you services would only end up delivering poor quality results. You are most likely to take pleasure in the pluses from a company with employees working indoors.

  1. What are their alternate plans?

The agency you are about to hire should have a backup plan if the strategy they are to use fails. You don’t want to waste too much time if the project fails and the agency decides to go back to square one. Consider a company that will easily modify their strategy to fit the current changes, if the preceding one flops.

  1. Can the agency refer you to their existing customers?

Before working with any agency company, you should consider whether they can provide a link to their clients. You can inquire from them about the nature of the services they received from the company. With the obtained opinions on this particular company, it will be easier to make the right decision.


Despite the advantages associated with social media marketing agencies, it is tough to identify one that will provide the best to you. If need be, getting referrals from friends and colleagues may assist too. Posing the appropriate query is essential and if a company offers the solution, go for it.

February 05, 2019

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