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best ways to find freelance writers

Since the rise of online marketing, content has always been seen as the key to getting more business and website traffic. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute reports that small businesses with blogs can get as much as 126% more lead growth than those without them. So it’s no surprise that many marketers have always done their best to release a consistent flow of content with the most relevant keywords.

However, something happened in 2011 that would completely change the way marketers viewed the content they were putting out. That was the year that Google released its Panda update–a change in Google’s algorithm that not only required sites to release a consistent flow of content, but the content had to be of high quality. It was no longer enough to simply include relevant keywords, blogs needed to be considered useful.

This caused many businesses, small and large, to pursue writers who knew how to keep audiences both engaged and well informed. While finding the best copywriter for your SEO content can be challenging at times, the key is to know where to look and how your ad should be crafted.

9 Online Marketplaces To Find Writers  

The Google Panda update gave rise to several online marketplaces which connect businesses with experienced writers. And companies are using these sites as quick and easy solutions. Here are a few of the top places to find freelance writers.


Upwork is One of the largest Freelance platforms To date. It caters To a wide variety of industries and skill sets. However, One its most popular sections is set aside for Freelance writers. It offers filters To make the search process faster and factors in everything from the budget you’re working with To the number of clients the person has worked with. Simply create a profile and publish Your ad free of charge. Upwork takes 10% of the writer’s pay, so This should be factored into the budget.


Guru is very similar To Upwork in that it caters To several niches. It has over 1 million members worldwide and has a built-in project manager app so you never have To leave the website. This website allows you To create agreements with writers as well as milestones. Documents can easily be shared along the way. As is the case with Upwork, Posting a job is free of charge and the website deducts a certain amount from the writer’s pay. Filter writers according To their reputation, rates and experience. Get started with a free membership account and then create An ad.


Textbroker is dedicated entirely To Freelance writers and caters To multiple business budgets. This website is unique in that it allows you To purchase content based on the ranking of the writer. Choose writers by how many stars they have, ranging from 2 To 5. The more stars the Writer has, the more you pay For their work. Business can even commission content from individuals or teams. Textbroker allows businesses To be very specific with their requests. Membership is free and creating An ad is easy.


WriterAccess is also dedicated entirely To Freelance writers. Create specific qualifications so that you Find the Writer who is best For you. Pricing varies as Writer Access. The scale starts at 2 cents per word and progresses To $2 per word. Larger businesses even have the option of putting down a deposit, the lowest starting at $2,500, in order To get a dedicated account manager. Membership is free and creating An ad is easy.


Unlike the other platforms on This list, Contently is geared towards larger businesses. The content providers found here are often well-vetted journalists who reside in the U.S. This platform is equipped with workflow software and analytics. In order To learn more about its custom services and pricing, businesses must contact a consultant.


Darren Rowse, founder of Pro Blogger, is a well-known blogger who has over 312,000 email subscribers. He monetises his website through his job board. Unlike the previously mentioned platforms, Pro Blogger requires payment For listing a job ad on the site. It costs $50 For 30 days. The advantage To advertising here is that writers are of high quality and Your ad will be displayed To over 42,000 Twitter followers and 1,000 RSS feed readers.


There are several options when working with Allindiewriters. It is similar To Problogger in that you can post An ad For $10. You can pay $10 for An email. The website also gives you the ability To $1,000 For a high quality, well-researched white paper. If none of these options interest you, you can hire someone from their directory–in This case, pricing will vary depending on the writer. Start with AllIndieWriters by filling out a form, choosing Your budget and then making Your payment.


Indeed is a job board caters more to brick and mortar rather than online freelance. However, it still mages to attract great writers. This platform gives business owners the ability to browse resumes. And posting is completely free of charge.


If you’re looking For a local writer, consider searching on Craigslist. This may not be a specialised writing platform, but there are still good writers available here. However, it’s important To remember that the quality will vary so you need To have Your own filter. Also, there is no way To dispute a charge or get a refund. Posting An ad is simple and free.

Creating the Perfect job Ad and Choosing the Best Candidates

Now that you’re familiar with the places To Find great writers, it’s time To learn what types of job ads attract them and how you can choose th best ones.  Your ad needs To answer three specific questions. writers need To know what Your company needs them To do. They need To know when the deadline is. They also need To know the start and end dates For the project. This ensures that you attract high calibre writers. You can also add An extra request in order To weed out who pays attention To detail, such as “please use the word ‘Hockey’ in Your subject line when replying To This job post. Below are a few extra tips For getting the best response from Your ad.

  1. Condense Your List

Start by narrowing down Your first list of candidates. First, throw out individuals who have grammatical errors in their reply. You can then throw out candidates who lack the skills you prefer. Lastly, reply To the replies in the order in which they were received, starting with those who offered the quickest responses.

  1. Request An Interview

Get To know the candidate better by setting up a video interview using platforms such as Skype and Google Hangouts. This will allow you To learn more about the through body language and tone of voice. Find out what makes them passionate about writing as well as what makes them ideal For the job.

  1. Offer a Test

Make sure they can handle Your work by offering a trial project. Make sure the description is clear and concise. You should give them access To all resources they will need. Also, though it is a test, make sure To pay them For their work.

  1. Analyse the Results

Simply look at their work and decide if This is what you’re looking for. Are they creative? Was the information informative? Did they deliver the tone you asked for?

Unconventional Ways To Find Writers

While Freelance marketplaces are a great way to find qualified writers, they’re not the only options. There are endless unconventional methods To finding copywriters For Your digital marketing campaign. Here are a few places a lot of businesses never think To look.

  1. Forums

When searching through forums, there are two groups of people To be on the lookout for. First, consider discussion starters. These individuals often post long-form content directly To the forum. They know how To engage an audience. Second, consider content that is being shared or discussed on the forum. Maybe the article is not directly posted To the site by the author, but people are sharing and talking about it. Find the original website and speak with the Writer of the post.


If you notice that someone has left a thoughtful, informative and interesting comment on yours or another blog post, get in contact with This person. It’s rare that people take the time To leave long comments these days, considering the amount of short commentary there is on social media. This commenter is likely passionate about the subject and will be willing To share more.

  1. HARO

HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, is a website designed For getting press coverage. However, its also a great place For bloggers, journalists, and marketers To connect. Use This network To create future collaborations.

  1. PR Coverage

Has someone mentioned Your product or services in the past? Were you impressed by how well written the article was? Well, track the author down and let them know that you’re receptive To their writing For Your blog in the future.

  1. Quora

Quora has a very engaged community. And its power users are known For their thoughtful answers. If the response is in-depth and well-formatted, get in touch with that person.

  1. Guest Posts

When you read your favourite blogs, pay attention To their guest posts. Does This contributor do a lot of guest posting? Contact This person and tell them how much you enjoy their works. Let them know that you’d love To work with them.

The Takeaway

Finding great writers is not always easy. However, if you look in all of the right places, you can create Your own community of high-quality contributors. Build a great network and you will always have An endless amount of quality website content.

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