Where to Find Free Stock Images: Tips for Singapore Digital Marketers

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Among the essential parts of the design, is photography. In the past years, we have seen stock images composed of people in suits. These photos are expensive even though most of them are tacky. However, in the recent few years, there has been an increase in the number of websites offering amazing free stock photography. The good thing here is that these sites offer free stock images. In case you’re wondering which websites offer these services, you need to worry less. Below is a list of 22 excellent sites where you can find free stock images.

Point to Note

These images are free of copyright regulations. Therefore, you can copy, make changes and even distribute them at no charges. It also means that you can use them for commercial functions under no permission. However, some images need you to ask for permission. Through our efforts, we identify under which license each of these photos falls. We, however, advise that you engage yourself in detailed research for more information.

  1. StockSnap.io

At StockSnap.io, they offer thousands of high-resolution stock images. They have simple to use search tools which makes it easy and simple to navigate through their pages. They also keep a record of downloads so you can easily figure out the most popular photos. They add hundreds of images on a daily basis, with all additions done via common public domain. It means no attribution is necessary.

  1. Pexels

In the second position is Pexels. The site offers free but high-quality photos. The pictures get licensed under creative common zero licensing. Using their discover pages, you can easily tag, search and discover stock images.

  1. Unsplash

Another great website with free high-resolution stock images is Unsplash. The website is among the best sources for these pictures, and all their imagery is completely free.

  1. Burst

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For all entrepreneurs, the burst will work as the best option. You can find their photos licensed under Shopify photo license or the CC0. They offer the best stock photos you can imagine with most of them taken from in-house, themed about different business ideas.

  1. Reshot

For handpicked stock photos, Reshot stands as the only best option you can find. Their images are good for freelancers, makers and startups. You can use them for commercial and editorial purposes.

  1. Pixabay

Pixabay does release their images licensed by Creative Common Zero, or the CC0. They have a large variety of stock photos, art illustrations and vectors all at free charges.

  1. FoodiesFeed

For free food images at high-resolution, FoodiesFeed will be the best option you can consider. The site works best for all food bloggers. Make use of their images and see what difference you can experience.

  1. Gratisography

For personal or commercial stock photos, Gratisography will act as the best option. They offer high-quality pictures with new photos added on a weekly basis. The photos get captured by Ryan McGuire of the Bells designs.

  1. Freestocks.org

For the past few years, Freestocks.org has been releasing free stock pictures of high-quality resolution. All the release is under CC0 free of copyright restrictions.

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  1. Picography

Stock photos at Picography are of high-quality captured by expert photographers including Dave Meier. They also do release their photos under Creative Common Zero license.

  1. MMT Stock

Photos at MMT get captured by Jeffrey Betts. The release is under CC0 licensing and mostly comprises pictures of workplaces, computers, nature and flowers as well. All photos are at free charges and taken under high-resolution.

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  1. Picjumbo

Another great website with free images for personal and commercial works is Picjumbo. They add new photos daily and from over a wide range including fashion, technology, abstract among other fields. Therefore, you have a variety to make a selection.

  1. Kaboom Pics

For high-quality free stock photos for commercial uses, Kaboom Pics is the place for you. They have a variety for you to make a selection. However, you cannot sell or redistribute their photos.

  1. SkitterPhoto

SkitterPhoto finds its basis in SkitterPhoto’s owners. They offer high-quality free photos, and all the release is under CC0. They also offer a variety over different fields.

  1. Life of Pix

From LEEROY Agency, all photos in this site are high-resolution pictures and come with no copyright regulations. Also, they have a weekly update with new images to diverse your selection options.

  1. Little Visuals

Little Visual owner Nic died a few years ago, but his photography work remains inspiring. All images here got a release under creative CC0 public domain. No copyright restrictions get involved making it easy to download and use these photos.

  1. Death to Stock Photos

When you register with Death to Stock Photos, they supply you with a package of 10 photos in a specific category monthly. Their main aim is to give you a variety you can use for blog posts, social media and mockups. They also have their own licensing which directs users to their website.

  1. New Old Stock

For free Vintage pictures from popular public archives, New Old Stock will be the best option for you. Their images come with no copyright restrictions.

  1. Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri releases seven new photos each Thursday. All the releases are under the CC0 license. Their photos are nice and also diverged under different themes.

  1. Epicantus

Daria originally takes most of the images in Epicantus. The photos are useful for bloggers, and website landing pages. The release of photos is under CC0 licensing with no copyright restrictions.

  1. ShotStash

Most of the photos here are under personal and commercial use license. Every day, they make a release of new stock images over different fields giving you a variety to make a selection

  1. StyleStock

For all women entrepreneurs, StyleStock will be a perfect choice for free personal and commercial work images.

In conclusion, we can say there is no need of relying on cheesy stock photos anymore. Above is a list of the best free stock photos resources that you can consider. They work best for designers, bloggers, and marketers. Consider trying them and see what change they bring into your business and personal works.

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January 13, 2019

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