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how To Find best Digital Marketing Agency SG

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If you’re a startup owner looking for ways to increase your business’s popularity, asking for help from reputable digital marketing agencies is a first step worth taking. Since advertising solely on television and print media is no longer as effective as it was before, more and more business owners are jumping online to catch people’s attention. 

After all, most people now spend their time on their phones and computers. So, what better way to capture their attention than by getting on the platforms they access with those devices. 

For example, according to Statisca, there were 4.74 million social media users in Singapore recorded just last year. That gives you a hint of how many people you could reach by getting on social media too!

In order to do that, you’d need the help of the best digital marketing agencies. They can help you reach your target customers, build a presence for your brand, and more.

Anyway, we’re here to help you find the right digital marketing agency for your business. Below are some basic tips you can follow.

You need to consider what you can afford to spend, what level of ROI is acceptable, and what your long-term goals are in marketing online. 

You must have an open mind at this stage because the marketing needs vary per company and industry. As such, different people will have different budgets.

The idea is just to make sure yours actually fits your means but doesn’t cripple the marketing agency. It may be best to set a range instead of a fixed price — an ideal (low) figure and a maximum one.

You may also want to talk to different marketing agencies to get a benchmark for what your budget should be given your needs… which is the next requirement here.


After deciding on the amount of money you’re willing and able to spend on digital marketing, next thing to consider is what your company needs. 

Do you need a more engaging website design? Do you need someone to do email marketing regularly?

Most companies start with SEO services, Google Adwords, and Facebook advertising. After testing the water with these services, that’s when they decide if more work needs to be done. 

Whatever your needs may be, focus on your precise goals for your business. Make a list of those so you can bring them to various agencies and get proposals from each one on how they’d help you achieve those goals.



Generally, you want all of your digital marketing done by a single agency. It’s not just about convenience — it’s also so your online marketing is cohesive, even if it has many parts.

Besides, dealing with different agencies for different marketing services can be a financial pain. You wouldn’t want to work up separate budgets and price negotiations with different agencies for each service, would you?

Look for a digital marketing agency with services that can scale up your marketing strategy. Aside from the basics of content creation and analytics, look for one that can do web design, email marketing, and the like. 



You don’t need to go for the industry experts when looking for a digital marketing agency, especially if you’re a startup with a limited budget. There’s a huge chance that their rates will go beyond your budget’s limits. 

However, go for agencies with enough experience who let their work speak for themselves. Check their website and look for their recent works and what their clients had to say about their services. 

If it’s possible, ask someone you know who also runs a startup if they’ve heard about this particular agency. It’s also ideal to seek recommendation from people you trust who are also in the same line of work. 

In fact, it pays to work with agencies who’ve worked with others in your industry. They’ll understand the needs of businesses like yours from the start, so they’ll be able to help you more effectively.

For instance, a practice manager at Urology Singapore explained how they benefited from hiring an agency with prior experience working with other healthcare practices. It made it easier to explain their demands, she said, and the specific needs of their business. 

She also mentioned that she found that agency by asking for a recommendation from a fellow practice manager — this time, from a dermatology practice, Dermatologist Singapore

In doing so, she not only verified the agency’s experience in marketing for clients from the healthcare industry but also found a trustworthy source of information about the agency’s performance.

This means it may be a good idea to ask fellows in your industry for recommendations. They can offer you insight too on whether or not the agencies were able to deliver on their promises.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for our tips on how small businesses should look for a digital marketing agency to hire. If you’ve experienced hiring one before, share with us a tip you think we might have missed!





What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a type of marketing over the internet and online based digital technologies. Promoting your products/services to computer and mobile user.

Types of Digital Marketing

– Content Marketing
– SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
– SEM (Social Engine Marketing)
– SMM (Social Media Marketing)
– Online Branding
– Affliate Marketing
– Email Marketing
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