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At a time when the web was beginning to fascinate the businesses, getting a website launched meant having two types of people by your side- graphic designers and coders. The designers would get the prototypes ready, and the developers would code it and test it before launching the website.

However, things have changed with the transformation of user dynamics, and a change in their needs, the design complexities have increased. Rather, the design has become more defined. Today, the design is divided into UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), which means you gather more information into usability and the users to design the overall website or mobile.

UX Benchmarking has seen a dramatic increase in adoption over the last 12 months (from 21% to 35%).

A majority of the CEOs, according to UserZoom, believe that UX and UI will play the role of a differentiator for the enterprises, and will help improve the conversions.

The point now is to understand what do you mean by UX, and what do the UX designers offer to the enterprises that increase the overall value.

UX Design: An Overview

UX and UI are important parts of the design project. They help understand the customers and design the mobile or web app for them.

UX design includes the following:

  • A thorough understanding of how the content needs to be represented in the mobile app

  • The usability and navigation in tandem with the user’s needs

  • Hierarchy of the information as well as visual hierarchy

The design is a conclusion of the research done on the users in this segment, analysis of the data available, and finally insights built using the knowledge acquired.

The overall idea behind having UX design is to make the design more usable, practical, and in sync with the user’s requirements.

With UX at the core of the design, it becomes more intuitive and interactive.

Reason to Incorporate UX Design

When the design is bad, there are great chances of your users leaving the website without even browsing through it.

Poor design is known for attrition of users, which costs the website owners heavily. When you understand the reasons for their leaving the website, you will be able to understand how to make them stay.

UX is part of the process. It not only understands what causes poor design, and why users leave, but also aims to understand how to make them stay.

  • A poor design does not offer a clear value to the users. When the user arrives at your website or mobile app, the value you offer should be clear within the first 10 seconds. If you fail to do so, then your users will choose some other app over yours. UX will not only help with making the value clear, but also make it visible and precise for the users

  • Today, you cannot just design a website and not make it intuitive enough for the mobile. As most of your users are present on the smartphone, it has become important for you to design for mobile. UX will not only make the design mobile friendly, but also cater to the responsiveness needed to adapt to the different screens

  • What do you expect the users to do when they arrive at the web or mobile page? This goal should be clear in the form of a thoroughly designed CTA. If you are not able to clarify your CTA, then you might not be able to convert the users, and there will be no further action from them.

UX makes the design path clear, and ensures frictionless experience for the users.

How Does a UX Designer Help?

We have understood the importance of UX. Let us understand how does the UX designer could help you, and what does he/she offer.

There are two aspects to UX design- the competition analysis and the understanding of the user. In both contexts, the UX designer will be of utmost importance.

  • The designer would know who your competition is, and how do they work. They will have a thorough understanding of how the user experience is different for your direct competition, and how have they differentiated themselves. It is important for such analysis and in-depth data for you to be able to define your point of differentiation.

  • Understand the user is important because you are designing for them. If you don’t know how they use a particular product, it becomes impossible for you to understand how to design a new product for them. the UX designer will conduct research in this segment, understand the way the user uses the mobile, and how they function around an app. Few questions answered by the UX designer before they proceed with app development include:

  1. What causes friction for the user, and how to overcome it?

  2. Why does the user leave a particular web or mobile application?

  • The UX designer will also understand why a particular product fails, and how to overcome the failure. They will conduct data analysis on a regular basis to understand the ways in which the experience needs to be designed.

Strategies for Successful UX Design

With proper planning and a good strategy in place, it is easier for you to design a good user experience. Here, we have defined three strategies that will help with UX design.

  • The importance of simplicity is best explained by the UX design. The simpler your app is, the more usable it will be and the more users you will have. When you design for the users, complicating the usage with too many colours and fonts will lead to increased attrition. Always go with the simplest colour and design combination. You should use simple navigation tools, easy to understand page names and structures and a hierarchy that demands attention. Your CTA should also be clear and precise.

  • You need to think about the users before you begin your design. If you don’t, it will seem as if you don’t care. It is important that you genuinely care for the users, and show them that you understand the need for a good design. In case of the design, use white space in an even fashion that causes maximum focus. You should minimize the distractions in your design as much as possible for increased conversions.

  • Innovate your designs. While, it is good to be inspired by others, you should always remember that the need of the hour is to innovate and differentiate. You can easily win over the users with the innovative design techniques. Reduce friction while innovating.

Summing up

It is important that businesses take advantage of the UX design, and improve the design capabilities while understanding the users. It is only when the users get the desired experience that they will stay with your brand, and be digitally loyal with you. It starts with the browsing experience, and ends with the checkout for the users, and you should offer experience that caters to their needs.

Innovation is the key and you should be abreast with the latest technologies to gain an edge over the others in your segment. 

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