Facebook Targeting In Singapore: How to Go About It

Facebook targeting in Singapore

Digital marketers should know how to do Facebook targeting in Singapore if they are to succeed in getting a firm footing in the country. With over 1 million Singaporeans on Facebook, you will certainly find your target audience on the platform.

Many marketers spend a lot of money on boosting posts or buying Facebook Ads but give up on social media marketing when they do not see tangible results. In this article, we explore how you should go about Facebook targeting in Singapore.

How Detailed Should Your Campaign be?

When it comes to successful targeting, your audience should not be too narrow or too broad. Facebook provides an indicator for every targeting section, and the goal is to keep the arrow in the green area.

Facebook will make an educated guess as to how best an ad will perform in regards to your targeting, budget, objective, past campaign data among other aspects. However, until the add is up and running, it will be impossible to tell how much traffic, signups, and sales that you will get.

The budget, schedule, quality of the ad copy and visuals will determine the outcome of your Facebook targeting in Singapore.

Facebook targeting in Singapore

 Here are the steps to follow and improve how you do Facebook targeting in Singapore.

Step 1: Audience Insights

This tool gives you data about your target audience, which will come in handy in the targeted ads. Facebook Audience Insights is only accessible from the account used to create your business’ Facebook page. Here is how it works.

First, you need to choose an audience, and “Everyone on Facebook” is the preferred option. On the left side of the Audience Insights page, you should select the location, interests, age, gender, connections, and advanced filters such as life events and relationship status that would best define your target audience.

While doing this, the graphs on the right-hand side of the screen will start changing. If you select Singapore as your preferred location, you will see that the pages and topics of interest to your target audience will change from the normal. You will also get insights on how active they are on Facebook.

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Audience Insights gives you valuable information that shows the demographic makeup of your target audience in any location. You also learn about the topics, pages, and the cities you should target to reach as many people in your target demographic. Click “Save” at the top of the page to save the audience for later use.

Step 2: Location

After Facebook Audience Insights, the next step is Ads Manager, which is where you start targeting your campaign based on their location. This is essential for the following reasons

  • You could be shipping products to districts or divisions you are not advertising in
  • You are delivering to specific regions
  • It is cheaper to deliver to certain regions and districts, so you want to sell more to your target audience found there

The selection options in Ads Manager includes

  • Countries, sorted by continents
  • Regions that includes free trade areas such as the Commonwealth, NAFTA, app store regions, emerging markets and countries that use Euro as the common currency
  • Saved locations which allows you to create a new location or add a previously saved location by listing the locations in bulk

After this, you must make three refinements to your location settings in the Ads Manager section

  • Choose “Everyone in this location” option
  • Choose “Include all areas” option
  • Choose to include or exclude anything you want, for example, certain areas in a region or district

Step 3: Inclusion vs. Exclusion

Similar to the inclusion and exclusion in the locations settings, you can apply the same criterion for other targeting elements. For example, if your interest is “shopping and fashion” and you input “luxury,” your audience is the groups of people who like shopping, fashion, and luxury goods.

Necessarily, they do not have to like both categories to be part of your target audience. This is a broad demographic since many people like luxury, shopping, and fashion. If you click on “Exclude people,” you will get the option of removing either the group of people who like “luxury,” or those that like “Shopping and Fashion.”

If the exclude field says “Shopping and Fashion,” it means that you are targeting people interested in luxury and vice versa. The inclusion feature, on the other hand, targets the people who fall in categories, “Shopping and Fashion” and “luxury” and an exclusion ad will not target them.

This is a great way to differentiate your target audience between high-end and low-end fashion lovers. The inclusion and exclusion features will make the ads more relevant to your audience, which leads to increased sales.

Step 4: Demographics

The next step is to identify the demographics that make up your target audience. This includes things like age, relationship status, workplace, job title, relationship status, gender, and so much more.

The demographics sections are directly below the location section and you need to first input an age range and gender of your target audience. For Facebook targeting in Singapore, you should also set the languages spoken by your target audience.

The Demographics in Detailed Targeting section, allows you to target the ads based on the specific traits of your audience. Facebook targeting in Singapore by demographics includes using the information that you know about your audience, and what you learn about them from the Audience Insight section to improve the relevance of your  ads on this social media platform.

Step 5: Interests

This section allows you to target the audience based on what they like such as their hobbies, food, entertainment preferences, movies, and so much more. For example, if your target audience are the soon-to-be-married couples looking for wedding accessories, you should consider wedding, women’s clothing, luxury goods, Men’s clothing, online shopping, and jewellery among other interests.

From what we discussed in the Audience Insights, the graphs will direct you on how to add more interests and increase the reach of your ads. This includes adding furniture, home décor, baby goods, as interests to your targeting ad. While you might not be in the baby goods or furniture business, you will benefit immensely from the exposure since the soon-to-be-married couples will be interested in these items eventually.

Step 6: Behaviours

You can also target your audience by tapping into their behaviours, which include everything from purchases, when and how they go online, the devices they use and more. This section increases the relevance of your ads and drives engagement to your online store.


Facebook targeting in Singapore helps you identify the ideal customer and the process will change how you perceive social media marketing and digital marketing in general. On top of this, you can get the audience to buy directly from the Facebook ad by incorporating a jumper checkout.

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SOP for Facebook Targeting

– Check Audience Insights
– Location
– Inclusion vs. Exclusion
– Demographics
– Interests
– Behaviours

What is Facebook Audience Targeting?

Audience targeting helps you show your ads to the people you care about.


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