How to Do Facebook Retargeting in Singapore

How to Do Facebook Retargeting in Singapore

There are more than 4 million active Facebook users in Singapore and this number is expected to exceed 5 million by 223. Based on these statistics, it is not difficult to see why it is the most powerful and ideal platform for social media marketing. Facebook retargeting in Singapore has become very popular due to the huge potential it holds for small, medium and large businesses.

However, just like any other Facebook marketing strategy, there is a need to make sure that your Facebook retargeting campaign is properly structured and monitored to achieve the set goals. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to do it right.

Facebook Retargeting in Singapore Consider the Whole Funnel

Can you remember the last time you purchased a product online the moment you came across it? For most people, it is difficult to recall because we are wired to rarely make impulsive purchases. Most people take hours, days, and even weeks before making a purchase online.

The term “FUNNEL” is used to show the specific steps that potential clients take before completing a conversion. Each brand has a different funnel since products and services vary from one industry to another. For example, some clients will first watch Facebook videos, do thorough research online, or visit the website before placing the order.

To succeed in Facebook retargeting, you need to have a clear understanding of the entire funnel. Once you know the possible steps that a prospect could take, you can start to create retargeting audiences. A typical funnel on Facebook in Singapore has five steps namely:

  •       .Page engagers
  •        Video viewers
  •        Site visitors
  •        Top 10% of site visitors
  •        Micro converters

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

Let us look at each of these steps in detail to assist you to create a robust strategy for carrying out Facebook retargeting in Singapore.

1# Page Engagers

As the name suggests, page engagers are the people who have interacted with your Facebook page in one way or another in the recent past. They could be people who clicked on your page logo, wrote a comment, or liked your ads. This segment of customers is in the first stage of the funnel before they have had some interaction with your business. However, they are yet to show a significant intent to convert.

You can easily target them using Facebook Ads by visiting the audience library, and clicking on the “create audience” tab then “custom audience”. A custom audience screen will be displayed and you can use it to create an audience based on the data collected from your Facebook Page.

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

As you do so, make sure you that you:

  •         Select the right page
  •         Choose the “Everyone who engaged with your page” option
  •         Adjust the audience length from 365 days to 30 days or more depending on your Facebook retargeting goals
  •         Name the audience as “Page Engagers|20D” to avoid confusion

Once you are sure every option selected is the correct one, click create to start populating your audience.

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

2# Video Viewers

First, it is important to highlight that the human brain is wired to respond and digest visuals better than blocks of text. Posting high-quality videos on your Facebook page will help spur engagement with the target audience. Potential customers who have viewed your videos can be retargeted as they have already shown intent to do business with your brand.

To create this audience, all you need to do is click on “Create audience” then “Custom Audience” and select video as your primary audience source. Here are additional tips to help you target this group of prospects well.

  •         Indicate your engagement type: It is recommendable to select 75% watched but there is no harm in reducing this if the videos are more than 15 seconds long.
  •         Choose videos: You can either select all recent or most popular videos on your Facebook page
  •         Edit the date range
  •         Name your audience as “Video Viewers|20D”

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

3# Site Visitors

These are potential customers who have visited your website and they are interested in your brand. They are in the consideration phase of the funnel. Based on the fact that site visitors are part of the crucial audience that you can retarget, it is advisable to divide them into two audiences depending on how they interacted with your website.

Audience 1: All Site Visitors

This segment of the audience comprises everyone who has visited your Singapore business website. Head over to the audience library and click “create audience” then “custom audience” and indicate “website traffic” as your primary audience source. Make sure that the selected pixel is the correct one. Label this audience as “Website Visitors|20D”.

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

4# Audience 2: Top 10% Website Visitors

The next audience is more specific but part of the general website visitor audience. The main goal is to identify website visitors based on the amount of time they spent on your website. Customers who spend a considerable amount of time on the website are towards the final stages of the funnel and show a high intent to convert.

Just like the previous audience setup, head over to the audience library and click on “Create Audience” then “Custom audience” and specific the audience source as “Website Traffic”.  Change it into the top 10% to ensure that you focus on people who spent a significant amount of time on the site looking for additional information about your brand.

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

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If your website is relatively new and traffic is low, you can select the top 25%.

5# Micro Converters

The last audience that you should consider creating for purposes of doing Facebook retargeting in Singapore is Micro Converters. What is a micro-conversion? This is a conversion that happens on the way to the full or complete conversion.

For example, if the full conversion is a purchase of a product, the micro-conversions can be adding items to the cart or starting the checkout process. You need to set up Facebook pixels to track micro conversions accurately. As you set up the pixel, focus on the guide on how to create event-based goals for monitoring actions such as button presses.

Just like the other steps discussed above, go to the audience library and click on “Create Audience” then “Custom Audience”. Select “Website Traffic” as the main source of your audience’s information. Also:

  •         Click “All website visitors” and specify the micro-conversion step you want to track and use for Facebook marketing. It could be AddToCart, CompleteRegistration, or InitiateCheckout.
  •         Label the audience as Micro Converters|20D

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

Creating a Robust Campaign for Facebook Retargeting in Singapore

Now that you have successfully created, the right audiences for your Facebook marketing campaign, the next critical step that you need to take is creating the retargeting campaign. Head over to Ads Manager and use “Quick Creation” to set up your campaign.

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

Take note that the first ad set name is Micro Converters and we have not created the ads yet. Repeat the same step for all the other audiences. Click “Save to Draft” to transition to the next ad set level. If you do it correctly, you should see a single ad set labelled Micro Converters.

Before we proceed, let us optimise it by clicking the “edit” option located just below the ad set and do the following:

  •        Indicate the relevant conversion events at the top. The event can be purchase, leads, or anything else you want to increase the volume of
  •         Change the location targeting to any geographical location that you operate it

These two steps will ensure that your Facebook retargeting campaign is properly optimised. Go an extra mile and scroll down to the “custom audience” section and select “Micro Converters |20D audience that you created before to set up your first ad set.

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

Create ad sets for the other 4 audiences by exiting the ad set editing screen and clicking on “Duplicate” option.

Facebook retargeting in Singapore


Go through each of the duplicate sets and follow the same procedure to target the respective audiences. In the end, each ad set should look like this:

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

One of the benefits of creating this structure is that it eliminates competition between the ad sets. It also gives you a chance to view performance of each audience at each stage of the funnel.

The ad set should look like this:

Facebook retargeting in Singapore

The results from this campaign structure will help you to adjust your budget and spending efficiently. Ideally, you should focus more resources to the most efficient Facebook retargeting audiences.

With the ad sets created and running, the next thing you need to do is add ads and you are ready to rock. 

Bonus Tips

  •         If an ad set has multiple ads, monitor their performance and not just the aggregate level. The analysis will help you come up with ideas for your next set of ads
  •         Check how much you are spending on each ad set. You can group them is any of the audiences created is not getting enough resources.

Conducting Facebook retargeting in Singapore is one of the guaranteed ways of generating qualified leads and increasing your revenue. Get in touch with us today for more custom social media marketing tips and services. Our team will not rest until your Facebook marketing goals are achieved.

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