18 Facebook Ads Resources Every Newbie Should Bookmark

18 Facebook Ads Resources Every Newbie Should Bookmar

Are you looking for information on how to leverage Facebook Ads in SingaporeFacebook advertising stipulates the deployment of efficient strategies that facilitate its success. A couple of beginners in the Facebook marketing platform usually disregard vital information that might have benefited their campaigns if given attention. The reason for the negligence could be due to a lack of awareness among the beginners. Eventually, the uninformed spend more money on Facebook ads than it would have been if they had put some factors into consideration.

So, you want to begin your journey on social media advertising through Facebook, but you are wondering where to start on? It is essential to have sufficient information on establishing a few strategies that will help your Facebook campaigns succeed.

This article will provide information on available resources that every newbie should consider.

  1. TechCrunch

If you are planning on commencing online marketing, then you need to be informed of the current trending approaches that other organisations are employing. Therefore, you need to follow the news about social media. TechCrunch is the best platform that gives the news on advancements on social media as well as gives reviews about products on the internet. It has substantial followers attracting over 12 million visitors in a month. TechCrunch provides an open database for new companies, therefore, providing even statistical resources to their visitors.

TechCrunch company organises conferences regularly whereby attendees are provided with a platform to interact and cooperate. You can always visit their website for information including how often they hold these conferences and how to contact them.

  1. AdvertiseMint Blog

Advertising agencies have specialised in providing crucial information including updates on Facebook ads. AdvertiseMint is one of such agencies which provides an insight on fundamentals about digital advertising including on Facebook. Through their well-established blog section, they provide information on crucial elements that help increase the Return on Investment (ROI) rate.

They provide training programs through Facebook features such as video chatting and calls. They teach their clients how to incorporate the latest technological designs into their marketing campaigns. If you let them manage your advertisement campaigns, they are focused on offering the best services for a discounted price.

Facebook Ads

  1. Business 2 community

Articles and blogs offer a reliable source of information. Therefore, as a beginner, you need to go through articles and blogs from trustworthy sites regularly. Articles will give guidelines, information on trending issues, as well as other crucial information. So, every beginner is obliged to identify a website that will provide articles regularly.

Business 2 community provides a wide variety of articles from their knowledgeable and consistent authors. Their team is involved in approving articles to upload thereby ensuring quality delivery. Visit their website www.business2community.com to access numerous articles that will guide you through the online marketing process.

  1. Neil Patel, Inc.

One of the Facebook campaigns primary goals is the generation of sales for your business. To achieve that, people who have interacted with the campaigns, and developed interests in your products must visit your website seeking for more information. You need to link your Facebook ads to your website which could boost the success of your campaigns. Users will efficiently follow the links on Facebook to your business’s website.

Neil Patel Inc. is an agency company founded by Neil Patel and aims at transforming online marketing strategies. They teach their clients on processes for linking their businesses’ websites with their campaigns. They respond to queries from their visitors on their website through the questions section. Their core goal is increasing ROI for their customers.

  1. Mashable

The other platform where you can get updates on Facebook advertising is Mashable. It provides blogs that present vast information on opinions from different authors. Information on these blogs is reliable since they limit upload permitting only the trusted writers. Mashable involves authors from different parts of the world to diversify information they provide. Therefore, besides other blogs platforms, visiting www.mashable.com will supplement your awareness rather than only depending on a few providers.

  1. Forbes

Forbes is one of the popular media platforms all over the world. It has consequently promoted marketing through several means including providing information on Facebook advertising. Information here includes trending news on technological advancements. Most importantly, through their numerous outlets, Forbes features several successful business owners who give remarks on how they have attained success. Forbes will after that compile these guidelines and analyse them giving their visitors an insight on these strategies. Start-up business owners then grab the opportunity by noting some of these strategies, and in turn, they might decide to employ some of them.

  1. Jon Loomer

Several entrepreneurs and marketing professionals have established online platforms. They are essential to the progress of your Facebook campaigns as they offer advertising training sessions. However, online can be an avenue for fraudsters who aims at only nicking your funds. It means that it has become tough to identify a reliable, professional marketer. Therefore, most beginners will neglect such trainers regardless of their significance.

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Jon Loomer is one of the most qualified and reliable online marketing specialists. His blogs have benefited several entrepreneurs and even won him an award as the most reliable source to social media advertising strategies. He provides webinars where he covers several topics including:

  • Budget and optimisation
  • Campaign objectives
  • Placements
  • Creativity
  • Target market

Those who have registered to his sessions often get recordings on his training if they miss the live sessions.

  1. Social media examiner

The Social Media examiner offers reliable information on how to effectively commence your Facebook advertisements campaigns. Through their published guide “Social Media Marketing Report,” they have benefitted several newly established campaigns. They help to understand the basics of Facebook advertising such as Facebook algorithms, then introduce you to various strategies to help your kick-off. Their website also comprises of useful blogs that entrepreneurs can read to acquire opinions from multiple authors.

  1. The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

This guide book by Brian Meert provides one of the best resources for Facebook advertisements information. The book covers several subject topics including:

• Simple step-by-step illustrations on how to establish a Facebook campaign and ensure consistency in the successful progress rate.• Tips on how to minimise the cost involved in the advertisement process.• Different types of Facebook ads and how you can select a suitable tool for use with the type you choose.• Identify and understand your target market thereby identifying your objectives. After that, you can come up with the most appropriate and effective strategies.

The steps and other information are structured coherently with well-outlined illustrations. The guide book is available for sale on Amazon; therefore, you can order and have it delivered to you.

  1. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a tool developed for online marketing purposes, including Facebook advertisements. It assists in the general creation and management of your multiple Facebook campaigns. Running several campaigns from a single platform saves on the cost of ads, time as well as ensuring consistency in the quality of the content delivered. AdEspresso also provides relevant informational materials such as blog sites, articles and downloadable PDFs. There are live webinars as well, with a team of specialists to offer training courses to newbies. They train their subscribers on essential strategies that help facilitate the progress of their Facebook advertisements campaigns.

  1. Viddyad

Any advertisement campaign may not achieve the best results with the exclusion of video forms of Ads. Videos tend to gain a higher rate of attention from users as compared to text format of information presentation. Therefore, you need to find a way to learn how to create such videos and the parameters to consider.

Viddyad is a platform that targets at providing information on the use of video ads in your campaigns. Besides providing information on aspects to consider, they also offer creation tools for the same. You can customise videos as per your preferences then upload them to your Facebook account at a relatively low price.

  1. GoAnimate

There are plenty of video formats to choose from according to their suitability to your campaigns. Animation videos have also become popular in the marketing industry. Therefore, if your campaign necessitates, you should have skills on how to create and optimise animation video ads. GoAnimate is a dependable site for animation videos illustrations. They provide tools where you can create videos yourself. There are several plans to choose from with affordable prices.

  1. Camtasia

If you intend to use screen capture videos, then learning a few things about this format is crucial for your campaign’s development. Camtasia is a tool designed for the creation of such videos. You can subscribe for the service where you will have the permission to create the videos yourself with their easy step-to-step process. Camtasia also allows you to edit these videos before uploading them in your Facebook campaigns.

  1. Business Insider

Published by Insider Inc., Business Insider is one of the most popular business news sites in the globe. Since its establishment in 2007, Business Insider has been providing updates on the online marketing industry. Axel Springer SE, a Germany company, later acquired Business Insider in 2015. Up-to-date, Business Insider has maintained integrity which has boosted its reputation among entrepreneurs.As a beginner, Business Insider provides you with an insight into suitable strategies for various kinds of businesses. Various media outlets under Business Insider will cover prominent business owners where their stories might hint on a few strategies.

  1. Facebook Business Beginner’s Guide

Among the most prevalent guide books, Facebook Business has always offered solutions to small business owners. It has instructions on how a beginner can utilise features to ensure their campaigns become successful. It helps them come up with creative designs of the content they upload as well as accompanying images and videos. The book is available for sale in softcopy, and you can purchase it online.

  1. Facebook for business

Facebook itself is a source of information regarding promotion through advertisements. Facebook business is a Facebook’s site comprising of sections that have different sets of content. The information is presented in the form of questions accompanied by their answers. Therefore, when you have an issue related to the use of Facebook ads, click on the relevant section to your problem. Once you enter the section, you will find several questions, and there you will find the one connected to your issue. The question structure might not be direct as it is presented on the webpage but the answer provided should offer you a solution.

  1. DigitalMarketer’s Podcasts

Digital marketer offers a platform for beginners to acquire strategies to use in their marketing campaigns. The company has a well-designed website where they offer services including Podcasts to its customers. These podcasts entail instructions on how to optimise the content in your campaigns to achieve the best outcomes. They have a team of employees who follow the trending issues closely thence determine most suitable keywords. Optimisation of your site’s content is the best strategy to achieve significant influence on social media. Therefore, you should regularly check for the current updates on DigitalMarketers website.

  1. Blitz Metrics

This organisation provides a source of information for Facebook advertising. Through a guide book, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, a beginner will acquire skills on how to create and maintain campaigns. The guide presents a funnel consisting of three layers: conversion, engagement and audience. With the application of the principles behind the three layers, a beginner will realise remarkable results. Blitz Metrics also hosts an academy that trains those who want to attain a professional level in the marketing industry. Adequate knowledge on marketing strategies can secure you an opportunity in one of the marketing organisations as well as in your campaigns.

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Internet is an extensive system with the capacity to offer exceptional accommodation of information. You can easily access several materials on the web with maximum convenience. Internet is advantageous due to its reliability as you can access information at any time and anywhere. You need to have gadgets that can access the internet. The method is relatively cheap; hence it will end up saving you some penny during your campaigns.

Once you identify suitable sources of information for you, you need to be consistent in following their instructions. You may not realise the benefits of running Facebook ads immediately as the learning process is gradual. Eventually, with time you will have gained enough knowledge leading to growth in your business.

Get in touch for the best social media marketing services in Singapore. With our team on your side, you are guaranteed good results from your marketing campaigns. We will help you create Facebook ads that resonate with your brand and the objectives of your campaign. 


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