29 Explainer Video Examples You Should Check Out

29 Explainer Video Examples You Should Check Out _ MediaOne Marketing Singapore

Yes, you read that right. 29! Let’s be honest — video content is one of the most engaging ways to convey a message. And explainer videos? Well, they take it to a whole new level.

When done right, an explainer video can be in-depth, informative, and even a bit entertaining. It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are relying on explainer videos to help explain their products or services.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to create your own explainer video or just want to check out how it’s done, here are 27 explainer video examples you should check out. From clever animations to simple whiteboard videos, there’s something for everyone.

But first things first – let’s take a look at the basics. 

What is an Explainer Video, and What Makes One Great? 

What is an Explainer Video, and What Makes One Great?  MediaOne Marketing SIngapore

Well, the name says it all. An explainer video is a short (usually around one to two minutes) animated or live-action video that quickly explains a concept, product, service, or idea. It’s usually done in an engaging and entertaining way, with the aim of quickly conveying complicated information in an easy-to-understand manner.

There are different styles for creating an explainer video, from 2D and 3D animation to live-action videos. However, the style on trend right now is to use illustrated human characters in fun colour combinations, which makes the video look more relatable and exciting.

Before that, whiteboard videos were quite popular, and they still are —  but in a more modernised way.

On the other hand, motion graphics are a timeless style that will always be there. They might vary in terms of stylistic elements, but the core concept remains the same.

Now that we have a basic idea of what makes an explainer video great, let’s dive into these 27 examples. Get ready to be inspired:

#1. Crazy Egg

YouTube video

Crazy Egg banks on simplicity with their explainer video. Their video consists of a single, neared human character interacting with different sections of their heatmap tool. It takes the viewer through a quick tour of their product’s work and what it can do for them. 

The scenes don’t change much, and there are no complex animations. It’s their way of keeping the focus on what they’re saying while ensuring you don’t get bored.

#2. Panorama9

YouTube video

The best explainer videos take otherwise humdrum topics and make them interesting. And that’s exactly what Panorama9 does. The video starts with a simple illustration before quickly ramping up the excitement by introducing cute animations. 

The entire video is dripping with colour and fun, making it easy to comprehend and enjoy. The video communicates the daily struggles of IT administrators. It takes them through the different problems they have to deal with and how Panorama9 comes to their rescue. 

The video ends on a light note, ensuring the viewer enjoyably remembers the message and product.

#3. PrescribeWellness

YouTube video

The video is a 30-second bit of snackable content. It starts with a simple introduction to the product and then quickly jumps into showing you what it can do. 

The audio-less video emphasises the benefits of using PrescribeWellness, rather than just giving you a bland list of features. 

The video’s characters are relatable, which helps keep the focus on the message rather than the visuals.

#4. Chipotle

YouTube video

Chipotle had a year or two of bad luck. There were reports of rats in the store and food-borne illness norovirus outbreak. The famous brand was on the brink of extinction. 

Just a few years back, they were the belle of the fast-food ball, but now, to survive, Chipotle had to revamp its marketing strategy entirely. 

Their explainer video was the perfect way to do just that. It used claymation to give viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of its ethical farming practices, which is an effective way to rebuild its reputation. 

They also enlisted the bonafide singer Willie Nelson’s talent to cover Coldplay’s hit song, “the scientist.”

It was a genius move that re-introduced the brand to its audience and helped restore customer confidence. 

The video ends with a powerful message reinforcing their mission of cultivating a better world.

#5. Ted-Ed

YouTube video

Ted-Ed’s explainer video is a perfect example of how animation can be used to educate viewers. 

The setting and characters used in the animation give it an almost vintage feel, which adds a sense of nostalgia and thoughtfulness. 

It’s also incredibly informative, taking you through the basics of eyeballs in humans and different animals. 

The beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and the simple soundtrack make this video a joy to watch.

It might not be as flashy as some of the other explainer videos on this list, but it gets its point across clearly and concisely.

#6. Super Sync Sports

The explainer video was created to show off the capabilities of Super Sync Sports, an addictive mobile game synced to your computer, hence the name.

The video uses quirky characters and animation to give viewers an inside look at the game. The music, an upbeat electronic synth, gives it a fun and engaging feel.

The entire explainer video is narrated by a person playing the game, which gives it a sense of realism and immediacy. 

It’s also cleverly edited to keep the viewer hooked until the end.

#7. Lyft

YouTube video

When an explainer video meets a short film, you get something as majestic as Lyft’s video. 

Directed by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs, the video takes viewers on a joyride through a vibrant street. 

The animation is incredibly detailed and realistic, with stellar use of colours and scenery. 

The video is centred on an emotional storyline, showing how the Lyft app helps people in need of a ride to get connected. 

The video ends on an uplifting note, reinforcing Lyft’s mission to improve the world. 

Overall, it’s an excellent example of how animation can be used to tell an engaging story and convey a message.

#8. Bravo Pay

YouTube video

Bravo Pay uses a lot of creative pans and zooms to draw viewers in and keep them guessing as they travel from one scene to another. 

The scenes’ backgrounds are also void of colour, with all the action happening in the foreground. 

The soundtrack and sound effects further add to the suspense and excitement of this explainer video.  

It does a great job of showing viewers how the Bravo Pay app can simplify their payments and make financial transactions easier.

#9. Tech Insider

YouTube video

Explainer videos don’t have to be complex or flashy. Sometimes all you need is a few catchy graphics and an expert narrator, exactly what Tech Insider has done with their explainer video. 

The video answers a geeky question. 

It’s entertaining and informative, giving viewers a peek into the deep sea and what happens underwater. 

The visuals are simple yet effective, complemented by an entertaining commentary that keeps viewers engaged.

#10. Ahrefs

The Ahrefs’ explainer video is an excellent example of how whiteboard animation can be used to explain a concept. 

The video relies heavily on drawings and diagrams to get the point across. 

At the same time, it’s kept light and entertaining by using an upbeat soundtrack with no narration.  

Overall, it does an excellent job of highlighting the features of Ahrefs’ SEO tools and showing how they can help businesses drive more traffic to their website.

#11. BaaS

The BaaS explainer video takes a futuristic approach with its sleek linear illustrations and vibrant colours. 

The video is set on a dark background, with glowing lines explaining the concept of BaaS. 

The video is narrated by a female voiceover and backed by a catchy electronic soundtrack. 

The explainer video does an excellent job of introducing viewers to BaaS and showing how it can help businesses manage their data more effectively. 

It’s an excellent example of how animations can be used to explain complex concepts.

#12. Doctoroo

YouTube video

Doctoroo has an eye-catching explainer video in soft, muted colours. The video is set in a tranquil environment and narrated by a female voiceover. 

The video is designed in the classic illustrative style, using simple graphics and shapes to explain Doctoroo’s online healthcare platform concept. 

It looks at how Doctoroo can help people access quality healthcare more quickly and conveniently. 

The video is accompanied by soothing background music that further adds to the serene atmosphere of the video. 

It’s a great example of how an explainer video can be used to tell a story and help viewers understand a concept more clearly. 

#13. Purina One

Illustrated videos work great for pet-related products, and Purina One is no exception. 

The video features a cat and its owner and tells how Purina One’s food can help pets live healthily.

The visuals are colourful and engaging, with an upbeat soundtrack in the background. 

The video is kept short but entertaining, with a narrator guiding viewers through the key points. 

Overall, it does a great job of introducing viewers to Purina One’s products and showing how they can improve their pet’s life.

#14. Visme

YouTube video

The Visme explainer video is built around their brand character, Visme Man. 

The video tells how Visme’s drag-and-drop editor can help you create beautiful visuals in just a few clicks. 

The characters and visuals are eye-catching, and the soundtrack is lighthearted, creating a fun and informative environment.

#15. Boostation  

The Boostation 3D animation explainer video is beautifully done and captures the viewer’s attention right from the start. 

A mobile phone screen turned into a vibrant city with buildings, roads, and cars is used to explain the concept of Boostation’s app. 

A male voiceover narrates the video while a catchy soundtrack plays in the background.

The video showcases how Boostation’s app can help users get more out of their mobile phones. 

#16. Workflow

YouTube video

The Workflow created an explainer video using claymation and text. The 3D clay models are brightly coloured and have an interesting design. 

The video explains the concept of Workflow’s automation platform and how it can help users save time and money. 

The video has no narration, just a chilled-out soundtrack playing in the background. 

Overall, the video is engaging and does a great job presenting Workflow’s value proposition. 

It’s an excellent example of how claymation can be used to create an explainer video that is both entertaining and informative.

Live Action Explainer Videos

Explainer videos aren’t restricted to illustrations and animations. Sometimes, it can be just as effective to create live-action videos. 

Live-action explainer videos usually feature real people, company staff, and customers to demonstrate the product, service, or day-to-day activities.

#17. Dollar Shave Club

YouTube video

Dollar Shave Club pushes the boundaries of explainer videos with their live-action video. 

The narrator in this video is none other than the company’s founder, and he does a fantastic job at telling the story of Dollar Shave Club. 

The video is lighthearted and funny, with a little swearing and risque content. It worked for the company because they understood their audience and knew they could get to them with humour. 

The company would later be sold to Unilever for $1 billion, so it’s safe to say the video was a success.

#18. Amazon Go

YouTube video

Amazon Go used an explainer video to explain a concept, something not yet released to the public. It shows how customers can walk into a store, grab what they need and leave without waiting in line or going through a checkout. 

The video features real people in the store, interacting with a futuristic-looking interface to complete their purchases. It’s a great example of how a live-action explainer video can be used to create an engaging story and showcase the features of a product or service.

#19. Notarize

YouTube video

Notarize uses cringe-worthy humour to explain how its platform works. 

The video features a comedic actor dressed casually in a t-shirt and khaki pants, travelling around town to get documents notarised. 

The video is funny yet informative, showing how the Notarize app makes it easy to get any document notarised quickly from anywhere.

On a deeper level, the video conveys that Notarize can be a great time-saver and takes away the hassle of finding a notary and travelling to their office. 

#20. Fiverr

YouTube video

The Fiverr explainer video kicks off with an upbeat soundtrack and voiceover. 

The video features various people representing the Fiverr platform’s different services. It’s a great way to show how the platform works and explain who uses it. 

The video is entertaining, and the colourful illustrations make understanding the concept of Fiverr’s services easy.

#21. Twitter

YouTube video

Twitter’s explainer video begins like a scene from a dramatic movie.

The video shows you how to get started with Twitter and connect with people from all around the world. 

The video does a great job of explaining the concept of Twitter in an entertaining and engaging way. 

It’s also an excellent example of how you can use visuals, music, and motion graphics to convey a message.

#22. Grammarly

YouTube video

Grammarly’s explainer video focuses on one of its main features, the plagiarism checker. They’re constantly rolling out new video ads, and this one is no exception. 

The video features office workers, students, job applicants, and others discussing how they use Grammarly to check their work. 

The exciting and informative video shows how Grammarly can be used in various settings.  

#23. Unroll Me

The people behind Unroll Me identified a common problem that affects us all, junk email. 

Their explainer video does a great job of highlighting how their platform works and how it can save you time. 

The video is humorous yet informative, with a lighthearted tone that makes it easy to understand the concept. 

At the end of the video, viewers are encouraged to join the Unroll Me revolution and enjoy their inbox without the clutter.  

#24. PayPal

YouTube video

The online payment giant PayPal released a series of explainer videos titled “People Rule”. 

This particular explainer video mixes animations with live-action footage fluidly. 

It uses a humorous country tune as a soundtrack and provides viewers an entertaining look at how PayPal works. 

The video shows what problems PayPal solves, how convenient and safe it is, and its benefits. 

It’s a great example of how to use humour and visuals to explain a concept.

#25. Deadhappy

YouTube video

Nobody likes talking about life insurance. It’s sad and uncomfortable to think about. 

But Deadhappy changes all that by releasing a lighthearted explainer video about life insurance. 

The video takes a humorous approach to the topic and shows how Deadhappy can make life insurance a more enjoyable experience.

#26. Ecosia

YouTube video

The video uses humor and relatability to reel in viewers.

Some of the things we search for online are (for lack of a better word) weird, yet we all do them. 

The video illustrates how Ecosia plants trees with every search we make and how it helps build a better future.

#27. Uber Eats

YouTube video

Uber Eats offers anyone the opportunity to be their own boss.

Anyone with a bike, scooter, or car can quickly become a delivery driver for Uber Eats. 

The explainer video shows you how the platform works, and the sound design makes it an enjoyable watch.

The visuals are spot-on, straight to the point, and convey the message quickly.

#28. Match.com

YouTube video

Match.com released a brilliant, tongue-in-cheek, outlandish video to explain how their online dating service works. 

The video showcases a devilish male character and a female character who calls herself 2020. 

The idea was to get viewers hooked and get them talking. 

If you remember 2020, you remember the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s when the devil hooked up with the year 2020, and it’s not a far-fetched idea.

#29. Mint.com

Mint.com offers financial advice, and it’s all packaged in a neat explainer video. 

The video takes the viewer on a side-scrolling journey inside the virtual bank. 

It shows how Mint.com can help you save, budget, and invest all in one place. 

The visuals are sharp, and the sound effects add to the overall experience. 

The voiceover also effectively explains the concept. 

It’s straight to the point, informative, and entertaining. 

The video leaves viewers feeling that Mint.com can help them take charge of their finances and succeed.

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