Expert Tips on How to Safeguard Your Content from Competitors

Expert Tips on How to Safeguard Your Content from Competitors

Institutions that have content marketing strategies get to have success in business since it is a vital factor in generating traffic to your site. However, there is a high affinity for sites with the same audience, to copy data passing it as an original. 60% of B2B data marketers in 2017 foresee that producing original and engaging content as their biggest challenges. This leaves many of your competitors to spy on your sites and social media pages to copy your data.

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Here are tips on how to make your data marketing impossible for your competitors to copy.

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Comprehensive, Original and Exhaustive Content

Producing original content that is value packed with your audience is one of the biggest challenges for Singapore companies involved in B2B marketing. Creating original data can take hours or even days to complete. The best way to avoid a competitor from copying your data is by fully making it comprehensive.

This way, your competitors will have a hard time coming up with an entirely different angle to copy due to the exhaustive nature of the contents.

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Diversify the Content

By diversifying your content, competitors find it hard for to echo data from you. Aspire to add production value to ensure that it is more difficult to create derivative content from your blog or website.

Use branded data on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, detailed infographics, and interactive data that encourages user engagement on your website.

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Cooperate In the Production of Content

By collaborating, you reduce the number of competitors and increase your audience. Find a way to collaborate with your competitors through interviews, write guest posts on their sites and blogs, work together in the production of infographics, and co-authoring of original as well as engaging data.

The best way is to identify the competitors who share the same audience as your company. This will ensure that you can stay ahead of the competition in their content marketing. Be proactive in the generation of data, to ward off competition.

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Expert Tips on How to Safeguard Your Content from Competitors