What Is Experiential Marketing and How Does It Apply To Singapore

experiential marketing examples in singapore

Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that seeks to engage the consumers and create a memorable real-life experience. It welcomes participants to be actively involved in the brand’s evolution. It is also known as engagement marketing.

Nowadays, most consumer desire personalised experiences and meaningful interaction with a brand before buying its products services. This explains why experiential marketing is vital for any company in Singapore that wants to succeed in the current economy.

For instance, think of the countless ads you see on the internet, on TV, and billboards. You are likely to forget the message a few days after spotting them. However, if you had interacted with the product itself, the memory is likely to persist for a longer time.

The first instance is a case of traditional marketing, where companies broadcast their products and services to a broad audience. The second example, on the other hand, offers an immersive experience by engaging consumers as much as possible. Companies that employ engagement marketing help clients form an emotional connection with the brand and its products. In return, the customers become loyal to the brand.

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The Basics of Launching an Experiential Marketing Campaign

Planning for an experiential marketing campaign can be quite challenging if you are green. However, adequate preparation ensures that you run a successful operation, just as an expert would.

Here are some of the things you need before launching an engagement marketing initiative.


As is the case with other types of brand promotion, experiential marketing needs proper budgeting. When allocating funds, you have to consider the size and scope of your campaign. This helps in formulating effective strategies. On the contrary, failing to budget often causes impulsive spending and wastage of resources.


After designating a budget, the next step is formulating strategies. Gather all the stakeholders in your company and discuss the objectives of the campaign, the logistics, the tactics, and how you measure the results.


Here, you assign specific roles to your team members and devise the course of action. Communication is vital if you want to run a useful campaign. You should also monitor the progress to see if each individual is doing their job.


Everybody loves a freebie. A smart way of ensuring that your marketing campaign grabs the attention of prospective clients is by offering giveaways. This also sets you apart from competing businesses in Singapore.

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Promotional Incentives

Try to make your event outstanding by adding unique activities. Some of the ways of doing this are by creating a contest with special prizes, raising money for a humanitarian cause and inviting a celebrity for a performance. 

Measuring the Results

The objective of any marketing campaign is to generate a positive ROI for the business. After the end of your experiential marketing, measure the results to determine whether it was successful.

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Besides gauging success, you should use the results to see where you can improve in subsequent campaigns. Remember to communicate the findings to your stakeholders, partners and clients.

Experiential Marketing Strategies

Now that you are aware of how to plan for an experiential marketing campaign, you need to know how to execute the strategies. 

The following are some of the tactics you can implement to ensure that your engagement marketing drive in Singapore is successful.

Social Media Engagement

After Google, social media platforms are the most popular websites in Singapore. You can leverage this popularity to run a successful marketing campaign.

First, you have to identify the platform that is popular with your audience. For example, Facebook is popular across all age groups, while Instagram appeals to the youth. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is mostly frequented by professionals.

Once you have identified where your audience lives, focus on creating engaging content. Nobody will care about your posts if they are not captivating. You can increase engagement levels by creating polls, quizzes, or sharing videos posts.

When creating posts, ensure that the message they deliver is consistent with your campaign’s objectives. The message on your social media should be the same on other advertisement platforms.

Sharing ensures that your messages reach a broader audience. To encourage users to share your content, create hashtags or offer incentives such as rewards and coupons.

Use Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors act as the link between your brand and consumers. These individuals often introduce your products to prospective clients and make it easier for the salespeople to close the deal.  

Your business goals should influence the individuals you choose to be your brand ambassadors. For instance, the person you want to help with generating leads is not the same person you would choose if you are looking to increase sales.

Another consideration factor when selecting you ambassadors is the role they are going to perform. If your representative is going to do product demos, they should have previous experience on that front. If they are going to talk people into buying your products, they should have a convincing tone.

You can employ a variety of people as your brand ambassadors, including influencers, previous clients, industry experts, and so forth.  Always go for the one that will have the most significant impact on that particular campaign.

If you are struggling to find brand ambassadors, you can attract interest by offering incentives. These include free products or even a little compensation to persons willing to promote your brand.

Live Streaming

Thanks to technology, you no longer have to interact with your audience in person to create engagement. An excellent way of connecting with your consumers is by live streaming videos. This method is not only convenient but also cost-effective.

Live streaming offers the ideal platform to conduct product demonstrations.  Any marketing strategy can benefit significantly if the target audience can see the products in use.

Additionally, you can use live video feed to engage your customers in a Q&A session. Here, your clients pose a variety concerning your products and service, and you provide them with answers. That said, these sessions should not be limited to questions alone. You should also dedicate a section for getting recommendations on how to improve your services.

Occasionally, you should film behind-the-scenes content for your viewers. Showing them what it takes to come up with the show, as well as the team behind is likely to boost your viewership. It also encourages engagement by a significant margin.

Furthermore, you should repurpose the content you get from your live streaming sessions. For instance, the questions asked during the Q&A session can be useful for the FAQ page on your website. You could also create new videos giving further explanation.

Create an Immersive Experience

In this digital age, businesses have to use innovative methods to draw the attention of consumers.  When you are planning an experiential marketing event, start promoting it beforehand using all the means possible. This way, you generate excitement and anticipation so that people have a fear of missing out. 

Once you have the attention, create a platform for your audience to register. By knowing the number of people attending your event, you can plan effectively.

The best way of getting more people to your event is by offering an attraction, such as a live performance by an artist, a prominent person or a competition with rewards. During the event, offer your products and service so that customers can have a first-hand experience of using them. Afterwards, keep in touch with the consumers, as this increases engagement and encourages brand loyalty.

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

If you make your clients happy, they are likely to remain loyal to your brand. Engagement marketing gives consumers the positive emotions needed to cultivate brand loyalty and spread a good word about your company.

The most significant benefit of this marketing strategy is driving word-of-mouth advertising. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product when a friend recommends it.  Therefore, if you engage in experiential marketing, you can gain an edge over your competitors and get more sales from client recommendations.

Additionally, experiential marketing gives consumers the chance to enjoy while learning about your products. In exchange, these consumers are often willing to share personal information. Getting such data is crucial, as it helps a brand in creating effective marketing strategies that increase consumer engagement instantly.  

One of the primary goals of marketing is educating consumers about your products. This can only happen when the consumer is engaged. The reality is people try as much as they can to avoid commercials. However, if you give them the chance to try out a product, they are likely to agree. A well-executed experiential marketing campaign can turn customers from passive viewers into active participants.


When it comes to increasing brand awareness and improving consumer engagement, nothing can rival a well-planned experiential marketing campaign. Unlike other techniques used for digital marketing in Singapore, engagement marketing achieves multiple objectives at once. These include spurring higher demand in your products, strengthening your brand image, engaging customers, and so forth.

The key to a successful marketing campaign is preparing well. Make sure that you have clear goals before you start. After beginning, make a point of continually measuring the progress to see if you are on the right track. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you are almost guaranteed of getting success.

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