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How to Increase Email Open Rates in Singapore And Get Results

How to Increase Email Open Rates in Singapore And Get Results

The success of an email marketing campaign depends on the email open rates. Emails are 40 times more effective than social media in attracting new customers to your business. This shows the significance of investing in email marketing. However, this is not enough. You need to create email messages that appeal to the user.

How to Increase Email Open Rates

  • Create an enticing subject line
  • Make it valuable
  • Personalise the message
  • Create cliff-hangers
  • Avoid being one-sided
  • Make it short and concise
  • Make it readable
  • Be consistent

8 ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates

As of now, consumers open between 15% and 25% of promotional emails. From a marketer’s perspective, this is far from impressive. To make it worse, only a few of the readers reply or click on links in the emails.

Despite the low open rates, email marketing generates an ROI of 4300%. If you implement smart strategies, your email marketing campaign could transform your businesses.

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1. Setting the Stage

Most email marketers convince people to subscribe to their mailing list by offering lead magnets or frequent content updates. You should ensure that you deliver the lead magnet within minutes after the individual signs up. Most email marketing platforms have an auto-response feature just like web design platforms that you can use to provide such content.

The time you take to deliver the magnet has a significant impact on the decision of the subscriber. If you send it immediately, they will know who sent it. However, if you delay the response, even for a few hours, it is not likely to bode well with them. Always ensure that you fulfill your promise swiftly.

You should also make your intentions clear. What you say in your first follow-up message influences the open rates for future emails. If your offer indicated that you would send regular content, the subscriber expects frequent messages from you.

The challenge, however, is if you initially offered a free download. The subscriber might not expect subsequent messages. In this case, you should use the follow-up email to introduce yourself and define your objectives. You should also include a snippet at the footer of every email to remind the reader why they are getting emails from you.

Here is an ideal example from Jon Morrow’s Headline Hacks email series.

Enough said, here are the effective methods of increasing your email open rates.

2. Create an Enticing Subject Line

After setting the stage, it is time to get started with email marketing in Singapore. Your subject line should grab the attention of the reader.

Use Numbers

Numbers are specific, easy to read, and captivating. According to The New Yorker, numbers make subject lines outstanding. Using numbers in your subject line is an excellent way of increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

Induce Curiosity

When you are curious, you will keep on going until you discover what you are after. If executed properly, inducing curiosity can be useful. The secret is to be specific about an event or a result, but be vague about its cause. This will encourage people to read on to find out the reason.

For instance, you could write ‘How this strategy increased my conversion rates by 330%.’ In this case, the subscriber will open the message to know the strategy behind the increased conversion rates.

Keep it Short

Overall, short headlines perform better than long headlines. First, they are not shortened by the browser. Second, they induce more curiosity. Lastly, a short subject line is often clear, while long ones can be ambiguous.

Test Different Subject Lines

Ensure that you test different subject lines. The easiest way of doing this is by sending emails with different subjects to small sections of your subscribers. You can then pick the most effective and send it to your full list.

You can also use the split testing feature provided by your email marketing service. For instance, if you use Aweber, click on the ‘Create a Split Test’ link.

You can then specify how many variations you wish to create. In this case, we chose two.

The next step involves choosing the percentage of your subscribers you want to send a particular message. It must add up to 100%, so you should create an even split.

The last step is editing and sending the two (or more) variations of your emails with different subject lines.

3. Make it Valuable

Always remember that people listen to your pitches because they want to get something valuable from you. If you pitch straight away, too frequently, or too hard, you can turn away a potentially good customer.

You should always focus on giving value to your subscribers. Over time, they will start trusting your brand. Once the trust is built, you can then pitch for sales. People find it easier to buy from a brand that they trust and adds value to their lives.

4. Personalise the Message

The key to a fruitful friendship is having similarities, shared interests, and knowing the needs of each other. If you want to increase your email open rates, you should form a friendship with your subscribers.

You can build a friendship using the following tactics.

Share Interesting Personal Stories

You can connect at a personal level with your subscribers by sharing stories about yourself. Keep in mind that the message must be valuable. If the reader can relate to your story and get value, they are likely to respond positively to your pitch.

Address an Individual

Nobody likes to be talked to in a formal tone. Your emails should be conversational, similar to your blog posts. Use words like ‘I’ and ‘you’ in your message. You can also include slang and a few questions.

All your messages should be personalised – write as if you are addressing a specific individual. The tone should be friendly.

Do not rush it

Do not be eager to share your personal stories right away. Take time to build trust by offering value first.

Create Cliff-hangers

A cliff-hanger is when something unexpected happens, creating suspense. It is commonly used in TV shows to get viewers to watch the next episode.

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You can use this tactic to boost open rates for your email marketing in Singapore. Consider every email you send as an episode. At the end of every message, include an impressive metric. For instance, you could write ‘how I increased my web traffic by 250% in four weeks.’

After this, include a teaser. Tell the reader that you will reveal the secrets behind your achievement in the next message. This is a smart and effective way of ensuring the subscriber reads the following email.

Take a look at this example from Bryan Harris.

5. Avoid being One-sided

As a marketer, you should always value the opinion of your subscribers. Your emails should not feel like a one-sided conversation where you do all the taking. Always try to engage your readers.

Many marketers in Singapore do not know the right way of involving subscribers through email. These are the reasons why your subscribers are not responding to your emails.

They are afraid to be wrong

Some subscribers might fear giving out incorrect answers, as it creates the impression that they are dumb. The best solution is to let them respond anonymously. For instance, if you are conducting a survey, you should include the option of leaving out the name.

You can also ease the fears by sharing your first answer to the question, especially if you were wrong. Tell them that very few people get it right at the first attempt.

The Answer is Obvious

Asking obvious questions cannot increase your engagement levels. Instead, focus on posing questions that serve a purpose.

The Question does not Concern Them

If you want your customers to respond to your emails, ask relevant questions. Asking irrelevant questions can drive away subscribers.

They Feel Insignificant

This is the most challenging part of engaging with customers. You can, however, overcome it by targeting specific groups in your mailing list.

For example, you could write ‘if your website averages over 5,000 visitors monthly, what are you doing to generate more traffic?’

If your email has a question, make it clear to subscribers that you will read their emails if they respond. You should also respond to subscriber emails, as this is the best way to build a lasting relationship.

6. Make it Short and Concise

This rule is flexible. Some marketers get impressive returns despite writing very long emails. If you are going to write an email exceeding 1,000 words, make sure that it has valuable content. Otherwise, keep it short and concise.

Also, if you want to maintain high email open rates, ensure that you do not flood your subscriber’s inboxes with lengthy emails. Nobody has the time to read long emails every day.

Another reason for writing short emails is that long emails consume time. You need that time to focus on other marketing strategies to improve your business.

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7. Make it Readable

If your emails take time to load and are hard to read, the recipient will delete them. Here is how to make your email readable.

Minimise Images and Fancy Formatting

You should keep images and formatting at a bare minimum in your emails. According to HubSpot, emails with many images have a reduced click-through rate.

The most significant problem with images is that they slow down the loading speeds, especially on mobile devices. They also serve as a distraction from the textual content and hyperlinks.

Make it Responsive

The majority of your subscribers access their email inboxes on mobile devices. Ensure that all your emails are optimised for mobile.

Firstly, the line length should not exceed 500 pixels so that it renders correctly on small screens. Make sure that there are a few or no images. Use dark text with a white background, as it is difficult to read white text on mobiles. You should also minimise HTML because many mobile email apps cannot recognise this format.

Make Links Visible

In most cases, you want readers to click onto embedded links in the emails you send them. Your links must be easy to see.

Moreover, links can be hard to notice if the reader is using a mobile device. To increase their visibility, always use a bigger font or bold your links. You can also put them on a separate line.

You could also put a single link multiple times in one email using different anchor text. Take a look at this example from Quick Sprout.

8. Be Consistent

Immediately after a customer confirms the subscription to your mailing list, inform them how frequently you will be sending them emails.

Ensure that you maintain consistency. If you fail to send emails over an extended period, your subscribers will forget about you. According to Express Pigeon, marketers who send four emails monthly get higher email open rates than those who send one message every month.

After grabbing the attention of your readers, you want them to take further action. The link you provide in your email should redirect customers to a valuable post. If it opens a low-quality post, you will lose the trust of your subscribers. On the other hand, quality content will make subscribers loyal to your brand.

Honesty is crucial – you should not risk losing subscribers by being deceptive. You might get low engagement at first, but it will grow as you get better.


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Email marketing is by far the most effective form of marketing in the digital world. If you are looking to increase your email open rates, keep the eight reasons mentioned above in consideration. That said, they are guidelines, not rules – you can adjust them to fit your context.

You might find it challenging as a beginner, but you will eventually get better. As is the case with other marketing strategies, ensure that you continually measure the performance of your email marketing campaign. You should also adjust your campaign to meet the needs of your target audience. This way, you will attain a higher email open rate and generate record profits.

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