Creating A Great Email Marketing Campaign For The Singapore Market

Creating A Great Email Marketing Campaign For The Singapore Market

In email marketing, most people talk about designs, campaigns, messages code, and templates among other things.

In this article, I’m going to look at templates and campaigns. You use templates to create a campaign. With this article, you will get more information on templates and campaigns.

A template is a layout that you use to create your campaign. On the template step for campaign building, you will have to use a template.

Choose a suitable template to use before you move to the design step in order to add content. You can choose from the available templates or you can create a template to match the brand you have.

You can also add used images recurring content or logos in the template you choose in order to reuse them in coming campaigns.

A campaign is an email message that is designed and sent to subscribers. Select a template and design your campaign on top.

When designing the campaign you can duplicate, rearrange content, and image blocks and delete them quickly. You can customize the look of the campaign by dragging and dropping the content blocks.

Mix and use different content blocks in order to create a different and unique look for your email.

When creating an email campaign template you can use different steps.

The following are the steps to follow:

  1. Open an email marketing application and select the template tab.
  2. Click new template
  3. Add a display name for your template
  4. Choose the template type
  5. Click to save
  6. Set the required properties but remember it’s optional.

Then write the opening and closing HTML code for the email in the header and footer.

Email marketing is one of the best ways of staying in touch with existing customers and engaging with prospects.

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Creating A Great Email Marketing Campaign For The Singapore Market

It is no secret that you want to improve your Singapore email marketing campaigns in 2019 and beyond to continue reigning supreme.

Your competitors are probably also warming up to revamp their campaigns as well so let us get down to business and look at nine actionable tips that you can use to enhance your email marketing strategies.

  • Re-Engagement Campaign

The truth is that every business wants to start on a clean slate at the start of the New Year.

This is the right time to hit the reset button for all your email marketing campaigns in Singapore that are not performing as expected or need to be rewired.

The best way to do this is to run a re-engagement campaign. This campaign will serve two purposes:

    • Clean up your mailing list
    • Boost your metrics

People who have been receiving our emails and not reading them or responding to them should be removed from the list. This simple but bold move will give you more time and resources to concentrate on target customers who are interested in your brand and what it offers.

  • Invest in Custom Responsive Templates

A beautiful email template will enhance the open rate and encourage potential clients to take the desired action.

Thanks to technological advancements, there are many templates that you can experiment with to find one that suits your brand and the objectives of your email marketing campaign in Singapore.

Make sure that the template you choose is responsive so that clients can view all the details contained in the email from any mobile device.

Custom responsive templates will give your business a higher cutting edge in the market.

A custom footer, header, and three content modules will make every email you send out unique. The recipients will also be able to relate and connect with your brand better.

  • Loyalty and Frequent Purchaser Program

An expertly created loyalty and frequent purchaser program work magic for businesses in virtually any industry.

There is no better way to motivate first-time customers to make regular purchases than with a loyalty program that is customer-oriented.

Research shows that 81% of consumers agree that loyalty and frequent purchase programs in Singapore make them more likely to continue shopping or doing business with a brand.

Once they sign up for the program, more than half of the members will be on the lookout for deals such as discounts and coupons.

  • Consider Monetising your Newsletter

The first thing that you need to note is that your email newsletter is your bread and butter.

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You commit time and effort to curate the best content, design, and images to make it stand out from the crowd and resonate with the audience every week.

Go the extra mile and monetize it to get more returns for the time and efforts that you put into creating it.

This can be done through advertising, premium content, and affiliate marketing. You can use one or all three to enhance your Singapore email marketing strategies.

  • Custom Preference Centre

In any successful email marketing campaign, the subscribers are considered a top priority.

In 2019 and beyond, give your brand an upper hand in the market by creating a custom preference centre.

This centre will give your subscribers an opportunity to decide when they want to get an email from you, the kind of content they want to receive, and how often.

This improvement to your strategy will enhance their responsiveness and engagement with the emails you send out and at the same time eliminate the risk of your emails being marked as spam.

Just make sure that the content is relevant to the audience.

  • Post Purchase Automation

Automation is crucial to your email marketing program in Singapore, as it will save you time and money.

Numerous studies have proven that following up with first-time buyers/purchasers is the best way to convert them into loyal customers who will feel comfortable purchasing your products over and over again.

Keep in mind that a client’s value does not come from the first purchase but from all future purchases.

Post-purchase automation will increase the net profit associated with each client significantly.

To do post-purchase automation in an effective way, you should avoid spamming and phishing attacks. Therefore, you should follow DMARC reports to keep your email account secure.

  • Anniversary Campaign Automation

We all love to celebrate especially if the celebration is accompanied by a discount on the next purchase we make in the online store.

Anniversary campaign automation will give your Singapore email marketing campaign the power to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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Automate it to send an email after a specific period, maybe a year after they joined your mailing list.

This particular email should contain a special message and tailor-made discount for it to be successful in motivating the recipient to visit your store and make a purchase.

Anniversary campaign automation is also a professional and straightforward way of gaining brand recognition and showing subscribers that you care about them.

  • Automated Lapse/Never Purchased Campaign

This is a little-known email marketing automation strategy that is powerful nonetheless.

As the name suggests, it entails sending a special email to a potential client who left items in the shopping cart or never made a purchase after visiting the store.

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It is important to stay in the mind of this specific segment of your target audience.

The lapse/never purchased campaign is meant to encourage the recipients to go ahead and complete the purchase. If properly executed, it can transform them into repeat customers.

Note that it is never too late to reach out to disengaged subscribers.

  • Revamp the Unsubscribe Confirmation Page

If your unsubscribe confirmation page is boring, generic and dull, this is the right time to step up and revamp it.

Why give attention to this seemingly unimportant landing page? After all, it is meant for people who have decided to get out of the mailing list.

The most successful businesses not only in Singapore but also in other parts of the world have a branded unsubscribe confirmation page.

Even though these subscribers have decided to leave your email marketing list, they can still engage with your brand.

Take the time to customize this page and add links to your social media pages and homepage. This is your chance to prove your value and re-spark interest instead of just letting them go.

There are plenty of things that you can do to improve your Singapore email marketing campaigns, but these nine wise nuggets will give you a head-start, redefine the manner in which you engage with the target audience, and increase the profitability of your business.

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Plausible Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaign is Not Delivering Results

The effectiveness of email marketing in generating qualified leads and helping brands realise their full potential is not debatable. Thousands if not hundreds of businesses rely on it to scale up and its ROI is higher than most digital marketing strategies. 

However, there are a number of mistakes that we see brands make that hinder them from achieving maximum results from this form of marketing.

Below is an overview of the top 10 email marketing mistakes that you should avoid and what you should do next.

  • Writing Boring Subject Lines

Email is one of the most preferred ways of communicating with potential customers. Every day, they receive a ton of emails from multiple brands that are meant to lure them to purchase a product or service.

With the current attention span of internet users estimated to be 8 seconds, you have to make sure that the subject line is captivating enough to record a high email open rate. Readers take microseconds to read the subject line and decide whether to open the email or mark it as spam.

We have all received emails with hyped subject lines that promise to help achieve results such as earning six-figure profits in less than two weeks.

Savvy customers can tell the difference between a hyped email and a genuine email from a mile away by just reading the subject line.

One of the plausible reasons why your emails have been going unanswered is because you have been penning poor subject lines.

Promising the impossible will make potential customers roll their eyes and click on either the delete or spam option. 

Ideally, email subject lines that are effective in encouraging readers to act have the following characteristics;

    • They are focussed on offering valuable information and not tricking the recipient into opening the email
    • They are succinct and don’t beat around the bush
    • They are laser-focused on the primary email subject and don’t contain filler words
    • They sound professional and not sentimental
    • They are personalised
    • The words are not in full caps

Use the above tips to create a better subject line to start getting more results from your email marketing campaigns. Otherwise, emails with lacklustre subject lines are a total waste of time and resources. 

  • Not Doing A/B Tests

When doing any form of marketing online or offline, it’s imperative to monitor the results achieved to know which areas to tweak. Running A/B tests is one of the guaranteed ways of knowing the performance of your email marketing campaign.

The test results will help you to know which type of content best resonates with the target audience and delivers the expected results.

In a nutshell, stellar email marketing campaigns require you to carry out continuously carry out tests and change the messaging to better connect with the customers. The goal is to identify the best version of your email message that increases not only the click-through rate but also the open rate. 

If you neglect A/B tests, you will end up spending thousands of dollars running campaigns that don’t contribute positively to the growth of your company.

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MediaOne Marketing is best known for providing custom email marketing services to businesses from all across the globe.

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  • Not Previewing Messages Before Sending 

If you don’t preview messages before sending them, you won’t know how the different content such as visuals and CTA buttons are displayed on different devices.

With most people using mobile devices to access and send emails, it’s important to preview your emails across multiple devices before hitting the send button.

Email preview works like a lead in a news story. The recipients use it to decide whether the rest of the email content is worth reading.

Virtually all email programs today have a preview feature that gives users a snip view of the content.

Just like the first sentence in an article needs to grasp the attention and interest of the readers, your email message preview should compel prospects to open the email, read the contents, and take the action.

Every word in the email should be valuable.

  • Apply Tunnel Vision When Sending Emails

In the past, you would get away with sending “salesy” emails to customers. Brands would only send out marketing emails whose main goal is to convince the customers to purchase a product or service.

Today, such strategies are ineffective in generating sales as customers gravitate towards brands that not only market themselves but also offer engaging and educational content.

Such a tunnel vision when doing email marketing could be another reason why you are spending thousands of dollars on email marketing and getting no results. Think of your email marketing campaign as an opportunity to engage, educate and even entertain the target customers. 

Remember, they may not be ready to convert immediately, so the email contents should not be solely focussed on selling. Instead, give them a reason to look forward to your next email by sending out empowering/educational content.

For example, if you sell fitness equipment, you can send out emails with links to authority guides or articles on your website that discuss the different physical exercises or diet plans.

Once you grab their attention with such information, you can now proceed and introduce one or more of your products.

  • Over Utilising Urgency Tactics

Clients in both B2B and B2C are constantly bombarded with emails that create a sense of urgency. These emails are structured to compel them to buy a product or service immediately before it runs out or a discount expires.

How Does Lead Generation in Digital Marketing Work

Unlike other digital marketing strategies, email marketing usually means a never-ending barrage of time-sensitive deals and offers. Sure, creating a sense of urgency is effective in encouraging the target customers to take the desired action shortly after they receive the email.

However, utilising urgency tactics will negatively affect your credibility in the market.

After receiving two or more time-sensitive emails, the target customers will start getting a negative perspective of your brand. Consequently, they will stop responding and eventually mark them as spam.

  • Not Giving Recipient a Chance to Reply

Sending out marketing emails that customers cannot reply to is one of the sure ways of losing touch with your customers.

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How will you know whether they are interested in your product or service if they cannot contact your team after you send the email?

Concisely, emails that don’t give the prospects a chance to ask questions and seek clarification about an offer or the brand trigger them to look for other product or service providers who are more personal. 

Give the potential customers a chance or way to communicate with you by avoiding sending Do Not Reply emails.

If you cannot handle the influx of emails, consider including a “contact us” link that directs them to a designated landing page with answers to the frequently asked questions.

Be sure to include a contact form on this page to help them conveniently get in touch with the support team.

  • Buying Email Lists Online

Getting the correct email addresses of potential customers is a daunting task.

You need to have robust ways of capturing the information on your website and through other platforms such as social media. Some brands don’t want to wait and create an email list from scratch. Instead, they buy email lists online and use them to run the campaign.

As a result, they end up spending thousands of dollars sending out content to the wrong audience.

Needless to say, you cannot expect substantial conversions from a random or directionless email list. The email must be from people who are genuinely interested in your offers. 

Even so, you cannot blast all the recipients with content and expect to get tangible ROI.

Take time to segment the list based on different factors such as age, location, past buying patterns, and social class. 

Go the extra mile and personalise the emails by mentioning the customer’s name and offering custom offers to each segment of the target customers.

  • Not Sending Emails Through a Personal or Brand Email Account

As mentioned earlier, the modern-day online customer gravitates towards brands that offer a personalised communication and shopping experience.

One of the mistakes that we see not only small and medium companies but also the large enterprises make is not sending marketing emails through the personal or official brand email account.

More often than not, the recipients don’t respond to the emails as they appear automated and not personalised.

Be different by making sure that your emails are sent from your personal account. That way, the customers will know that you are a real person and not just interested in generating sales. 

In a nutshell, sending emails from a personal account will make your customers both existing and new feel valued and connected with your business. 

  • Sending Multiple or the Same Email Too Frequently

The average internet users receive around 44,165 emails annually.

The chances are that your target customers are drowning with emails from brands that offer products or services similar to you. This could be the reason why some of your emails are ignored. 

Sending multiple or the same email too often will ruin your reputation. One of the guaranteed ways of combatting this phenomenon and getting more results is by giving the customers a chance to decide how often they should receive emails. 

Also, give them the choice of either receiving newsletters or information about your products or services.

Monitor the open rate and the number of people who take the desired action to gauge the effectiveness of your emails in convincing them to do business with you.

  • Not Making Any Technical Preparations

When doing digital marketing, you cannot afford to skip the essential technical preparations.

The main reason why most emails end up marked as spam is because you didn’t prepare technically. Also referred to as email warmup, you should prep for your email marketing campaign. 

For example, before you send out a batch of emails to a segment of your customers this month, make sure that you sent an equal number of emails using the same email service provider the previous month.

If not, there is a high chance that a majority of your email will end up marked as spam. 

  • Including Too Many Stock Photos and Graphics

Visuals spur engagement with the audience better than blocks of text as the human brain processes them faster and more efficiently.

One photo is equivalent to 1000 words. Using graphics and visuals in your emails will encourage potential customers to click on the CTA button or links.

However, you should be vigilant not to use too many stock photos and graphics. Creating email marketing around graphics is counterproductive as it alienates the target audience and makes correspondence look irrelevant.

Correctly using visuals such as charts and graphics that highlight sales will boost conversion rates by endearing your brand to qualified leads.

So, spice up your email marketing campaigns by not only using text but also relevant graphics.

  • Failing to Keep in Touch with Customers

As a digital marketer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the market targets or goals. Grinding too hard and sending out unlimited emails to prospects without keeping in touch with them will reduce the effectiveness of your campaign in scaling up your business.

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Yes, sending informative and engaging content will help you engage with customers.

The mantra out of sight out of mind makes sense in email marketing.

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Don’t just channel all your efforts to sending out emails. Adjust your schedule to get time to contact the customers to know what they think about your brand. 

Otherwise, sending multiple emails daily to prospects who recently signed up to receive a biweekly or monthly newsletter will lure them to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Give them a chance to indicate the number of times they would want to receive emails from you.

More importantly, automate the process of sending out emails to free up your schedule. There is no shortage of email marketing automation tools that you can use for this purpose. 

MediaOne can help you create an ideal email marketing campaign for your Singapore business today. Call us today at +65 6789 9852 or click here to send us an email. 

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