Email Lead Generation Techniques To Bring In More Sales

how to use email marketing to get more leads

Email lead generation is the most effective means of drawing your target audience to your business.  Although some marketers prefer advertising through social media platforms, nothing beats email when it comes to lead generation.

Similar to other marketing strategies, emails have to adapt to the evolving needs of the consumer continually. These adjustments are crucial if you want to remain relevant and keep your competitive edge. The best way of doing this is by monitoring the impact of your email marketing campaign and making changes accordingly.

If you are still unsure about whether to implement email marketing, you should know that the majority of adults prefer emails over social media when receiving communication from companies.

The Basics of Email Lead Generation

If you want to want to run a successful lead generation campaign using email, here are the things you should observe.

Subject line

If you want to run an effective email lead generation campaign, you must have a catchy subject line. It is the first thing that a reader sees when they open their email inbox. This means that it should stand out and encourage the reader to open the message.

Here are some ways you can boost the effectiveness of your subject line.

  • Make it personal – a person is more likely to open an email if the subject line addresses them directly.
  • Provide a solution – people love it when an email solves a challenge they are experiencing.
  • Induce curiosity – you can entice a reader into opening an email by using a fantastic statistic on the opening line.

Clean Design

Having an appealing subject line is useful in boosting email open rates. If you want the user to read through the entire email, it must have an impressive design.

The following are some of the ways to ensure that your emails have a clean design.

  • Make use of whitespaces to avoid overcrowding content.
  • Use images to break the monotony of text. Keep in mind that too many photos hurt the loading speed of your email.
  • Keep it short and straightforward. Nobody has the time to read lengthy emails.
  • Use bullet lists to summarise key points.
  • Use different colours to highlight interesting facts.

Engaging Content

Humans have a short attention span. If emails are part of your digital marketing in Singapore, you need to ensure that you get the message across quickly. Your content should also be engaging to encourage people to read to the end.

Here are some ways of boosting engagement rates within your emails.

  • Use embedded forms for the survey. This keeps the user active and saves the time needed to redirect to external pages.
  • Include clear and compelling call-action statements.
  • Use bigger fonts to highlight the most critical elements in your text.
  • Provide detailed descriptions and hyperlinks for people who want more information.

Valuable Offer

The first step of lead generation is collecting contact information of people interested in your business. However, you first have to offer them relevant content so that they provide their data in exchange.  

Most marketers usually offer discounts, giveaways and free downloadable resources to get personal data from potential leads.


A call-to-action statement tells the lead what you want them to do. You might need them to sign up, subscribe or purchase a particular service from your business.

Your call-to-action statement must be clear and compelling. It should plainly state what action the user needs to take. The button should also be visible so that all leads can easily spot it and potentially convert into customers.

Best Strategies for Email Lead Generation

Now that you know the basics of email marketing, here are the strategies that you can use to make the focal point of your digital marketing in Singapore.

Offer gated content

As mentioned above, most marketers usually offer free valuable content to their target audiences when they want to generate leads. However, interested individuals have to provide their information to get this content, a strategy known as gating.

If you want people to remain interested in your content, ensure that it is relevant and valuable to your audience. Your landing page should highlight the key features and benefits of your content. If your landing page shows the value of your content, you build trust with your target audience. 

Promote via Other Marketing Channels

Email marketing is primarily used for generating leads. It is also useful in promoting other marketing channels. You can use email messages to drive traffic to your social media pages and your business blog. However, you have to make sure that such platforms have engaging content to grab the attention of your leads.

Invite Leads to Live Events

If you are organising a live event, you can boost attendance through email lead generation. Make sure that you add urgency and excitement such that people will want to attend the event.  The best way of engaging people to attend your event is by using a powerful call to action that is relevant to your target audience.

Alternatively, you can offer your leads a chance to get a reminder about your live event. This approach is less committal, meaning that leads are more likely to share their contacts, which allows you to reach out to them quickly.

Segment Your Audience

It is crucial to know where different individuals in your audience are in your sales funnels. With this information, you can create useful emails and make necessary adjustments to your landing pages. Audience segmentation is particularly helpful in the customisation of emails.

One of the methods used for segmentation is categorising users based on the level of activity. You should look for ways of improving your emails such that people with low open rates start reading them. Likewise, you also need to find methods of ensuring that your existing readers keep on opening your emails.

Email Design Tips for Singapore Marketers

Email marketing gives marketers in Singapore the opportunity to sell their services or products and establish strong connections with their audience. A perfectly designed email will capture the reader’s attention instantly. With a proper email marketing guide, you can boost your email campaign results.

Design trends for emails are continually changing, and one has to keep up with the trends and make their audience engage with their email content. Email campaigns require optimized content for better results.

Below are email design tips to help you create appealing emails that will ensure maximum conversions.

11 No-Fail Email Design Tips for Singapore

  1. Support your content with high-quality photos
  2. Include your business logo
  3. Spice the email up by incorporating videos related to the content
  4. Play around with colours
  5. Remember white space
  6. Strive to make it as simple as possible
  7. Don’t use too many fonts
  8. The main points should be clear
  9. Optimise the design for mobile use
  10. Link everything
  11. Include a call to action

 First Things First

You know that your email marketing in Singapore will be valued by its rich content. Successful email content should have a killer design that will encourage readers to engage.

When writing your emails, start with the most critical information. Don’t make the reader scroll for minutes before they get what they want. Get to the point, or else you are going to lose them.

Readers judge emails based on what they see at first. This is what makes them decide whether to keep reading or not. Begin your email design with important information, whether it’s about an upcoming event, special offer or discount, and more. Rest assured your target audience will read the important message and it will stick in their memory even if they don’t read the rest of your email.

 Use Photos to Support Your Content

Photos help to catch the reader’s attention and make your message more appealing to your readers. Attractive images help to convey your message and reflect well on your business.

You can look for simple photos that relate to the content directly. Photographs that are beautifully covered will always tempt readers to look again. They not only back up your message but will also give your email marketing design a modern look.

When adding the photos, also ensure that you include descriptive alt text to help readers understand the message. 

 Include Your Logo

Incorporating your logo in the same location of your email every time will help you build your brand awareness. You can place the logo in the header to allow the reader to see it.

Your readers will get to relate to your brand and start identifying with your business. Even if they don’t buy right away, they will remember your brand and recommend it to their friends and family.

Having your logo with each email communication can give credibility to your message and enable you to build trust with all the readers.

 Videos Work Magic Too

Videos allow you to tell a compelling story that will engage your audience. It is said that embedding videos in your email message can boost your click-through rate.

By adding videos, you will give your readers a more in-depth look at your company and the products or services you are offering. Videos work well on mobile devices and will always deliver simple and clear email marketing messages with unique, memorable designs.

Some email clients like Outlook and Gmail will not support video playing within the emails. Therefore, you can include a screenshot of the video with a link to YouTube, or your website to lead the reader to the video location. You can also add play buttons on the static image for readers to understand that they can use the link to watch your video.

 Play Around with Colours

Always use colours that resonate with your branding in your email marketing design. Incorporating your brand colours in your emails helps to drive emotions within your readers. Use the colours to highlight significant points within your emails.

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You may have amazing content for your email, but readers will not pay attention if the content is not attractive. Colours are powerful tools that you can use to drive conversions. Use them for the call to action, to section out the email, separate the header and footer of your email, and so on.

Colours can promote consistent branding and help readers relate to your company. Always limit your colour palette to two or three colours.

 Remember the White Space

In this email marketing guide, colour is very important, and so is the lack of colour in your email. Having white space in your email visually breaks up the content to make it more digestible. You can emphasize key points and divide your email into different sections.

The white space makes your email look spacious and drive attention to important messages, highlight the text and other visuals, and make it easier for audiences to peruse through.

Make it simple

Avoid packing your emails with visual elements that may overwhelm your readers and cause them to press the unsubscribe button.

Maintaining simplicity will enhance your email design. Make use of the white place to help readers navigate through the email. Email marketing in Singapore requires that you include space between images, headlines, and the main copy of the email. This helps to establish clear breaks between all the stories and guide readers through the email.

Using white space helps readers to single out important information from the email. Visually cluttered and unclear email messages may not receive any response from the audience.

 Your goal is to make readers take action, probably by buying, visiting your website, or getting more information. Therefore, you should design your email in a way that readers will pay attention and take the action you want them to.

Don’t Mix Up Many Fonts

The rule of thumb for the email marketing guide states that you should limit the fonts you use in your email to two only. One font will be used in the headlines and the subtitles while the other is for the body of the email.

This prevents the email from confusing readers. It also gives them a crisp finish.

Some of the best fonts known for readability include Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, and Courier. You can use font size 14 for the body copy.

Do not use less common fonts in your email marketing design. Not all people have them on their devices, and when their computer makes substitution changes, the format of your email will be altered too.

Make Your Points Clear

Most people access their emails instantly, and they want to go through your emails within the shortest time possible.

This email marketing guide recommends that you make your emails scannable to help readers identify the most significant points highlighted.

Use bullet points and headers to emphasize the key points and guide the readers through your emails. Make the paragraphs short and to the point.

Many people don’t read emails. They scan through them quickly to identify useful tidbits of information and move on.

Optimise Your Design for Mobile Use

You want your email designs to download quickly and look good on mobile devices. This is because most readers use their mobile devices to open their emails.

Not all designs that are visually appealing on desktops appear the same on mobile devices. Some look incredible on desktop computers, but the buttons may get crammed together when opened on mobile devices.

Some platforms for email marketing such as MyEmailFX allow you to preview your designs on desktop and mobile devices to make sure they look great and are optimized for mobile device use. 

Use this email marketing guide to create highly responsive email marketing designs to give readers a positive experience of the device they are using. Check your email designs on every app and device to get a feel of your readers’ experience across devices.

You can also include a “view in browser” link for when your email looks jumbled up on their device, so they access it on a browser.

Link Everything

Make sure that everything in your email – from your header to your images to your text – is linked.

If your email has the word here hidden somewhere in a paragraph, you will not have any traffic to your emails. When people open your email and click on a link, it should take them to the designated pages such as a product page, landing page, or special offer.

Remember to Call for Action

Let your readers know what they should do after they are done reading your emails. Do you want them to contact you for more details? Subscribe to your blog?  Visit your website? Or purchase your products?

All you have to do is let them know.

Call to action act as email marketing guides that direct the audience to take action. Incorporating call to action buttons in your emails helps you to get a return on investment from your email campaigns.

Design colourful call to action to compel readers to take a step further and purchase or contact you.

A properly designed call to action will engage the reader and persuade them to take action. Make it straightforward, and you will get better outcomes from your email campaign.

In the long run, email marketing in Singapore is about getting the desired outcomes. And to get these results, you have to ask for them by using CTAs.

Ensure that your call to action is clear for readers to understand what you require of them. Use particular design elements such as boxes or arrows to direct their attention to the call to action. 

Every big social media network has its own set of simple tricks for generating amazing email lead generation campaigns

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram are all social media platforms.

Each of these big social networking sites provides you with a fantastic chance to begin the sales cycle by reaching your target market, cultivating connections, and amplifying your brand awareness and recognition.

But how do you receive the emails from your friends and supporters that you need to run your business? What strategies do you use to move your social relationships farther down the sales funnel? To put it another way, do you understand how to produce leads?

Check out what each of these social networking platforms has to offer.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Instagram

Techniques for generating email leads for Facebook

Social media networks, such as Facebook, are ideal for interacting with people and developing strong relationships. 

So, what steps can you take to convert your Facebook admirers into paying clients?

In short, lead generation tactics are used to get their email address.

  1. To create leads and develop enthusiasm

You can achieve that around your business, host competitions on social media platforms that are only accessible to those who have entered using an email address. Giveaways on Facebook also provide you with an opportunity to engage in appealing conversations with potential clients.

They have the potential to swiftly propagate to acquaintances of fans, hence increasing the number of targeted leads you generate.

  1. Offer email-only discounts

Coupons encourage sharing, immediate purchases, and the generation of new email leads for your brand. Holding coupon or group giveaways directly on your Facebook Page will increase engagement and generate new leads for your business marketing strategy.

  1. Distribute links to an email-gated homepage

Include email-gated content as a component of your frequently planned content on social media platforms. Inform your Facebook followers if you host a webinar, offer an exclusive discount, or publish an ebook. Insist that they visit your email-gated homepage instead.

  1. Set up a newsletter sign-up page on your Facebook Page

Create a customised newsletter tab on your Facebook Page to make it simple for your fans and followers to sign up for your letters. Make it more tempting by offering limited-time discounts and promotions.

  1. Organise A Facebook Event With A Custom Landing Page That Is Only Accessible Via Email

Whether you’re hosting a live event or an online event, create an email-gated landing page for RSVPs (instead of using Facebook’s event RSVP app, which does not provide email lead generation alternatives). Make it a highly exclusive and appealing event in order to create a large number of new leads.

  1. Create a sign-up page for your newsletter

Given that you’re in business, you will likely send out a newsletter to your clients. My clients have ranged in size from one-person firms to multi-national corporations, and every single one of them sends out newsletters. It’s one of the factors that contribute to the profitability of your email leads. In general, the more you can maintain a personal connection with your customer, the more likely they will purchase from you. This is accomplished through emailed newsletters.

Installing a newsletter registration form on your Facebook page is a straightforward approach to increase the number of emails leads you to receive.

Here’s another thing you can do to improve the effectiveness of your sign-up form: Ensure that your tab is appealing and brand-related by customising it. Most newsletter management websites have pre-made customisation options that can be easily customised.

Techniques for generating email leads for Twitter users

  1. Start by hosting an “email-gated” contest on Twitter

You may run a voting contest, a photo contest, a video contest, or any other type of contest on Twitter. Improve participation by offering a fantastic incentive. Increasing the number of leads generated by making email the field of entry.

  1. Include a link to an email-gated homepage in your bio

A lot of organisations are still overlooking this simple possibility. Incorporate a clickable link to a popular landing page on your website into your Twitter bio by updating your profile picture. Improve your click-through rates by creating a compelling call-to-action.

  1. Use coupons to get people to sign up for your mailing list

You may host your company coupons straight on Twitter. Offer coupons that can only be accessed via email to create leads from interested customers.

  1. Using Lead Generation Cards on Twitter

Try using Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards to collect emails in the same way you would collect emails from your homepage pages.

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Note: The cards were first presented in 2013 and have received a mixed reception to this day. Some businesses adore them, while others are less enthusiastic.

  1. Share links to stuff that is only accessible by email

Make content available on your website that you are willing to give away for free. For example, you may organise an educational webinar, write an industry-related booklet, or aggregate product advice into a PDF document. Then you may offer customers the opportunity to obtain for the low fee of an email. Post updates about it on Twitter – and make sure to include the relevant hashtags to get the word out.

  1. Incorporate a Call To Action (CTA) into your bio description

A simple method for generating more leads is to include a CTA in the bio of your business’s Twitter account. This is something that many firms overlook.

Your Twitter bio is the first thing that your followers read when they view your profile page. It doesn’t alter at all.  Your followers will be provided with 150 words to tell them about your company. It’s also an excellent opportunity to advertise email-gated material that is relevant to consumers.

Create a clickable link in your Twitter bio that contains a straightforward call to action. Do not include the website URL below your bio, but rather the link directly in your bio.  Make it click through to a home page on your website that is only accessible via email.

The usage of a bit of a truncated twitter link is not recommended in this situation. Specify the homepage you wish your followers to visit when they follow your lead. This simply makes it a little more user-friendly. Furthermore, it has no negative impact on your brand recognition.

If the link points to a particular email-gated page or sections on your website, double-check that the link is working. You’d be shocked at how many more email leads you’ll generate from this minor change to your bio.

Email Lead Generation Techniques for Google+

  1. Use circles to segment your audience

Google+ offers some fantastic tools for sharing information. To organise your connections, you can use Circles. The feature is handy because it allows you to divide your updates.  To increase traffic to email-gated content, you can send tailored updates to subsets of your contacts in this way.

  1. Join Forums

Look for forums on Google+ that are relevant to your industry. Join them and participate in them. Share links to your email-gated web pages once you’ve built yourself and your authority inside a community.

  1. Run contests on your website

Use your Google+ profile to publish announcements with links to your email-gated competitions, such as a poetry contest, a poll contest, or a caption contest. Use an appealing graphic that reflects your award and provide a few specifics about the competition. Make use of hashtags like #contest. It’s also a good idea to post it in related communities.

  1. Create a coupon promotion for your online shopping or physical stores company to entice email subscribers.

On your Google+ page, share links to your discounts or a group of deals. Use hashtags and upload them to communities after updating them to your ‘customers’ circles.

  1. Host Google+ Hangouts that are password-protected through email

Using Google Hangouts, create an interactive video chat. Create a homepage for attendees and watchers to RSVP, and you’ll be able to capture those valuable emails for further lead nurturing.

Email Lead Generation Techniques for Instagram

  1. Make use of this interest by holding a fun photo competition on the platform.

Extend the accessibility and discoverability of your campaign by incorporating a contest-specific hashtag into your campaign. Email-gate it, so anybody who wants to enter must first provide you with their email address.

  1. Events

Post images of business events you’ve organised in the past, as well as information about planned events. Demonstrate your expertise by posting pictures of formal events you’ve held, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes, peek at your work when promoting forthcoming events, direct traffic to an RSVP homepage, where buyers may book their space by sending an email.

  1. Distribute discounts coupons that are only available via email

Regardless of whatever social networking site they obtain their information from, everyone enjoys a good deal. Ensure an actual image with your email-gated discounts on Instagram, preferably one of an existing client wanting the product you are marketing. Make use of hashtags, which can include business and promotional tags.

  1. Use geo-tagging to identify your posts

Instagram is a mobile social networking service. Nowadays, almost everybody with a phone can be found using Instagram, no matter where they are. Increase visitors to your email-gated events and landing pages by promoting engagement with your location and using geo-tagging to increase connection with your location.

  1. Keep your attention on your clients

Instagram is a very intimate and honest platform. Maintain a dialogue with fans by sharing their images, including them in your posts, and replying to all comments being made about your product as soon as possible. As a result of your presence on this site, you’ll become regarded as an excellent, responsive brand that appreciates the objectives of your niche. Once you’ve established your brand image, you can start posting email-gated material to get additional results.

The Use of Pinterest to Generate Email Leads

  1. Organise a “free things” board on Pinterest

Pin changes to your “free stuff” board that link back to the content of your email-gated website. Pin descriptions should contain keywords to ensure that your material is found by those interested in it while searching on Pinterest.

  1. Make special offers

Coupons and bargains are among the most popular types of content on Pinterest. Use your website to create coupons that you can give away for the value of an email address, and use Pinterest to share your excellent discounts with your Pinners!

  1. Promote your website through the use of a “Pin and Win it” campaign

Direct contestants to an email-gated home page on your website when they enter the contest.

  1. Create graphics to entice Pinners to click on your link.

Pinterest is a visually-oriented website. Ensure that your email-gated content links are aesthetically appealing and that they engage with your target audience on your website when you pin them. Food, crafts and fashion photographs are examples of lifestyle imagery that should be included when appropriate.

  1. Rich Pins are a feature on Pinterest that allows you to augment your pins with actual data from your website.

Example: Product rich pins display the prices of your items – and are immediately updated when the prices of your products change on your website. Pinterest claims that rich pins result in higher click-through rates. They should be utilised to increase traffic to your email-gated material.

  1. Create Pinterest boards that are related to your personal interests

If you have a Business Pinterest account, you most probably already have a bunch of Boards. If this is the case, you must stop what you are doing and build Boards that connect with your brand and your target audience. You may fill it with a variety of material, including items, home ideas, lifestyle photographs, and more, all of which revolve around the topic of your Pinterest Board. Also, provide relevant backlinks to your blog on your website.

This is what you should add to your blog posts when you pin them

  • A brief overview or quotation from the article that pertains to the subject of your Board of Directors’ meeting.
  • A fantastic graphic that emotionally relates to the topic of your Board of Directors’ meeting.
  • Your blog entry, with a direct link to it

Ideally, your blog item should be able to demonstrate how it fits into the deeper personal context of the Board subject. This will increase the attraction of your blog material to Pinterest users even further.

Those interested in learning how to produce leads should now be aware that social media can be an extraordinarily successful strategy for accomplishing this goal, as social media platforms serve to cultivate your sales ties.



Email lead generation is an effective method of marketing, but it has its risks. You must ensure that you send valuable content to your subscribers, or risk being marked as spam. You can also get blocked such that you can never send an email again.

In summary, here are the fundamentals of using emails for your email marketing campaign. 

  • Create an attractive subject line that encourages the recipient to open the email.
  • Make sure that your email is easy to read and has an attractive design.
  • Your content should be engaging so that the reader completes the desired action.
  • Provide valuable content so that users can offer their contact information in exchange.
  • You call-to-action must be clear and compelling.

Once you have a clear understanding of the basics, you can use the following strategies to make the most of your email lead generation campaign.

  • Offer gated content such that users have to provide their contacts to get your content.
  • Use email to promote other marketing channels such as your website and social media.
  • Invite leads to your live events so that they learn about your products.
  • Segment your audience according to age, interests, gender, and other demographics, this boosts the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

If you follow these steps, you will significantly boost your sales and revenue.Call us today at +65 6789 9852 for more tips on how to do email marketing in Singapore and generate qualified leads.


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