Effective Web Design Principles You Should Know

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Are you looking for the best web design service in Singapore? Singapore has one of the most vibrant online marketing industries in the world. Virtually all businesses in the country that are determined to operate globally have websites that enable them to provide the best services to their customers.

Your business can join thousands of other successful enterprises in the digital sphere by hiring a professional web development agency in Singapore to create and design the website. The agency will put into considerations of the best web design principles and carry out A/B tests to ensure that all elements of the site are functioning optimally.

Today, we will look at effective web design principles that you should know and keep in mind as you plan for your Singapore web design project.

Visual Attractiveness

You should take your website as an office or store and make it as attractive as possible. The perception of visitors will depend on what they see. The images, videos, and graphics on the website must be interesting.

Reduce words on pages and instead add images, graphics, and videos. The white space is light to the eye and will, therefore, cause the visitor to spend more time. The images must be relevant and captivating to readers.

Pleasantly organize your content with categories and interesting titles. The titles or images should arouse curiosity and compel visitors to spend more time on the site. A visually attractive website will also be memorable and therefore call the visitor to return.

  • Consistency

web design services in Singapore

Consistency is one of the most important principles that every professional web designer in Singapore puts into consideration when designing a website. The website elements should blend regardless of the page or section of the site. The headings, sub-headings, fonts, sizes, and button styles should be the same throughout the site. To achieve this level of consistency, the web designer plans everything in advance.

  • Simplicity Works Magic

Simplicity works magic on any website regardless of the industry. A sophisticated site may look good on the surface, but visitors are having a hard time understand navigating it. Putting too many elements on the website page distracts the target audience from the primary objective or purpose of the website.

Effective web design is clean, fresh, and user-friendly. It is not only appealing to the website visitors but also easy to navigate/move from one page to another. This simplicity reduces bounce rate and enhances conversion rate. It is also important to note that loading a website that is packed with features that do not resonate with its main purpose is usually frustrating.

The point we are putting across is that your Singapore website design should be as simple as possible. Users should encounter little or no challenge navigating the various pages and sections.

  • Readability and Typography

Your website should be able to offer users the information they want in the most effective way. Having a professional web design that is appealing to the target audience is great, but if the text is not readable, you will not achieve the set goals.

One of the guaranteed ways of achieving this goal without compromising the web design is by using the right typography. Typography is an integral part of on-site search engine optimization. Use a font that is easy to read such as Helvetica and Ariel for body text. Typefaces for each design element from body text to buttons and headlines should be combined appropriately.

Here are more wise nuggets that can help you communicate seamlessly with your website visitors:

  • Use bullet points instead of long, gusty sentences
  • Use short sentences and concise paragraphs
  • Cut the waffle
  • Organise the content using headlines and sub-headlines 
  • Bold and Recognisable Headers and Titles

The designer must make provision for visible and recognisable titles and headers. A visitor wants to find information fast once he or she lands on your site. This is only possible if the headings and sub-headings are legible.

The design of a website should provide for a simple presentation of content. Extracting information from this content must be made easy and seamless. A visitor should easily jump from the top of a page to the middle because of the subtitle.

Headers for different pages should be clear and easy to recognise. By looking at the header, a visitor should know the type of content that will be contained on the page. It is disappointing to click on Contact Us page only to find that there are not contacts, for example.

Websites also feature footers. They provide direct access to different pages. The footers and headers should be clearly indicated and direct a visitor to the right page.

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  • Imagery and Colour Palette

As we have repeatedly mentioned in previous articles about web design, the human brain is wired to process visuals faster and better than blocks of text. A perfect colour combination will attract website visitors and encourage them to take the desired actions.

This web design principle requires Singapore web designers to select the right colour palette for each website. The niche that the business operates in should be put into consideration. Concisely, the right colour palette will create a pleasing atmosphere that the website visitors will love thereby giving them a positive impression of the brand. The complementary colour palette will give your website design a balanced look that will translate into more traffic and sales.

More importantly, avoid making your website looking messy and unprofessional leaving plenty of white space around the elements. Too many colours will compromise the appearance of the site. Three or four colour tones for the entire website are enough to achieve a clear and appealing design.

Relate the colour of your page with that of your brand. Use subtle colors for the content and images you upload. The visual experience contributes to the overall perception of your website and brand. A person should relate the colours, images, and graphics on your site with what he will find in the real world. If your theme color is blue, for example, the website should reflect similar colors.

  • Non-Invasive Videos and Images

Images and videos are some of the ways to make your site visually attractive. They also capture a lot of information and make it easy to communicate to visitors. However, the use of these images should not be intrusive.

Web designer must ensure that the images and videos are relevant to the content provided on a page. A visitor should have control over the images or videos he interacts with. It is annoying, for example, for a video to be playing in the background yet you cannot stop or mute it. Such behavior causes visitors to run from your website.

  • Action-Prompting Landing Page

The landing page can be regarded as the first impression of your business. The perception that develops immediately a person opens your page will determine the kind of business to be conducted and even the willingness to spend money on you. Make an appealing landing page like you would do to the reception of your office.

The details and information contained at the landing page should prompt the visitor to take action. This page must act as a center point such that a visitor can jump straight to the store to buy or blog to get more details. The best landing page provides direct access to the inner pages. The action a visitor takes upon landing on your site will depend on the architecture of your landing page.

  • Reasonable Pop-Ups

Websites and brands in Singapore are using pop-ups to call for action. The pop-ups want you to subscribe to newsletters, provide personal details, or participate in promotions, among other actions. These pop-ups must be designed in a reasonable format such that they do not interrupt a reader.

It is especially important to ensure that the pop-outs are relevant. No visitor will tolerate ten pop-outs on a subject that he is not interested in. This should also apply to the adverts on your paper. If they are irrelevant and intrusive, visitors will keep away from the site.

Typography in Web Design

CSS typography

When it comes to web design, every element in the layout matters and typography is one of the best ways to improve web design. However, typography is considered to be the hardest part of web design and to create an effective web design, you need to learn the basics of typography science, but most designers and webmasters do not understand how to use typography in web design.

Statistically, web design consists of 95% typography, and you need to go beyond the typeface. To optimize your typography for web design, you need to consider accessibility, readability, graphic balance, but the most critical aspect is usability. 

Getting your typography right will go a long way in helping you attract both desktop and mobile users since your site will be responsive and adaptive to their browsing needs. Your website will only have the ability to convert if its typography encourages users to read more of the text therein. Therefore, this crucial aspect of web design shouldn’t be overlooked.

The following typography tips can help you improve users’ browsing experiences:

  • Use Web Fonts Intermittently

Web designers have access to hundreds of web fonts and typefaces that were previously unavailable online. You may feel tempted to use these typefaces heavily during web design project since they come in multiple weights and styles. Nonetheless, you should be careful as far as the use of web fonts is concerned.

Using web fonts heavily can backfire on you. The aesthetics of the typefaces may be appealing, but using them comes as a price. For instance, if you choose to use the 10 Futura when working on your site’s typography, it will be hard for your text to load on smartphones and tablets of users, especially when Internet connection is slow.  

  • Set Line-Height Appropriately

In CSS typography, line-height implies the amount of space that gets left below and above several lines of text. Commonly, this is referred to as line spacing. If you choose to avoid setting any line-height values during typography, your text will still look okay. Nevertheless, it won’t be outstanding.

Often, mobile and desktop browser users set default line heights especially when none is specified. Even so, browsers can’t tell what’s best for your users. By manually decreasing or increasing the distance that exists between lines of your text, you will significantly improve readability. In the process, you will also enhance your website’s aesthetic effects. However, be careful not to create too much line-height since readers’ attention is likely to be lost.

  • Set Your Font Size in em Units

When doing typography work for the website design that you are creating, you can set font sizes in several ways. The most common method is the use of the pixel unit (px). You can also use a keyword (small) to count your font size.

For you to easily monitor font size especially when undertaking a big CSS typography project, it is recommended that you set your text’s font size using em units. This comes in handy in responsive design since you will be able to scale predictably regardless of the screen size and device used to access your site.

When your type us set in em units, you have the guarantee that your text as well as the padding and margin space surrounding it, will scale easily even when users decide to override your default font when they personalise their browser settings.

CSS typography

Even as you set your font size in em units, you shouldn’t forget about the best practices for creating font stacks. Ideally, all fonts that fall within similar font stacks must have the same aspect ratios. Fonts generally differ, with some having taller or wider letters than others. Consequently, they have larger aspect ratios.

To avoid a situation whereby your text appears differently among your users, ensure that you use a standard font. The differences may not be evident in small blocks of text, but they will undoubtedly be apparent in large blocks of text. For this reason, you should consider using font stacks that have Verdana to take care of Windows users, and Helvetica to accommodate Macs.

  • Monitor Your Line Length

Line length refers to the number of characters within single lines of your text. It is good practice to have a line length of 45-75 characters. Achieving this line-length is tricky since you have to take into account the fact that phone screens are narrow while desktop monitors are large. Even so, you must account for the difference.

Having too many characters per line will undoubtedly make it difficult for users to read till the end without feeling overwhelmed. Transiting from one line to the next will be equally hard since they are likely to lose track. On the other hand, if the line length is too short, you will be tempting users to start reading the next line even before they finish the current line. This leads to choppy reading patterns.

To control line length in CSS, you should leverage the mid-width property. This implies the application of the 1200px rule in both text paragraphs and their container. By doing so, you will limit the length of your lines, thus optimising users’ browsing experience on both desktops and mobile devices.

  • Vertical Rhythm 

Vertical rhythm is equally important as far as typography is concerned. The design of web typography is all about the readability and legibility of the text. The main factor that determines how legible or readable your text will be is its vertical flow on the page. In this regard, you must establish whether your text is far apart or too squished together.

The understanding and implementation of vertical rhythm will help you align the flow of your text on the page. Vertical rhythm entails the arrangement and spacing of text as users scroll down the page. It primarily deals with line-height and font-size, as well as padding and bottom/top margins.

You must ensure that margins, line heights, and padding are not only equal but also within even proportions. This will make it easy for users to scroll down your web pages without feeling overwhelmed.

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SEO Friendliness

Search engines remain the most common avenue through which internet users get to know about different websites. Experts in web design in Singapore and businesses must, therefore, ensure that their sites are SEO friendly. This allows you to rank top with every search and therefore take advantage of organic web traffic.

A website that is SEO friendly must meet a set of conditions that are connected to its architecture, content, and integration, among other factors. Here are actions you can take to make the site more SEO friendly.

  • Integrate Social Media

The designer should include social media icons to allow sharing of pages from the website. Make it seamless to share content on social media and even engage through comments directly to different social media sites. Search engines regard websites highly if they get traffic from social media or connect to social media in one way or the other. Social media integration should also form part of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Caption All Your Images and Videos

Search engines are still at rudimentary stages of reading content on images and videos. Their usage will therefore be inconsequential until search engines can recognize them. Captioning describes the images and elements of a picture or video. Search engines will capture your video based on the details provided in the caption.

  • Be Cautious with Javascript

Javascript is a common language for web designers. However, it sometimes causes some problems for search engines. Reading the language causes loading issues and may lead to site abandonment. Use the language sparingly and your ranking will significantly improve.

  • Your Domain Name Must be SEO Friendly

The domain name chosen must capture words and phrases that feature in primary searches. It is the first element that search engines consider. Use words that are common in Singapore for your domain. You will beat a lot of competition, especially for organic search.

  • Polish Your Content and Use Keywords

Keywords are considered when developing content and play a role in the overall SEO strategy. Choose words that feature in searches by people in Singapore around your products. The keywords must be included in titles and subheadings because they will determine the perception of search engines for your website.

There are many other SEO strategies that have to be considered when designing a website. Update your strategy as new tricks emerge to remain on top of the game. Constant evaluation and adjustments will guarantee top stop with every search.

  • Short Load Time

That loading spinner will make you lose a huge percentage of potential customers. Visitors are looking for information in the shortest time and are no longer patient to wait for your page to load.

Numerous studies show that internet users usually abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. This web design principle, therefore, recommends that you pump up the speed of the site by making sure that all images are correctly optimized.

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Develop a website that loads instantly on a computer or mobile device.

HTTP requests that are known to slow down sites can be reduced by combining code into a JavaScript file or central CSS. Website load speed can also be harnessed by compressing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

The loading speed can be further decreased by the use of cached data. Loading speed is also determined by the format and size of graphics, images, and videos on your website. A site that is responsive will also load faster and therefore deliver the best user experience to visitors.

  • Mobile Responsive

Internet access today is rapidly shifting to mobile. More people in Singapore are looking for information and interacting with websites through their phones than at any time before. The website you set up must, therefore, be responsive to mobile users.

A responsive website recognizes that people will be accessing the site using different mobile devices. The configuration should allow usage of devices developed using different operating systems. The speed of loading must also be enhanced and graphics added in such a way that they will remain clear even when viewed on mobile. Make it easy to move from one page to the other while on a mobile phone.

Responsive Web Designs

Responsive web design is not just about stretching and squeezing web pages to make them visible across mobile devices. It is about delivering your Singapore website depending on the size of the screen of device used to access it by the user. Notably, most of the WordPress themes are responsive but basic and so it is recommended to hire a professional web design to create a custom theme for your Singapore business.

Here are the best practices for responsive website design in Singapore:

  • Horizontal Swipeable Menus

One of the important aspects of a Singapore responsive website design is navigation. Poor navigation will make render your responsive business website useless, as potential customers will not be able to navigate it. Another excellent way to display menus on smaller screens is by keeping it visible but set the content in such a way that it overflows off the edge of the screen. Displaying part of the cut off text shows the visitors that they can swipe to view the rest of the content.

responsive website design in Singapore

A good example of a website that uses this strategy is The Guardian. It uses a horizontal scroll menu that is clear and laced with a CTA to see “All”. This website also makes maximum use of the available space by displaying the drop down menu only when pressed.

  • Make Links and Buttons Larger

One of the mistakes that most businesses make when designing a responsive website in Singapore is making the buttons and links smaller on mobile due to the space limitation. This is wrong; instead, you should make them larger to make it easier for the target website visitors to see and click on them.

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Text links should also be larger to improve web usability especially if your Singapore website has a grid of news headlines. A large text link such as “Read More” will encourage the website visitors to click on it to read the hidden sections of the news article. Alternatively, you can make the whole content block a link so that the readers can click anywhere to view the whole article.

responsive website design in Singapore

Both improvements will greatly improve user experience.

  • Balance Font Sizes and Weights

When creating a responsive website design in Singapore, it is imperative to make sure that font weights and sizes are well balanced. Large headers do not appear well on mobile especially when stretched over a few lines. The size ration of the paragraph text and headers should be expertly balanced.

Simply put, you should request your preferred Singapore website designer to make sure that everything is properly resized. Remember that screens of the latest mobile devices have a high resolution that makes the text easier to read.

responsive website design in Singapore

There is no harm in making the text smaller on mobile screens but make sure that you increase the font size when the website is viewed on a larger display.

  • Optimal Reading Widths

The main goal of investing in a responsive website design in Singapore is to reach out to a larger audience and make it possible for potential customers to access your website across multiple websites. Even as you embark on creating a wider layout for larger screen, you should consider the line length of your website content.

If the line of text is too long, a majority of your audience will have a problem reading it as it is difficult to follow line-to-line. In addition, sentence lines that are too short complicates the reading process by breaking the rhythm as the eyes will be forced to move back and forth often to understand the intended message.

  • Important Information Should be placed on Top of the Page on Mobile

Important information should be placed above the fold. This is the section of the page that is displayed on the screen immediately the website loads. The user is able to view the content placed here without scrolling the page. Contact information, telephone numbers, buy now, and other CTAs should be placed at the top on mobile.

Remember, online shoppers want to find the information they are looking for quickly and conveniently. Make sure that your website achieves this goal by placing all the important information on top of the page. For example, if you have an e-commerce website in Singapore, place “Add to Cart” button at the top of the mobile version of your website. You can also list your “best sellers” (products that record the highest sales) on this section of the website.

  • Hide Content on Smaller Screens

You can simplify the layout of your Singapore mobile website by hiding some of the content. However, make sure that the content is visible on larger screens. You can easily do this by using accordions and tabs. This move can actually de-clutter the web page when viewed on small screens and allow website visitors to view all the important information, with options to view more content if they wish.

  • Show More Content on Wider Screens

As mentioned earlier, most Singaporeans own more than three smart mobile devices and use them to access the internet. Each has different screen sizes and this determines the amount of content displayed. One of the benefits of a wider screen is that it allows businesses to display more content further up the screen.

That is, more content will be visible to the website users straight away before they start scrolling down the page. Select a layout that is expandable and can accommodate more columns.

  • Reduce the Number of Images

Most of the aesthetic effects such as button hover and background gradients can be achieved through pure CSS and HTML. This improvement will increase the mobile pages load speed and save time that would have been spent creating graphics. It is a proven fact that too many images reduce load time.

One way of reducing the number of images on your Singapore mobile website is by using fonts for icons. The beauty of fonts is that they have cleaner edges, ideal for retina display, and are scalable.

  • Responsive Videos

As you work on creating a responsive website design in Singapore, you should not forget to optimize videos for mobile users. Simply put, a responsive video will adjust to different screen sizes automatically thereby making it possible for the user to view it. The width and height of the video should be optimised accordingly for this to happen.

You can easily make your videos responsive by adding a few lines of CSS especially if the videos were inserted directly on the web page.

Web Design Issues and How to Solve Them 

Website design in Singapore is picking up pace fast, and many designers will blow your mind with their creativity. However, you should ensure that they do not add the following elements to your website. Here are simple ways you can fix them if you find them:

  • Using Stock Images

Stock images are images on the internet that you can buy to use for marketing and promotional purposes or on your website and blog. They can be images of food, products, buildings, or even a team of employees.

The images can be high resolution and attract clients to your website because of their aesthetic appeal, but they communicate you are an untrustworthy brand. One question will be on the client’s mind: If you can lie about a photo you can also lie about the products/services you are selling?

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The irony of it is that you do not need stock photos. You can easily schedule a photoshoot of your business premise, products, and staff that you can use on your website.

website design in Singapore

This will ensure that you start on the right foot with your clients, and you need this if you are going to build relationships that will make you a success in business.

  • Adding Music or Unnecessary Videos

Websites are sparing no expense in trying to better the experience of clients when they are on their sites. They add music, videos, and gifs to create this experience.

This ends up being counterproductive because it slows down the loading speed of pages on the website. Internet users are not known for having a lot of patience and thus leave without even viewing what the site is selling.

You can quickly solve this problem by having a blog section on your website. You can make the content on the blog as educational and entertaining as possible to improve the experience of your consumers.

  • Long Paragraphs and Jargon

Internet users love to open several similar websites on different tabs to compare prices and quality of the products. They scan the information on each site to get a better picture of the businesses.

Having long paragraphs prevents them from scanning the website. In most cases, they are put off by the paragraphs and immediately close the tab.

Jargon, on the other hand, makes it difficult to comprehend what the company does and does not do.

Use short and simple sentences to put across your message vividly and to improve readability.

  • Broken Links

A broken link is a link on your website that no longer works. It is also called a dead link. An example of this is the ‘Error 404’ you see when you click on certain links provided.

Broken links should be eliminated as soon as possible as they can affect your website’s rank on search engines. You need organic traffic from search engines if you are to meet your business goals.

You can find broken links on your website by using broken link checkers. There are several free and premium checkers in the market.

  • Social Media Icons on the Website Header

It is critical that your clients understand that you are on social media. Clients like posing queries on social media because the response time is typically faster. Including social media icons on your website is a good business practice.

However, it matters where you include social media icons. Icons on the header will see clients leaving your website immediately the page loads to check out your social media pages, and they may not return.

Icons on the bottom of your website allow your clients to scan the site and react to the call-to-action on the site first. Lazada is an excellent example that follows this rule.

  • Testimonials Page

Trust is a big factor in ensuring that a business is profitable. Online companies have to work more than companies with physical locations to gain the trust of potential clients. As such, many companies elect to have a testimonials page on their website.

The testimonials page is filled with quotes from different clients stating that they are glad they trusted the business. A whole testimonials page can come off as forced marketing.

Having one testimonial quote on several pages, however, looks more natural. You can have the quote at the bottom of the page to back the marketing claim that you have made on that page.

  • Long Forms

Asking people who visit your website to subscribe to your emails is a practice that every business should do. Most forms usually ask for the name and email of the client.

Some businesses, however, have long forms that ask for a lot of information from their clients. They do this to market better to the target customers but end up with no one to market to because the clients are put off by the long sign up form.

Smooch the Label has a form that only requests for your email address.

Top WordPress Themes for Your Website Design 

Looking for top WordPress themes for your website design? It is no secret that WordPress is the most used content management system used to develop websites, even by web designers themselves.  WordPress accounts for nearly one-third of all sites running on the internet today. Since it is a free content management system with an open source structure, almost everyone is using WordPress to manage their online content.

But, the big question remains, how can you manage your content effectively using WordPress? How can you make your WordPress website standout in a sea of similar sites? How can you make your site more attractive and appealing to online users?

Well, the simple answer to all these questions is that you need a good theme. A WordPress theme makes it easy for you to design your website and customize what you want your visitors to see when they visit your site. Your chosen theme becomes the first impression that people notice when they visit your site.

Fortunately, everything that you need can be found online.  It doesn’t matter whether you are after subdued themes, colorful, or splashy themes, whatever you are looking for is readily available.  So, do you want to create the best WordPress website that features a beautiful and flexible theme?  We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best WordPress themes that you should consider for your website design.

  • Soledad

Soledad is a clean WordPress theme with a classy look. The theme offers a wide range of options for image layout which makes it feel like the perfect fit for any photographer or visual storyteller. Soledad features a wonderful photo slider that is easy to use and quite attractive.  The theme also provides designers with more than 40 in-built options to choose from.

There is the cascaded, triple split, and large central photo to mention a few options available. Everything that you are looking for is stored in the slider directory. The second and third column options offer you an incredible opportunity to splash your front page with as many options as you wish. If you need to draw the visitors’ attention, you can decide to use the single column option on your site. 

It is almost impossible for your photographs to get lost among the art with the many photo options available. The bright and concise font of Soledad will communicate your message to site visitors without taking over the page.  This theme is widely considered as the best photoblog theme available.

Top WordPress Themes for Your Website Design in 2019

Avada is more than just another WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose theme that can make everything possible. In fact, there is no limit to what you can do with the Avada WordPress theme. For some WordPress web developers out there, it is the best theme available.

Apart from the features listed on its sales page, there are a lot of happy users who have used Avada and praise it. Avada is highly responsive and provides a wide range of versatile features and layout options ideal for both personal and business websites.

The theme is also easy to use since there is no any coding required and it offers a minimalist design. The theme is also e-commerce ready with WooCommerce compatibility.  Avada remains one of the best-selling themes on ThemeForest.

  • Elementor

This is perhaps the most used WordPress theme for beginners. Elementor is created to help WordPress beginners build their first website fast, hassle-free, and without writing a single line of code.

If you don’t have any knowledge of web development and you need to create a website hassle-free, this is the right theme for you. All you have to do is to drag and drop items and customize the content to suit your needs.

Elementor also comes with an awesome visual builder, and this is what makes it one of the best WordPress themes out there. This theme is eCommerce ready since it integrates with WooCommerce and lots of other third party tools without creating any conflicts. This is a powerful and easy-to-use theme for anyone.

  • Veso

Veso is another creative multi-purpose WordPress theme that comes with a drag-and-drop page builder tool. Designed for showcasing your work online, Veso provides an impressive selection of a wide range of website demos to choose from. 

The demo selection features graphic design, designs for illustration, video, and lots of other types of portfolios. Although each Veso option has its own distinct appearance and style, one thing that is common in all pre-built Veso content is the minimalistic design.

If you are a designer looking for a WordPress theme that won’t overshadow your work, then Veso is a good option for you. Veso also offers you complete access to a library of portfolio layouts and templates for the collections and individual pieces of work that you have created.

The theme has lots of other pre-built page templates that cover the other content that you will most likely need including about us, services, case study, and contact pages. Veso is a creative and highly stylish theme that offers you a wide range of versatile options making it one of the best WordPress themes out there.

  • Writer

The name of this WordPress theme says it all. Writer is one of the best personal blog themes for writers.  One of the most critical aspects of this theme is that it keeps a strong focus on your story.

This theme maintains all the aspects of personal blogging while delivering the much-needed professional outlet feel as well. With a simple one-click, you will be done with the installation and customization and back to your writing.

Your web content will get the right punch that it deserves with the bold layouts and highly captivating contrasts that will grab the reader’s attention. Its intuitive flow from featured photographs to the article preview offers your readers an opportunity to sample multiple posts without moving on to the next page. The theme ensures that the reader has sufficient time to explore your site and read your content.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing fiction, hard science, or poetry; this theme will always present your text in a professional, exposed, and bold format that is quite friendly to the reader.

The motto of this WordPress theme is “The sky is the limit”, and you will only understand why upon installation. Divi is packed with a wide range of customization features and superior functionality. In fact, the only way you can achieve what Divi offers is by hiring a professional and experienced web developer.

The Divi builder is a specialized feature of the theme that can help you create an amazing layout that will attract a lot of people to your site. Unlike the other builders from other themes, the Divi builder provides you with the freedom to change anything on your layout; from icons to colors, post formats, and even pages.

This is the only way to create a dynamic layout in WordPress without writing a single line of code. The layout builder is also based on a drag & drop interface which makes it ideal for everyone including naïve beginners.

Furthermore, this theme features another 18 pre-set layouts for anyone who is after something that is already functional and highly engaging. These layouts allow you to complete the installation and start uploading content to your website in less than an hour. Regardless of the style that you want to adopt when building your site, Divi will always be an effective and go-to WordPress theme.

  • Navy

Navy can be described as a multi-purpose business theme with a highly professional but approachable design. The hero images combined with clear white space, easy to read to text and icons result in a sleek and professional look that is perfect for any modern business.

Getting started with the navy theme is pretty simple as well since it comes with functional home pages that only require one click to install. The theme is also loaded with another 22 page templates awaiting your website content.

If you wish to customize the pre-built layouts to create something unique for your business, you can do so quickly with the aid of the drag & drop Visual composer plugin that is included in the theme. Furthermore, if you want to create something unique, the theme offers so much to experiment with including several Google Fonts and six header styles.

The Slider Revolution plugin provides you with the power to add video backgrounds and enables parallax scrolling. You can enhance and organize your site further using the Essential Grid plugin.  Basically, Divi is a theme that has been developed with business owners in mind. Building your business website with this theme is pretty simple since it also has business template pages such as pricing, quotes, and contact.

Top WordPress Themes for Your Website Design in 2019

  • Uncode

Uncode is another beautiful WordPress theme that is highly customizable. This theme features a high number of pre-built demo websites that will offer you a glimpse of how your site will look like when it is live.  With the designs covering blogs, portfolios, studios, and even e-commerce stores, you can be sure that you will always find a good match for your project.

The Uncode package also features a wide range of generic designs that can easily be adjusted to suit any website design project. The landing pages will come in handy if you have a product or service that you want to promote online.

This WordPress theme features an incredible library of content templates for all the other pages that you will need to include on your site.  Furthermore, the Uncode theme features a full set of blogging templates which makes it a good option for creating blogs as well as adding blogs to your portfolio or website.

  • Sydney

Are you after a robust online presence? Then Sydney is an incredible free WordPress theme for your website. This theme is also an incredible choice for several freelancers and companies out there. The uncluttered structure and parallax backgrounds of Sydney create a pleasant experience that is great for both business owners and freelancers.

The theme offers full color and layout control with easy access to Google Fonts. You can easily customize the images and colors of individual pages to suit your unique needs. Sydney also features a sticky header bar that allows for easy navigation between pages no matter how far down you might have scrolled.

  • One Page

This is a single-page WordPress theme that displays all of your most essential website features on your homepage. One page might be the right theme for you if you don’t have a lot of content on your site and you aim to keep whatever you have in one place.

Some people prefer to install One Page theme since it improves the overall user experience and site efficiency. The theme also ensures that your most critical business-related information is listed in one location making it clutter-free and minimalist.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is a great WordPress theme for bloggers who don’t want their content to be overshadowed with a complicated looking website.  The theme is slightly bright and straightforward which gives the reader an opportunity to concentrate on the blogger’s content.

Its multiple layouts allow you to choose how you want each blog post to be viewed. If you want the focus of a particular post to be the photography, you select a wider layout to showcase your photographs. If you have multiple images to display on a specific post, you are free to choose the gallery view, and everything will be fine

Its typography is also elegant and clean. The theme features a nice tight font that offers you an ample room to convey your story to your readers without feeling bunched up. The different header fonts will ensure that your content flows nicely. Rosemary is an elegant and minimalistic theme that focuses on your content.

To Wrap It Up

These web design principles are essential – they will ensure that you get value for the money and time that you invest in the web development Singapore project. Web design in Singapore has expanded so rest assured to you will get what you are looking for regardless of the complicated design that you may have in mind.

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