Easy Tips on How to Sell More Products via Instagram


There are more than 2 million Singaporeans on Instagram and the numbers are expected to skyrocket as more people embrace this kind of social photo sharing platforms. Marketing products on this platform will help grow your business by displaying them to potential customers directly.

Here are four tips on how to sell more products through Instagram.

Create a Signature Look

Before you upload images or videos of your product, consider how you want to place or position the products on your page. Identify the specific aesthetics that you need to add to your page to make it stand out from the crowd. Once you have a set of pictures, use Instagram internal filtering tools and applications such as VSCO Cam to enhance the clarity and sharpness of your photos.

Enhance your Product Descriptions

Product description will help customers to decide whether to buy the product. Make the description more enticing and interactive by adding several relevant emojis. They will break up the text and resonate with the millennials who respond to emojis and visuals better than text.

Use Hashtags to Enhance Product Visibility

Hashtags will greatly improve your products visibility on Instagram as most people use them to find content quickly. Make use of Explore and Search feature to know the top rated hashtags that are related to your niche. 3-5 top ranking hashtags are enough to revamp your digital marketing campaign. It is also wise to create your own branded hashtag to make it easy for the ever increasing Instagram users in Singapore to find your products and offers.

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Finally, make the purchasing process easy for your customers by leveraging Have2Have.It, an Instagram selling tool that allows marketers to sell their products through the platform. All you need to do is add a shoppable link to your bio. Customers who click on the link will automatically be redirected to a secure page where they can purchase the product. Keep track of the number of sales recorded through the Have2Have.It dashboard.



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