An Easy SEO Guide to Re-launching Your Website

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So you have been using the same website to market and to keep in touch with your customers, but you finally got funding and invested in a new website that is more professional and modern. The next step that you need to take is to work on its SEO. Here is an easy search engine optimization Singapore guide to help you re-launch your website.

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Come up with a Robust Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. From my experience, your primary objective should be to launch the website with no surprises. A robust plan will help you achieve this goal. Four of the main steps that need to be factored in the plan include;

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  • Specific page URLs
  • Keyword mapping
  • Canonical tags
  • Meta descriptions and titles

Optimize each page content using high-value keywords and schema markup to increase its chances of being displayed on SERPs. Make sure that you have custom tags for each page by incorporating focus keywords. Be vigilant not to exceed the recommended character length. Check the canonical aspects of the site to be sure that the search engines can actually see the pages and index them.

Transition Process

The most important points that you need to focus on at this stage include;

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It is recommended to create a spreadsheet to ensure that all the old site pages are mapped to the relevant new site pages correctly. The amount of time need to complete the mapping process depends on the complexity of the website and the nature of your business. Once the new site goes live, check the redirects list again to make sure that they all took effect.

When you are sure that the redirects are OK, go ahead and develop a new XML sitemap if your preferred CMS does not generate it automatically. Make sure that the sitemap is devoid of duplicate 404-page URLs. Such errors could easily discredit your website.

Post Launch

Before winding up the launching process, take the time to audit and test the site to be sure that it is working correctly. Three of the primary SEO checks that you should conduct include;

You can also opt to carry out a 30-day audit to uncover and rectify tag, indexing, canonical, 404s, ranking, content, and traffic issues. Hire the best digital marketing firm in Singapore to continuously evaluate your website and steer the re-launching process to save time for other equally important business activities.


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