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The Dummies Guide to A Good Corporate Website

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 A Good Corporate Website Guide

A corporate website is not just any kind of website. It is the essential tool most companies use to communicate with shareholders. Corporate websites are normally the first thing people look for any information about any company. It also contains company’s services and operations. There are a key principles and guidelines to consider when either developing or planning a corporate website.

Principles for a Good Corporate Website

  • Maintain simplicity in the website elements. This includes the address, use of software tools and navigation. You have to clearly label and signpost investor content to make it easy to access for all just to stay on the safer side.
  • Rather than thinking of the website as a library or an archive, think of it as a powerful means of reaching out to your clients, telling the company story and communicating its role and strategy.
  • The legal framework and the regulatory of the website should be open and clear and should define company information.
  • Make a regular review of the website content to make sure the information is up to date. When necessary a date should be made available to let investors decide on the relevance.
  • Let the wider audience have access to presentations and shareholder meetings. Achieve this by incorporating audio, audiovisuals and video webcasts.
  • Review companies ranked out as the best in their class. Review their websites and benchmark the design and content on your website against theirs.
  • The website has to employ a design that allows an equal access to services and information to every user. Make sure every category of people is represented. This includes those with physical impairments. You do not want your corporate website to be viewed as partial and not all inclusive.
  • Make the website stand out by providing both qualitative and quantitative information.
  • The website should follow a simple framework that has a constant grid structure. It is to allow for flexibility and for it to easily accommodate any unexpected changes on functionality and content.
  • Assess the website performance and use user feedback as a way of improving the website in line with the preferences of users.

Things to Consider

Companies and large organizations use corporate websites as a means of showing and sharing with the world their corporate image and culture. The following considerations only act as a guide to the best practices worth adhering to in ensuring a high quality corporate website.


A good corporate website should be available and accessible to every likely relevant audience. To achieve that, make investor content easy to access for every kind of investor and make multiple points of entry to the content available. You can use hotspots, navigation, quick links and related information. Make information easy to find on the website by using headings and clearly presenting key information. Make sure the website works for different internet browsers such as safari for Macs, Internet Explore and Firefox for PCs. Lastly, there should be a balance between use of conventional and new functions to prevent users from being overwhelmed by the innovative tools.


Choose an identifiable web address containing the name of the organization and brand to increase company awareness as a way of promoting the corporate website on every significant investor material. Secondly, make sure you optimize the website content for search engines. Finally, keep investors informed on a regular basis with the latest site developments and changes.


A corporate website should be easy to navigate and insightful to use. At all times, a user should be able to see where they are on the site. The standard and labeling industry terms used should be recognizable enough. Additionally, there should be consistency in terminology. Incorporate a direct link to the investor relations main page from the homepage of the site.


Every website has to comply with the Equality Act by being fully accessible. All website have to be designed in a way that no one will be restricted or unable to access services and information. By every user, it means even those with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive impairments.


Information and content present on a website has to be made simultaneously available to each user. This ensures there is equal access.  By regularly updating and reviewing the corporate website, one can keep tab of the information. They can be sure that the content is up to date and timely to minimize confusing the users. The website should be used as the key medium for press releases and documents as long as the information interests the investors. It is also important to establish an email alert service. This is for the visitors to receive relevant information. And also, to make sure any time an investor request for a stop on information flow, it is done immediately.

Content Suitability

The bigger part of a website is what it contains. Content on a corporate site should have clarity and relevance to investor needs. It should also be timely and avoid any ambiguity. The best way to guarantee shareholders’ expectations are fulfilled is to improve their understanding and knowledge of the company. A section on the website that provides all available information about the organization should be first considered. A corporate website has to tell the story of the company that distinguishes it from the rest.

Second is to make sure the website has clear and comprehensive financial data. Investors visit corporate website for such reasons. They want easy and timely access to reliable, updated organizational financial information. Use the website to keep investors up to date with any relevant news concerning the company. News about the company’s strategy and its operating environment should be the key element of a high quality corporate website.

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Among the other things to consider is the investment case. Through a corporate website, users are given a clear statement of the organization’s and strategy. Without forgetting, also remember to consider including the following:

  • Shareholder information
  • Data on the organizational corporate
  • Company governance and responsibilities .

A corporate website is what shapes the image the public has about the company. It is imperative that a corporate website represents the organization in a good and comprehensive manner.











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