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Is Domain Authority Important For Ranking My Singapore Website?

Domain Authority

As an online business owner in Singapore, you need to invest in the best SEO practices to ensure that your site ranks high. Unlike in the past, there are numerous tools that you can use to measure all the important SEO factors, but domain authority seems to be the most erroneously perceived in the list of the actual Google metrics.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority is Moz’s way of informing you how well a website should rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) on a scale of 0 to 100. Theoretically, websites that have a high DA have a better chance of ranking high.

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For many years, we have used Moz’s metrics to gauge performance of our clients’ websites. However, most clients no longer use them for reasons that we are not privy to, but we still use metrics that are relevant and make sense for us after all.

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Third-Party Metrics are Not the Only Site Performance Metrics

The first thing you need to note about domain authority is that if you are going to use an SEO metric, select one and stick to it. The caveat is that you should not use it as the only performance indicator for the website.

From experience, most of the clients prefer DA 50+ links due to the perception that site that fall in that bracket have a better chance of ranking compared to their counterparts. Most clients do not get back to us when we respond to their query by stating, “We do not use those specific metrics.”

However, we go an extra mile to explain why we do not use that specific metric and instead prefer using tools that our clients use to avoid any confusion. Our main concern with such requests is that no clients come to us with requirements of specific numbers in any other tool.

Can You Count on Third-Party Metrics to Know PageRank?

In a recent discussing with a client where we explained the process we use to analyze a website in Singapore, she asked why we stopped using DA and according to her it is one of the closet things to Google PageRank. Unknown to most people is that DA is not generated by Google, but by third-party SEO tools.

In a recent article, Moz states that DA is not used by Google. “Domain Authority is not a metric that is used by Google to determine site search rankings”. The article also went ahead to state that DA has not effect on search engine results page.

In another article published by Mark Traphagen about Domain Authority, he states that Google used to display a version of PageRank to users of Google Toolbar, but they no longer do that. As a result, SEO professionals in Singapore and other parts of the world are left with no option but to use third-party tools to measure metrics such as:

  •          Trust Flow and Citation Flow from Majestic
  •          Page Authority and Domain Authority from Moz
  •          URL Rank and Domain Rank from Ahrefs

The metrics help SEO experts and website owners to determine the merits of a page as well as provide a working estimate for how much PageRank it has to pass. However, you need to understand that the results are only back-engineered estimates of how authoritative Google perceives a website page or domain and may not be the actual representations of PageRank. None of the tools has the infrastructure required to crawl an entire website and provide accurate results. Instead, they use a sample of links to the site or specific page to generate the results.

I recently carried out a research for one of the clients and found five good websites that ranked for all the target keywords, but the client declined all of them, as they did not meet his specific criteria for the metrics. One of the metrics that they did not meet is TrustFlow that is measured by Majestic. I went ahead and looked at the DA of the sites and surprisingly, it was low on all of them but they were ranked well by Google and enjoyed good organic traffic.

Recently, Moz updated its system to improve the accurate of its Domain Authority results. I checked a number of sites that we have blacklisted for a number of reasons, mainly openly selling links and applying black hat SEO strategies. Surprisingly, 75% of the sites had a DA of more than 30.

Closing Remarks

Domain Authority is a relative metric that cannot be used to judge a website. Third-party tools do not have the capacity to accurately measure this metric as they do not have the capacity. Every now and then, we come across sites that have low DA but have good metrics on both Ahrefs and Majestic. Google also sometimes de-index sites that have great metrics.

Concisely, you cannot judge a website based on its Domain Authority, Domain Rating Metric (DR) or anything else that is just one metric. Even if you know a particular website Google PageRank, that should not be the only metric that you use to decide whether you would like a link from there to your site. All these metrics are great, but site analysis is not straight forward (black and white)

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