Do Guaranteed Top 3 Spots Really Exist?

Top Ranked Sites on Google

Some companies are offering Guaranteed Top 3 Spots, but you don’t!
Yes, there are a few companies who offer guaranteed top 3 spots. Any companies that are doing that are definitely LYING to you. Big guys like Matt Cutts from Google have been warning us folks NOT TO HIRE A SEO COMPANY THAT GUARANTEES RANKING. Try the link to read actual documentation from Google. Customers should be wary of SEO companies who makes such claims.

So if you don’t offer Guaranteed Top 3 Spots, why should I sign up with you?
Yes we don’t guarantee ranking, but we do have a solid portfolio with 200+ clients in Page 1. You can even check out some of our recent clients who achieved Google Page 1 ranking in 6-12 months by clicking here! In MediaOne Marketing, we deploy our own white hat seo methods to get your website to Page 1. We build links naturally so that Google will always be looking out for your website. Page 1 ranking don’t comes easy. It requires lots of man hours work and here in MediaOne Marketing, we do that! Every single backlink created by us are unique & customized. We do not build spammy backlinks that gets your website penalized!

So how long is it going to take for my website to reach Page 1 using SEO?
Our SEO specialists basically needs to do a on-site audit as well as keyword research before we can inform you the estimated time frame for your website to reach Page 1. If we are telling everyone that your website can reach Page #1 in 8 weeks, sounds suspicious isn’t it? Simply contact our SEO specialist by filling up the contact form below!



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August 30, 2013

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