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If you are a new or well-established business in the Singapore area, you may be faced with making a wide range of different decisions. Some of the more notable may greatly affect how your marketing campaigns are run. Because the current trends in consumer behavior and marketing in Singapore are rapidly emerging, there is a big push in the industry to incorporate some of the latest technologies like a revamped Instagram, Snapchat and others as major platforms for the company’s branding. Therefore, it is essential that you and your marketing team are familiar with this industry and how the future of your company will be impacted by your digital marketing strategies.

One of the most critical is deciding if you will opt to handle all of the SEO strategies internally or hire an SEO Agency to help you with devising a customized plan for your organization. To that end, one of the first questions that should be answered is, should I engage a local consultant?

Top Benefits of Engaging a Local Consultant

Experience in Singapore and SEO  

Most employees in new or well-established organizations perform duties that are specific to the type of business that is being operated. For instance, if you are operating a local retail store, your employees will most likely have several years of sales experience in their employment background. Therefore, unless the business organization hires an SEO specialist as a permanent employee of the operations, the SEO campaign will be created and launched by someone who has limited experience and knowledge of the latest changes in the SEO and SEM industry. If this is the case, the marketing campaigns created may or may not be successful.

On the other hand, if you hire a local SEO consultant from the outside of your own business, you will have access to a professional that has many years of experience in SEO and they can create a marketing campaign that will not only increase the number of local customers that visit your website but will also increase your revenues. Therefore, if your company hires a local consultant for your marketing needs, you can benefit greatly from the many years of experience that has already been acquired, tried and proven within many different target audiences within Singapore.

Networking Already Exists in Singapore

Another great benefit of hiring a local SEO consultant to perform the duties that you need is the extended possibilities of networking in the SEO community. These networks can be very advantageous to widening the scope of marketing strategies and innovations that can be created. This is especially true since SEO specialists are in a much better position to brainstorm ideas for both mobile and desktop users. In fact, these professionals are trained in implementing their ideas to specific target audiences like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media network platforms that share the same or similar interest.

Content Development for Your Website Keeps Singaporeans in Mind

If you want your website to be visible in the major search engines like, it is important that you know what these search engines are actually looking for. Unfortunately, guessing or shooting in the dark will not work today since there are industry-specific guidelines and rules that people must follow if they want their sites to be ranked in the top positions. Therefore, to obtain your goals and objectives in this area, you will need to hire someone who knows what type of content needs to be developed. This is another essential reason why SEO experts are very advantageous to competing with other businesses in the same or similar industries. For instance, when a marketing plan is devised based off an SEO consultant’s advice, the content will meet the following requirements.

  1. Engaging content. Content that is written to capture a specific target audiences’ attention in Singapore. For instance, the content may be designed for Singaporeans in the age bracket of 25 to 34 since they have the highest % in online consumption usage of online content.
  2. Insertion of effective SEO Keywords. The most successful SEO marketing campaigns include using the most appropriate industry keywords and keyword phrases on the site and in the content that is written. These keywords are designed for the search engine’s algorithms so that the site’s rating will increase in Google and other major search engines.

Examples of Local Providers  

In addition to reviewing some of the top benefits of engaging a local SEO consultant in your company’s marketing campaigns, it is important that you are familiar with the local providers in your area, and what they have to offer Singapore businesses. So, here are a few local SEO providers along with some information that will help you to determine if one of these providers may be an option for you and your company’s needs.

MediaOne (that’s us!) – rating 5.0 – Highly recommended

Clients are very pleased with the services that they provide. This is because the team delivers what they promise in a prompt and consistent manner. These results appear in the site’s ranking, social media engagement and in conversions.

TNC SEO – rating 4.5 – Highly recommended

Clients say that Sunny knows what he is doing since he understands what the clients are really looking for today. Marketing plans generate leads and boost the site’s presence online.

Notion Age SEO Agency Singapore – rating 4.0

Some clients recommend. Feedback from others has been good since they received quality results that led to many online leads. However, some feedback addressed lack of experience.

Should I engage a local consultant for my SEO services? The answer to this question may vary based on the business and what kind of campaign that they are expecting to run. However, before opting for starting an internal SEO campaign within the company by employees who are not trained in this area, it is important that business owners and their representatives weight the benefits that SEO experts bring with them to the table. Some of which includes the many years of experience and their access to internal networks within the industry that gives the company a competitive edge.

February 02, 2018

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