Direct Mail Singapore: A Complete Guide



Unfashionable, unpopular, marketing dinosaur from the past… Uhmm, these are terminologies used to denote good old direct mail. The demotivating notion is that direct mail is cumbersome, expensive, and disgustingly clogs people’s and business mailboxes. The flipside truth is that it’s email inboxes that are choking with spam and suspicious notifications.

While denying proof that direct mail works, many people and organisations are steeped in thinking that it’s the digital world that is calling the shots. Truth be told, reverberations from the tech-savvy marketing arena cannot beat a direct mail approach if the right strategy is applied.

In Singapore and other global markets, evidence indicates that direct mail is making or rather has been causing ripples. Companies are using it to reach high profile prospects with highly personalised messaging. As a standalone or an integrated strategy, your business can leverage direct mail marketing to enhance branding and brand recall.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail refers to the act of sending physical letters, promotional material or package to a targeted recipient. Direct mail is a sales and marketing strategy where a business can send brochures, postcards, or a letter.

The process involves existing clients or prospectives. It can be between a B2B and a B2C entity. A courier or a postal service is involved in the relay of the mail to a commercial or residential premise. A huge percentage of the mail arrives without invitation, which is why it’s termed as “junk mail” in some circumstances.

To succeed with direct mail, it calls for creativity and a minimalist approach. Your prospects have a short attention span. You need to be precise and back your message with a call to action, especially if you’re looking to drive sales and conversions.

The good thing with direct mail is that you have complete control. You communicate directly with customers. Further, you determine when the message gets delivered, the content of the mail, plus the number of people/businesses you want to reach.

Types of Direct Mail Marketing

What comes to mind when you come across the term direct mail marketing? Could be you’ll think of conventional letters as a marketing channel. You couldn’t be farther from the truth. Letters make up the larger direct mail marketing arsenal.

Does Direct Mail Marketing Still Work?

Don’t point fingers. You’re probably among the number that thinks direct mail is dead. Paid search and other tech-powered marketing mediums may have stifled direct mail but not entirely so. Breaking news- direct mail returns higher ROI compared to paid and display ads.

If I told you that direct mail competes with social media channels, you’d probably say I’m bluffing. Studies indicate that direct mail returns over a 5% response rate compared to the email whose returns are barely 1%.

For your direct mail to work, you need to pivot your campaign on a reliable mailing list. Setting up a mailing list is the genesis of it all. You know, direct mail returns the desired results only if you place the right message at the doorstep of a viable prospect.

With other marketing channels, you expect that random prospects will get the message and reply. However, direct mail finds only those prospects who need your service. Direct mail thus has a bigger impact on prospects more than PPC, display ads, and many other traditional marketing models.

Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns

Marketers in the digital era harbour denial when direct mail gets all the accolades. If you’re still fence-sitting, here are some benefits of direct mail marketing.

Reasons Direct Mail is More Effective than Email Marketing

Lately, there’s strong evidence suggesting that direct mail works magic. True, social media and mobile are the new fads, but it doesn’t relegate direct mail to the grey areas. If you’re still convinced direct mail is a non-starter, here’s why it’s better than email marketing.

When to Use Direct Mail Marketing

You’ve appraised direct mail marketing is the best approach for your next campaign. However, you need to know that it can only work if it’s employed at the right time and intervals.

Why Direct Mail is Crucial in the Singapore Marketplace

Direct mail is one of the widely used campaigns in the Singaporean marketplace. Both B2C and B2B sectors can attest to using direct mail even when digital channels were readily available. But what makes direct mail popular with businesses in this country?

Steps to Conduct a Direct Mail Advertising Campaign

  1. Specify your target market

    Direct mail advertising campaigns succeed if you are communicating with the right people. It could be a group of voters or demographic clusters that are aligned with your product offering. If you fumble with the audience, your ads will fail.

  2. Generate a direct mail list

    If you have a relevant direct mail list, you can launch your campaign. If not, you’ll need to solicit for a viable mailing list. You can buy or lease a list from a third party direct mail firm or a political outfit.

  3. Write effective copy

    The comprehensive mailing list isn’t everything. You’ll need a compelling copy to engage and persuade your prospects. An attention-grabbing copy is the reason why your mailers won’t end up in the trash bin. Accompany copy with visually appealing elements. Also, ensure that it matches your strategy, whether it’s for marketing or political purposes.

  4. Boost your inventory

    If you are running your campaigns progressively, you need to maintain a solid inventory of mailing materials. You need to be consistent, and a backup of mailing and physical material is essential.

  5. Pack and send

    Your business needs a streamlined packing and shipping process. Consider third-party services like couriers or direct mail companies. It’s advisable to take advantage of the discounts that come with bulk mail services.

Tips for Creating Unique Direct Mail Campaigns

Tips for Creating Effective Direct Mail Pieces

Direct mail marketing gives the right results only if you know how to make the most out of your mailers. Like mentioned before, “tasteless” pieces will hurt your efforts. Here’s how you can make your mail pieces stand out.

Direct Mail Trends to Note in 2020

Direct mail boasts excellent targeting capabilities. The new world marketing order has left direct mail proponents looking for survival tactics. However, there nothing to worry about since direct mail can thrive amid technology, integration, and customization capabilities. Here are some direct mail marketing trends to watch in 2020:

Tips for Future-Proofing Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Nobody is contesting the fact that people are always checking their PCs and mobile devices. It’s also true that people check their mail too. If you deliver mail at the right time with the right information, there’s a possibility that you can make direct mail your favorite tool going into the future.

Different Direct Mailing Lists Categories You Should Know

The type of mailing list you choose for your direct mailing campaign determines the responses you’ll get. With a business matching mailing list, you’re guaranteed top value for your marketing effort.

The catch, however, is in focusing on the prospects you want to mail to. Don’t concentrate too much on the headers, content, or mailer imagery. Before you proceed, you must know the top lists to target.

Techniques for Selecting an Effective Direct Mail List

Successful direct mail campaigns draw a lot from the mailing lists in use. But, is there a superior mailing list? Do you know the right way to choose the direct mailing list? If you want to end up with a list of targets who are interested and with the capacity to buy your products, here’s how to go about it:

Investigate the mailing list sources of list providers

It’s prudent to ask a direct mailing list vendor to disclose the source of their contacts. You want to know whether the names are actual prospects who have an interest in your offering. Usually, vendors can glean contacts off government resources, event attendee lists, phone directories, business records or subscriber lists among others.

Ask list providers the right questions

Probing a direct mailing list provider is the ideal first step. You need to check whether they have been successful in providing highly viable lists for other businesses like yours. If they can deliver hotlists with excellent return rates, they’re your best bet.

Things to Ask When Choosing a Direct Mail Vendor

If you’re having a difficult time getting your direct mail act together, you can outsource that to a direct mail vendor. By doing so, you leverage the expertise of a provider that has seen it all. Instead of gambling with a random vendor, shortlist a few and ask the following questions:

Examples of Direct Mailing List Providers

Your direct mail campaign requires the richest of mailing lists for your efforts to pay off. Before you delve into mailing list quality, you need to know the sources you can contact to rent or buy.

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