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Digital Marketing Tips For Property Agents In Singapore

Digital Marketing Tips For Property Agents In Singapore

Digital marketing in property is extremely challenging. However, other industries have managed to develop effective approaches to such challenges. Similarly, these challenges can be overcome for property too. Competition is one of the main challenges for property agents. It is hence essential to use any method that will give you an edge in the market and increase your earnings. Many business owners daunt non-traditional ways in reaching their goals for the well-established industry. However, with the increased digitalization globally with a special reference to Singapore, digital online marketing provides the only best option. As Singaporeans shift and adapt to digital marketing, it gives you the perfect opportunity for you to market your property agency. This article highlights ways to market your property agency in Singapore.

What You Know and What You Don’t Know

You are already aware of the Singapore local competition as a property agent. You know of the demographic population who are your customers and are bound to become prospective home buyers. More so, you know your community knowledge and how much efforts you put in marketing your brand out there is what creates your business foundation. What you should now be aware of is that majority of Singaporeans are going online for search of the best property agency. The internet is now providing home scouting sites and listing services from the top companies. You need to put more effort to secure clients in the current business trend as majority of the people have shifted from the traditional system. Keeping up with these changing trends is an ongoing development process, and you don’t need to feel pressured. You will maintain your knowledge hold on marketing but add up a few new tools to help you keep up with the online medium shift. With this, we want to give you some few tips to help you market your property agency in Singapore successfully.

  1. Defining Your Goals

Defining your business goals is vital before developing your digital marketing strategy. You need to perfectly assess your goals to have an effective attack plan when devising your strategy. For your goals to be achievable, they need to be specific and measurable. Decide on what you want to achieve and let it be well specific — measurable means that your goal should be realistic regarding both business metric and time. The goals should not be unrealistic. In a highly competitive property industry especially in Singapore, everyone wants to outdo their competitors. Rather than generalizing your goals, for example, generating leads, you should frame your objective as generating ten leads each month. This way, your business is put into manageable pieces that are easily achievable.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel contains four stages. It begins with the awareness stage in which you market your business brand to online users for exposure. In the second stage, the interested clients are converted into prospective leads. You will then nurture them to become your business customers at the decision stage. Lastly, you will lead your customers into the action of buying your products and services. We may not help you make a sale, but we can help you in the crucial stage of building a foundation for driving traffic and the decision-making process for converting clients to prospective customers. This is through establishing your agency in online platforms. The next move is making them valuable through content marketing. Content marketing entails eBooks, blogs, pictures, polls, and videos. The massive following won’t be developed overnight hence patience is key. Remember your target audience are carrying out their research before they can flock into a property agency and thus you need to be in their platforms for you to get their attention. You need to design a sales funnel for the future.

Social Media

There is no better way of establishing your property agency than through social media. Majority of Singaporeans are available on most social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Other than interacting with your property agency clients, more Singaporeans get into social media platforms to investigate more about their potential property agencies. For best results from social media platforms, you should ensure you use quality blog posts to educate your clients, taking note of online users’ thoughts by directly chatting with them and making efforts to promote your community rather than concentrating on your agency alone. More so, sharing videos through social media especially live videos is the perfect way to engage online users more. Advantages of social media marketing include gaining credibility and traction from your online followers and boosting your online presence which will have a significant impact on your business SEO site.

Your Business Website

Your business website acts as a face of your business in online platforms and is crucial in funnelling traffic towards your site. With majority of Singaporeans using mobile devices to access property sites, you cannot afford to have a poorly optimised website. Your website needs to be mobile friendly for higher ranking on search engines result page. Your business reflection is viewed on your website. Property agency is about high-quality photos in your site for your followers to see you as the captivating agent you are. Pictures speak volumes about your site. Avoid a website that is spammy and overcrowded with information. This way, it will be easy and fast for your followers to access your site from any device. Try and display your catalog of work through photos of design cues.


Most property agency managers use a form of internet data exchange (IDX). It has risen to become a standard in the industry, and you are just hurting your agency by lacking it. This software acts as a reference point for your website functionality that gives your customers a reason to keep coming back. IDX stores searched information for online visitors hence driving them into your sales funnel. One of its primary use is the integration of MLS listings into property feature search. Some of the IDX guidelines include keeping it up to date, posting IDX listings only when the seller wants to be listed, and supplying IDX listings and info to non-participatory third parties. Others include providing the IDX with information that does not go in line with MLS and lack of adherence to MLS policies and properties listings that are not approved by MLS.


Your customers need to gain trust in your property agency website. One way of getting trust is getting an SSL certificate for your URL to be https rather than http. This assures users that the site is safe for them to share information on. You can consult a web design company to help you design a good website for your clients. They have expert professionals who have experience in the property agency industry to help you realize your web design goals.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the areas that you cannot afford to assume. Most of the interested property buyers or sellers start with a google search to find the potential property agency. The search engine results page (SERP) has a high competition where you need to feature for you to have an extended marketing field. SEO helps your business rank higher on the search engine result page for higher visibility. Relevant content, credible bank links, and quality web pages help your website to be ranked higher. More top ranking is a result combination of your website trustworthiness and quality technical performance. Keyword research is essential in reaching to your demographic audience. You want to establish what specifically your target audience is searching for.

Boosting Your SEO

One of the effective ways of having a higher search engine ranking is the use of quality and relevant content for a specific keyword search. Make sure you do not overuse the keywords. Secondly, your site should not have dead-end links and unreachable pages. Interlinking your business site with social media accounts is suitable for lead conversion. In line with this, your website should be mobile friendly as most internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. Lastly, quick responsive page loading times prevents your online visitors from leaving due to frustrations. Try and incorporate the best practices for a dynamic SEO.

Local SEO

Rather than just ranking your website higher on the search engine page through search engine optimisation, you want to get the relevant local traffic. You can use google analytics to check whether you can reach your target local audience in Singapore. To optimise your local SEO, you need to digitalize your online assets and your locations. Local online users are more likely to convert to prospective customers. To achieve this, you need to list your target locations and city as keywords. More so, you should list all, your operation areas on your website and incorporate an address or map. Your business addresses should be similar in all platforms and improve on your credibility by asking for testimonials from past clients.

Traditional Advertisements

Online advertisement is a great method of establishing your online portfolio. Google ads platform uses cost per click for your advertisement to appear in the advertisement section. Social media advertisement focuses more on brand awareness rather than lead conversion. Instagram and Facebook use a cost per 1000 impressions while LinkedIn provides both CPM and CPC pricing depending on your choice. You should correctly budget for your advertising costs to ensure higher ROI. Classic advertisements will help owl people to click on your property agency over your competitors.

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Blogging Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can give you an edge to become the figurehead property agency in Singapore. Majority of people make crucial decisions and careful thoughts in buying properties. The visitors are not likely to visit your site if you just engage in the simple advertisement. You need to convince them through expert blog posts about the industry. This way, the customers see you as the lead expert who is knowledgeable about all the industry research topics. Home buying and community articles take care of your local consumer demographic. More researched blog posts showcase your expertise and keep you above other business competitors. Upload the blog posts on all your social media platforms and website to promote your property agency.

Nurture Your Clients

Online networking is vital in digital marketing in ensuring that you nurture your clients. Networking helps you to maintain close relationships with old and new clients. Property agencies to a large extent involve maintaining contacts with your clients. This way, they can connect you with their close relatives, friends or coworkers who need similar services. The best way of nurturing your clients is through email marketing. The fact is that it has a higher ROI which makes it more useful. For a more efficient email marketing, improve your client’s database, making definitive priority lists on levels of engagement and using drip campaigns to raise interest levels. Send the relevant emails to the clients that you want to nurture. Automating the process is much more comfortable. Though email marketing is a suitable method to nurture your customers, it requires time and optimisation.


Property agency digital marketing is similar to other industries. However, it comes with its unique challenges. Your digital marketing should involve development and establishment of online domination in a move to boosting your followers and guiding people down the sales funnel. Use all the multiple platforms available by ensuring that your social media account is well updated and active while your website is easily accessible and correctly optimised for traffic. Maintain your customer base by providing regular blogs as a way of content marketing as well as following them up through emails. These strategies will result in massive lead generation for your property agency and give you a step ahead of your Singapore competitors. There are a variety of digital advertising agencies in Singapore that you can consult to help you to establish your agency online. The only remaining thing for you is to take action today, and your future will thank you.

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