Digital Marketing Skills For Starting an Online Career in Singapore

If you want to become an digital marketer, then there are several different areas to choose from.

What’s so great about the field of digital marketing is that with just a laptop and an internet connection, you can reach millions of people around the world and earn an income that is unlimited. And the best part about it is, developing an expertise in this area doesn’t just help you with your online business ventures; it also helps offline. This is specifically true if you work for a Singapore company and would like to rise in the ranks.


This isn’t to say that digital marketing is easy. There are a lot of areas so there’s a lot to learn. But you can make the learning process easier by narrowing down which area you’re most interested in. Here’s a list of digital marketing specialties as well as the skills you will need to acquire for each.


1. SEO Specialist


If you think search engine optimisation is dead then think again. Google’s latest changes indicate that every Singapore business owner should pay close attention to their SEO. Content marketing and guest blogging, also known as white hat techniques, are now more in demand than ever. And this is causing many companies to realise the importance of having an SEO expert or SEO agency on staff.


Companies need people on their team who are dedicated to keeping up with all of the latest trends. They are also interested in individuals who know more about the technical aspects of SEO.  If you have a genuine interest in SEO and are willing to learn the ins and outs of this ever changing discipline, then you may be able to secure a high-paying position in the online world.


2. PPC Specialist


Another popular skill is PPC marketing. There are several companies who are interested in paid advertising. However, when it comes to the budget, they aren’t quite sure how to go about getting a return on their investment. A PPC specialist will help companies like these to rank at the top of Google search results with paid, high value keywords. The goal is to spend the least but generate the highest amount of traffic possible.


This may seem simple, but it’s one of the most challenging parts of digital marketing. Not only must you have strong skills in math, but also marketing and analytics. In fact, the best PPC marketers know Adwords and Google Analytics like the back of their hands. These factors are what makes the position of PPC specialist one of the highest paying jobs in digital marketing.


3. Social Media Expert


When it comes to modern marketing, there are very few tools more powerful than social media. Social media platforms are growing at an incredible speed. In fact, almost a third of the world’s population. Most companies realise the potential of these platforms and capitalise on them. However, most of them don’t know exactly how to leverage them.


This is because there’s more to social media than simply promoting your content on Facebook. In order to outdo your competition, companies must master these channels. They need to know what types of content to post, the best times to post, and the ways in which these platforms will most benefit them.  


The most sought-after social media experts know how to incorporate paid social media marketing into their campaigns. They know what copy compels the audience, how to use analytics to their advantage, and generate measurable results.


4. Email Marketer


Email marketing is invaluable because it gives you the ability to make a large income without having to do much work. However, not everyone knows how to do this efficiently. Sure, a company may be able to find a copywriter who creates excellent content for their newsletter, however these emails may only get a few conversions.


On the other hand, an email marketing expert can entirely revolutionise your campaign and send your conversions skyrocketing. This is why skilled email marketing experts are always in high demand. They create huge lists from small client bases. Companies will find it easier to drive sales and promote products.


5. Mobile Marketer


When it comes to desktop and mobile, a lot of Singapore business owners don’t notice much of a difference between the two. However, in terms of online marketing, the differences can be like night and day–so much so that each can be considered standalone projects.Not only do mobile marketers notice the difference between desktop and mobile, but they can also discuss the complexities of mobile marketing. They note the importance of responsive design and SMS.


Not many claim to be mobile marketing experts, so the competition in this particular area is pretty low. It can be a challenge to master. However, if you are able to make yourself stand out, you will have a well-paying position for quite some time.


6. Analytics


No matter what area of digital marketing you decide to pursue, it will always involve analytics. Analytics requires that you run tests, track your data, analyse the data and then figure out what you can do in order to improve your performance. If you are an analytics expert then you have the keys to a successful marketing campaign, regardless of the field, industry, or discipline.


7. Content Marketer/Manager


People are always hungry for information and this is what makes content king. By providing valuable content, you can keep them coming back to your site. And that’s where content marketers and managers come into the picture. They help companies to create and curate exceptional content and then they market it to the audience so that it goes viral.


The interesting thing about content marketing is that your skills can be improved by working in other areas of digital marketing. Social media marketing and SEO can both improve your content marketing skills. If you are able to make articles go viral, then you’re a great candidate for this position.  

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8. Marketing Automation


One of the most valuable elements for any Singapore company is automation. Marketing can become expensive over time. But automating certain processes can help to cut costs. And in a lot of cases, companies will bring in a marketing automation expert to help them set up and manage the different software programs–whether it’s for email marketing, social media posts, or content marketing.Companies are more than willing to pay you top dollar if you can save them money and time.


9. UX Design


One of the most important factors of online marketing is making sure that the visitors have a seamless experience once they have entered your website. They should be able to easily navigate through your site with no hiccups. This is because they will often base your credibility on the design of your site.


This is unlike most other areas of digital marketing as it is not responsible for attracting new leads and bringing in traffic. However, it is responsible for making sure that the rest of your work is not in vain. The skill is essential to online marketing.




Digital marketing has several benefits: there’s no limit to how much you can earn and it gives you a lot of room for creativity. While you could go to university for training, you could always acquire these skills by enrolling in a digital marketing course. These are usually offered by digital marketing agencies that can give you the benefit of their hands-on everyday experience.

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May 28, 2018

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