Digital Marketing Singapore: The Ultimate Guide

how to do digital marketing in singapore

 The internet allows people to access information from all over the world. Many people and businesses have websites and social media pages. They can have a great looking page, but it is not helping them if visitors or potential customers cannot find this webpage. Digital marketing can help a page stand out the internet and help it attract traffic. A detailed and specific digital marketing plan is needed in order for it to be effective and allow traffic to be brought to the webpage.

Digital Marketing Basics

 This marketing is the promotion and the sales of goods and services by using online marketing platforms. When designing a digital marketing campaign a person needs to use marking tools such as social media, internet searches, keywords and SEO practices, and email marketing. With the high number of consumers looking to make purchases over the internet and checking out social media sites, it is important that a company has a strong online presence. They need to focus their marketing on the areas where the consumers are and that is the internet. Digital marketing allows a company to have access to their customers and market to their wants and needs.

 How Digital Marketing Works

 Digital marketing follows some of the same basic principles as traditional marketing. A company is looking to find leads to attract customers and make sales. They want to show off the strengths of the company and how their product or service will benefit the consumer. When a person is looking for a product or a service they are likely to go on the internet and perform a search. They will type in the keyword and a list of related businesses will show up. The business owner needs to work to get their company as high up on the first page of search results as they can to get the attention on the consumer. There are many ways that a person can market their business and get it to stand out. They need to fill their site with quality content. Search engines such as Yahoo and other search engines. Social media is also a great place for marketing. With many people on social media sites, there are millions of potential customers. Search Engine Optimization is also one of the keys to online marketing. This allows a business owner to link keywords to their site. When a person searches the specific keyword the website will appear in the search results. Email marketing will target a specific population and allow a person to reach their target audience without a problem. They will send emails to those that are interested and will increase the chances of making a sale.

 Benefits of Digital Marketing

 There are many benefits to advertising business online and partaking in digital marketing. It is easy to create brand awareness. A business can also follow up with a customer after they have made a sale. They can send an email to thank the customers for their business. They can also send a survey to follow up and get feedback on the experience. Online marketing will also allow making it easy for a person to share information about the business. They can hit one button and share it on social media sites. This will allow the business to get more customers from the customers that they already have.


 When a person is looking to make a purchase on a good or service they often turn to a search engine and type in a specific keyword. When the keyword is search there will be a number of results that will appear that are related to the keyword. It is important to have a keyword that is linked to the site. When a person is making their website for marketing purposes they need to place keywords on the site. These keywords should be in the title on the web pages as well as the URL if possible. The keyword should relate directly to the products that are being sold or the services that are being offered. The keywords should also be found in the content of the information on the webpage. This way when the keyword is searched the business will have a better chance of appearing near the top of the results list. The site also needs to contain high-quality content that is relevant to this keyword. If the content is poorly written this will affect the ranking of the site.


 Search engine marketing is related to SEO but SEM will drive traffic through the process of purchasing ads on the search engine site. The ads will appear before the search engine list and will appear when the specific keyword is typed into the search engine. This will allow a person that is looking at the keyword to get an ad right at the top of the page. This is linked directly to the keyword. These ads are going to cost a business some more money but it can be well worth it. They will need to develop a highly effective ad and an ad that is very specific to the keywords that are being searched.

 Social Media Marketing

 There are a number of social media websites and these sites see millions of visitors every day. There are millions of people that have active Facebook accounts. Twitter, Instagram, and related sites are also very popular. It is important to include social media as part of a digital marketing campaign. The business can set up a page that will show off their products and services. These pages will also allow customers to engage with the business. They can ask questions and leave messages. The content on these sites needs to be current and update often. They should be interesting and entertaining so that a person will want to interact with the site. They can friend the site or they can like a page. Social media pages also allow customers to share the page with their friends and others that are on their social media account. This is one of the best ways to get business through word of mouth. A happy customer will share the business page with hundreds of their friends that can continue to share it. It is worth the time and the money developing a social media page that has quality information and it should be well maintained.

 Content Marketing

 Once again it is important to only post high-quality content. Content marketing will create social media, emails, websites, and anything else that is related to the business to require it to have high-quality content. The content posted on anything that is related to the business to be of high quality. The content needs to be easy to read and informative. It should have some value to the audience. The content also needs to be relevant to the product that is being sold. Consumers will be able to tell almost immediately if the content is poorly written or inaccurate. The content should also be designed to get the attention of a target audience. This is the consumer that is the most likely to purchase the product or to use the service. They will use this content to gather the information they need and learn how this product or service can improve their life. If a business owner or manager does not have experience writing about their products or services they may need to hire a professional to do this for them. Having quality content is one of the most important things when advertising online.

 Email Marketing

 Email marketing will allow a business owner to send emails to customers to promote the products or the services that they are offering. This will allow a person to develop a relationship with their clients. Email marketing will send emails with information about the products and services and how it can benefit the lives of their clients. This is similar to a direct mailing campaign but is sent through an electronic manner to the inbox of the recipient. It is important that the emails continue useful information so they are not sent to the spam box. They should not be busy and should not be sent too often. Email marketing is effective when it is personalized. A business should put the name of the customer at the top. They should also send emails for special occasions such as their birthday with a special promotion or deal. This will help increase sales. To get the attention on customers the business should allow them to enter their email and sign up for the mailing list. There needs to be an option to opt out at any time. This will keep the customers interested and will not send unwanted emails that will be deleted or sent to the span. The emails should also be optimized so that they can be opened n mobile devices. Many people check their emails from their smartphones and the emails need to be easy to read on this device as well.

 Video Marketing

 Video marketing will use a video to promote the products or the service. The video can include various things including testimonials from customers, how to information, live events, explanations, and videos that are used as commercials to show off what the product or the service has to offer. Youtube is one of the best places to post a video. A business needs to use the keywords so that the video can be fond of this site and related sites. Fifty-seven percent of customers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video demonstration. In addition to Youtube, this video can be placed on the website or social media site. A person will be able to see the actual product and how it is used. If the business is offering a service the customers can see the employees hard at work and the quality of the work that they perform.

 App Marketing

 This marketing is a great way to get the attention of users. People are always on their smartphones, so it is important that the business plan adapts to this. The business can use an app and when a person downloads the app their ad will appear. This is great for social media sites as well as games. A business owner will need to be picky with their apps so they can find the target guidance so the adds are getting to the customers that are most likely to make a purchase.

 E-Commerce Marketing

 E-commerce marketing is the process of getting customers to the website that the business owns and operates so they can make a purchase of a good or a service. Marketing includes all of the marketing techniques that were previously mentioned. They rely heavily on SEO results. It is very important to get the highest rank possible with organic search results listings. This will allow customers to find the site so they will click on it and visit it. This site can also use online banners in order to attract attention to the store. The banner will be placed on another site or a social media site. When a person clicks on the banner they will be brought to the website. This also uses targeted email marketing to try to attract customers.

 Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

 Before any marking technique is used a company needs to create a digital marketing plan. They need to know their target client base and the types of social media and websites they are using. They also need to find out what time of day these people are active online so they will be able to see the ads. The ads that are placed are going to need to be appealing to the customers and show how they are able to fill a need or a want that they have. This will help determine the type of marketing that is the most effective. A digital marketing strategy template can be used to make sure all aspect of the marketing is covered and there is a clear plan for marketing purposes. Once the website is developed and the Facebook page is up and running the company has to engage new customers. They will need to post content that will entertain or inform them based on what is being sold. This includes making social media posts and responding to all comments left by customers in a timely manner. The company can offer an incentive for signing up for an email list or special promotions for new customers. They may be offered free shipping on their purchase or a specific percentage off of their total order if they sign up for the email list. This will allow them to make a purchase and it is now the time to provide great services to them. This will allow them to share positive experiences on social media sites and they will return to make purchases in the future. They need to have a seamless process with their transactions so they will share a positive experience with others.

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 Like with any forms of advertising it is important to set aside a budget for digital advertising. There are some things to look at when budgeting for this marketing. The business needs to set goals. They need to determine the target audience they are looking to work with and if they want their customers to share their site on Facebook. They also need to determine if they are looking to increase sales or get new sales. This information will help determine what form of marketing will work best. Instagram and Twitter are often free to low cost to use to develop a page. A Facebook business page is also inexpensive. A person can set a specific dollar amount that they are looking to spend each day for their ads. They should schedule the ads to run when their target audience is the most likely to be online and using this site. This is going to take some research. In addition to social media, a business needs to look at the other places they will be advertising online. They need to look where their customers are visiting and add this to the budget. They will also need someone to develop their site. It is best to pay a professional so the site will be seamless. The company needs to decide if they are going to have someone in a house run their social media marketing or if they are going to want to pay a professional to do so. This will help them develop their budget. They will need to track the amount of traffic being generated by each means of advertising. This will allow them to adjust the budget as needed by what form is being the most effective.

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 Digital marketing is a full-time job. Someone at the company will need to respond to emails, respond to posts and comments, and develop content to post on the site. The content must be fresh and engaging. It is best to look for someone with experience so they can keep the sites up and running. They will also be able to use the information collected to develop content that is interesting and engaging.


 There are a number of programs that can be developed to determine which form of digital marking is the most successful and generate traffic to the site. This is very important to determine the traffic and the source. Google has a great program that will collect this information. They will collect where the traffic is coming from and the time of day they are visiting the site. There are features that can also be customized and it can be turned into a report that is easy to understand.

 Digital Marketing: DIY or Work with an Agency

 There is a lot to learn about digital marketing. In order to have a successful marketing plan a person will need to understand how to use social media, use the latest techniques when it comes to SEO, learn how to make content that is interesting and engaging, learn all of the aspects of website design, learn how to research a target audience, learn how to analyze traffic results, and many other aspects. For a business owner, this is a great deal of information to take in. A large to medium business may be able to hire a digital campaign marketing executive as part of their staff. This can still get to be very expensive. If a person does not know how to work the computer or they do not have enough time during the workday to devote to digital content managing, they should hire an outside source to handle this for them. They can work with an experienced content manager and tell them exactly what they are looking for. When it comes to website design it is best to work with the professionals. The design has to be appealing and has to be professional looking as well. There is certain information that must be included on the website including all contact information for the business. They also need to work in keywords and link them properly. This is something that should be handled by professionals. A small business owner can start out small with one social media site but a larger organization may benefit from working with a professional agency.

 Digital marketing can help a business increase their sales. Digital marketing in Singapore is very important to help a business reach local customers as well as those that live a distance away. Digital marketing will help a company target those that are the most likely to make purchase and market directly to them. There are millions of people that are on the computer and smart devices daily. They are looking for goods and services. With the increase in access to technology, a company has to develop a solid marketing plan so they can use the digital means to reach customers and to increase their sales.

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