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What’s Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be defined as any attempt to promote your products or brand using the internet and digital media.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO describes the logic behind how search engines rank websites after an online user runs a search query. It can also be defined as a digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of traffic that’s directed to your website.

Benefits of SEO

SEO is regarded as a long-term marketing strategy, and here are some of its long-term benefits to a business or website owner in Singapore:

  • Increased Traffic:

Done right, SEO can be your greatest (and even the only) source of traffic. The amount of traffic you get through search engines should be enough to take your business to the next level.

·       Better ROI:

SEO has better long-term ROI than any other marketing strategy on the list. Compared to PPC, when you pay visitors, only 2% of the visitors end up converting. But with SEO, you have a chance of converting up to 4% of the visitors that search engines direct your way.

·       Gives you an Edge:

You have a better chance of beating your competition and staying miles ahead of them by capitalising on SEO. Your competition may be conducting SEO on their end, but you have a chance of really honing in and capitalising on everything that they aren’t doing right.

·       You Attract Permanent Results:

The results you attract through SEO are bound to stay with you permanently. You only lose your rank position when one of your competitors outstrips your SEO effort.

Types of SEO

SEO comes in three layers, each of which must be diligently worked on for your SEO strategy to pay off.

·       On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to any content that appears on your website – internal links, meta tags, meta description, infused keywords, improved images and their alt attribution, customised URL structure, and so on.

·       Off-page SEO

Off-page refers to all the activities you perform once your website goes live. It covers post sharing, social media liking, commenting, rating, online reviews, and so on. Most people confuse it with link building, but it runs deeper than that.

Key Elements of a Successful SEO Campaign

But here are the key elements without which your SEO strategy is certain to fail:

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  • Mobile-friendly:

Your website must be responsive and fluid enough to adapt to any screen size. But most importantly, it must favour mobile users.

  • Improved Load Time:

Your visitors are an impatient lot. If your site takes a lot of time to load, many of them will be bouncing off, forcing Google and other search engines to drop it down through the ranks.

  • Secure site with HTTPs:

It’s about security. At a time when cybercriminals are on a rampage, Google will, of course, want to favour secure sites.

  • Integrate Social Media with Your Site:

This is about boosting your off-page SEO. The first step to supporting website engagement is making sure the website is integrated with your social media accounts.

  • Quality Banks Links:

Search engines have a way of judging the quality of your website by looking at the number of authority sites that are willing to link back to you. It’s simple logic: no one will want to be associated with a low-quality website.

  • User-friendly Navigation:

Other things held constant, a site with user-friendly navigation will, of course, appear at the top of SERPs.

  • Make sure your pages and web content are relevant to the kind of users you attract:

You don’t want to attract the wrong audience by targeting a wrong set of keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an online marketing strategy that relies on social media as both a marketing and branding tool. The whole idea behind social media marketing is to create content that social media users like and wouldn’t mind sharing it across various social media networks and broaden the possibility of reaching an even wider audience.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can benefit any business or website owner in so many ways, as uncovered in this section of the post:

  • Direct Access to Your Target Audience:

Unlike other online marketing platforms, social media gives you a chance to address your target audience directly.

  • Advanced Targeting:

Social media, especially Facebook, allows you to narrow down your audience to a specific segment of it.

  • Brand Awareness:

No other platform bests social media when it comes to creating brand awareness. Come to think about it, close to a half (49% to be precise) of the world’s population is active on social media.

  • Low Advertising Cost:

Compared to the cost of PPC and the cost of advertising on traditional media such as TV, billboards, and radio, the cost of advertising on social media is by far lower, and flexible enough to adjust to any budget size.

  • More Potential and Ability to Lock in Sales:

Social media can dramatically increase your leads and sales. That’s because the platform itself allows you to target people with developed interest in your offerings.

Key Elements for Creating an Engaging Social Media Campaign

Only a few business and website owners have mastered the art of marketing on social media. Much of what they know and do revolves around the following key elements:

  • Market Research: you can start by studying your competition and target audience. Find out what your competitors are doing and figure out how to beat them.
  • Content Strategy: everyone is sharing content on social media. What sets you apart from the rest of them is the strategy you employ.
  • Goals: your goals will determine the outcome. You’re not just posting on social media to entertain your followers.

When to Post on Social Media and Generate the Greatest Effect

One secret to running an effective social media campaign is knowing when to post. Here are a few pointers on how to narrow down to a specific time to post:

  • Define your largest market:

where is it from – Yishun, Punggol, Tengah, Woodlands, Bukit Batok, or an outside country.

  • Localise the time zone:

if the bulk of your target customers are from outside, then you might want to convert their time zone into your local time.

  • Determine their Peak Hours:

find out what time of the day does the audience post the most. Go through a sample list of profiles and find out what time do they have the most interactions.

Video Marketing

Video marketing, as the name suggests, focuses on promoting your business through video content on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video-streaming platform out there.

How to Create Engaging Video Content

The video you create must really capture your viewers’ attention, and here are a few ingredients to help you out with this:

  • Forget about selling and Instead focus on the message: A good video solves a problem your customers or prospects have. So, forget about what you’re trying to sell and instead focus on sending the right message out there.
  • Make Good Use of the First Few Seconds of Your Video: You only have a few seconds to capture your viewers’ attention and get them interested in watching the entire video. This is where you direct much of your effort.
  • Understand Your Target Audience: Find out more about your target audience. What’s their gender, location, language, age range, and more.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that revolves around utilising the creation and distribution of relevant and high-value content in a more consistent manner to attract and retain a target audience.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing will benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Build Credibility and Authority: content marketing allows you to showcase your skills and teach your target customers something useful.
  • Improve Organic Traffic: content marketing is good for driving inbound traffic to your website, especially with backlinks.
  • Increase Conversion Rate: by creating content that fits into the different sales funnels, you have a better chance of converting an overwhelming majority of the people that visit your website into customers.
  • Build Trust and Long-term Relationship: content marketing allows you to work on your online credibility by inspiring trust.

How to Write Better Content

Everyone with a pulse can write. But it takes great skill and hard work to be a great writer. Here are a few pointers to help you write outstanding content:

·       Choose an Easy Topic to Solve

You have to understand the mindset with which your customers approach your content.

·       Use Better Styling

How you style your blog content determines if a reader will be enticed enough to read the whole of it or if they’ll drop it after digging through the first paragraph.

·       Spell Check

Revise your content a couple of times after you’ve written, and revise it even more to make sure it’s void of careless grammatical mistakes.

·       Use Screenshots and Images

Images and screenshots not only make your post appealing, but also help you get the intended message across.

·       Check for Plagiarism

After you’re done writing and polishing it through, run your content through a plagiarism checker and make sure it’s 100 percent unique. This is not only good for SEO but also your brand reputation.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that relies on the use of emails to send messages to your target audience. It’s based on developing a relationship with customers via email as you gradually work on growing their interest until they warm up enough to take action.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Here are some of the ways email marketing may benefit your business:

  • Cost-Effective:

stacked against traditional marketing strategies, email marketing costs way less. It’s also less demanding, which leaves you with enough time to focus on other advertising methods as well.  

  • Easy for Communicating

Since communication happens via email, that means you’ll be communicating with your target audience on a more personal level.

  • Easy for Spreading Important Information:

With email marketing, you have a platform to share important information directly to its intended audience.

·       Easy to Define Your Target Audience:

With email marketing, you can segment your audience into specific demographics and send a different marketing message to each one of them.

How to Create a Subject Line with a Better Open Rate

Here are a few pointers to help you out with this:

·       Keep the subject line short:

Your subject line should be short and straight to the point.

·       Have a bait or something intriguing subject line:

“Your Order Details are Inside Here” is far much better than a subject line that goes along the lines of “Click here for more information on your order details.”

·       Be specific:

Cut to the chase and sum up everything. If it’s a listing, include the number of items.

·       Numbers work:

“5 top Singapore sales” is better than “Sign up to find out more about Singapore Sales.”

·       Be Professional:

Avoid being too casual with your subject line or using block lettering. Use mixed caps instead, where you capitalise the first letters of each word.

·       Capitalise on a sense of urgency:

Your subscribers are more likely to go through with an action if you make it appear like they need to act fast, lest they end up missing on an urgent offer.

How to Write Better Emails for Your Email Marketing Campaign

  • Your subject line must be professional, straight to the point, and very informative
  • Your email must appear clean and easy to read through when you send
  • Skimp on words by cutting on frills and by using lots of bulleted list and subheadings
  • Use images, screenshots, and infographics to break the monotony of digging through huge chunks of texts
  • Create a CTA that entices people to want to click through your email and read it

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy that relies on influencers, or people with their own voice or opinions to market a business, brand, or product or services.

Key Elements of Running a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign in Singapore

·       Clear Goals

Start by setting up clear goals or at least have something that you’re trying to achieve. Are you planning to get more traffic, make more sales, or get more people to subscribe to your email list?

  • The delivery format:

Talk to your influencer and find out how they plan to deliver your message or promote your offerings. Will they be doing a letter, producing a video, or doing a podcast.

·       Start-and-end Date:

Prepare an outline on when the influencer’s services will begin and end. This should help you track and measure the results you’ll be getting from your marketing campaign during this time.

·       Define Your Influencer:

The most important part of running a successful influencer marketing campaign is choosing the right influencer. You have to analyse their influence and make sure they’ll expose you to the right target audience.

Key Benefits of Influencer Marketing in Singapore:

·       Better ROI

Influencers affect buying decisions. Their followers trust their advice and recommendations. So, should they put out a positive word for your offerings, then that translates to more sales for you.

·       Authentic Endorsement

Remember: the influencer’s brand is also at stake here should they decide to endorse a shoddy brand or business. So, expect them to be selective with whom they choose to partner with.  

·       Better Demographics:

With influencer marketing, you have the option of choosing an influencer within your niche. That means they’ll be helping you target your desired audience and not just anyone.

·       Long-term Relationships:

When you partner with an influencer, you have the opportunity of cultivating a long-term relationship not only with the influencer but also with their followers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

At MediaOne, we generally use the term Search Engine Marketing to refer to paid listings, while using the more general term Search Marketing to refer to the single roof for PPC and SEO.

The Benefits of SEM?

SEM is one of the most valuable part of any digital marketing strategy, and here are some of the benefits associated with it:

·       A Chance to Reach Your Clients Immediately

Unlike SEO, paid search results are almost instant. You gain visibility immediately you’re done running the ads.

·       Increase Brand Awareness

Search ads give you the opportunity to expose your brand name either in the ad’s headline, description, or URL. The more people see your ad, the more they get to know your brand.

·       Geo-targeting

With SEM, you can target customers based on their location. You can even create ads in different languages and decide where they should appear.

·       Easy to Implement and Manage Ads

Paid searches are both easy to create and implement. You can even schedule your campaign and even stop and resume them whenever you feel like. It’s also flexible enough to accommodate any budget.

·       Easy to Optimise Your Ads and Target the Right Audience

With SEM, you can target a specific segment of your target audience based on their intentions. You can make the ad appear only to a list of customers who are using a search term that closely relates to your products and services.

Quick Hacks to Improve Your SEM Campaign

Assume you’re equipped with the fundamental SEM skills, here are a few pointers that you may help you improve the efficiency of your ads:

·       Never run a search ad without doing a keywords research

Don’t let your mind fool you into thinking that you have everything figured out. There’s a lot you don’t know, and much to find out by using keyword research tools such as SEMRush, Ahref, and Topic Research.

·       Format Your Ad Based on the Searcher Intent

Search queries can either be navigational, transactional, and informational. How search engines display these ads will vary depending on the type of the query. You must therefore create your ads based on the searcher’s intent.

·       Keep Tabs on Your Competition

Find out what keywords your competitors are optimising and emulate them, while using a few tweaks to gain an edge over them.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

ORM is a digital marketing strategy that ensures that people find the right content or materials every time they search for you online. It lets you take control of how the outside world perceives you.

Benefits of Maintaining Positive Online Reputation

·       Higher Trust:

 Customers tend to trust a person or brand with a good online reputation more. When more of your customers put out a positive word for your business or brand, other customers learn to trust you as much.

·       Increased Profits:

Companies that are rated highly and have many positive reviews get more business. It’s that simple.

·       Better Talents:

People with talent are more attracted to work with well-reputed brands. You’re more likely to attract a talented workforce if you the majority of your customers and former employees say positive things about your business.

·       Less Risk:

Always strive to satisfy every single one of your clients. The more customers put out a positive word about your business, the more others are likely to follow suit.

·       Gentler Treatment:

If you share the same values as your customers, you have a better chance of overcoming any reputation scandal that throws itself your way. If anything, you’ll have a majority of your clients standing up for you.

Important Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management

·       Create an Active Presence on All Web properties

Sign up with at least Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. If your market is a highly competitive on, you might want to sign up with other social media sites as well.

·       Never Neglect Your Social Media Accounts

Don’t just create a social media account and leave at that. You have to grow an audience and keep them engaged.

·       Blog

Blogging is a must if your online reputation means a thing to you. Blogging also gives you a solid home court, where you can easily respond to any attempt to tarnish your company’s reputation.

·       Listen

Be keen to hear customers compliant or bad reviews before jumping in with a response. Remember: regardless of what the customers says about your company or product, the adage – “the customer is always right” – still holds.

·       Apologise

Don’t rush to the defensive end. If you company does something wrong or accidently messes up a customer, make a point to genuinely apologise to the offended party.

·       Never Get into an Online Argument

Some customers will get on your nerve. Learn how to control your emotions in every situation and be the bigger person. Most importantly, try to understand your customers and where all their anger is coming from.

Web Design and Development

Whereas web design refers to your website’s aesthetic appeal and its usability, web development is the process of making a functioning website from the layouts and visuals generated in web design.

Why is Web Design and Development Important in Digital Marketing?

Your website is the platform that your audience will use to interact with your business. It’s where they’re directed after they stumble across your link anywhere.

To keep it brief, you need a quality website.

Factors to Review When Determining if Your Website is Quality Enough

·       Conversion rate:

 are your site’s visitors converting into customers and leads?

·       Competition:

how’s your website when stacked against those of your closest competitors? Is it outperforming them?

·       Branding:

Your website has to reflect your brand in every way. Find out if yours does.

·       SEO:

how does your website impact your ranking in the SERPs? Are you performing well?

·       Responsiveness:

How well does your website load across devices?

·       Site speed:

Is your website fast enough? Preferably, it should load in under 3 seconds.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is another digital marketing strategy that involves the use of software or special program to buy digital ads. It relies on algorithms and machines to buy display space.

Is Programmatic Advertising Efficient?

Quite simply: yes.

It’s efficient because it saves on both time and resources. Essentially, it was designed to get rid of the now outmoded hit-or-miss campaign design, which notoriously did cost marketers too much money.

How Programmatic Advertising Works

Programmatic advertising is designed to not only launch your ads, but to also monitor your ad spend and improve on its overall performance. 

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing in Singapore?

  • Open Communication Line Between Your Business and Customers
    Digital marketing opens a direct line of communication between your business and the customers you’re targeting.
  • Brand Awareness
    Digital marketing is good for brand awareness. It exposes your business and everything it stands for to a wider audience.
  • Easy on Your Pocket
    Unlike traditional marketing, it’s possible to run a successful digital marketing campaign with any budget. Plus, you get to save a lot of your marketing money in the long run.
  • Levelled Competition Field
    With traditional marketing, you didn’t stand a chance to compete with giant brands effectively. But digital marketing has you competing on a levelled field with already established brands.
  • Targets the Right Consumers
    Digital marketing is more targeted. You don’t have to cast your campaign on specs.
  • Real-Time Customer Support
    It’s an open line of communication with digital marketing. Customers are allowed to contact you at any time of the day, regardless of the media, and receive immediate feedback.
  • Monitor Results
    You can measure your progress every step of the way. You’re free to analyse user interaction, level of engagement, and so forth.

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2020

  • AI will Cause a Dramatic Shift in the Digital Landscape
    It’s almost impossible to talk about PPC in 2020 without addressing the role of AI. That explains why so many digital marketing agencies in Singapore have been heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools over the past few years.
  • Consistent and Strategic Audience targeting
    While 2019 was so focused on audience targeting through remarketing, 2020 will try to take a more tailored approach by looking at the buying journey of customers.
  • PPC Marketers will have no option but to Up their Game
    Automation will be replacing data-driven tasks and all the mundane tasks that marketers engage in. This will force marketers to drive more innovation and come up with their own strategies.
  • The Proliferation of Chatbots
    Chatbots are the software programs that marketers use to interact with their site visitors and customers. They’re natural, and communication happens in real-time.
  • SEO and PPC will form a Camaraderie
    People treat SEO and PPC as two different entities, with some passing them as a nemesis. However, 2020 will be the years when their beef gets squashed.
  • Many Marketers will Up their Content Marketing Game
    Your competition will only get stiff as the year rolls by. And that’s because companies are beginning to realise that they do not stand a chance to compete effectively in the present world if they don’t up their digital marketing game.
  • Featured Snippets and Search Position Zero
    Your ultimate goal in 2020 shouldn’t be to propel your site to the first position in the SERPs. But to propel it to position zero. SEO will continue to be a critical segment of digital marketing.
  • Voice Search
    There’s no denying that this is where SEO is headed. If the predictions made by various sources are anything to go by, then voice searches will make nearly 50% of all searches that happen online.

How Marketers See Digital Marketing During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The following are excerpts from the survey taken by which can be read here.

  • 65% of marketers see a decrease in their marketing budgets for the year 2020
  • 91% predict that their marketing budgets will either decrease or remain static
  • 58% say they would voluntarily lower their own marketing budgets
  • 34% say they will increase more expenditure in low cost channels like SEO
  • 63% look at SEO as the most important digital marketing channel at this time
  • 66% reported that SEO was the top performing channel in 2020, outperforming paid search, email marketing and content marketing
  • 71% think their marketing objectives will stay the same or even increase despite the crisis
  • 86% of the marketers surveyed think it will be much harder to reach targets

Digital Marketing Stats Singapore

Here’s the latest stat round-up on ecommerce, location data, customer experience, trends, social media marketing, and M-commerce in Singapore:

Organic Search Stats

  • Google caters for more than 94% of all the organic traffic that you’re likely to get, according to Web Presence solutions.
  • On average, there are about 1890 words on Google’s first page results (Backlinko, 2016).
  • 50% of search queries feature more than four words (IMPACT, 2019)
  • 61% of marketers have SEO in their inbound marketing priority basket. Their priority is on improving their organic presence first, with the rest coming second (HubSpot, 2018).
  • 70% to 80% of online users only care about organic search results. To put it quite differently, about 70% of the population in Singapore won’t bother opening a paid search. They’ll instead hop past it to the next available organic search (MarTech, 2018).
  • Video content can drive 50 times more organic search results compared to plain text. In other words, it’s 50 times easier to rank for a video than it is to rank with text content (Omnicore, 2018).
  • In comparison, SEO is thought to be 5.66 times better or more effective than paid searches (New Media Campaign, in 2018).
  • Including a video into the post that you publish can increase your organic traffic by up to 157% (Search Engine People, in 2017).
  • With good content, you can increase the amount of traffic you drive to your website or blog by up to 2000%.
  • Mid-sized companies and enterprises rely on content development and Technical SEO to improve their search presence.

Social Media Stats

  • 77% of Singaporean are active on social media.
  • About 64% of online shoppers admit that a video has ever influenced them into buying a product or service on social media.
  • 43% of online stores report seeing a significant amount of traffic coming from social media.
  • 2 out of 3 Singaporeans admit to having a social media or internet addictions, as per an AIA survey.
  • Singaporeans are a more discerning lot, with zero tolerance to irrelevant brand messages. In fact, 22% of Singaporeans admit to completely ignoring social media messages posted by brands.
  • 40% of Singaporeans admit to trusting the recommendations they get from social media about brand compared to hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • 84% of social media users in Singapore use mobile phones to browse through the networks. 33% of all social media browse social media during lunch hour. 43% in the afternoon, 56% in the evening, 38% before retiring to bed, and 16% in the wee hours of the night.
  • On average, Singaporeans spend 2 hours, 6 minutes going through social media.

Facebook Stats in Singapore

  • 3.5 million Singaporeans (out of the total population of 5.83 million) have an active Facebook account. Out of this, 3.2 million use their mobile phones to access Facebook.
  • 1 in 4 Singaporeans checks Facebook while they’re watching TV or doing something else. They browse their timelines with divided attention. This should direct how you craft your Facebook posts. A simple approach would be to keep them light and easy to digest. In other words, clunky and stilt posts won’t cut it.

Singapore Top Websites (According to Alexa)

The top social media platform in Singapore is WhatsApp, which boasts a 73% penetration. Facebook and YouTube closely follow it.

top websites in singapore used for digital marketing

  • WhatsApp (73% penetration rate)
  • YouTube (71% penetration rate)
  • Facebook (70% penetration rate)
  • Instagram (44% penetration rate)
  • Facebook Messenger (42% penetration rate)
  • Google Plus (29% penetration rate)
  • Twitter (25% penetration rate)
  • LinkedIn (24% penetration rate)
  • WeChat (24% penetration rate)

Search Marketing Stats

Millennials are ranked as the biggest users of search engines.

Almost half (48%) of Singaporeans use the internet to find out more about a product they’re interested in buying. They use it to compare prices and weigh on product features.

29% of shoppers have reported using the internet to read reviews.

26% say they use the internet to find cheaper options. They look for brands with similar offerings and then settle on the cheapest option.

When asked about the channel they use to find shopping information:

  • 60% were quick to admit that they use Google.
  • 14% suggested YouTube
  • 12% said they use social media
  • While 12% admitted to relying on price comparison sites.

Ecommerce and M-commerce Stats in Singapore

  • More than 3.12 million Singaporeans have interacted with an ecommerce store before. It’s even projected that by 2021, the number of active ecommerce users would have increased by 998, 000. That’s a cool 4.11 million Singaporeans.

Statista also goes on to show that each of the 4.11 million Singaporeans would have spent $1234 by 2021 (Statista, 2018).

  • 73% of the people who shop online have in the past year bought an item oversees, with 14% admitting that they exclusively buy items on foreign land (Ipsos, 2018).
  • The total annual ecommerce revenue in Singapore across all industry and product categories is $3.3 billion, and it’s estimated to shoot up to $5 billion by 2021.

The leading product categories, and with the highest revenue, are electronics and media, which account for $918.1 million of the market share.

Toys come in second, followed by Hobby and DIY items, which in total generate $843 million every year (eShopworld, 2018).

What happens after customers make a purchase online

  • 16% of the customers will go to social media to share their experiences with others.
  • 14% will review the product or services online.
  • 11% will look for more information on product usage and setting it up.
  • About 39% of online purchases in Singapore were made on mobile.
  • About 38% of online purchases in Singapore were made on desktops and laptops.

Web Design and Stats in Singapore

  • If your website is not optimised for mobile, 58% will hop to the next site that loads just fine on a mobile device. Only 42% will make the effort of checking it out from another device.
  • Web owners use marketing techniques to optimise their sites for better user experiences.
  • 50% of marketers have optimised their emails and websites for mobile.
  • 90% of marketers in Singapore agree that mobile marketing works. About two-thirds of marketers have already incorporated mobile marketing into their marketing strategy.

Stats on Devices Usage

This section of the post looks at the different devices that Singaporeans use to access the internet.

  • Only 20% of Singaporeans rely on laptops and desktops to access the internet.
  • About 78% access the internet on mobile
  • Only 2% access the internet using tablets
  • According to Hootsuite, about 93% of Singaporeans use the internet daily. On average, each user spends about seven hours nine minutes online.

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2. Creative
3. Digital
4. Experiential Activations
5. Integrated Campaigns


Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard,
Marina Square #03-308
Singapore 039594
WebsiteClick here to go 8traordinary’s Website.



FirstPage Digital


FirstPage offers cutting-edge digital marketing services in Singapore that aim to help brands reach their full potential.

Key Clients

1. Hoya
2. Toshiba
3. Singtel
4. guardian
5. Holey Moley Golf Club


1. SEO
2. Google Ads
3. Social
4. Reputation Management
5. Premium Content Writing


Address: 144 Robinson Rd
#20-01 Robinson Square
Singapore 068908

Tel: (65) 6270 2193

WebsiteClick here to go to FirstPageDigital’s Website
Email[email protected]





Eightfour is made up of a group of thinkers, techies and makers who love developing digital business and to generate intuitive digital platforms and products for everyone.

Key Clients

2. AXA
3. dentsu
4. Hyundai
5. WWF


1. Brand Strategy & Research
2. Website & Digital Platforms
3. EDM Design & CRM
4. Enterprise ecommerce


Address: 5 Shenton Way
UIC Building 10-01
Singapore, 068808

Tel: (65) 6911 6601

WebsiteClick here to go to eightfour’s website
Email[email protected]



Splash Interactive


Splash Interactive is a creative and technology agency that aids businesses to thrive in today’s digital world. They emphasise on user needs to develop satisfactory experiences for customers, ensuring long-lasting relationships.

Key Clients

1. CapitaMalls
2. Citibank
3. esplanade
4. Mount Elizabeth
5. NTUC income


1. User Research
2. User Experience Design (UX)
3. Email Marketing
4. Website Design & Development
5. eCommerce Website


Address: 51 Tai Seng Avenue
#04-04, Pixel Red
Singapore 533941

Tel: (65) 6702 5080

WebsiteClick here to go to SplashInteractive’s Website
Email[email protected]



Strategic Digitalab


Strategic Digitalab is a digital marketing agency that custom-makes communications and marketing campaigns with the latest in design and technology.

Key Clients

1. Singtel
2. Singapore Kindness Movement
3. directhome
4. S&P Global Platts
5. Golden Equator Wealth


1. Account-Based Marketing
2. Lead Generation
3. Branding Awareness
4. Growth Hacking
5. Social Media Marketing


Address: 61 Robinson Road #12-01
Robinson Centre
Singapore 068893

Tel: (65) 6908 3770

Website: Click here to go to StrategicDigital Lab’s Website
Email[email protected]


“Digital Marketing agency” – Beautiful Voyager





Vintedge is a dynamic digital marketing agency that provides a range of online capabilities from digital planning to campaign implementation and technical expertise.

Key Clients

1. Canon Singapore
2. Cyberlogitec
3. Elsevier
4. Marine Port Authority of Singapore
5. KFC Singapore


1. Data analytics
2. Social media analytics and planning
3. Search analytics and planning
4. Multi-channel analytics and planning
5. Web design and application development


Address: 31 Ubi Road 1 #04-02
Singapore 408694

Tel: (65) 6224 8689
Fax: (65) 6224 8735

WebsiteClick here to go to Vintedge’s Website
Email[email protected]



Happy Marketer


Happy Marketer is an outstanding digital marketing agency in Singapore that is committed to make businesses happy through their holistic digital marketing strategies.

Key Clients

1. Standard Chartered
2. Citibank
3. NTUC Income
4. AXA
5. Great Eastern


1. Content Marketing
2. CRM & Loyalty Marketing
3. Data & Marketing Analytics
4. Digital Advertising
5. Digital Training


Address: Happy Marketer Private Ltd.
Guoco Tower, 1 Wallich St, Level 22
Singapore 078881

Tel: (65) 6653 8060

WebsiteClick here to go to Happymarketer’s Website
Email[email protected]





Webcada is an independent firm that provides technological and digital solutions to businesses everywhere.

Key Clients

1. Baker’s Brew Studio
2. AntiClockwise
3. The Editor’s Market
4. Skin Bar
5. Le Bon Marché


1. eCommerce
2. Inbound Marketing
3. Web Design
4. Content Management System
5. SEO


Address: 22 Sin Ming Lane
#06-76 Midview City
Singapore 573969

Tel: (65) 6334 3168

WebsiteClick here to go to Webcada’s Website
Email[email protected]





Foretec is committed to providing specialised digital marketing services that suits all of your online business needs.

Key Clients

1. ERA Singapore
2. PropNex
3. Google Singapore
4. SLP International
5. Huttons Real Estate Group


1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Website Design
4. Online Marketing
5. Pay Per Click


Address: 22 Sin Ming Lane
#06-76 Midview City
Singapore 573969

WebsiteClick here to go to Foretec’s Website

Tel: (65) 6460 0180





Ideaverse operates as a software development and online marketing agency in central Singapore. It prides itself on being the sole firm in South East Asia that integrates new and old media to provide brands with the best of both worlds.

Key Clients

1. BMW
2. Pokka
3. Asian Food Channel
4. Heineken
5. American Express


1. Mobile App Development
2. Mobile Web Development
3. Google Apps For Business
4. Search Advertising
5. Social Media Marketing


Address: 77 Robinson Road
#34-01, Robinson 77
Singapore 068896

Tel: (65) 6714 6640

WebsiteClick here to go to Ideaverse’s Website
Email[email protected]



Impossible Marketing


Impossible Marketing is among the top of digital marketing agencies in Singapore and has been a Google Partner Company since 2014.

Key Clients

1. NTU
2. iShop Changi
3. Singtel
4. Suntec Singapore
5. Sookee Jewellery


1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Google Remarketing & Retargeting
4. Video Marketing
5. Social Media Marketing


Address: 14A Yan Kit Road (Level 2 & 3),
Singapore 088266Tel: (65) 9374 0111

WebsiteClick here to go to Impossible’s Website
Email[email protected]



Innova Concepts


Headquartered in Singapore, Innova Concepts identifies as a web solutions company that aims to provide premium, reliable and user-friendly web formula catering to a variety of needs.

Key Clients

1. Home-Fix
2. Toto
3. Excel
4. avivar
5. Sensational


1. SEO
2. eCommerce Solutions
3. Web Design Service


Address: Singapore Post Centre
Post Office P.O. Box 798
Singapore 914027

Tel: (65) 9366 9060
WebsiteClick here to go to Innova Concept’s Website

Email[email protected]





VML is inspired by the shared experiences that brings people together, utilising this emotional connection to inform their digital marketing strategies.

Key Clients

2. Dell
3. 3M
4. Adidas
5. Barbie


1. Integrated Campaigns
2. Media Services
3. Content
4. Social Strategy
5. Public Relations


Address: 50 Scotts Road #04-03
Singapore 228242

Tel: (65) 6671 8944

Website: Click here to go to VML’s Website





With more than a decade of experience in online marketing and development, 2Stallions is equipped with a team of professionals that brings the best results.

Key Clients

1. Frisco Singapore
2. AQ Services International
3. PhysioActive
4. People’s Association
5. Banning Legal Tax


1. Design
2. Web & Mobile Development
3. Online Marketing
4. Online Support
5. Consultancy


Address: The Centropod
80 Changi Road, #05-03
Singapore 419715

Tel: (65) 9129 6248
WebsiteClick here to go to 2Stallion’s Website

Email[email protected]





Osmium is a Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore that is formed by a group of seasoned thinkers and strategists, committed to developing distinctively productive and state-of-the-art solutions.

Key Clients

1. OrangeTee
2. Fuji Xerox
3. Ashleigh Ivory
4. Chillwhr
5. Proteger


1. Branding & Consultancy
2. Web Design
3. SEO
4. Social Media
5. Video Production


Address: 22 Sin Ming Lane,
#05-84, Singapore 573969

Website: Click here to go to Osmium’s Website

Tel: (65) 98392121
Email[email protected]



MOOnshot Digital


A boutique digital marketing agency, mOOnshot digital provides custom digital experiences to help brands engage with affluent consumers in Asia and beyond.

Key Clients

1. Givenchy
2. Deloitte
3. Stefano Ricci
4. Kohler
5. Esquire


1. Luxury Marketing
2. Digital Marketing Strategy
3. Branding & Design
4. Website Design & Development
5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Address: 101 Upper Cross St
Singapore 058357

Website: Click here to go to Moonshot’s Website

Tel: (65) 9137 8798
Email[email protected]



IH Digital


IH Digital holds a firm presence in China as well as Southeast Asia as a digital marketing agency with more than 100 digital specialists to accommodate to different digital needs.

Key Clients

1. Laneige Singapore
2. Honda Malaysia
3. Sulwhasoo Singapore
4. Panasonic Singapore
5. Bourjois Singapore


1. Consultancy & Research
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Search Marketing
4. Digital Creative & Video Marketing
5. Digital Media Planning & Buying


Address: 2 Kallang Ave
#06-25 CT Hub
Singapore 339407

Website: Click here to go to IH digital’s Website





Mecento is made up of an global network of entrepreneurs and creators that aims to encourage innovation and interconnected collaboration between businesses and creatives everywhere.

Key Clients

1. Atlantis
2. Coca Cola
3. Emirates
5. Nike


1. Social Strategy
2. Community Building
3. Social Media Listening
4. Social Innovation
5. Obile User Experience


Address: 20 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore, 117439

Tel: (65) 8345 9511
Website: Click here to go to Mecento’s Website

Email[email protected]



HSP Digital Marketing Agency


HSP Digital Marketing Agency sets itself aside by utilising only the best technical expertise and creative insight to bring websites to higher ranks.

Key Clients

1. Unihealth 24-Hr Clinic
2. Thong Yong
3. T-Space
4. Tim Ho Wan
5. Ruelamode Portal


1. SEO
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Pay-Per-Click
4. Content Marketing
5. Linkedin Marketing


Address: 279 Balestier Road,
Balestier Point, #02-20,
Singapore 329727

Tel: (65) 6259 7709
Website: Click here to go to HSP Digital Marketing’s Website

Email[email protected]



East Side Mafia


Specialising in search engine optimisation, social media management, Facebook marketing and Google Adwords, East Side Mafia identifies as a direct response digital agency.

Key Clients

1. Winborne
3. Citibank
4. Great Eastern
5. Prudential


1. SEO
2. Website Design
3. Google Ads
4. Facebook Marketin


Address: 287B Outram Road
Singapore 169070

Website: Click here to go to East Side Mafia’s Website

Email[email protected]





Appiloque is a digital marketing team established in Singapore with methodology that is data-driven and tailored organisation, collects data and analysis for intended audience and built for maximum impact.

Key Clients

1. Capitaland
2. Cold Storage
3. Brother
4. Stamford
5. SPH Reit


1. Web Design & Development
2. SEO
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Digital Advertising
5. Email Marketing


Address: 114 Lavender Street
CT Hub 2, #02-64
Singapore 338729

Tel: (65) 3163 3403

WebsiteClick here to go to Appiloque’s Website

Email[email protected]



Digital Nova


A digital marketing agency that is based in Singapore, Digital Nova uses a goal-oriented attitude and profitable online marketing strategies that allow them to affect the conversions and leads tirelessly.

Key Clients

1. Autoexport & EPZ Pte Ltd
2. Fairfield Book Publisher
3. Vteach Pte Ltd
4. Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic
5. SunPro


1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Pay Per Click
4. Social Media Optimisation
5. Social Media Marketing


Address: #08-10,
Orchard Plaza,
150 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238841

Tel: (65) 6909 0975
WebsiteClick here to go to Digital Nova’s Website

Fax: (65) 6909 0957
Email[email protected]





Integrity, empowerment, excellence, respect for individuals and customer first are the values that Singsys strives to uphold. With a team of experienced, adept app and web developers as well as UI/UX designers,

Key Clients

1. Olympus
2. uParcel
3. COD (Causeway OD Shield)
4. Way Feng Shui
5. Cinidicium


1. Mobile Apps
2. Web Apps
3. Branding & Print Design
4. Digital Marketing
5. Hostin & Cloud


Address: 1 North Bridge Road
#17-10 High Street Centre
Singapore 179094

Website: Click here to go to Singsy’s Website

Tel: (65) 6561 3900
Email[email protected]





Hashmeta is one of the top digital media marketing agencies that creates and implements productive online marketing campaigns.

Key Clients

1. Trichoderm
2. Primataste
3. Paragon
4. Ayam Brand Singapore
5. Mount Elizabeth Hospital


1. Inbound Marketing
2. Content Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Influencer Marketing
5. Marketing Automation


Address: 30A Kallang Place #11-08/09
Singapore 339213

Tel: (65) 6205 5931

Website: Click here to go to Hashmeta’s Website

Email[email protected]



Clickr Media


With an enthusiasm in online marketing, Clickr ventures to re-establish the role of digital agency in order to provide practical and productive insights on businesses’ campaigns.

Key Clients

1. Kao
2. Parkway Cancer Centre
3. Universal Music Singapore
4. Home Shoppe
5. Tangs


1. SEM
2. SEO
3. Online Display Advertising
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Social Media Monitoring


Address: 2 Alexandra Road
#06-04 Delta House
Singapore 159919

Tel: (65) 6566 9556
Website: Click here to go to Clickr Media’s Website

Email[email protected]



The Idea Lab


The Idea Lab is an Integrated Advertising Communications agency made up of a group of young and spirited people that develop campaigns for digital and social media, design, outdoors and tv.

Key Clients

1. DBS
2. Facebook
3. Ford
4. Peugeot
5. Resorts World Sentosa Singapore


1. TV
2. Print
3. Ambient
4. Design
5. Digital


Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3
Vertex Tower A #04-74
Singapore 408868

Tel: (65) 6745 4332
Website: Click here to go to The Idea Lab’s website

Email[email protected]





Based in Singapore, Voilaah is a multifaceted creative that centres on User Experience and Web Application Development. The foundation of their programme is to always research as well as prototype early and fast.

Key Clients

1. Collins Debden
2. Wootag
3. Thomson Medical
4. Celebrating Life
5. Singtel


1. User Research
2. Attitudinal Studies
3. Data Analysis
4. Experience Mapping
5. Content Strategy


Address: 29B Mosque Street, level 3
Singapore 059507

Tel: (65) 6717 9535

Email[email protected]



Weave Asia


Weave Asia is an Asia-centric digital marketing agency with an international frame of mind. Through specialisation in state-of-the-art online marketing technology and digital marketing consulting services, they will help businesses course through Asia’s social and marketing networks effortlessly.

Key Clients

1. NIE
2. Furniture Club
3. Punch Detox
4. Crusade
5. Motorola


1. Brand Creation
2. Website
3. Graphics Design
4. SEO
5. Pay Per Click


Address: 2 Orchard Link #4-01
Singapore 237978

Tel: (65) 6908 5642
WebsiteClick here to go to Weave Asia’s Website

Email[email protected]



The Secret Little Agency


This agency was established in 2007 as it is widely known as TSLA. Over the last years TSLA has been making its way to the top and is now one of the global leading digital agencies.

Key Clients

1. Cetaphil
2. Netflix
3. Tiger Beer
4. Grab
5. RedMart


1. social media studio
2. UX Lab
3. Prototyping and design
4. Branding


Website: Click here to go to The Secret Little Agency’s Website

Email[email protected]





Flok launched in 2010 and is a company based out of Singapore and Australia. Its specialty is in fusing technology with creativity.

Key Clients

1. Carlsberg
2. DBS
4. Oakley
5. Nike


1. Digital Strategy
2. Web, Mobile & Social
3. Creative & Content
4. CRM & Messenging


Address: 144A East Coast Road
Singapore 428834
Website: Click here to go to Flok’s Website



BBH Asia


They abide by the motto ‘To be the most creative company in the world’. BBH certainly delivers work that is pure play, utterly riveting to its audience.

Key Clients

1. Nike
2. Youtube
3. Tinder
4. Bwin
5. Ikea


1. Brand Communications
2. Brand Experience
3. Brand Owned IP
4. Digital Products & Services
5. Performance Marketing


Address: 5 Magazine Road #03-03
Central Mall
Singapore 059571

Tel: (65) 6500 3000
Website: Click here to go to BBH Asia’s Website



Clickworkz Solutions


We Believe to inspire is the mantra that Clickworkz Solution uses to offer digital marketing services in Singapore. The company has been providing the services in Singapore since 2009 when it was established as a subsidiary of Lins Advertising.

Key Clients

1. Farmosa Holiday
2. DIVANO Boutique Studio
3. Hairdreams
4. Hong Thai Travel
5. JLL


1. Branding & Consultancy
2. Creative & Development
3. Digital Marketing
4. Social Media & Content Marketing


Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square #03-308
Singapore 039594

Tel: (65) 9850 9409
WebsiteClick here to go to Click Workz’s Website



PurpleClick Media


PurpleClick Media offers digital marketing solutions to big companies and SMEs in Singapore and the entire South East Asia region. Its record of accomplishment and consistent delivery of quality services has earned the company more than 30 awards.

Key Clients

1. Galmon
2. Avis Car Rental
3. TalariaX
4. Rentoki


1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Adwords Campaign Audit
4. Social
5. Mobile Advertising


Address: 51 Goldhill Plaza
#14-01 Singapore 308900

Tel: (65) 6533 8655
WebsiteClick here to go to Purple Click Media’s Website

Email[email protected]





iFoundries is another major agency in Singapore that supports local and international brands by providing robust digital marketing solutions. The company was established in 2005 and takes pride in delivering innovative and customer-oriented digital solutions.

Key Clients

1. Singtel
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Honda
4. Far East Organization
5. Savills


1. Digital Marketing
2. Inbound Marketing
3. Email Marketing
4. SEM
5. SEO


Address: #09-25 Oxley Bizhub
69 Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408731

Tel: (65) 6297 7751
Website: Click here to go to iFoundarie’s Website



Construct Digital


Construct Digital is a web-focused marketing agency based in Singapore. Launched in 2010, Construct has grown quite the reputation for scaling ideas to greatness with their tech know-how. They execute digital dexterity with effortlessness.

Key Clients

1. Giant
2. Tupperware
3. Starbucks
4. SAP Analytics
5. Gain City


1. Awareness Campaigns
2. B2B Marketing
3. Content Marketing
4. Hubspot Inbound Marketing
5. Lead Generation


Address: 114 Lavender Street
#11-85 CT Hub2
Singapore 338729

Tel: (65) 6438 4886
Website: Click here to go to Construct Digital’s Website





Arcade is a team of creative entrepreneurs who have been assembling digital marketing for brands since 2010. They construct ideas in the colliding space of marketing, entertainment and information in engineering branding, social, games and mobile for brands.

Key Clients

1. Mcdonald’s
2. Google
3. Ikea
4. Lenovo
5. Shiseido


1. Creative Storytelling
2. Content Management
3. Web Design


Address: 6 Collyer Quay #04-02
[email protected]
Singapore 049318

Tel: (65) 6557 0349
WebsiteClick here to go to Arcade’s Website



Kinetic Singapore


Kinetic Singapore is a home-grown creative agency that produces interactive media and design for brands. Their design ethos feels like a subculture in itself and they have been creating for brands like Nokia since 1999.

Key Clients

1. Mini
2. Facebook
3. F&N
4. Makisan
5. Uniqlo


1. User Experience
2. Content Management
3. Web Development
4. Digital Marketing


Address: 316 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427567

Tel: (65) 6508 6851
Email[email protected]
WebsiteClick here to go to Kinetic’s Website





Convertium is a full-service digital agency skilled and experienced at devising digital campaigns. They keep the unique user experience as a priority in their work. They also dabble in content, development, web and mobile design.

Key Clients

1. Bank of Singapore
2. Marian Bay Sands
3. Lexus Asia Pacific
4. Singapore Economic Development Board
5. Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific


1. User Experience
2. Content Management
3. Web Development
4. Digital Marketing


Address: 11B Stanley Street
Singapore 068730

Tel: (65) 6236 6400
Email[email protected]
WebsiteClick here to go to Convertium’s Website


“Professional group of people..” – Lex Maki





Interuptive is an award-winning agency that believes in creative disruptive work in the digital space. They are adept at through-the-line advertising, mobile, social management, app development and content.

Key Clients

1. Sony
2. Singtel
3. Cycle & Carriage
4. Electrolux
5. Espon


1. User Experience
2. Content Management
3. Web Design


Address: 544A Serangoon Road Singapore 218166

Tel: (65) 6296 8201
Website: Click here to go to Interuptive Website



Carbon Interactive


For more than ten years, carbon interactive has been in the digital marketing industry. This boutique agency situated in Singapore majors in digital strategy, social media, consultation services, web designing, branding and development.

Key Clients

1. Din Tai Fung
2. Wow Getaways
3. APRIL Group
4. SIT
5. One Faber Group


1. Copywriting
2. Web Design and Development
3. SEO
4. SEM


Address:50 Ubi Avenue 3, #04-05 Frontier [email protected]
Singapore 408866

Tel: (65) 6293 4373
WebsiteClick here to go to Carbon Interactive’s Website

Email[email protected]



Brand Rich


Brand Rich was found on the philosophy that a brand user can be made rich online, it only takes one knowing how to position that brand, market it by using the right mediums and offer what customers perceive to be something of great value.

Key Clients

1. Ascend Education
2. Ron Kaufman
3. Proceq Asia
4. Marketing Services (Australia)


1. SEO
2. Pay Per Click
3. Web Design
4. Email Marketing


Address:5001 Beach Road,
06-26 Golden Mile Complex,
Singapore 199588

Tel: (65) 6392-4590
WebsiteClick here to go to Brand Rich’s Website

Email[email protected]/[email protected]



River Orchid Notch


RiverOrchid Notch was established in 2006 as a digital communication and marketing agency. They specialize in crafting compelling campaigns for the China and Indonesia regions.

Key Clients

1. Coca-Cola
2. BMW
3. ANZ
4. Samsung


1. Digital Strategy
2. Digital Creative Design & Production
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Technology & development
5. Mobile Marketing


Address: 77 Trần Nhân Tôn, Phường 9, Quận 5
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: (84) 83 925 9468
WebsiteClick here to go to River Orchid’s Website

Email[email protected]



Ate Ideas


This is another boutique type agency that was established in 2006. They offer lifestyle companies a dynamic solution for their communications and marketing needs.

Key Clients

1. American Express
2. Artichoke Café & Bar
3. Canon Singapore
4. Dove
5. Gardens By The Bay


1. Branding
2. Public Relations
3. Digital Strategies
4. Events


Address: 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Level 22, Tower B, Singapore 238874

WebsiteClick here to go to Ate Idea’s Website

Email[email protected]



Xpointo Media Agency


Xpointo Media agency was founded in 2008 as a hybrid of a technology lab and a digital agency.

Key Clients

1. The Macallan
2. Canon
3. MSIG Singapore
4. At-Sunrice
5. Atlas Bose


1. Social Media
2. Rich Media Advertising
3. Mobile Apps
4. Search Marketing


Address: 19 Carpenter Street
Level 4
Singapore 059908

Tel: (65) 6222 0060
WebsiteClick here to go to Xpointo’s Website

Email[email protected]





Mediatropy agency was founded in 2001 as a digital company that focuses on helping clients by offering media planning and buying services.

Key Clients

1. Abercrombie & Fitch
2. Marriott International
3. Yves Rocher
4. W Hotels
5. Marina Square


1. Strategy
2. Media Planning & Buying
3. Creative Production
4. Content Production
5. Web Development


Address: 9 Purvis Street #02-03
Singapore 188588

Tel: (65) 3152 0634
WebsiteClick here to go to Media Tropy’s Website

Email[email protected]





Brandneu organization is a full service digital marketing agency that operates out of Indian and Singapore offices. Founded in 2001.


1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Ecommerce
5. Web Development


Address: 17 Phillip Street, Grand Building
Singapore 048695

Tel: (65) 6423-4640





Yoursite is among the youngest digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Established in 2010.

Key Clients

1. One Page Love
2. FWA


1. Digital Communications Services
2. Social Media Strategy
3. CRM Planning & Strategy
4. User Experience Design
5. Web Analytics and Reporting


Address: 120 Lower Delta Road
#09-06 Cendex Centre
Singapore 169208

Tel: (65) 6288 8641
Website: Click here to go to Yoursite’s Website

Email[email protected]



Asian TP


AsianTP as it is widely known as one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in Singapore, established in 1974. They major in helping clients develop and maintain websites that supplement the index of publications.

Key Clients

1. IBM
2. DMB
3. KBR
4. UBS
5. Sterling Bank


1. SEO
2. CMS
3. Publicatio


Address: 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #05-70, WCEGA Tower
Singapore 658065

Tel: (65) 6556 1000
Website: Click here to go to Asian TP’s Website



Notion Age


Nation Age is another full-service digital marketing company in Singapore and also operates in China. It was established in 2001.

Key Clients

1. Microsoft
3. Great Eastern
4. Resorts World Singapore
5. Toshiba


1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Content Creation & Marketing Services
4. Email Marketing & EDM Blasting Services


Address: 1 Kallang Junction
Vanguard Campus Level 6
Singapore 339263

Tel: (65) 6438 8303
WebsiteClick here to go to Notion Age’s Website

Email[email protected]



Aiden Creative


It was founded under the belief that the only means a client can be fully satisfied is when an agency works and behaves like their strategic partner rather than a simple outsourced vendor.

Key Clients

1. BioSkin
2. Esplanade
3. Maybank
4. Mediacorp
5. 8Days


1. Web Design & Development
2. iOS & Android App Development
3. Customised ERP Solution
4. Social Media Marketing
5. SEO


Address: 229 Mountbatten Road,
#03-38 Mountbatten Square,
Singapore 398007

Tel: (65) 6364 8846

WebsiteClick here to go to Aiden Creative Website

Email[email protected]





Formed in 2009 as a full-service local agency, Wild is agency with Singaporean-ness as its linchpin. Having served local brands like OCBC, Skin Inc. and SMU with adventurous campaigns, Wild has won themselves several local awards.

Key Clients

1. Tesco
2. CPF
3. Subway
4. Bosch
5. Cycle & Carriage


Address: 1 Chang Charn Rd, #05-06,
Singapore 159630

WebsiteClick here to go to Wild’s Website

Email[email protected]



Wave Evolution


Wave Evolution is a digital marketing agency that helps companies get leads online by providing an array of data and digital marketing solutions.

Key Clients

1. Siemens
2. Olympus
4. Meridien
5. Westin Hotels & Resorts


1. Lead Generation
2. Database
3. Email Marketing
4. SEO Services
5. Pay Per Click Advertising


Address: 16 Raffles Quay
#41-07, Hong Leong Building
Singapore 048581

Tel: (65) 6403 0303
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Email[email protected]



Ming Lab


MING Labs agency is made up of a team of experts who are passionate about digital innovation and transformation.

Key Clients

1. Grohe
2. Mann + Hummel
3. XL axiata
4. Bosch
5. BMW


1. UX
2. Internet strategy


Address: 43B Tras Street
Singapore 078982

Tel: (65) 8228 6816
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Circus Social


Circus Social helps businesses to better their digital marketing campaigns by providing social listening and analytics tools.

Key Clients

1. Coca Cola
2. Digital Arts Network
3. MasterCard
5. Wonderful Indonesia


1. Social/News – Monitoring & Research
2. Crisis Management & Prevention
3. Competitive Intelligence
4. Customer Service
5. Product Pricing Decisions


Address: 71 Robinson Road, #14-01,
Singapore 068895

Tel: (65) 8133 3243
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RED2 Digital


RED2 Digital is a popular digital marketing agency in Singapore that is well known for helping startups get a stable footing in the digital world.

Key Clients

1. ERI International
2. Centuryon
3. CA3
4. California Fitness & Yoga Center Vietnam


1. Digital Strategy
2. Digital Consulting
3. Web Development
4. SEO
5. Social Media Marketing


Address: Cali Tower, 464-466-468 Phan Xich Long Street, Ward 2,
Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Tel: (84) 90 136 0699
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Marketyze is a Bangkok based agency that offers digital marketing services in Singapore. One of the aspects that make it stand out is the fact that the team is results-oriented and always willing to go an extra mile to ensure that clients get value for money.

Key Clients

1. Lazada
2. VenueE
3. Socialgiver
4. AskSteve
5. Grain


1. Google Ads
2. Facebook Marketing
3. Tracking & Analytics
4. Mobile App Marketing
5. CRO


Address: 28C Stanley St
Singapore 068737

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What’s a Digital Agency?

A digital agency is an agency dedicated to meeting the evolving or ever-changing needs of marketing in the modern world.

These agencies try to bring copywriting, coding, and graphics together and combine them with modern marketing techniques and technology. 

What are the Main Services of a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing is an all-encompassing term for a cornucopia of different digital services including:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • App development
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Market (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Lead Generation, Media Campaigns
  • Public Relations, Mobile Campaigns
  • Video Marketing
  • Online Brand Development
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Per Click Retargeting
  • Content Creation

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

Here are some things to consider when you look for a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Identify your own needs first

Digital marketing is made up of many processes and they all work together to improve your online presence. Most agencies will admit to having narrowed expertise in specific fields.

Understand your budget

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There is no specific amount of money that you can spend on digital marketing, but it is vital that you understand how much you are willing to pay.

Operational Digital Marketing Experience

This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider and with so many digital marketing agencies in Singapore, it will help you narrow down to the best.

Industry Digital Marketing Experience

Most people put a lot of emphasis on industry experience when selecting a digital marketing agency. However, the agency’s experience can be misleading.

Similar Niche Digital Marketing Experience

In the previous tip, we talked about the importance of looking at the experience that the digital marketing agency has especially working in Singapore digital landscape.

Social Media Presence

More than one million Singaporeans are active in one or more social media platforms. Some of the most popular social media platforms in the country include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Consider the Technical Abilities of the Agency

In marketing circles, there are two sides of a coin, the client side, and the agency side. However, the technical side is often overlooked.

Digital Marketing Tools

Thanks to advancement in technology, there are plenty of digital marketing tools used by Singaporean agencies to create and monitor campaigns.

Value Before Pricing

One of the common mistakes that some Singapore businesses especially SMEs make is going for an agency that offers the lowest pricing. There are some that will give you fewer digital marketing services in Singapore and charge you less.

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Demand Transparency

There is a multitude of digital marketing agencies to choose from in Singapore and you should demand for transparency from your preferred agency.


With more than 3000 digital marketing agencies in Singapore, credibility is a crucial factor when choosing the right agency. Client testimonials will help you assess their credibility, but you should be on the lookout for genuine testimonials.

Customer Support

You need a digital marketing agency that is willing to update you at every stage of the project. They need to also provide you with the metrics that will help you see if the campaign is working.

How Easy Is It to Work with Them?

Every marketer-client relationship is unique and different, and it is crucial that you pick the agency that aligns with your availability, and personality.

Digital Marketing Agency Process




Understand & Align

Firstly, digital marketing team listens to understand the client’s unique business solutions, initiatives and goals

·         Client SLA

·         Marketing SLA

·         KPIs

·         Aims and Objectives

Research & Audit

Secondly, experts analyze the client’s brand, customers experience, services and delivery models to identify the market position and content gaps

·         Brand positioning, personas

·         Keyword Research

·         STWO

·         ICP

Strategy & Roadmap

Build a custom plan to derive leads and new customers for client’s business with digital marketing strategies

·         Annual Report of marketing Department

·         Quarterly Roadmap of Marketing Department

Execution & Production

Build and manage total digital marketing program

·         Website, SEO

·         Campaigns

·         Marketing tech Stack

·         Content creation

Measures, Analysis & Report

Measure and report on the client’s marketing to help them understand the ROI, and identify which methods are working and which are not working

·         Google Analytics

·         Hotjar, Databox and Hubspot

·         Check performance against KIPs

Test & Optimize

Continuously test the subject lines, CTAs and other digital contents to make recommendations for optimization

·         CRO

·         Iterate

·         A/B Test

·         Repeat

Digital Marketing Agency KPIs

Digital marketing agency’s KPIs are used by companies of all sizes to measure their marketing results.


Leading Indicator

Tertiary KPI

Secondary KPI

Primary KPI

Social media tracking



Site visits


SEO optimization


Site visits





Click Through Rate


Cost per Acquisition


Delivery Rate

Open Rate

Click Through Rate

Conversion rate


Referrals gained

Site visits




Content views/visits

Bounce Rate

Content shares



10 Recommended Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

Here are the digital marketing tools every Singapore marketer should have in their marketing toolbox.


Working with a marketing team? This tool is designed to facilitate collaboration between different members of your team.

Sprout Social

Sproutsocial is designed to help you manage your social media business page. The tool boasts an attractive interface, besides packing a tool suite that helps you manage your business page effectively.

Uber Suggest

It’s a tool you use to find long-tail keywords and come up with topics to write about. All you have to do is type in your main keywords, and you’ll be provided with similar variations of it.


With Buffer, you can manage your social media accounts from one place. You can schedule and analyse the posts you make on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


A software advertising platform that guides you on how to generate leads and gain more revenue through paid search and social advertising.

Google Analytics

A must-have digital marketing tool for every marketer out there. It’s a free tool that supplies you with all the information you need concerning your site performance, including popular keywords, audience demographics, action-taken, and so much more.


A great tool for those with no graphic design skill, but are looking for a cheap way to create engaging graphical content to be shared on their website and social media accounts.

Great tool for sharing your content to a relevant audience. You can even nominate one of your posts to be included as part of their distilled content.


Adds search engine data to your blog post so that Google and other search engines will have an easy time reading it. Guide’s on how to optimise your content for search engines.


It lets you track user behaviour and make necessary adjustments where possible. Through HeatMap, you can see where your users clicked while interacting with your site and the exact point that they stopped digging through your content.

50 Technical Digital Marketing Terms

SEM and PPC Terms Explained


Every time your ad appears in the search engine or any other site out there, it’s counted as an impression. Users don’t necessarily need to scroll or see it.


BingAds and Google AdWords have a billing system where they charge users per click. Every time someone clicks on a clickable part of your ad, it’s counted as a click, and you’re billed for it.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is the total number of impressions your ad is attracting divided by the total number of clicks it’s getting.

CTR = Impressions/Clicks

Click-through rate can be used to indicate how relevant or useful your ads are to your users.

Average Position

A measure of how your ad ranks against other similar ads. It’s what determines the position of your ad in paid search.

The highest average position is 1, with no limit set for the last position.


Conversions or actions refer to the specific activity that you intend your customer to take.

What should be the ultimate goal of every customer that lands on your website?


When users land on your website, they’re nothing more than your site visitors. When they submit their contact details or agree to be marketed to, they’re qualified as leads.

Ad Relevance

This is a measure of how much your ads meet the intent behind a particular search query. It’s a measure of relevance and usefulness.

It’s a measure of how much your ad makes sense with regard to what was queried.

Quality Score

From a scale of 1 to 10, what’s the perceived quality of your ads?

It’s what search engines use to determine your ad position and how much to charge you for it.


Remarketing is a marketing strategy that involves following a user with an ad. Users are served with repeated impressions of your ad in a bid to get them to change their minds.


Social Media Marketing Terms


A campaign refers to the coordinated marketing effort of business steered towards a particular business goal or objective.

On Facebook, a campaign contains an ad set and a group of ads.


A reach refers to the number of people who’ve been served with at least one impression of your ad.


Boost refers to the blue button that appears beneath your page post. It’s meant to lure you into spending your money on Facebook ads with no access to their detailed targeting parameters.

We strongly advise against using this button.


Facebook doesn’t just display their ads once to a user. One user can see an ad several times, and frequency refers to a number of times an ad has been served to one user.

Conversion Pixel

A piece of javaScript code that Facebook lets you install on your website. It’s meant to help you optimise your ads, track conversions, and build a targeted audience for future ads and remarketing.


Facebook retargeting works awfully lot like retargeting for paid search. It refers to the process of serving your ads to a user for the second time.

Power Editor

Power Editor allows you to monitor multiple ads from the same panel. It’s a tool that advanced advertisers use to market on Facebook.

Ad Auction

Facebook’s ad system is set to operate as an auction. The only difference is that they aren’t looking for the highest bidder, but the best ad to run.

Daily Budget

How much are you willing to spend on the ads per day?

Lifetime Budget

How much are you willing to spend on the entire campaign? Facebook will take this budget and divide by the number of days you plan to run the campaign, and present you with a daily budget.

Link Clicks

The number of clicks one has to make to get to a particular destination. How many links does a user have to click to reach a particular destination, like your download page, landing page, video and so on

Cost Per Action or Acquisition (CPA)

How much will you be spending to trigger one customer acquisition action?It’s calculated as your total spend divided by the total number of undertaken actions.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

The amount that Facebook or any other social media channel charges you for every click you get.

How much should you spend on one click?

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

The total amount of money that you have to spend to get one lead.

How much money do you have to spend to wind up with one lead?

Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

How much do you have to spend to trigger one engagement action?

How much do you have to spend to get one post-click, reaction, comment, or share?

Cost Per Impression (CPM)

Your total spends for every 1000 impressions.

People Taking Action

The total number of unique visitors that took intended action, such as liking your post, commenting on it, installing an app, or going through with a purchase.

Potential Reach

The total number of people matching your defined audience on Facebook counted every month.


The current status of your ads, ad set, or campaign.

An ad or campaign is considered active when it’s running. An inactive one is either finished or discontinued for some reason.


Content Marketing and SEO Terms


The spammy, unethical ways that shady SEO experts use to manipulate search engines into ranking them high.

A/B Testing

The practice of stacking two or more versions or variations of your content, social media ad, or email to find out which one has the greatest potential before launching it.

Heat Map

Heat maps are designed to use analytics data such as scrolls, pauses, and clicks to visually show you which parts of your website or web page are users fond of or interacting with the most.


A brand or individual with a good reputation and solid engagement within your niche.


Schemas are meant to help search engines understand your website content better.


SERPs refer to search engine result pages.

It refers to the information that search engines display in response to what was queried in by the user.

User-Generated Content

Any content that’s contributed by a user who’s not in any way paid or affiliated to your brand.


Phrases that people use to find what they’re looking for on the web.


Website Analytics Terms


The total number of times people visited your site within a given period


Your site visitors


How many times was your page viewed within a given period or session?

Time on Page

The Time that a User spends on your page, starting from the time that they landed to the time that they left

Session Duration

The period between loading the first page and loading the last page.

Bounce Rate

The percentage number of visitors that only opened one page and did not make any attempt to scroll through it. Or the visitors that visited your website but did not stay for more than 10 seconds.

Visitor Type

Used to indicate whether a visitor is new or returning.


Where specifically did the visitors come from before landing on your site? Is it search engines, social media, or some other website?


The general category of where your users came from. Did they come from organic search, paid search, referrals, and so on?

Content Scrolling

Designed to track your site’s visitor as they scroll past a specific section of your content. You can use it to track content performance or fire off a specific event in the analytics.

Feature Interaction Tracking

Tracks user interactions with certain features on your website, including button clicking, galleries, and marquee scrolling.

Form Engagement Tracking

How are users interacting with your forms? If a user begins to fill a form but abandons it midway, the last section they filled will be marked.

Buyer Persona

A rough idea of what your customers look like or prefer – their gender, behaviour, level of income, age, and so forth.

Domain Authority

A ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how a site is likely to rank in the SERPs. It’s calculated based on several critical factors.


There you have it: these are the top digital marketing agencies based in Singapore. We also covered what services they provide, what you should expect of them and how to work with them.

Get in touch with MediaOne on +65 6789 9852 for the best digital marketing services in Singapore.

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