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What’s Digital Marketing?

Simply put, any attempt to promote your products or brand using the internet and digital media is what’s widely referred to as digital marketing.

Following the recent debate around the term “digital marketing,” we thought it would be useful to pin down its exact definition and clear the confusion.

Does the definition matter?

Yes, it does. Clients need clarity, and much of what’s defined online is misleading.

In its simplest form, digital marketing can be defined as the process of achieving your marketing objectives through the application of digital technologies and media.

In practise, it includes any attempt to manage the online presence of a company through social media, mobile apps, and the company’s website. That’s in conjunction with a long list of online communication techniques, including online advertising, social media marketing, PR management, email marketing, partnership with other webmasters, and so on.

The main difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is the communication techniques used.

End objectives don’t change. But setting up objectives for digital marketing is relatively easier. All you have to do is base your objectives around a string of vanity metrics such as the number of followers, likes, shares, and so forth.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing in Singapore?

Open Communication Line Between Your Business and Customers

Digital marketing opens a direct line of communication between your business and the customers you’re targeting. It allows you to prepare an audience of reliable and trustworthy fans.

Brand Awareness

Digital marketing is good for brand awareness. It exposes your business and everything it stands for to a wider audience. More people get to know your business, which speeds up the conversion process.

Easy on Your Pocket

Unlike traditional marketing, it’s possible to run a successful digital marketing campaign with any budget. Plus, you get to save a lot of your marketing money in the long run.

Levelled Competition Field

With traditional marketing, you didn’t stand a chance to compete with giant brands effectively. But digital marketing has you competing on a levelled field with already established brands.

Targets the Right Consumers

Digital marketing is more targeted. You don’t have to cast your campaign on specs. With digital marketing, it’s possible to narrow down your target audience to a specific segment.

You want your campaign message to reach the right group of consumers and not just anyone.

Take SEO, for instance. Search engines by virtue of ranking you for your keywords, can link you up with customers that are already interested in what you have to offer. And customers tend to trust organic rankings more.

Real-Time Customer Support

It’s an open line of communication with digital marketing. Customers are allowed to contact you at any time of the day, regardless of the media, and receive immediate feedback.

Monitor Results

You can measure your progress every step of the way. You’re free to analyse user interaction, level of engagement, and so forth.

It equips you for the Internet of Things: The world of tech has constantly been evolving. And now, we’re at that point where everything is connected.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Your Customers are Online

Your customers are already online. They’re already shopping around for a business like yours.

By not being online, that means you’re losing them to someone else. It’s a modern trend. When customers want something, the first thing they do is research for it online.

It’s then that they’re supposed to learn about your brand and decide if you’re a good fit for the business.

Your only chance to woo them over is by being online. Establish an active online presence, and you’ll have an easy time convincing a majority of them to shop with you.

Your Competitors Are Online Too

It’s time you started paying attention to what your competitors are doing and pick a lesson or two from them.

Your competitor isn’t just someone you’re trying to throw out of business. But someone you can learn or draw inspiration from.

Most likely, your competitors have already established a solid web presence, while you’re still wrestling with the idea.

Find out about the type of content they’re creating. Are they big on blogging, videos, or graphics?

What channels are they using to brand their business, and what exactly makes each one of them unique from the other?

Find out about how they’re engaging their customers and try to establish if there’s a way you can do it better.

You need an active web presence for this.

Be Accessible to Your Customers

The first place an average customer goes to look for a product or service they’re interested in is online.

Google is the first friend they turn to for recommendations. That means your customers will be missing out on you if you’re not among the results that show up.

Having an online presence means your customers will have an easy time finding you. All they have to do is query your name in the search engines, and they’ll be directed to your website or straight to your physical store through the local search.

Attract Customers

Digital marketing puts you right in front of your target audience, where you can easily be found. Customers are free to come to check you out at their time of convenience or when they feel like they need your products or services.

It’s a marketing channel that doesn’t interrupt customers. Customers find you when they have a problem, and you take it upon yourself to educate them and guide them towards the solution you’re offering.

A Chance to Know and Understand Your Target Audience

Digital marketing isn’t just about promoting your products and brand to your target audience. It’s about collecting data and putting your ears open to what your customers are saying.

It’s about staying in constant touch with the customers that you’re trying to sell to. Through social listening, you get to learn what your customers are saying about your products, brand, or the industry in general.

It’s through digital interaction that you get to learn about preferences or what your customers want. It’s through digital interaction that you also get to learn about their pain and what solution suits them best.

It goes Beyond Attracting Customers

With digital marketing, you’re not just attracting customers. But establishing a relationship with them.

You’re creating a bond that will elevate you from the status of a business to a trusted partner.

In return, your customers accord you with loyalty. They become your brand ambassadors by referring their kith and kin to you. That’s the ultimate goal of any digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2020

2020 marks the beginning of a new digital decade.

Started with TikTok revolutionising the definition of short video content. It’s then that marketers realised that they could easily capture the short attention span of Gen Z through brand transparency.

It’s safe to say that there are a few digital marketing trends that will spark a shift in consumer behaviour and marketing technologies, and that’s what we’re looking to cover in this section of the post.

AI will Cause a Dramatic Shift in the Digital Landscape

It’s almost impossible to talk about PPC in 2020 without addressing the role of AI.

That explains why so many digital marketing agencies in Singapore have been heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools over the past few years.

Think in terms of automated bidding strategies and smart campaigns.

The huge part of running a successful PPC campaign in 2020 lies in the adoption of automation tools, which play a critical role in the decision-making process.

Machine learning software is designed to help you manage the different aspects of your PPC campaign through bid management and statistical learning methods that result in an impressive conversion rate.

Consistent and Strategic Audience targeting

While 2019 was so focused on audience targeting through remarketing, 2020 will try to take a more tailored approach by looking at the buying journey of customers.

Customers will be targeted at specific touch-points depending on where they are in the buying journey.

In other words, marketers will learn to listen to their customers’ interests and send the right message to them at the right time. That way, they can gradually nurture their customers’ interest instead of mass-shooting them marketing messages on a humble.

PPC Marketers will have no option but to Up their Game

Automation will be replacing data-driven tasks and all the mundane tasks that marketers engage in. This will force marketers to drive more innovation and come up with their own strategies.

PPC marketers will be forced to adopt a more strategic mindset. Instead of focusing on tasks that can be automated, they’ll be encouraged to be more creative with their approach and let tools handle the rest.

The Proliferation of Chatbots

Chatbots are the software programs that marketers use to interact with their site visitors and customers. They’re natural, and communication happens in real-time.

Installing a chatbot is a great way to save on the cost of hiring someone to communicate with your site visitors and monitor everything.

A chatbot is also personable, informative, and unbiased. Customers get to make faster decisions and feel like they’re being accorded with the respect they deserve.

SEO and PPC will form a Camaraderie

People treat SEO and PPC as two different entities, with some passing them as a nemesis.

However, 2020 will be the years when their beef gets squashed.

It’s a relationship that business people will want to cultivate to maximise success.

PPC and SEO will integrate and exchange important keywords in the SERPs.

This is a relationship that has been building up for years. And 2020 will be the year when marketers will have to expand their horizons and rebuild their digital marketing strategies from scratch.

Many Marketers will Up their Content Marketing Game

Your competition will only get stiff as the year rolls by.

And that’s because companies are beginning to realise that they do not stand a chance to compete effectively in the present world if they don’t up their digital marketing game.

With their antennas set up, businesses are on the lookout for quirky advertising strategies and the next big thing in the world of marketing.

Businesses have also realised the role that high-quality content plays in generating leads and driving sales, and they’re all prepared to go ham.

Consumers aren’t just interested in content. They want to see depth.

That means your only chance to succeed through content marketing is to offer content that’s more focused and specialised instead of taking the genetic route that many marketers have been so hung up on.

Consumers want to see you take note of their preferences and idiosyncrasies. Your ultimate goal should be to deliver a user experience that’s incomparably personal, holistic, and multi-channel.

Featured Snippets and Search Position Zero

Your ultimate goal in 2020 shouldn’t be to propel your site to the first position in the SERPs. But to propel it to position zero.

SEO will continue to be a critical segment of digital marketing. What will change is how consumers interact with search engines.

Featured snippets mean consumers don’t have to head over to your website to dig through your information.

Google has the summarised information right there on their result pages. Readers can go through it and only choose to go over to your blog or website if they’re interested in more of it.

Voice Search

There’s no denying that this is where SEO is headed.

If the predictions made by various sources are anything to go by, then voice searches will make nearly 50% of all searches that happen online.

As smart speakers continue to boom, the more people will realise that they can search for what they want online by just addressing search engines directly.

As a marketer, you shouldn’t be thinking of voice search as another challenge, but an exciting opportunity to stay ahead of your competition.

Not long ago, a new advertising opportunity for smart speakers was introduced, dubbed “Branded Skills.”

Users can directly voice a question to their digital assistant, and the speaker will respond to the question.

For instance, you could ask your digital assistant to, “ask MediaOne for a guide on how to conduct an effective local SEO campaign in Singapore.”

For a marketer, this comes as a perfect opportunity to increase online visibility and brand awareness. It also allows users to place their orders directly from the guide results.

Digital Marketing Stats Singapore

Before you hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore, its important for you know what are trends, facts and figures so that you are able to discuss with your digital marketing agency on the focus for your budget and objectives.

Here’s the latest stat round-up on ecommerce, location data, customer experience, trends, social media marketing, M-commerce, and so on in Singapore:

Organic Search Stats

  • Google caters for more than 94% of all the organic traffic that you’re likely to get, according to Web Presence solutions.
  • On average, there are about 1890 words on Google’s first page results (Backlinko, 2016).
  • 50% of search queries feature more than four words (IMPACT, 2019)
  • 61% of marketers have SEO in their inbound marketing priority basket. Their priority is on improving their organic presence first, with the rest coming second (HubSpot, 2018).
  • 70% to 80% of online users only care about organic search results. To put it quite differently, about 70% of the population in Singapore won’t bother opening a paid search. They’ll instead hop past it to the next available organic search (MarTech, 2018).
  • Video content can drive 50 times more organic search results compared to plain text. In other words, it’s 50 times easier to rank for a video than it is to rank with text content (Omnicore, 2018).
  • In comparison, SEO is thought to be 5.66 times better or more effective than paid searches (New Media Campaign, in 2018).
  • Including a video into the post that you publish can increase your organic traffic by up to 157% (Search Engine People, in 2017).
  • With good content, you can increase the amount of traffic you drive to your website or blog by up to 2000%.
  • Mid-sized companies and enterprises rely on content development and Technical SEO to improve their search presence.

Social Media Stats

  • 77% of Singaporean are active on social media.
  • About 64% of online shoppers admit that a video has ever influenced them into buying a product or service on social media.
  • 43% of online stores report seeing a significant amount of traffic coming from social media.
  • 2 out of 3 Singaporeans admit to having a social media or internet addictions, as per an AIA survey.
  • Singaporeans are a more discerning lot, with zero tolerance to irrelevant brand messages. In fact, 22% of Singaporeans admit to completely ignoring social media messages posted by brands.
  • 40% of Singaporeans admit to trusting the recommendations they get from social media about brand compared to hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. That means brands have a better chance of winning more customers when they opt for the dry press in place of self-promoting their brands.
  • 84% of social media users in Singapore use mobile phones to browse through the networks. 33% of all social media browse social media during lunch hour. 43% in the afternoon, 56% in the evening, 38% before retiring to bed, and 16% in the wee hours of the night.
  • On average, Singaporeans spend 2 hours, 6 minutes going through social media.

Facebook Stats in Singapore

3.5 million Singaporeans (out of the total population of 5.83 million) have an active Facebook account. Out of this, 3.2 million use their mobile phones to access Facebook.

1 in 4 Singaporeans checks Facebook while they’re watching TV or doing something else. They browse their timelines with divided attention. This should direct how you craft your Facebook posts. A simple approach would be to keep them light and easy to digest. In other words, clunky and stilt posts won’t cut it.

Singapore Top Websites (According to Alexa)

The top social media platform in Singapore is WhatsApp, which boasts a 73% penetration. Facebook and YouTube closely follow it.

  • WhatsApp (73% penetration rate)
  • YouTube (71% penetration rate)
  • Facebook (70% penetration rate)
  • Instagram (44% penetration rate)
  • Facebook Messenger (42% penetration rate)
  • Google Plus (29% penetration rate)
  • Twitter (25% penetration rate)
  • LinkedIn (24% penetration rate)
  • WeChat (24% penetration rate)

General Digital Marketing Stats in Singapore

Singapore has a population of 5.83 million people, cramming on a 719.9 Square Kilometres of land. It’s, in fact, ranked third as the country with the highest population density – next to Monaco and Macau.

Don’t forget the fact that Singapore is the world’s most expensive city (But that’s not what we’re here to discuss today).

As it stands, Singapore has one of the highest internet penetration rates, at 82%.

Also, Singapore has one of the highest penetration rates for mobile, at 86%. This is exactly why you must optimise your website design for mobile.

More importantly, when hiring an SEO agency in Singapore, make sure that they’ll also be helping you take care of mobile SEO as well.

Singaporeans enjoy one of the fastest internets in the world, both broadband and mobile. SpeedTest reveals that their broadband download speed averages 180.61Mbs while their mobile broadband speed hangs around 44.37Mbs.

Search marketing Stats

Millennials are ranked as the biggest users of search engines. And that’s because they make almost all their decisions based on the research they did online or what was recommended to them by their peers on social media.

Almost half (48%) of Singaporeans use the internet to find out more about a product they’re interested in buying. They use it to compare prices and weigh on product features.

29% of shoppers have reported using the internet to read reviews.

26% say they use the internet to find cheaper options. They look for brands with similar offerings and then settle on the cheapest option.

When asked about the channel they use to find shopping information:

  • 60% were quick to admit that they use Google.
  • 14% suggested YouTube
  • 12% said they use social media
  • While 12% admitted to relying on price comparison sites.

Ecommerce and M-commerce stats in Singapore

  • More than 3.12 million Singaporeans have interacted with an ecommerce store before. It’s even projected that by 2021, the number of active ecommerce users would have increased by 998, 000. That’s a cool 4.11 million Singaporeans.

Statista also goes on to show that each of the 4.11 million Singaporeans would have spent $1234 by 2021 (Statista, 2018).

  • 73% of the people who shop online have in the past year bought an item oversees, with 14% admitting that they exclusively buy items on foreign land (Ipsos, 2018).
  • The total annual ecommerce revenue in Singapore across all industry and product categories is $3.3 billion, and it’s estimated to shoot up to $5 billion by 2021.

The leading product categories, and with the highest revenue, are electronics and media, which account for $918.1 million of the market share.

Toys come in second, followed by Hobby and DIY items, which in total generate $843 million every year (eShopworld, 2018).

Here’s what happens after customers make a purchase online:

  • 16% of the customers will go to social media to share their experiences with others.
  • 14% will review the product or services online.
  • 11% will look for more information on product usage and setting it up.
  • About 39% of online purchases in Singapore were made on mobile.
  • About 38% of online purchases in Singapore were made on desktops and laptops.

Web Design and Stats in Singapore

  • If your website is not optimised for mobile, 58% will hop to the next site that loads just fine on a mobile device. Only 42% will make the effort of checking it out from another device.
  • Web owners use marketing techniques to optimise their sites for better user experiences.
  • 50% of marketers have optimised their emails and websites for mobile.
  • 90% of marketers in Singapore agree that mobile marketing works. About two-thirds of marketers have already incorporated mobile marketing into their marketing strategy.
  • Mobile optimisation is even more important now as more and more Singaporeans are now beginning to handle almost all their online activities on a mobile device.

Stats on Devices Usage

This section of the post looks at the different devices that Singaporeans use to access the internet.

  • Only 20% of Singaporeans rely on laptops and desktops to access the internet.
  • About 78% access the internet on mobile
  • Only 2% access the internet using tablets
  • According to Hootsuite, about 93% of Singaporeans use the internet daily. On average, each user spends about seven hours nine minutes online.

The Digital Marketing Sphere in Singapore

Digital marketing is broad and comprises of overarching marketing strategies and covering an expansive spectrum of channels – from PPC and SEO to social media campaigns and email marketing.

And naturally, the Singapore market is a very crowded field with 3000 over agencies, which makes it hard to choose one.

Not all marketing agencies are fashioned from the same fabric, which is why we had to put together a list such as this– if not for anything else, then it’s to save you the trouble of choosing a wrong agency when you’re out there shopping for one.

Every single one of the agencies on the list offers a diverse range of digital marketing services, by way of example they offer growth hacking, campaign management, SEO, PPC, social media, PR, content marketing, and anything else that you can do to get potential customers to come knocking at your door.

To find out what these agencies are and what qualifies them as the best, we encourage you to read the rest of this post.

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What’s a Digital Agency?

The world of marketing and advertising has transformed on a grand scale. Everything is now digital, to the extent that using the term “digital agency” almost sounds redundant.

It’s good that print, television, radio, and other forms of traditional marketing techniques haven’t completely lost relevance despite being side-lined by modern marketing strategies. For that, we might have to explain the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing to draw the line and clear the confusion that exists.

A digital agency is an agency dedicated to meeting the evolving or ever-changing needs of marketing in the modern world.

These agencies try to bring copywriting, coding, and graphics together and combine them with modern marketing techniques and technology. The result you get is a creative mix of science, engineering, artistry, and an unmatched determination to offer solutions and fix problems in the fast-changing marketing landscape.

What are the Main Services of a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing is an all-encompassing term for a cornucopia of different digital services including web design, web development, app development, search engine optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Market (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Lead Generation, Media Campaigns, Public Relations, Mobile Campaigns, Video Marketing, Online Brand Development, Online Lead Generation, Pay Per Click Retargeting, and Content Creation, to name a few.

It’s a deep and wide niche, and which requires that you develop a deeper understanding of the medium to grow and guide a brand using different digital channels successfully. Successful brands understand that the secret of running an effective digital marketing campaign is by providing additional consumer value using a variety of digital means.

What has changed between tradition marketing and digital marketing is the domain, but the core principles of branding remain pretty much the same.

The old, interruption-based media is no longer as effective as it were a few years back. And the reason for this is that there’s too much of it. There are so many companies interrupting consumers trying to sell them something.

Consumers are bombarded with ad clutter, from companies trying to outsell each other. It’s a total nuisance, to say the least — a noise that consumers just want to kill and be done with. Incidentally, different studies have also shown that consumers are now boycotting companies that are bothering them with excessive advertising.

What Are The Benefits of Engaging A Digital Marketing Agency In Singapore

Digital marketing agencies specialise in cost-effective marketing solutions. And that’s because they only target an audience with interest, instead of randomly mass-shooting their marketing messages to everybody listening to the radio or glued to their TV screens.

Digital marketing strategies can usually be measured and accounted for. Meaning, you can tell what works and what doesn’t to know where to predominantly direct your marketing money and reduce the chances of wasting it.

10 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

Digital marketing is an all-encompassing practise that entails different methods of promoting your business using the internet. If your company has limited resources or as inadequate expertise on the matter, it can be quite challenging to launch such a campaign. This explains why most companies often hire a digital marketing agency to assist in brand promotion and growing their businesses.

The following are the top ten benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

It Allows You to Focus on Other Areas

When you venture into online marketing, you often need to hire new employees to run the campaign. You will also need to allocate time to ensure that the campaign runs according to plan. Moreover, it takes time and resources and set up the marketing team and the campaign itself.

The best way of saving time is by hiring a digital marketing agency. Instead of spending months hiring and training your team, you can use that time for growing other areas of your company. This is because an agency usually requires onboarding, after which it handles all tasks related to internet marketing.

Its Cost-effective

Most companies usually compare the cost of hiring an in-house team to the fees charged by an agency when launching their marketing campaigns. In most cases, hiring an agency costs less in the long run.

The reason behind the lower prices is that agencies work as independent contractors, which eliminates the need for payroll taxes. Also, you do not have to incur the recurrent expenses associated with permanent employees, such as salaries and other allowances.

Work with Professionals

One of the most significant challenges faced by upcoming companies is finding the right people to run their digital marketing campaigns. Enlisting the services of a digital marketing agency solves this problem, as you get to work with experts who have verifiable experience in the industry. Even better, the majority of these agencies usually charge lower fees than the cost of hiring individual experts.

A Digital Marketing Agency Provides New Ideas

In digital marketing, what works for another company might not necessarily work for you. This means that copying the strategies employed by your competitors does not always guarantee success.

A digital marketing agency leverages its experience in the industry to give you ideas that will improve your business. If your team was implementing ineffective strategies, the agency will provide a new perspective on how to improve your business. Moreover, the agency will assess your target audience and create a marketing message that resonates with them.

An Agency Guarantees Relevance

Every marketer knows the significance of research before launching any campaign. It is critical to understand the preferences of your audience, the tactics employed by competitors, and the latest marketing practices in your niche.

Since all agencies invest in thorough research, you are guaranteed that your marketing campaign will be relevant. Also, the agencies usually implement the latest practices in the industry, which ensures that you get positive results.

Additionally, agencies take time to understand the behaviour and preferences of your target audience. This ensures that your marketing campaign is successful and ahead of your competition.

A Digital Marketing Agency Guarantees Scalability

As a marketer, you always expect your business to grow, which calls for an expansion of your marketing team. Increasing the size of your in-house team means that you have to allocate more resources to support the growth.

That is not the case if you work with a digital marketing agency. You are not required to expand your team, and more importantly, you will not suffer from an increased workload. Make sure that you hire an agency that is flexible and scalable, as this is essential when targeting new markets.

Agencies Offer Measurable Results

The objective of launching a marketing campaign is to grow a business. With so many metrics available in the digital marketing world, it can be challenging to measure the ROI for your campaign. However, agencies help by setting the key performance indicators which help in gauging the impact of your strategy against your business goals.

Most marketing agencies usually offer insights on how various strategies are performing and how to make improvements. You also get regular audits to help in making marketing decisions.

Access to Useful Tools

It is nearly impossible to run a digital marketing campaign without investing in specialized tools and software. You need to invest in keyword research tools, competitor analysis, PPC advertising, and automation tools, and so on. The reality is that most of these resources are costly, and you often have to pay more to enjoy premium features.

The cumulative costs of acquiring marketing tools can hurt the budgets of small and upcoming businesses. Since digital marketing agencies have these resources, you do not have to get concerned about the recurring costs of using them.

Professional Native Ads

The increasing popularity of native advertising is compelling marketers to learn more about the practice. The ability to display organic ads on different media transforms how your audience interacts with your brand.

That said, many marketers do not know where to place their adverts. A digital marketing agency can solve this challenge by conducting research and identifying the best platform for ad placement and the right content distribution strategy. This, in turn, boosts your ROI significantly.

Effective Storytelling

A digital marketing agency defines and spreads your brand message on various platforms. By generating positive PR about your products and services, the agency improves your brand awareness and image. Also, the agency guarantees effective storytelling by creating engaging and compelling messages that are relevant to your target audience.

Summary of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

Digital marketing in Singapore brings together a broad range of multi-disciplinary solutions to almost every problem marketers face. The solutions are meant to ameliorate customers’ experiences at every point of their marketing journey, including online shopping, sales & marketing, billing, subscription, and delivery.

Professional digital marketers embrace strategic thinking, story-telling and brand building, and technical innovation to deliver on the objectives that their clients have.

As compared to other marketing techniques, digital marketing has a broader reach and generates faster results. Hiring a digital marketing agency ensures that you launch your campaigns in time, as you do not waste time on building and training an in-house team.

When hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore, make sure that they understand your business goals. The key to a successful campaign is being on the same page. Lastly, it would help if you allowed the experts to implement the strategies that they deem best to enable you to achieve your objectives.

Different Types of Marketing Strategies that Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore Employ

Here’s a list of some main strategies that a typical digital marketing agency employs:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Voice Search Marketing

SEO aims to improve your visibility in search engines results pages so that your site appears among the results that show up every time an online user runs a search query that’s relevant to your business or line of products.

So, while SEO focuses on ranking your site organically, SEM focuses on ranking it as a paid search.

Most search engine advertising are auction-based advertising systems, where marketers try to outbid each other for a prime spot on the search engine result page.

  • Display Advertising (Dynamic Ads, Static Ads, Rich Media Ads)
  • Media Buying
  • Programmatic media buying
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Video Advertising

Video Marketing

It’s a digital marketer’s job to create innovative messages and distribute them all across the web. They can customise videos that serve different marketing purposes, covering everything from scripting it and optimising them for relevant keywords and posting them on social media and video streaming platforms such as YouTube.

Remember, not all digital marketing agencies offer video marketing services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another go-to marketing strategy that digital agencies employ for clients that reach out to them for their services.

Through content marketing, these agencies can reach, engage, and connect with your consumers through calculated content. This content can come in different forms such as blog posts, videos, infographics, and so much more.

The main goal is to provide value to customers through content. But unlike ads, this strategy is not sales-oriented – it’s informational and meant to gradually grow consumers’ interest and get them to subscribe to your email list.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is regarded as the most cost-effective marketing strategy around.

Its primary focus is to retain your existing customers and nurture prospective ones until they’re warm enough to take action.

It’s an excellent strategy that digital marketing agencies in Singapore use to keep their clients’ businesses on top of customers’ minds and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another common online marketing strategy that digital agencies employ for clients that hire them to help them grow their businesses in Singapore.

This strategy focuses on two things: increasing brand awareness and getting the bulk of your followers to convert.

Running an effective social media marketing campaign begins with identifying the right social media channels to run your campaign on. You have the option to run the campaign on one channel or several of them, depending on the audience you’re targeting and the platform they prefer.

Voice Search Marketing

This is a new marketing strategy that’s beginning to pick up and take shape. It’s the future of digital marketing – bound to only get bigger and more effective with time.

This strategy ensures that you’re able to optimise your site content for voice search. The goal is to propel your site to position zero on Google search and earn it a featured snippet.

This strategy is fast-becoming popular following the popularity of voice searches such as Siri, Echo, and Alexa to name a few.

Top 60 Digital Marketing Agencies

AGENCYMediaOneDe Mellows24K DesignVisibiliti8traordinaryFirstPageEightfourSplash InteractiveStrategic DigitalabVintedgeHappy MarketerWebcadaForetecIdeaverseImpossible MarketingInnova ConceptsVML2StallionsOsmiummOOnshot digitalIH DigitalMecenatoHSP Digital Marketing AgencyEast Side MafiaAppiloqueDigital NovaSingsysHash MetaClickr MediaThe Idea LabVoilàahWeave AsiaThe Secret Little AgencyFlokBBH AsiaClickworkz SolutionsPurpleClick MediaiFoundriesConstruct DigitalArcadeKinetic SingaporeConvertiumInteruptiveCarbon InteractiveBrand RichRiverOrchid NotchAte IdeasXpointo MediaMediatropyBrandneuYoursiteAsianTPNotion AgeAiden CreativeWildWave EvolutionMING LabsCircus SocialRED2 DigitalMarketyze
Only the very best in SEO, MediaOne provides the complete works for your brand to rank on Google’s covetable pages. It’s digital armour comprises of SEO/ SEM, Online Reputation Management and Social Media Marketing.MediaOne prioritises search engine marketing and earned media marketing. It simply believes in the power of ranking high and is able to tirelessly achieve this end for your business with the aid of a well-versed technical team.

A leading Google Partner, it has worked with a roster of big names like Singtel, Capitaland, InterContinental Hotel, DirectAsia, Maybank, ST Electronics, Pazzion, University of Cambridge, Sheraton Hotel, Ministry of Law, EDB, e2i, HP Enterprises, Braun Buffel and Changi Airport. They will take care of your online reputation and provide the know-how to gain that big Google advantage.

As an agency, it is a white hat with a customer-oriented attitude unmatched in this industry. Expect regular SEO reports, a lot of hand-holding, explanations and tutorials to explain the “mysteries” of SEO, and journalist-class copywriting for superior keywords and overall: unmatched SEO. The best SEO agency (accredited) in Singapore comes with a highly experienced team.
An award-winning digital solutions agency in Singapore, De Mellows remains the sole firm that provides integrated initiatives to support and improve brands. They are committed to maximising productivity and help businesses succeed by custom-tailoring marketing strategies with proven formulas.
De Mellows provides teams of marketing specialists to diagnose and mend strategies, providing businesses with the best return of investment and definitive outcomes. They offer services in marketing funnel and automation, web design and conversion rate optimisation among others. De Mellows has been engaged by many governmental and commercial businesses like SIA, SGH, Olympus as well as People’s Association.
24K Design centres on conveying visible and substantial results for businesses while enhancing the brand to last the years to come. They are a full-service creative firm that focusses on graphic design, mobile app and responsive website development. Their web-based IT solutions also include content management websites, search engine optimisation as well as eCommerce services.
The well-balanced combination of technology and creativity is what allows them to build unforgettable experiences for website users while making sure their online presence changes with the industry. A few of their clients include Grab, Daikin, My First Skool and Din Tai Fung (UK). 24K Design aspires to achieve a harmony and coherence between aesthetics, innovation and functionality.
Visibiliti is always exploring and creating fresh methods for brands to interact and develop relationships with users on digital platforms. They act as an extension of the business’ own digital marketing team, customising and personalising marketing strategies for them. The agency is goal-driven and results-oriented, ensuring they are working on what matters most to their client’s business.
Visibiliti offers services that includes pay per click management, sales and marketing automation as well as search engine optimisation. They are passionate about creating works that stimulate quality traffic and to optimise them to push brands to a new potential. Some of their notable clients are Hitachi, MindChamps, Pastamania and Tourism Australia.
8traordinary was started based on the vision of being exceptional. This digital marketing agency wants to be extraordinary in all their ideas, approaches and executions. They make things simple yet unique and better. 8traordinary aspires to resolve any problems to make businesses and their brands as well as themselves better.
8traordinary dabbles in branding, creative, experiential activations, integrated campaigns, mobile and website performance in addition to consultancy. Some clients that have engaged their services include Millenia Walk, Toshiba, Singapore Design Week and Funan.
First Page offers cutting-edge digital marketing services in Singapore that aim to help brands reach their full potential. Having boosted many brands to the front page of Google, the digital marketing consultants ensures quality traffic are guided to your site and set you aside from your competitors. First Page possess a global expertise of online marketing techniques and knowledge through operating their international offices.
FirstPage provides a team of technical and creative specialists to optimise a business’s site, encouraging growth and brand authority for the business. Other than search engine optimisation, First Page also delves into pay per click advertising, social media marketing and conversion rate optimisation among other digital marketing initiatives. Some of their clientele includes Toshiba, Kaplan, Bioskin and Ascott.
Eightfour is made up of a group of thinkers, techies and makers who love developing digital business and to generate intuitive digital platforms and products for everyone. They are a design centred user experience and development agency producing platforms and experiences that stretch across all industries.
Eightfour provides services like brand strategy and research, email marketing as well as customer relationship management to name a few. The agency takes on one big project at a time, ensuring the exclusive business has their undivided attention and expertise. Notable companies like OCBC, AXA, Hyundai and WWF have engaged Eightfour over the years.
Splash Interactive is a creative and technology agency that aids businesses to thrive in today’s digital world. They emphasise on user needs to develop satisfactory experiences for customers, ensuring long-lasting relationships. They perform a combination of user experience, strategy, code and visual design such as innovative and intuitive applications as well as complex backends and platforms.
Splash Interactive will not only help businesses navigate but leave an impact on digital media.Splash Interactive provides services from search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, creative campaign development and everything in between. Some of their impressive list of clients include CapitaMalls, Esplanade, Volvo and UOB.
Strategic Digitalab is a digital marketing agency that custom-makes communications and marketing campaigns with the latest in design and technology. Belonging to Strategic Public Relations Group, the firm is a member of one of the biggest communications networks in the region. They design, build and supervise content on online platforms to accommodate all of a business’s communication needs.
Strategic Digitalab offers services like social media marketing, performance marketing, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing among others. They also constantly tests and optimises their digital marketing initiatives to ensure results are delivered. Some of their clientele are Singtel, S&P Global Platts, psb academy and directhome.
Vintedge is a dynamic digital marketing agency that provides a range of online capabilities from digital planning to campaign implementation and technical expertise. Their strong suit is their ability to constantly convey results that not only attain clients’ goal, but to exceed it.
Vintedge provides a 360 approach to online marketing solutions through the experience of working on diverse digital projects with global brands like Canon, Elsevier, Unilever Food Solution Singapore as well as Cyberlogitec. Should you be searching for productive digital channels to improve your business, Vintedge is always ready to help brands in achieving their objectives.
Happy Marketer is an outstanding digital marketing agency in Singapore that is committed to make businesses happy through their holistic digital marketing strategies. They have a team of 50 professionals across Singapore and India that provides results-oriented, data-driven and creative digital marketing initiatives.
Happy Marketer is the proud sole digital consulting agency in South East Asia that obtained three Google certifications – Youtube Advertising, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords. They are also among Singapore’s first HubSpot resellers, assisting businesses to automate their inbound marketing and increase conversions. Their clients include Standard Chartered, Singtel, Grab and NTUC Income.
Webcada is an independent firm that provides technological and digital solutions to businesses everywhere. They are dedicated to achieving quality web development, as well as offering tools that will help their clients push the limits. Technology remains their strongest point, yet it does not restrict them to other digital marketing resources that will help brands design abundant prospects to their business.
Webcada offers email marketing, content management site development, search engine optimisation and inbound marketing among other services. Clients like Le Bon Marché, BEGA, The Editor’s Market and Skin Bar have partnered with Webcada over the years.
Foretec is committed to providing specialised digital marketing services that suits all of your online business needs. By presenting comprehensive examinations of all processes, they aspire to provide the highest quality for their clients. Foretec guarantees expert experience, judicious strategies and positive success.
A provider of all things digital marketing such as search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, website development, hosting, content writing and domain buying, Foretec offers solution for your business’s online marketing needs. They have worked with companies like ERA Singapore, SLP internation and Google Singapore.
Ideaverse operates as a software development and online marketing agency in central Singapore. It prides itself on being the sole firm in South East Asia that integrates new and old media to provide brands with the best of both worlds.
Ideaverse enhances businesses’ marketing strategies digitally and assures success in the long-term.

Ideaverse’s team of talented professionals are competent in areas such as web analytics, search engine optimisation, landing page optimisation, social media marketing as well as copywriting. Their list of clients include BMW, Pokka, Asian Food Channel and Heineken.
Impossible Marketing is among the top of digital marketing agencies in Singapore and has been a Google Partner Company since 2014. They are dedicated to developing strategies that encourage targeted traffic as well as quality leads. Impossible Marketing wants to raise online conversions and assist businesses to attain the greatest results with the best return of investment.
Impossible Marketing offers a diverse range of lead generation services like social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, video marketing and beyond. With clients such as NTU, iShop Changi, Singtel and Suntec Singapore, you can trust in them to help you in your online marketing strategies.
Headquartered in Singapore, Innova Concepts identifies as a web solutions company that aims to provide premium, reliable and user-friendly web formula catering to a variety of needs. They are committed to make sure businesses’ online capacities are synced with the possibilities that they pursue. Innova Concepts provides tailored services like planning, designing, strategising, developing, hosting and marketing your website digitally.
Their accumulated years of knowledge and experience helps them to deliver the best results and optimise businesses with all round steadfast support. Innova Concepts provides resources such as creative web design, software, online strategy, search engine optimisation, data driven websites and technology consultancy. Their list of clientele includes Home-Fix, Avivar, and Toto.
VML is inspired by the shared experiences that brings people together, utilising this emotional connection to inform their digital marketing strategies.
Their core operations – marketing and advertising, platforms and experiences, as well as strategy and intelligence, are employed to boost purposeful human relationships in the name of a brand.VML is passionate about providing effective yet simple and reasonable websites that will improve organic search engine rankings and attract selected traffic to websites.

The agency offers integrated campaigns, social strategy, global content platforms and brand planning just to name a few of their services. Some of their partnerships include OCBC, Dell, Kellogg’s and Adidas.
With more than a decade of experience in online marketing and development, 2Stallions is equipped with a team of professionals that brings the best results. They offer services in consultancy, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and website development.
2Stallions has partnered with Frisco Singapore, People’s Association, NTUC as well as Thomson Medical, proving themselves to be a popular choice among businesses. 2Stallions helps their clients conceptualise, plan and execute new social media and web strategies, creating an online presence for them. 2Stallions is the agency for your digital marketing solutions.
Osmium is a Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore that is formed by a group of seasoned thinkers and strategists, committed to developing distinctively productive and state-of-the-art solutions.
The agency is competent in services such as SEO, Creative Content Creation, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing and Management as well as E-Commerce Design and Development.Clients like OrangeTee, Fuji Xerox, Yishion and Ashleigh Ivory are just a few examples of brands that have worked with Osmium.

With their diverse range of services, businesses are guaranteed a comprehensive and integrated approach to their marketing strategies and campaigns.
A boutique digital marketing agency, mOOnshot digital provides custom digital experiences to help brands engage with affluent consumers in Asia and beyond. With the speed and capacity to deliver significant results efficiently, mOOnshot digital is consistently pushing the limits of design marketing solutions.
Every team is curated specifically for each projects, ensuring the finest and most brilliant user experience architects, creative storyteller and analytic marketers are helping businesses with their marketing strategies. mOOnshot digital’s distinguished clientele features Givenchy, Deloitte, Esquire and Kohler.

With competencies in strategy and innovation, design and digital marketing, web design as well as development, rest assured you are in safe hands.
IH Digital holds a firm presence in China as well as Southeast Asia as a digital marketing agency with more than 100 digital specialists to accommodate to different digital needs. Embracing passion, integrity, customer focus and teamwork, the agency has built a culture that honours their diversity and unites experts across Asia. IH Digital provides digital marketing services such as search engine optimisation, social media marketing, digital creative and video marketing as well as consultancy and research. They offer a prudent 360 degrees process, focussing on creating and distributing meaningful content to target audiences.
IH Digital has helped clients such as Laneige Singapore, Panasonic Singapore and Sulwhasoo Singapore on various marketing strategies successfully and favourably. They are earnest about innovative technology, creative ideas and beautiful designs, but most importantly about enhanced results they can measure for you
Mercanto is made up of an global network of entrepreneurs and creators that aims to encourage innovation and interconnected collaboration between businesses and creatives everywhere. With more than 1900 nodes that include institutions, talents, creative service providers and digital marketplaces, Mercanto coordinates remote flash teams to help businesses develop their projects.
Businesses can access the expertise and proficiencies of this extensive network such as Social Interfaces, User Funnel Experiments and Mobile Advertising to improve their marketing models and campaigns. Some of the clients Mercanto has worked with include Coca Cola, Emirates, Nike and HSBC.
HSP Digital Marketing Agency sets itself aside by utilising only the best technical expertise and creative insight to bring websites to higher ranks. They can help to craft an effective marketing strategy with their professional expertise on search engine optimisation, social media optimisation, content marketing, pay per click management and many other marketing solutions.
HSP Digital Marketing Agency has developed successful marketing campaigns for companies like Tim Ho Wan, White Cat Yoga and Unihealth 24-Hr Clinic, gaining substantial experience and knowledge to assist their next clients. If you need an impactful online presence, you know HSP Digital Marketing is the agency to go to.
Specialising in search engine optimisation, social media management, Facebook marketing and Google Adwords, East Side Mafia identifies as a direct response digital agency. Their finest team of marketers undertake over $700k of profitable advertising budget every month.
East Side Mafia takes a dynamic methodology to online marketing and aids companies with campaigns that accurately target their objectives. Whether it is generating more leads and sales or branding, this agency is committed to help your business grow. Having been engaged by SUTD, Citibank, Great Eastern and Prudential, their list of clientele speaks of the expertise they offer, guaranteeing satisfactory results.
Appiloque is a digital marketing team established in Singapore with methodology that is data-driven and tailored organisation, collects data and analysis for intended audience and built for maximum impact. They work as an extension of a business’s team to drive business results and their integrated team of specialists provide beneficial insights to constantly enhance their marketing strategies.
Appiloque avoids a fixed SEO keyword package but offers flat ad management fees, ensuring a holistic and dynamic service for you. Not to mention, they have invaluable experience working with notable clients such as Capitaland, Cold Storage and Victoria’s Secret
A digital marketing agency that is based in Singapore, Digital Nova uses a goal-oriented attitude and profitable online marketing strategies that allow them to affect the conversions and leads tirelessly. Their marketing approaches are process driven, helping you expand your business prudently and with the latest digital marketing techniques.
Digital Nova offers search engine optimisation, social media management and pay per click services to digitally revamp worlds, with marketing strategies designed with a focus on a business’s needs. Some of their clients include Autoexport & EPZ Pte Ltd, SunPro as well as Fairfield Book Publisher. There has never been a better time to invest your efforts into a digitally driven marketing programme which is targeted, measurable and helps you gain real return on investments
Integrity, empowerment, excellence, respect for individuals and customer first are the values that Singsys strives to uphold. With a team of experienced, adept app and web developers as well as UI/UX designers, Singsys is a digital marketing agency with a vision to achieve customer satisfaction. Creativity and comprehensive web solutions are the main focus of the agency to make technology advantageous to businesses.
Singsys prides itself on having delivered timely and successful mobile and web applications for a range of clients including Olympus, uParcel and Way Feng Shui. This agency crafts digital solutions that consists of customer relationship management, branding and printe design as well as E-commerce services which are a mixture of technical superiority, novelties and centricity at a time of digital disruption.
Hashmeta is one of the top digital media marketing agencies that creates and implements productive online marketing campaigns. Founded in 2012, Hashmeta was developed with a focus to make digital marketing simple and efficient for their clients while growing their business with the most reliable marketing services and solutions.
The agency is proficient in providing search engine optimisation, design optimisation as well as social media marketing. Hashmeta has worked with organisations like Northumbria University, Paragon, Ayam Brand Singapore as well as Bosch Singapore. They are committed to helping you enjoy more sales and increased return on investments with the best digital marketing initiatives.
With an enthusiasm in online marketing, Clickr ventures to re-establish the role of digital agency in order to provide practical and productive insights on businesses’ campaigns. Clickr competently improves marketing strategies with services like search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, blog marketing as well as web development among others. They have an extensive campaign experience through working with brands such as Universal Music Singapore, DBS, Tangs and Lab Series.
With proper resources and expertise in-house, Clickr is able to provide accurate assistance, in real time, to all your web development and design projects as well as your online marketing campaigns. Fusing the power of technology, the reach of digital media and the depth of big data, Clickr is able to productively and effectively execute your brands’ campaigns.
The Idea Lab is an Integrated Advertising Communications agency made up of a group of young and spirited people that develop campaigns for digital and social media, design, outdoors and tv. A visit to their website will show their passion and enthusiasm in creating visually engaging websites. The Idea Lab offers a comprehensive range of services and creates campaigns across all platforms, so there is bound to be a programme fit for your needs.
With big names like Facebook, DBS, Ford and Resorts World Sentosa Singapore under their belt, The Idea Lab is a noteworthy agency to keep an eye on.
Based in Singapore, Voilaah is a multifaceted creative that centres on User Experience and Web Application Development. The foundation of their programme is to always research as well as prototype early and fast. Voilaah believes in the need to stay at the vanguard of technology with continual investment and evaluation of the latest well-made and scalable systems.
Having delivered efficient, dynamic websites and web applications for clients like Singtel, Thomson Medical, and Singapore Press Holdings, this agency aims to share their accumulated experience with their clients. With services in data analysis, content strategy, responsive development and many more, rest assured your website is in good hands
Weave Asia is an Asia-centric digital marketing agency with an international frame of mind. Through specialisation in state-of-the-art online marketing technology and digital marketing consulting services, they will help businesses course through Asia’s social and marketing networks effortlessly. The agency has represented several important organisations like NIE, Motorola and Hublot, possessing a wealth of experience to provide you with the best expertise.
With teams of professionals dealing with web and graphic design, SEO management and social media marketing, count on Weave Asia to create a robust digital ecosystem that will ensure your website is engaging and reliable.
This agency was established in 2007 as it is widely known as TSLA. Over the last years TSLA has been making its way to the top and is now one of the global leading digital agencies. Currently, TSLA is operating in Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Here is a tight-knit, home-grown agency on the other side of the data-design spectrum. It delivers creativity and sociability, on point. Its founder, Nicholas Ye, is a proud proclaimer of creativity. He claims the modern app for advertisement should rightly be Whatsapp.

Fundamentally a crew established on the values of medium-breaking, barrier-lifting creativity, TSLA has produced for real household names both nationally and internationally. Its expertise is in its deep understanding of the Asian culture to really help connect brands to the Asian market.

They believe in human connection and their marketing oeuvre has bridged human experiences with the digital world. Creativity is crafted to a delicate Asian understanding and their campaigns have gained responsive consumers experientially and digitally. TSLA has also executed good digital design with sheer brilliance.

Their riveting work has been collaborations with behemoths like Cetaphil, Netflix and Singaporean Tiger Beer. The agency is preparing its expansion internationally, whilst maintaining its Singaporean foothold and identity.
Flok launched in 2010 and is a company based out of Singapore and Australia. Its specialty is in fusing technology with creativity. Their services include web development, motion design, app design and social media.
They are Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer and they are well equipped to turn their developing expertise into pure media gold for their clients. Dubbed digital explorers, they are front of the line when it comes to tech trends and they are your marketers if you require an inspiring tech return. Their impressive longlist of clients, namely DBS, Nivea and Carlsberg, are game-changers in our region.
They abide by the motto ‘To be the most creative company in the world’. BBH certainly delivers work that is pure play, utterly riveting to its audience. It is a full-service marketing agency with a global presence and offices located in Los Angeles, London, India, New York, Shanghai, Singapore and Stockholm.
A moderate agency in size, BBH has been named one of the top 3 agencies in the world. Its recent Ikea Bookbook campaign garnered above 16 million Youtube views and praise from international press like Telegraph and Time magazine. Its creative ideology is rooted in difference and their enthralling portfolio showcases groundbreaking work. It advertises for large clients like Nike, Virgin Media and Ikea. The Publicis Groupe acquired BBH back in 2012.
We Believe To Inspire is the mantra that Clickworkz Solution uses to offer digital marketing services in Singapore. The company has been providing the services in Singapore since 2009 when it was established as a subsidiary of Lins Advertising.
One of the main goals of the company is to provide digital and interactive development solutions for the new market to Singapore business across all industries. The growth of digital marketing industry in Singapore motivated the company to start offering additional services such as SEO and SEM. In 2012, it set up a branch office in Kuala Lumpur.

Some of the companies that have benefited from its digital marketing services include FARMOSA HOLIDAY, DIVANO Boutique Studio, Hairdreams, Hong Thai Travel, JLL and many more.
PurpleClick Media offers digital marketing solutions to big companies and SMEs in Singapore and the entire South East Asia region. Its record of accomplishment and consistent delivery of quality services has earned the company more than 30 awards.
The company was established in 2006, and it has grown to become one of the most trusted agencies in Singapore. Some of the services that it offers include mobile marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.
iFoundries is another major agency in Singapore that supports local and international brands by providing robust digital marketing solutions. The company was established in 2005 and takes pride in delivering innovative and customer-oriented digital solutions.
Instead of pushing clients with sales pitches or bombarding them with countless ads, iFoundries focuses on empowering the target audience with accurate information, providing solutions and answers to their questions. Some of the companies that it has helped get more customers include China Taiping, SP Telcom, ISA Technology, Subway, Raffles Marina, and Country Holidays and many more.
Construct Digital is a web-focused marketing agency based in Singapore. Launched in 2010, Construct has grown quite the reputation for scaling ideas to greatness with their tech know-how. They execute digital dexterity with effortlessness.
With strong suits in web development, delivery strategy and digital consulting, it has worked on a multitude of microsites for prominent names like Starbucks and Giant. They also frequently partner with creative firms who may not necessarily have that technical flair. Clients are largely local, and Construct Digital helps build efficient web commerce platforms for these clients.
Arcade is a team of creative entrepreneurs who have been assembling digital marketing for brands since 2010. They construct ideas in the colliding space of marketing, entertainment and information in engineering branding, social, games and mobile for brands.
Their entrepreneurial stance on marketing brings a certain delectable newness to their campaigns to likely satiate millennial appetites. Armed with a trend-conscious perspective, Arcade has created for McDonald’s, Google and Ikea. Notably, it oversaw the digital operations of Taylor Swift’s RED Tour.
Kinetic Singapore is a home-grown creative agency that produces interactive media and design for brands. Their design ethos feels like a subculture in itself and they have been creating for brands like Nokia since 1999.Convertium is a full-service digital agency skilled and experienced at devising digital campaigns. They keep the unique user experience as a priority in their work. They also dabble in content, development, web and mobile design.
Convertium has partnered with significant names like Lexus, Harley-Davidson and Brother Industries since 2001.
Interuptive is an award-winning agency that believes in creative disruptive work in the digital space. They are adept at through-the-line advertising, mobile, social management, app development and content.
They have worked with the greats, the likes of BBC, Sony and Mitsubishi. Interuptive has been awarded accolades from Creative Circle, AdFest and Webbby.
For more than ten years, carbon interactive has been in the digital marketing industry. This boutique agency situated in Singapore majors in digital strategy, social media, consultation services, web designing, branding and development.
Carbon caters for all integrated and interactive needs of their clients. Among the notable clients they have worked with in Singapore are the April Group, CHANEL, Singapore polytechnic, Esplanade Singapore, Paper One, NTUC Link and StarCruise.
Brand Rich was found on the philosophy that a brand user can be made rich online, it only takes one knowing how to position that brand, market it by using the right mediums and offer what customers perceive to be something of great value.
The agency specialises in web design, email marketing, search engine optimisation, blogging and online social networking among more services. They follow a strategy which, aims at making sure every customer has a positive experience, increases visibility, reach, loyalty, brand recognition, retention and brand awareness.

Its clients include IQ Dynamics, Ascend Education, Proof Perfect, Ron Kaufman and Casa Sentosa.
RiverOrchid Notch was established in 2006 as a digital communication and marketing agency. They specialize in crafting compelling campaigns for the China and Indonesia regions.
They also offer digital strategising, social media, analytics, CRM, loyalty program. Database marketing, web and developing mobile applications. Among their reputable clients are Coca-Cola, BMW, ANZ and Samsung.
This is another boutique type agency that was established I 2006. They offer lifestyle companies a dynamic solution for their communications and marketing needs. It has now become the most innovative and creative group company in Singapore comprising of Ate Integrated Communications, Ate Digital and Ate Ideas.
Ate Company is made up of a team of professional with over 35 years of experience in digital and social marketing, public relations and content development, partnership and sponsoring and proprietary products.

Among its prominent clients are Capella, DBS, American Express, Unilever, Keppel Land and TWG tea.
Xpointo Media agency was founded in 2008 as a hybrid of a technology lab and a digital agency. As digital marketing agency, Xpointo Media delivers digital campaigns by leveraging social media, rich media advertising, mobile apps, and search among more services.
With their digital technology lab, this agency has developed several platform such as Webii, Lead Genome and Creative x. their most prominent clients are Amazon, Adobe, Nikon and Sony.
Mediatropy agency was founded in 2001 as a digital company that focuses on helping clients by offering media planning and buying services. They also major in project planning and management, web and mobile development and implementation of campaigns.
One of its most popular technology solutions is Tag Manager. Tag Manager is used for tag managing websites by using multiple tags for media and analytics purposes.
Brandneu organization is a full service digital marketing agency that operates out of Indian and Singapore offices. Founded in 2001, they specialize in digital strategy, social media marketing and search, relationship marketing demand generation and conversion optimization. Some of their clientele include Philips, HP, Novartis and HSBC.Yoursite is among the youngest digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Established in 2010, they offer Digital Communications Services, Social Media Strategy, CRM Planning & Strategy, user experience design, web analytics and reporting, ecommerce platforms, web and mobile applications and email and database platforms.
Yoursite has been featured in some of the most esteemed web galleries such as One Page Love, FWA and AWWWARDS.
AsianTP as it is widely known is one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in Singapore, established in 1974. They major in helping clients develop and maintain websites that supplement the index of publications. It is a developed media house that offers directed content to trade, business and consumer markets in the Pacific region of Asia.
Primarily they offer corporate branding services, search engine optimization and web design. These services gives the company a large coverage area where they can synergize print medium for partners, readers, clients, subscribers and advertisers

They have worked for IBM, DMB, KBR, UBS, Sterling Bank, Xerox, Williams, Fagan Company and Atlas Door among more.
Nation Age is another full service digital marketing company in Singapore and also operates in China. It was established in 2001 as an agency that offers digital marketing and advertising services, email marketing solutions, search engine optimisation, web application development and creative design.
Trend Micro, Mitsubishi Electric Asia and ESPN Star Sports are among their notable clients.
It was founded under the belief that the only means a client can be fully satisfied is when an agency works and behaves like their strategic partner rather than a simple outsourced vendor. Ever since it was established, Aiden Creative agency has always been among the top rapidly evolving digital marketing companies of the digital age.
They offers services such as social media marketing, web design and web development, SEO, pay per click (PPC) advertising, web analytics and email marketing
Formed in 2009 as a full-service local agency, Wild is agency with Singaporean-ness as its linchpin. Having served local brands like OCBC, Skin Inc. and SMU with adventurous campaigns, Wild has won themselves several local awards. As a company and marketing agency, they feel very rightly Singaporean.Wave Evolution is a digital marketing agency that helps companies get leads online by providing an array of data and digital marketing solutions such as email marketing, SMS marketing, SEO, Database Solution, Social Media Marketing and Web Data Scraping.
One of the highlights of this company is that it uses data to come up with the marketing campaigns for their clients. Over the years, it has developed a vast consumer contact database that is essential in not only email marketing but also SMS and social media marketing.

Some of the notable clients that have used their digital marketing services include Hong Leong Bank, Siemens, Unilever, Sembcorp, BMW, Audi, Meridien, Westin Hotels & Resorts, and ACCA.
MING Labs agency is made up of a team of experts who are passionate about digital innovation and transformation. The agency firmly believes that most of the scalability challenges that businesses face in Singapore can be resolved through the implementation of robust digital marketing strategies.
It has mastered the art of helping SMEs in Singapore reign supreme online by creating digital strategies and internal enablement. In addition, it also helps companies get more clients online by creating digital products that change the behaviours and perspective of the target customers.

One of the pillars of the agency is the belief that small teams of dedicated digital marketing experts can achieve more results than the large hierarchical delivery organizations. Fewer management layers ensure that each team member contributes fully to the project.
Circus Social helps businesses to better their digital marketing campaigns by providing social listening and analytics tools. The analytics tools enable brands to know the performance of their campaigns as well as pinpoint the specific areas that need to be improved.
Some of the notable brands that have benefited from the service include Coca Cola, Digital Arts Network, ZENO, MasterCard, Wonderful Indonesia, Nikon, Huawei, and Audi.

One of the highlights of this company is that it goes beyond information and data to provide competitor intelligence, accurate consumer insights, inspiring content that motivate the target audience to take the desired action and much more.
RED2 Digital is a popular digital marketing agency in Singapore that is well known for helping startups get a stable footing in the digital world. As indicated on their homepage, they collaborate with clients to create strong marketing campaigns that move the target customers.
They break the barriers of technology and perceptions to create exceptional digital experiences that lead to more sales. Some of the services that they offer include mobile marketing, social media marketing, content strategy, real-time marketing, digital media planning, search engine optimization, and many more.
Marketyze is a Bangkok based agency that offers digital marketing services in Singapore. One of the aspects that make it stand out is the fact that the team is results-oriented and always willing to go an extra mile to ensure that clients get value for money.
Over the years, it has recruited a team of professionals who are fully conversant with the various digital marketing strategies. This skilled team helps them create and monitor campaigns for their clients smartly and professionally.

Some of the clients that they have worked with include VenueE, Socialgiver, AskSteve, LAZADA Effortless Shopping, Grain, and Absolute Fitfood.
2. Capitaland
3. InterContinental Hotel
4. DirectAsia
5. Maybank
6. ST Electronics
7. Pazzion
8. University of Cambridge
9. Sheraton Hotel
10. Ministry of Law
1. SIA Engineering Company
2. Singapore General Hospital
3. Land Transport & Authority
4. UOB
5. MOE
6. Olympus
7. PUB
8. AIA
9. People’s Association
10. Supreme Court Singapore
1. Grab
2. My First Skool
3. Nexus International School
4. Daikin
5. NTUC afterschool
6. TungLok Signatures
7. Singapore Paediatric Society
8. Din Tai Fung (UK)
9. KGI Securities (Singapore)
10. ITB Aisa
1. Hitachi
2. MindChamps
3. Kumon
4. Pastamania
5. Tourism Australia
6. goodrich
7. my first school
8. Cherie Hearts
9. International School Singapore Campus
10. J8 Hotel
1. Millenia Walk
2. Toshiba
3. Singapore Design Week
4. PaperOne
5. Capitaland
6. Funan
7. SkinSoul Switzerland
8. Swissinfo
9. Kobe
1. Hoya
2. Toshiba
3. Singtel
4. guardian
5. Holey Moley Golf Club
6. Kaplan
7. Cedele
8. BioSkin
9. Bakerzin
10. Ascott
2. AXA
3. dentsu
4. Hyundai
5. WWF
7. Geneco
8. American Standard
10. vertex
1. CapitaMalls
2. Citibank
3. esplanade
4. Mount Elizabeth
5. NTUC income
6. Standard Chartered
7. Parkway Pantai
8. UOB
9. Volvo
10. NAFA
1. Singtel
2. Singapore Kindness Movement
3. directhome
4. S&P Global Platts
5. Golden Equator Wealth
6. cyviz
7. Roche
8. psb Academy
9. Enable Asia
10. Cognizant
1. Canon Singapore
2. Cyberlogitec
3. Elsevier
4. Marine Port Authority of Singapore
5. KFC Singapore
6. NTU
7. Pizza Hut Singapore
8. Unilever Food Solution Singapore
9. Pantai Hospitals
10. Drypers Singapore
1. Standard Chartered
2. Citibank
3. NTUC Income
4. AXA
5. Great Eastern
6. Singtel
7. Starhub
8. Circles.Life
9. Grab
10. Property Guru
1. Baker’s Brew Studio
2. Anti Clockwise
3. The Editor’s Market
4. Skin Bar
5. Le Bon Marché
7. Owell Body Care
8. Audio Technica
10. Style Weekend
1. ERA Singapore
2. PropNex
3. Google Singapore
4. SLP International
5. Huttons Real Estate Group
1. BMW
2. Pokka
3. Asian Food Channel
4. Heineken
5. American Express
6. Adidas
7. Billabong
8. SPH
9. Healthway Medical
10. Asia Pacific
1. NTU
2. iShop Changi
3. Singtel
4. Suntec Singapore
5. Sookee Jewellery
6. Yeo’s
7. Hungry Go Where
8. SIM
9. Cathay Cineplexes
10. Royal Caribbean International
1. Home-Fix
2. Toto
3. Excel
4. avivar
5. Sensational
6. Mt Sapola
2. Dell
3. 3M
4. Adidas
5. Barbie
6. Colgate
7. Kellogg’s
8. Revlon
9. Sony Pictures
10. DBS
1. Frisco Singapore
2. AQ Services International
3. PhysioActive
4. People’s Association
5. Banning Legal Tax
6. Thomson Medical
8. Hot Tomato
9. Wavin
10. Expat Living Singapore
1. OrangeTee
2. Fuji Xerox
3. Ashleigh Ivory
4. Chillwhr
5. Proteger
6. Property Kakis
7. Yishion
8. Fu Lin Bar & Kitchen
9.Indian House
10. Singapore Life
1. Givenchy
2. Deloitte
3. Stefano Ricci
4. Kohler
5. Esquire
6. Luxe Digital
7. Waft
8. MyScentDesign
9. In Love
10. Wine Delivery
1. Laneige Singapore
2. Honda Malaysia
3. Sulwhasoo Singapore
4. Panasonic Singapore
5. Bourjois Singapore
6. BOH Tea Malaysia
1. Atlantis
2. Coca Cola
3. Emirates
5. Nike
6. Nokia
7. Six Senses Resorts & Spas
8. Qatar Financial Centre
9. gyro
10. Dubai Calendar
1. Unihealth 24-Hr Clinic
2. Thong Yong
3. T-Space
4. Tim Ho Wan
5. Ruelamode Portal
6. Norman
7. Monte Kidz World
8. White Cat Yoga
1. Winborne
3. Citibank
4. Great Eastern
5. Prudential
6. Standard Chartered
8. Larmoire
9. Chameleon Global Events
10. Grolier
1. Capitaland
2. Cold Storage
3. Brother
4. Stamford
5. SPH Reit
6. Superdry
7. Kumon
8. British Council
9. Victoria’s Secret
10. New Moon
1. Autoexport & EPZ Pte Ltd
2. Fairfield Book Publisher
3. Vteach Pte Ltd
4. Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic
5. SunPro
6. PixaKnights Pte Ltd
7. AJ Towing (S) Pte Ltd
8. Mufiz Restaruant Group
1. Olympus
2. uParcel
3. COD (Causeway OD Shield)
4. Way Feng Shui
5. Cinidicium
6. CCE App
1. Trichoderm
2. Primataste
3. Paragon
4. Ayam Brand Singapore
5. Mount Elizabeth Hospital
6. Northumbria University
7. BOSCH Singapore
8. Jurong Point
9. NTUC LearningHub
10. Suntec City
1. Kao
2. Parkway Cancer Centre
3. Universal Music Singapore
4. Home Shoppe
5. Tangs
6. DBS
7. Lab Series
8. Singtel
9. SPH
10. Marshall Cavendish
1. DBS
2. Facebook
3. Ford
4. Peugeot
5. Resorts World Sentosa Singapore
6. Asia Mall
7. MyRepublic
8. AirAsia
9. Burger King
10. AIA
1. Collins Debden
2. Wootag
3. Thomson Medical
4. Celebrating Life
5. Singtel
6. SPH
7. SIT
8. MAS
9. SoilBuild
10. Temasek Trust
1. NIE
2. Furniture Club
3. Punch Detox
4. Crusade
5. Motorola
6. Ebene
7. Hublot
8. Outback Venture
9. Truly Sabah
10. Borneo Calling
1. Cetaphil
2. Netflix
3. Tiger Beer
4. Grab
5. RedMart
6. DBS
7. Telenor
9. Zespri
10. Nokia
1. Carlsberg
2. DBS
4. Oakley
5. Nike
6. Pan Pacific
7. Nestle
8. American Express
9. Converse
10. Specsavers
1. Nike
2. Youtube
3. Tinder
4. Bwin
5. Ikea
6. Audi
7. Absolut
8. Civic Nation
9. Survivornet
10. Mentos
1. Farmosa Holiday
2. DIVANO Boutique Studio
3. Hairdreams
4. Hong Thai Travel
5. JLL
6. Gain City
7. CTC
8. Kopitiam
9. PUB
10. Sheng Siong
1. Galmon
2. Avis Car Rental
3. TalariaX
4. Rentokil
1. Singtel
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Honda
4. Far East Organization
5. savills
6. SP Telecom
7. Tat Hong Holdings Ltd
8. Pacific Internet
9. NetLinkTrust
10. Deloitte
1. Giant
2. Tupperware
3. Starbucks
4. SAP Analytics
5. Gain City
6. Riverbed
7. Omron
1. Mcdonald’s
2. Google
3. Ikea
4. Lenovo
5. Shiseido
6. Clear
7. Suntory
8. Heineken
9. Snickers
10. Citibank
1. Mini
2. Facebook
3. F&N
4. Makisan
5. Uniqlo
6. Nike
7. Keppel Land
8. Nokia
9. Singtel
10. HBO
1. Bank of Singapore
2. Marian Bay Sands
3. Lexus Asia Pacific
4. Singapore Economic Development Board
5. Harley-Davidson Asia Pacific
6. Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts
7. NTUC Income
9. Guardian Health & Beauty
10. Ministry of Transport
1. Sony
2. Singtel
3. Cycle & Carriage
4. Electrolux
5. Espon
6. Agilent Technologies
7. AXA
8. ION Orchard
1. Din Tai Fung
2. Wow Getaways
3. APRIL Group
4. SIT
5. One Faber Group
6. Families for Life Council
7. Sentosa
8. PaperOne
9. Disney Interactive
10. Changi Airport Singapore
1. Ascend Education
2. Ron Kaufman
3. Proceq Asia
4. Marketing Services (Australia)
6. Proof Perfect
7. Physio Fit
8. Super Sight Lasik Center
9. John Sih
10. Intellisoft System
1. Coca-Cola
2. BMW
3. ANZ
4. Samsung
1. American Express
2. Artichoke Café & Bar
3. Canon Singapore
4. Dove
5. Gardens By The Bay
6. Raffles Hotel
7. Somersby
8. TWG Singapore
9. Singapore Toursim Board
10. Maserati
1. The Macallan
2. Canon
3. MSIG Singapore
4. At-Sunrice
5. Atlas Bose
6. Thermos
7. Breitling Singapore
8. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
9. Wyeth Nutrition
10. innisfree Singapore
1. Abercrombie & Fitch
2. Marriott International
3. Yves Rocher
4. W Hotels
5. Marina Square
6. Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
7. Maserati
8. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives
9. Meliá Bali Hotel
1. One Page Love
2. FWA
1. IBM
2. DMB
3. KBR
4. UBS
5. Sterling Bank
6. Xerox
7. Williams
8. Fagan Company
9. Atlas Door
10. Frito Lay
1. Microsoft
3. Great Eastern
4. Resorts World Singapore
5. Toshiba
6. Mistubishi Electronic
7. 7 Eleven
8. kiss 92 fm
9. Mercedes-Benz
10. Parkway Health
1. BioSkin
2. Esplanade
3. Maybank
4. Mediacorp
5. 8Days
6. NTUC Link
7. Royce
8. Popular
9. Sealy
10. Wimbly Lu
1. Tesco
2. CPF
3. Subway
4. Bosch
5. Cycle & Carriage
8. Skin inc.
9. SMU
1. Siemens
2. Olympus
4. Meridien
5. Westin Hotels & Resorts
6. Hong Leong Bank
7. Unilever
8. Sembcorp
9. BMW
10. Audi
1. Grohe
2. Mann + Hummel
3. XL axiata
4. Bosch
5. BMW
6. Lufthansa
7. United Technologies
8. EnBW
9. O.Basf
1. Coca Cola
2. Digital Arts Network
3. MasterCard
5. Wonderful Indonesia
6. Nikon
7. Huawei
8. Audi
9. Circles.Life
1. ERI International
2. Centuryon
3. CA3
4. California Fitness & Yoga Center Vietnam
1. Lazada
2. VenueE
3. Socialgiver
4. AskSteve
5. Grain
6. Absolute Fitfood
7. eatsy
8. Coocaa
9. Bang & Olufsen
10. bix
SERVICES1. Digital Marketing Services
2.SEO Services & Consultancy
3. SEM Services
4. CRO
5. Online Reputation Management
6. Web Design
7. Social media Marketing Singapore
1. Marketing Funnel and Automation
2. Powerful Website Design
3. Traffic for Funnel
4. Powerful Webinars
5. Conversion Rate Optimisation
6. Reputation Management
1. Web Design
2. Content Management Sytem
3. eCommerce
4. Facility Booking
5. Mobile App
6. SEO
7. Digital Marketing
8. Graphic Design
9. eCard
10. Copywriting
11. Video Production
12. Web Hosting
1. Digital Stategy
2. Analytics
3. Search (ensure people are searching for the brand)
4. Multichannel Marketing
5. Inbound Marketing
6. Marketing Automation
7. eCommerce
8. Social (create meaningful conversations that resonate with customers at every stage of their buying cycle)
9. Capability Building
1. Branding
2. Creative
3. Digital
4. Experiential Activations
5. Integrated Campaigns
6. Mobile & Website
7. Performance & Marketing
8. Consultancy
1. SEO
2. Google Ads
3. Social
4. Reputation Management
5. Premium Content Writing
6. Resellers (outsource client’s digital marketing service to First Page)
7. Removify (removing negative content)
1. Brand Strategy & Research
2. Website & Digital Platforms
3. EDM Design & CRM
4. Enterprise ecommerce
1. User Research
2. User Experience Design (UX)
3. Email Marketing
4. Website Design & Development
5. eCommerce Website
6. SEO
7. Responsive Website Design
8. Sitefinity CMS integration
9.Video/Motion Graphics
10. Mobile Apps
11. B2B Marketing
12. Social Media
13. Creative Campaign Development
14. SEM
1. Account-Based Marketing
2. Lead Generation
3. Branding Awareness
4. Growth Hacking
5. Social Media Marketing
6. Content Marketing
7. Performance Marketing
8. Web Development
9. Mobile App Development
10. Search Engine Opitmisation
11. Search Engine Marketing
1. Data analytics
2. Social media analytics and planning
3. Search analytics and planning
4. Multi-channel analytics and planning
5. Web design and application development
6. Mobile apps development
7. Social media marketing
8. Email design and automation
9. Marketing automation
10. Loyalty Program
11. CRM Solutions
12. Customer Lifetime Value Analytics
13. Marketing Automation
14. Social Community Management
1. Content Marketing
2. CRM & Loyalty Marketing
3. Data & Marketing Analytics
4. Digital Advertising
5. Digital Training
6. Digital Transformation
7. SEO
8. Social Media Marketing
1. eCommerce
2. Inbound Marketing
3. Web Design
4. Content Management System
5. SEO
1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Website Design
4. Online Marketing
5. Pay Per Click
1. Mobile App Development
2. Mobile Web Development
3. Google Apps For Business
4. Search Advertising
5. Social Media Marketing
6. Facebook Marketing
7. Web Development
8. Enterprise Solutions
1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Google Remarketing & Retargeting
4. Video Marketing
5. Social Media Marketing
6. Email Marketing
7. Social Media Management
8. Influencer Marketing
1. SEO
2. eCommerce Solutions
3. Web Design Service
1. Integrated Campaigns
2. Media Services
3. Content
4. Social Strategy
5. Public Relations
6. Loyalty
7. Service Design
8. Global Content Platforms
9. Technology Development
10. Commerce
11. Product Development
12. Mobility
13. Global Advisory
14. Brand Planning
15. Consumer Research
16. Channel Insights
17. Analytics & Optimization
1. Design
2. Web & Mobile Development
3. Online Marketing
4. Online Support
5. Consultancy
1. Branding & Consultancy
2. Web Design
3. SEO
4. Social Media
5. Video Production
6. Real Estate
1. Luxury Marketing
2. Digital Marketing Strategy
3. Branding & Design
4. Website Design & Development
5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
6. Paid Search Advertising and Display Advertising
7. Content Marketing
8. Social Media Marketing
9. Email Marketing
10. Web Hosting
11. Website & Social Analytics
12. Online Monetisation
1. Consultancy & Research
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Search Marketing
4. Digital Creative & Video Marketing
5. Digital Media Planning & Buying
1. Social Strategy
2. Community Building
3. Social Media Listening
4. Social Innovation
5. Obile User Experience
6. Ios Deployment
7. Mobile Interfaces
8. Mobile Advertising
9. Responsive Design
10. Installations
11. Social Interfaces
12. E-mail Marketing Design
13. Film And Motion
14. Photography
15. Audio Production
16. Copywriting
17. Analytics Setup
18. Pa/b Testing
19. Analytics Report
20. Analytics Certification
21. Business Model (Re)design
22. Product/market Fit
23. Viral Loop Design
24. User Funnel Experiments
1. SEO
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Pay-Per-Click
4. Content Marketing
5. Linkedin Marketing
1. SEO
2. Website Design
3. Google Ads
4. Facebook Marketing
1. Web Design & Development
2. SEO
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Digital Advertising
5. Email Marketing
1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Pay Per Click
4. Social Media Optimisation
5. Social Media Marketing
1. Mobile Apps
2. Web Apps
3. Branding & Print Design
4. Digital Marketing
5. Hostin & Cloud
6. Outsourced Product Development
1. Inbound Marketing
2. Content Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Influencer Marketing
5. Marketing Automation
6. Digital Marketing
7. Chatbot Marketing
8. Gamification
1. SEM
2. SEO
3. Online Display Advertising
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Social Media Monitoring
6. Blog Marketing
7. Mobile Marketing
8. Email Marketing
9. Online Market Research
10. Web Analytics
11. Web Design
12. Web Development
1. TV
2. Print
3. Ambient
4. Design
5. Digital
6. Social Media
1. User Research
2. Attitudinal Studies
3. Data Analysis
4. Experience Mapping
5. Content Strategy
6. Web & Mobile UI
7. Branding & Identity
8. Marketing Support
9. Wireframing & Prototyping
10. Responsive development
11. CMS
12. eCommerce
13. Creative Front & Back End
1. Brand Creation
2. Website
3. Graphics Design
4. SEO
5. Pay Per Click
6. Social Media Marketing
1. social media studio
2. UX Lab
3. Prototyping and design
4. Branding
1. Digital Strategy
2. Web, Mobile & Social
3. Creative & Content
4. CRM & Messenging
1. Brand Communications
2. Brand Experience
3. Brand Owned IP
4. Digital Products & Services
5. Performance Marketing
6. Growth Strategy
1. Branding & Consultancy
2. Creative & Development
3. Digital Marketing
4. Social Media & Content
1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Adwords Campaign Audit
4. Social
5. Mobile Advertising
6. Call Tracking/ProClick
7. eCommerce
8. Insight Click
9. Fundamentals Training
1. Digital Marketing
2. Inbound Marketing
3. Email Marketing
4. SEM
5. SEO
6. Web Design & Development
7. Content Management System
8. eCommerce
9. Landing Page
10. Value Added Products
11. Email Anti Spam Solution
12. Digital Marketing Automation
13. Web Hosting
1. Awareness Campaigns
2. B2B Marketing
3. Content Marketing
4. Hubspot Inbound Marketing
5. Lead Generation
6. Marketing Automation
7. Performance Marketing
8. SEM
9. SEO
10. Social Media Marketing
11. Social Media Management
12. Video Marketing
13. Security
14. Consultation
15. Performance Benchmarking
16. Market Planning
17. Digital Audits
18. Persona Mapping
19. Market & User Insights
20. Customer Analytics
21. Brand Communications
22. Landing Page Development
23. eCommerce/m Commerce
24. Mobile Optimisation
25. Website Design & Development
1. Creative Storytelling
2. Content Management
3. Web Design
1. User Experience
2. Content Management
3. Web Development
4. Digital Marketing
1. User Experience
2. Content Management
3. Web Development
4. Digital Marketing
1. User Experience
2. Content Management
3. Web Design
1. Copywriting
2. Web Design and Development
3. SEO
4. SEM
1. SEO
2. Pay Per Click
3. Web Design
4. Email Marketing
1. Digital Strategy
2. Digital Creative Design & Production
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Technology & development
5. Mobile Marketing
6. Reporting & Analytics
7. CRM Database Marketing
8. SEO
9. SEM
10. Media Planning & Buying
1. Branding
2. Public Relations
3. Digital Strategies
4. Events
1. Social Media
2. Rich Media Advertising
3. Mobile Apps
4. Search Marketing
1. Strategy
2. Media Planning & Buying
3. Creative Production
4. Content Production
5. Web Development
6. SEO
1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Ecommerce
5. Web Development
6. User Experience
7. Social Media Optimisation
8. Online Media Planning
9. Mobile Marketing
10. Web Analytics
1. Digital Communications Services
2. Social Media Strategy
3. CRM Planning & Strategy
4. User Experience Design
5. Web Analytics and Reporting
6. eCommerce Platforms
7. Web and Mobile Applications
1. SEO
2. CMS
3. Publication
1. SEO
2. SEM
3. Content Creation & Marketing Services
4. Email Marketing & EDM Blasting Services
1. Web Design & Development
2. iOS & Android App Development
3. Customised ERP Solution
4. Social Media Marketing
5. SEO
6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
7. Website Analytics
8. Conversion Rate Optimization
9. Email Marketing Software
1. Lead Generation
2. Database
3. Email Marketing
4. SEO Services
5. Pay Per Click Advertising
6. Social Media Marketing
7. Web Data Scraping
1. UX
2. Internet strategy
1. Social/News – Monitoring & Research
2. Crisis Management & Prevention
3. Competitive Intelligence
4. Customer Service
5. Product Pricing Decisions
6. Product Features Decisions
7. Media Planning
8. Crafting Messages
9. Content Creation
1. Digital Strategy
2. Digital Consulting
3. Web Development
4. SEO
5. Social Media Marketing
6. Real Time Marketing
7. Content Strategy
8. Influencers
9. Mobile Marketing
10. Digital Media Planning
11. Digital Education
12. Data Analytics & Measurement
1. Google Ads
2. Facebook Marketing
3. Tracking & Analytics
4. Mobile App Marketing
5. CRO
6. SEO
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Why Its More Important Than Ever To Have A Digital-Smart Marketing Agency

This decade has seen the internet really cement its stronghold and the decline of traditional systems. For people, the way we function has been redefined we relate to technology first and foremost before reverting to one another or tangible organisations for that matter.

  • 68% of people educate themselves through research on search engines before a purchase.
  • 75% of searchers do not flit past the first page.

These are very telling statistics about the power of SEO. In fact, 80% of organic clicks come from SEO, and 14.6% of these leads actually close. Whereas only 1.7% of traditional media leads close.

The generation of Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat has birthed consumers who shop the internet, wear the internet and breathe the internet. For brands that came before, this bodes obsolescence if marketers and digital marketing agencies in Singapore do not bridge their brick-and-mortar to the online world.

Many entrepreneurs are looking to utilise the power of the internet to grow their brands, but it is finding a digital marketing agency is a challenge to most of them. There is an increase in the number of agencies offering digital marketing services in Singapore, and it is important that you pick the best to get value for money.

In this article, we will look at how to select a good marketing agency in Singapore.

What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

There are different activities that a digital marketing agency in Singapore will do, and understanding what they do is the first step of knowing how to select a good digital marketing agency. A proper digital marketing agency will undertake some or all of the following activities:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media advertising and management
  • Digital advertising
  • Website development and design
  • Content marketing

The truth is that most digital marketing agencies are experts in only certain digital marketing fields – almost none can truly profess to be a genuine 360 digital agency.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

As a Singapore brand that is serious about getting more clients, you need to make strategic decisions that are based on real data. One such decision is hiring the right digital marketing agency in Singapore that will make sure that you are not only seen and heard by the target audience, but also uses unique strategies to turn onlookers into buying customers.

Here is a short video clip on how you can best find and work with a top-notch digital agency in Singapore:

Here are some things to consider when you look for a digital marketing agency in Singapore.

Identify your own needs first

Digital marketing is made up of many process and they all work together to improve your online presence. Most agencies will admit to having narrow expertise in specific fields, for example search engine optimisation, content marketing among others. In order to maximise your return on investment, you need to know what you want to achieve with your digital marketing campaigns.

This could include increasing the number of organic traffic to your site, increasing sales, and so much more. By having clearly defined needs, you will be able to choose the best digital marketing agency that will go in line with your objectives.  

Understand your budget

There is no specific amount of money that you can spend on digital marketing, but it is vital that you understand how much you are willing to pay. A proper digital marketing professional will be able to work around your budget and provide a digital marketing campaign that will meet your needs.

With that said, there are certain activities that are more costly than others. Your account manager should advice you on the proper strategies and tools that are in line with your budget.

Operational Digital Marketing Experience

This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider and with so many digital marketing agencies in Singapore, it will help you narrow down to the best. Experience refers not only to the number of years that the agency has been operational but also the type of projects and clients they have served in the past.

There are very few things worse than spending thousands of dollars on a Singapore digital marketing campaign that does not deliver the expected results. Not to side line and belittle the new agencies, but experience has a direct impact on the quality of Singapore digital marketing service offered and the results.

Based on this fact, it is important to consider the period that the agency has been operating and the type of clients they have been dealing with to make the right decision. You are in luck if they have helped companies in your niche get more leads through various digital marketing strategies in Singapore such as social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing.

Industry Digital Marketing Experience

Most people put a lot of emphasis on industry experience when selecting a digital marketing agency. However, the agency’s experience can be misleading. If they have experience in your industry, then you should ask them how they have handled different scenarios. This could include what went right and what posed a challenge, since every agency have had a campaigns go wrong and not produce the expected results.

With that said, you should also ask them how they approach new markets. The reason why we are saying that industry experience is not necessary is that most agencies offer cookie-cutter solutions. They will apply the same solutions to different business and this ends up hurting the brand’s reputation.

A fresh set of eyes and approach could be the best thing that you could unlock stagnant marketing campaigns, so do not be quick to dismiss new and upcoming agencies. However, you need to be on the lookout for a credible digital marketing agency.

Similar Niche Digital Marketing Experience

In the previous tip, we talked about the importance of looking at the experience that the digital marketing agency has especially working in Singapore digital landscape. Asking for information about previous Singapore digital marketing projects that the company has done will help you gauge its ability to meet your needs and expectations.

That is, details of past projects will help you gauge whether their past projects are in line with your desired brand image, needs, and more importantly, your budget. The results achieved will also help you to know if it is worth spending a certain amount of money contracting them to market your brand in Singapore.

Simply put, you will learn a lot by looking at the type of projects they have done in the past and the results achieved.

Social Media Presence

More than one million Singaporeans are active in one or more social media platforms. Some of the most popular social media platforms in the country include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Over the last year, the most successful companies in Singapore have launched back-to-back campaigns across all social media platforms and are already getting value for money invested in the campaigns.

As you scout for a Singapore digital marketing agency, it is wise to consider if it has social media marketing expertise. Ask them if they have experts who focus on this facet of Singapore digital marketing. Ideally, a good digital marketing agency should be able to create a robust social media strategy for your business that will help you connect with your target audience through social media.

Engagement is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing. During your interactions with each of the agencies on your list, ask them if they can create a brand story that relates with your audience. To be sure they can do this, ask for details of previous projects and the results achieved from each project before making your final decision.

Go an extra mile and look at the level of active on their social media accounts. If they are not active or have a small following, why should you proceed and hire them?

Consider the Technical Abilities of the Agency

In marketing circles, there are two sides of a coin, the client side, and the agency side. However, the technical side is often overlooked. It is important that a digital marketer understand the intricacies of web development which will come in handy when creating a proper digital marketing strategy.

You should ensure that you have proper web hosting, and you pay attention to your account manager’s experience and adaptability.  An adaptable account manager with experience working on both the client and agency sides is best placed to set up out of the box strategies.

Digital Marketing Tools

Thanks to advancement in technology, there are plenty of digital marketing tools used by Singapore agencies to create and monitor campaigns. Do not shy away from asking the agency which tools they use to get a clearer understanding of the quality of service that they offer.

get google ranking ad

You will trust them with your brand and the entire marketing campaign, and so it makes sense to know the specific tools that they will be using to run and monitor the campaigns. Once you get details of the tools, take the time to do your own research to know if they are adequate for management, search engine optimisation, media buying, web development, and internet research.

Value Before Pricing

One of the common mistakes that some Singapore businesses especially SMEs make is going for an agency that offers the lowest pricing. There are some that will give you fewer digital marketing services in Singapore and charge you less.

Value before pricing mantra means that you should consider the value of the digital marketing services that will be offered by the agency before factoring in the cost. Go an extra mile and look at whether the agency has enough experience offering the service to know if they can handle your needs well and ensure you get a good ROI.

These are the five most important factors to look for in a digital marketing agency in Singapore. Make sure that you carefully evaluate each aspect of the agency before making the final decision to avoid any regrets down the road. With the right agency on your side, the sky is the limit.

Demand Transparency

There is a multitude of digital marketing agencies to choose from in Singapore and you should demand for transparency from your preferred agency. It is easy to be lured by agencies that give big promises at the cheapest rates in town.

Go through the agency’s website, and look for their physical address, contact, staff bios, and a client list.


With more than 3000 digital marketing agencies in Singapore, credibility is a crucial factor when choosing the right agency. Client testimonials will help you assess their credibility, but you should be on the lookout for genuine testimonials.

You could also ask for client references not only for the projects that went well but also for the projects that did not go well. Instead of sending an email, call them and get as much information as possible from them.

Another ideal way to test the agency’s credibility is reviewing their website. Look at how their site looks, how high they rank on search results pages, and more. You should also look at how they maintain their social media pages among others.  All this will help you assess their professionalism and credibility.

Customer Support

get google ranking ad

You need a digital marketing agency that is willing to update you at every stage of the project. They need to also provide you with the metrics that will help you see if the campaign is working.

In most cases, your account manager will be responsible for all the communications between you and the digital marketing agency. Ensure that you can reach them 24/7 for not only simple queries but also technical aspects of the digital marketing campaigns

How Easy Is It To Work With Them?

Every marketer-client relationship is unique and different, and it is crucial that you pick the agency that aligns with your availability, and personality. You need to consider whether the agency can do the job within the stipulated timeline, and whether you like working with them.

Digital Marketing Agency Process




Understand & Align

Firstly, digital marketing team listens to understand the client’s unique business solutions, initiatives and goals

·         Client SLA

·         Marketing SLA

·         KPIs

·         Aims and Objectives

Research & Audit

Secondly, experts analyze the client’s brand, customers experience, services and delivery models to identify the market position and content gaps

·         Brand positioning, personas,

·         Keyword Research

·         STWO

·         ICP

Strategy & Roadmap

Build a custom plan to derive leads and new customers for client’s business with digital marketing strategies

·         Annual Report of marketing Department

·         Quarterly Roadmap of Marketing Department

Execution & Production

Build and manage total digital marketing program

·         Website, SEO

·         Campaigns

·         Marketing tech Stack

·         Content creation

Measures, Analysis & Report

Measure and report on the client’s marketing to help them understand the ROI, and identify which methods are working and which are not working

·         Google Analytics

·         Hotjar, Databox and Hubspot

·         Check performance against KIPs

Test & Optimize

Continuously test the subject lines, CTAs and other digital contents to make recommendations for optimization

·         CRO

·         Iterate

·         A/B Test

·         Repeat


Digital Marketing Agency KPIs

Digital marketing agency’s KPIs are used by companies of all sizes to measure their marketing results.


Leading Indicator

Tertiary KPI

Secondary KPI

Primary KPI

Social media tracking



Site visits


SEO optimization


Site visits





Click Through Rate


Cost per Acquisition


Delivery Rate

Open Rate

Click Through Rate

Conversion rate


Referrals gained

Site visits




Content views/visits

Bounce Rate

Content shares



Top Online Courses to Enroll for to Be Hired in a Digital Marketing Agency

You don’t necessarily need formal training to become a digital marketing professional. Here’s your chance to self-direct your learning and chart your own course as you embark on this career path.

You have the option of enrolling for an online course and jumpstart your career on the right foot. Here are a few suggestions:

Google Digital marketing Course (comes with free certification)


The mother of all search engines has an online platform called Digital Garage where they offer a string of free courses that you can enrol for today. Among the subjects covered by these courses is digital marketing.

Here’s a list of digital marketing courses the platform offers:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (comes with certification)
  • How to get your business online
  • How to make yourself visible to customers online
  • Mobile marketing
  • YouTube Course (comes with certification)
  • Social media advertising
  • Content marketing…and forth

Google provides a lot of free learning materials for this course, including text materials and videos. Some of the units covered in the courses can be completed in as little as 3 hours, while some run for up to 40 hours.

The digital marketing course is accredited by The Open University and Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe.

SEMRUSH Academy (with Certification)


You know SEMRUSH as the company behind the popular SEMRUSH digital marketing tool. What you don’t know is that the same company runs an online academy where they offer free digital marketing courses.

Their courses cover different disciplines of digital marketing including SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing, among others.

You also have the option to study the courses in English or Spanish.

You can register for the courses for free, and upon completion and taking their exam, be awarded with a certificate.

You’ll be provided with both video and text materials for references, and taught by well-known digital marketing professionals.

Their courses take you from the very basic of digital marketing to advanced concepts that sharpen your skill, with some focusing on the SEMRUSH tool.

They also have courses that cover general digital marketing concepts such as:

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Technical SEO
  • PPC Fundamentals
  • Social media marketing

This is a course you want to enrol for if you’re looking to get mentored by an industry professional with a track record. Besides taking you through different digital marketing concepts, they’ll also be teaching you how to apply these concepts in real time.

In addition to all that, you also get to learn about SEMRUSH and how to use it to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Click-minded Marketing Course


Click-minded is a digital marketing company owned and managed by Tommy Griffith, a well-known SEO expert and trainer. Tommy is also known for having done SEO work for companies such as Airbnb and PayPal.

Their digital marketing courses cover several key aspects, segmented to cover different online marketing channels and all there’s to know to become a qualified digital marketing professional.

Their digital marketing bundle covers 7 key areas, as listed below:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • SEO
  • Google analytics
  • Sales Funnels

The good thing about taking your digital marketing course with Click-minded is that you’ll be taught by a digital marketing professional with experience, and who’s actively involved with the area they’re teaching.

The platform allows you to register for free to take their digital marketing framework masterclass. However, to be granted full access to the bundle, you’ll be expected to pay a one-time fee of $997.

HubSpot Online Marketing Course


HubSpot offers a practical digital marketing course that you’re allowed to sign up for free today. Upon completing their course, you’ll be awarded with one of the most recognised digital marketing certificates that you can use to apply for a digital marketing job today, both online and offline.

Here are a few areas their digital marketing course covers:

  • Content marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Contextual marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

Besides these courses, they also offer courses on blogging, SEO, Facebook marketing, and so on.

Udemy Digital Marketing Course (with certification)


Udemy is the largest online learning platform. The platform offers a long list of digital marketing platform, covering all the key areas of online marketing – from SEO and Google Search, to Social Media Marketing and Sales.

One of the most notable courses on the platform is their Complete Digital Marketing Course which bundles up 12 courses. The topics covered on this course include:

  • Marketing research
  • SEO
  • WordPress setup
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Google analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social media marketing
  • App marketing
  • Email marketing

This course goes for $199, with a certification upon completion. Also, unlike most Udemy courses, this course tries to give more attention to detail. Suffice it to say, it’s worth every penny you spend on it.

Top Offline Courses in Singapore to Secure a Job in A Digital Marketing Agency

For those who prefer getting taught in person, here’s a list of offline digital marketing courses in Singapore that you can sign up for today:

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies Course – By Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)


MIS was established in 1973 as a national membership organisation for sales and training. It’s a non-profit organisation, also known for being actively involved with teaching masses about the art of sales and marketing since 1981.

They recently introduced a 2-day digital marketing course that covers SEO, SEM, and Social Media marketing, among others.

Course Duration: 2 Days (Running from 9 to 5, with four timings in a year).

Accreditation: MIS is accredited by CPE (EduTrust) and Singapore Association of Private Education

Course Fee: SGD 795

SkillsFuture Eligible.

The course is also available for members of NTUC.

Course Trainer

The course trainers include Martin Ross, a well-known digital marketing expert with more than 18 years of experience

Digital Marketing Fundamental Course by Kaplan University


Kaplan University is one of the biggest private institution for higher education in Singapore. It’s an award-winning institution widely known for offering some of the most marketable courses in the country.

They have a 4-day course that focuses on teaching business owners and digital marketing enthusiasts about all there’s to know about Google analytics and the AdWords platform. The course comes with a certification upon completion.

Course Duration: It’s a 4-days course, covering 2 consecutive weekends (32 hours of learning to be more precise)

Accreditation: Kaplan University is registered with CPE

Course Fee: Much hasn’t been disclosed about how much they charge for the course. You have to consult Kaplan University for this.

Course Trainers: The course has no specific trainers. However, upon completing the course, students will head home with Google AdWords and Google Analytics certificates.

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing by Singapore Management University (SMU)


SMU is among the six autonomous universities in Singapore. The university is widely known for its American style education system, with a speciality in business and administration.

At the time of writing this, the university has six schools, including the school of law, Information Systems, Business Administrations, and Social Sciences.
Course Duration: 2 evening and one-full day for every single one of the six modules

Accreditation: Accredited by Singapore Management University

Course Fee: SGD 10, 272, with up to 95% subsidy for enrolling students eligible for various SSG funding scheme

Course Trainers: SMU’s lecturers

Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing by Singapore Polytechnic

The oldest polytechnic in Singapore offers one of the most decorated digital marketing courses for adults or graduating students that wish to upgrade or polish up their analytics and digital marketing skills.

This course is facilitated by three of its schools – the school of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology, the school of Business, and the School of Art and Social Sciences.

Course Duration: 1 Year, on a part-time basis

Accreditation: By Singapore Polytechnic

Course Fee: SGD 1, 054 for students below the age of 40, and SGD 703 for students above the age of 40

Course Trainers: University lecturers. Students are equipped with the skills they need to jump-start their careers as digital marketing specialists

Top Job Portals to Find Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore

The easiest way to find a job in Singapore is to try it out with local job sites. Make sure you’ve prepared your portfolio, just in case your employer requests for one.

Most of the employers don’t really care about certification, but it’s better to have one in place as a just-in-case.

After getting all this in order, the next thing you’ll want to do is check out with the following job boards and submit your applications.

Job Street


As one of the largest job boards in the country, Job Street has so far featured upwards of 1, 500 digital marketing jobs, listed with their location, pay scale, requirements, qualifications, and a link to submit your application.

Job seekers are also allowed to submit their emails to be notified immediately whenever someone posts a new job that matches their search. For instance, if you searched for a digital marketing job, you’ll be notified immediately someone posts a digital marketing job on the platform. 



Indeed is designed to save you time by providing a huge number of job listings, altogether with a refined search ability where job seekers get to filter through job based on their location and a series of other job filters.

At the time of writing this, more than 3000 digital marketing jobs have been posted on the platform, with an option to apply directly to the underlying company.



Both employers and job seekers love LinkedIn, and it’s not just because of its networking capacity—but because it’s one of the most effective platforms for hiring and job searching.

Job seekers also get to preview companies’ profiles, and try to establish if their contacts have any connection with prospective employers for recommendations.

Singapore Recruit


Close to 3, 000 digital marketing jobs have been posted on this platform so far. It’s among the few platforms in Singapore that employers set their eyes on first whenever they’re looking for new recruits.

It’s a great platform to hunt for a digital marketing job in the country.

Jobs Central


Job Central is the go-to platform for digital marketing jobs in the country.

The platform also allows you to sort out jobs based on their nature, relevancy, date posted, qualifications, and the position level you’re interested in.

Jobs Db


Jobs Dbs is a site dedicated to connecting job seekers with prospective employers.

Job seekers get to filters jobs based on when they were posted, their location, job titles, and so on.

They’re also allowed to provide their email addresses so that they can be notified whenever someone posts a new job relating to their current search.

Job Titles and Description for Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore

Here’s a breakdown of some of the job titles in digital marketing.

Digital Marketer

A digital marketer works as a digital marketing strategist. This job title comes with no restriction, as you’re allowed to switch gears in whatever direction you deem fit. You’ll also be making decisions regularly, and doing just about everything.

For instance, you’re expected to manage email campaigns, run PPC ads, propose to sponsors, be actively with SEO work, and so on.

The estimated annual salary of a digital marketer is S$ 71, 127

Content Strategist

A content strategist is tasked with the role of formulating a content marketing strategy that’s meant to help a company drive leads. It’s their job to come up with a plan that a company can use to get more of the visitors it attracts to its site to submit their email addresses.

In addition to all that, a content strategist is expected to be well versed with social media marketing and SEO.

The approximated annual salary of a content strategist is $89, 698

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is the person responsible for helping your site climb up the search engine ladder. It’s their job to conduct a keyword search, analyse its potential to rank, as well as keep tabs on your competition.

An SEO specialist must be well-versed with the three type of SEO. They’re also expected to know how to use various SEO tools, including Google Analytics and Google search console.

On average, SEO specialists earn about S$68, 848 a year.

Social Media Manager

A social media is tasked with the role of managing social media accounts, and their job goes beyond sharing social media posts.

For a start, they’re expected to come up with a plan on how they’ll be managing various social media channels. They’re also expected to work closely with designers, content creators, and ad managers.

Annually, social media managers earn about S$59, 965 in salary.

Paid Ad Manager

A paid ad manager handles paid searches. They’re the masters of search engine marketing, and that’s because they know how to play around with Google AdWords and make your campaign money make you the most returns.

Big companies with big ad spend will always hire a paid ad manager. Handling Paid search ads is no easy business. A lot of maths is involved, and major business decision have to be made, with the ads adjusted every now and then.

A Paid ad manager earns about S$83, 137 annually in salary.

10 Recommended Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

Here are the digital marketing tools every Singapore marketer should have in their marketing toolbox.


Working with a marketing team? This tool is designed to facilitate collaboration between different members of your team. It creates an open space where team members can discuss, share files, and manage different tasks effectively. An alternative tool would be Trello or ProofHub.

Sprout Social

Sproutsocial is designed to help you manage your social media business page. The tool boasts an attractive interface, besides packing a tool suite that helps you manage your business page effectively.

Uber Suggest

It’s a tool you use to find long-tail keywords and come up with topics to write about. All you have to do is type in your main keywords, and you’ll be provided with similar variations of it.


With Buffer, you can manage your social media accounts from one place. You can schedule and analyse the posts you make on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


A software advertising platform that guides you on how to generate leads and gain more revenue through paid search and social advertising.

Google Analytics

A must-have digital marketing tool for every marketer out there. It’s a free tool that supplies you with all the information you need concerning your site performance, including popular keywords, audience demographics, action-taken, and so much more.


A great tool for those with no graphic design skill, but are looking for a cheap way to create engaging graphical content to be shared on their website and social media accounts.

The tool grants you access to millions of graphics, photographs, and fonts that you can use to design posters, infographics, profile pictures, cover photos, and so on.

Great tool for sharing your content to a relevant audience. You can even nominate one of your posts to be included as part of their distilled content.


Adds search engine data to your blog post so that Google and other search engines will have an easy time reading it. Guide’s on how to optimise your content for search engines.


It lets you track user behaviour and make necessary adjustments where possible. Through HeatMap, you can see where your users clicked while interacting with your site and the exact point that they stopped digging through your content.

5 Digital Marketing Books Every Singaporean Marketer Needs to Read

As a marketer, how often do you read?

The answer everyone is expecting to hear from you is every day.

That’s the only way to grow a thriving business online – you have to dig right into the mind of the digital marketing experts that experimented with some of the things you’re planning to do and drew meaningful conclusions.

You need to develop a reading culture, and we so happen to know a few books you can start with:

Email Marketing Demystified By Mathew Paulson

email marketing demystified

You’re doing your business a huge disservice by not growing an email list.

It’s simple; your business is your email list.

This book will teach you how to sustain your business through nothing else but email marketing.

The book elaborates on 15 email marketing techniques that well-established brands have been using to grow their businesses.

The New Rule of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott

new rules of marketing and pr

The marketing concept has never changed. What’s changed are the rules governing the whole process.

Every effective digital marketing campaign begins with publicity, and that’s what David Scott wants to remind us in this book.

The author goes beyond providing real-world examples of content marketing and PR tactics that work. He further goes on to equip you with the marketing virtues that can help you drum up publicity for your brand, content, and products.

Go Pro by Eric Worre

Go Pro by Eric Worre

Successful marketers have one thing in common.

They all think alike.

Eric Worre coaches you how to glide through the internet wave and build untold wealth through nothing else but network marketing – it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie in this.

The book helps you master the art of networking. Not by teaching you to be pushy, but by showing you how to position yourself as the go-to brand.

The point is to draw the attention of prospects as well as those of customers that are already sold out to your competitors.

Hooked by Ryan Hoover and Nir Eyal

Hooked by Ryan Hoover and Nir Eyal

What makes your brand outstanding?

You don’t necessarily have to spy on your competitors and find out what it is that they’re doing better.

Building a habit-forming product is all about positioning. In this book, the duo tries to educate you about product positioning, and how to naturally draw people towards it.

It’s a book that packs so much knowledge on how to generate traction around your product and brand. It also helps you understand the patterns that successful brands have perfected by developing a relationship with customers that they barely know.

Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith

Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith

Many people are still hung up on the traditional ways of marketing. The past still got hold of them.

Harry Beckwith tries to remind you that not everyone with a pulse has the skill to sell a product or service successfully. Selling is a skill that takes time to master, and only a few people have gotten it right.

When it comes to modern marketing, relationships sit at the centre of every successful marketing process.

The selling bit doesn’t begin and end with your products and services. It’s dictated by the invisible.

The bulk of what is done to sell a product successfully lies in the undercurrent, and that’s what this book strives to open your mind to.

50 Technical Digital Marketing Terms

In this section of the post, we have compiled a glossary of some of the most common and confusing marketing terms you’ll be hearing from time to time, grouped by discipline.

The point is to help you cut through the industry-speak and jargon and ask your agency the right questions.


SEM and PPC Terms Explained




1.   Impression



Every time your ad appears in the search engine or any other site out there, it’s counted as an impression. Users don’t necessarily need to scroll or see it.




1.   Click



BingAds and Google AdWords have a billing system where they charge users per click. Every time someone clicks on a clickable part of your ad, it’s counted as a click, and you’re billed for it.




1.   Click-Through Rate



Click-through rate is the total number of impressions your ad is attracting divided by the total number of clicks it’s getting.


CTR = Impressions/Clicks


Click-through rate can be used to indicate how relevant or useful your ads are to your users.




1.   Average Position



A measure of how your ad ranks against other similar ads. It’s what determines the position of your ad in paid search.



The highest average position is 1, with no limit set for the last position.




1.   Conversions/Actions



Conversions or actions refer to the specific activity that you intend your customer to take.



What should be the ultimate goal of every customer that lands on your website?




1.   Lead/Import



When users land on your website, they’re nothing more than your site visitors. When they submit their contact details or agree to be marketed to, they’re qualified as leads.





1.   Ad Relevance



This is a measure of how much your ads meet the intent behind a particular search query. It’s a measure of relevance and usefulness.


It’s a measure of how much your ad makes sense with regard to what was queried.




1.   Quality Score



From a scale of 1 to 10, what’s the perceived quality of your ads?


The quality score takes into account three key things, your click-through rate, user experience, and ad relevance.



It’s what search engines use to determine your ad position and how much to charge you for it.




1.   Remarketing/Retargeting



Remarketing is a marketing strategy that involves following a user with an ad. Users are served with repeated impressions of your ad in a bid to get them to change their minds.





Social Media Marketing Terms




1.   Campaign



A campaign refers to the coordinated marketing effort of business steered towards a particular business goal or objective.


On Facebook, a campaign contains an ad set and a group of ads.




1.   Reach



A reach refers to the number of people who’ve been served with at least one impression of your ad.




1.   Boost



Boost refers to the blue button that appears beneath your page post. It’s meant to lure you into spending your money on Facebook ads with no access to their detailed targeting parameters.


We strongly advise against using this button.




1.   Frequency



Facebook doesn’t just display their ads once to a user. One user can see an ad several times, and frequency refers to a number of times an ad has been served to one user.




1.   Conversion Pixel



A piece of javaScript code that Facebook lets you install on your website. It’s meant to help you optimise your ads, track conversions, and build a targeted audience for future ads and remarketing.




1.   Retargeting



Facebook retargeting works awfully lot like retargeting for paid search. It refers to the process of serving your ads to a user for the second time.




1.   Power Editor



Power Editor allows you to monitor multiple ads from the same panel. It’s a tool that advanced advertisers use to market on Facebook.




1.   Ad Auction



Facebook’s ad system is set to operate as an auction. The only difference is that they aren’t looking for the highest bidder, but the best ad to run.




1.   Daily Budget



How much are you willing to spend on the ads per day?




1.   Lifetime Budget



How much are you willing to spend on the entire campaign? Facebook will take this budget and divide by the number of days you plan to run the campaign, and present you with a daily budget.




1.   Link Clicks



The number of clicks one has to make to get to a particular destination. How many links does a user have to click to reach a particular destination, like your download page, landing page, video and so on




1.   Cost Per Action or Acquisition (CPA)



How much will you be spending to trigger one customer acquisition action?


It’s calculated as your total spend divided by the total number of undertaken actions.




1.   Cost Per Click (CPC)



The amount that Facebook or any other social media channel charges you for every click you get.



How much should you spend on one click?




1.   Cost Per Lead (CPL)



The total amount of money that you have to spend to get one lead.



How much money do you have to spend to wind up with one lead?




1.   Cost Per Engagement (CPE)



How much do you have to spend to trigger one engagement action?


How much do you have to spend to get one post-click, reaction, comment, or share?




1.   Cost Per Impression (CPM)



Your total spends for every 1000 impressions.




1.   People Taking Action



The total number of unique visitors that took intended action, such as liking your post, commenting on it, installing an app, or going through with a purchase.




1.   Potential Reach



The total number of people matching your defined audience on Facebook counted every month.




1.   Delivery



The current status of your ads, ad set, or campaign.



An ad or campaign is considered active when it’s running. An inactive one is either finished or discontinued for some reason.





Content Marketing and SEO Terms




1.   Blackhat



The spammy, unethical ways that shady SEO experts use to manipulate search engines into ranking them high.


Once search engines realise that you’re using black hat SEO techniques, they’ll slap you hard with a penalty.




1.   A/B Testing



The practice of stacking two or more versions or variations of your content, social media ad, or email to find out which one has the greatest potential before launching it.




1.   Heat Map



Heat maps are designed to use analytics data such as scrolls, pauses, and clicks to visually show you which parts of your website or web page are users fond of or interacting with the most.




1.   Influencer



A brand or individual with a good reputation and solid engagement within your niche.




1.   Schema



Schemas are meant to help search engines understand your website content better.



It’s a structured data vocabulary that works to define entities, relationships, and actions on the web.




1.   SERPs



SERPs refer to search engine result pages.



It refers to the information that search engines display in response to what was queried in by the user.





1.   User-Generated Content



Any content that’s contributed by a user who’s not in any way paid or affiliated to your brand.




1.   Keywords



Phrases that people use to find what they’re looking for on the web.





Website Analytics Terms




1.   Session



The total number of times people visited your site within a given period.




1.   Users



Your site visitors.




1.   Pageviews



How many times was your page viewed within a given period or session?




1.   Time on Page



The Time that a User spends on your page, starting from the time that they landed to the time that they left.




1.   Session Duration



The period between loading the first page and loading the last page.




1.   Bounce Rate



The percentage number of visitors that only opened one page and did not make any attempt to scroll through it. Or the visitors that visited your website but did not stay for more than 10 seconds.




1.   Visitor Type



Used to indicate whether a visitor is new or returning.




1.   Source



Where specifically did the visitors come from before landing on your site? Is it search engines, social media, or some other website?




1.   Medium



The general category of where your users came from. Did they come from organic search, paid search, referrals, and so on?




1.   Content Scrolling



Designed to track your site’s visitor as they scroll past a specific section of your content. You can use it to track content performance or fire off a specific event in the analytics.




1.   Feature Interaction Tracking



Tracks user interactions with certain features on your website, including button clicking, galleries, and marquee scrolling.




1.   Form Engagement Tracking



How are users interacting with your forms? If a user begins to fill a form but abandons it midway, the last section they filled will be marked.




1.   Buyer Persona



A rough idea of what your customers look like or prefer – their gender, behaviour, level of income, age, and so forth.




1.   Domain Authority



A ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how a site is likely to rank in the SERPs. It’s calculated based on several critical factors.





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