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digital marketing tips and guidance for singapore

Creating digital marketing strategies for your business in Singapore may seem like a tough task. Your ultimate objective is to continually acquire customers who will always prefer your brand over all others. There are several online marketing ideas that you can use to enhance your digital marketing strategies. Below are the top marketing tips that will assist you to turn your visitors into loyal customers. Read on to find the ones that will be best for you!

  1. Have A Website

Any business in Singapore should own a website, even if it is a simple one. It is obviously impossible to rank at the top of SERPs and obtain traffic and publicity without a website. Your website should contain aspects like what your business is about, images, products and services, and working hours. Convince your clients why they should choose you or connect with the story behind the success of your brands. Also, you can include a schedule of your business events and links to your social media platforms.

Ensure that you stay updated with the latest website design trends. Just like poor quality content, a low-quality design can piss off customers from visiting your website. An excellent site design ensures that users can navigate through your website with ease and get everything they need regardless of the device they are using.

A website with a well thought-out design consisting of great user experience (UX) and user interactivity (UI) enhances positive feelings about you.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation

Catching the attention of your visitors should be the first marketing initiative on your time frame. When an individual searches on Google for products or services, only websites that have been optimised appear on the results pages (SERPs). So, you should optimise your site with keywords that are relevant to your niche. You will require to conduct some research to know what users are typing to the search engines when they want to find the products or services you provide. Utilise the words and phrases you find (after doing some smart keyword research) to optimise your website for SEO.

  1. Use Google My Business

You can sign up for a Google My Business account for free to get your business registered with Google. It helps you to showcase to potential customers your photos, reviews, address, website, and working hours.

It will be a most difficult task to be featured, on Google Places or have Snippets and Knowledge Graphs which helps you gain valuable online real estate, without Google My Business. This online tool helps businesses like yours increase their online recognition.

  1. Utilise User-Generated Content

If your brand and product impress sufficiently, clients will take photos with them without even asking. Most of them post the pictures on their Facebook or Instagram pages tagging you or showing their locality. You should take advantage of this content to improve your SEO. Search for hashtags that mention your brand to get various images at your disposal.

You might be wondering why you should use content created by the users while you can generate yours; when visitors see other customers with your brand, they also wish to get their own and have a similar experience. User-generated content increases your traffic and hence client numbers.

  1. Respond to Messages and Comments

Engage with your audience by responding to their reviews and comments on your posts. Statistics show that most people in Singapore go to your social media platforms to ask questions or engage with your brand. So, actively answer them to keep your customers engaged.

You can even like comments from your followers to acknowledge them and let them know you are paying attention to their reactions. Responding to comments can lead to substantial and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

  1. Use Local Influencers in Singapore

Local influencers can give a significant boost to outrank your competitors. Invite them to follow you on social media to market your brand out there. Here are some tips and ideas to use when working with influencers:

  • Use local celebrities or bloggers in your field of business. These individuals have many followers and influence where locals like to hang out online.
  • Let influencers try out your products or services. This will help gain a broad market share without incurring too much marketing cost.
  • Organise events with your best influencers. Invite your influencers to preview your brand in public. The audience is likely to buy and come back for more.
  1. Reviews

Reviews and ratings are very crucial in digital marketing. Google now uses new search methods that include filters like price, hours, and ratings. So, you have to ensure that you get good reviews for your website to appear at the top of the SERPs. You can ask your customers to review your brand on your site or social media. Be transparent and creative with what you offer and expect the best results.

  1. Blogging

If you own a business, you may wonder why you should have a blog and what you should include in it. A blog is used to add value to your customers’ experience. Your posts should be relevant and engaging to make your visitors want to revisit your website. When users search for your keywords, you have a chance to appear on the results.

Here are some blogging ideas for your business:

  • Share your experiences: If you get involved in an exciting event, use blogs to share your valuable experience with your customers.
  • Introduce new products and services: Add blogs to your website written to show off some of your fresh items to offer your clients an insight into them.
  • Detailed information: You can also add posts giving details about your various products and services.
  • Employee profiles: Add blogs with the profiles of your co-workers. Most individuals like connecting with other people when engaging with new brands.

Blogs also assist in ranking your website in SERPs, especially if you include keywords.

  1. Advertising

Advertising on social media is one among the cheapest and simplest methods of getting more clients. The first action is to aim at the correct audience. The location and age are the most critical aspects when determining the right target audience.

Let your visitors know about the events happening in your business. Market your events and specials by posting blogs or making ads on social media. Enhancing posts enables you to market your existing content. Advertising targets a specific audience from a particular location. Advertising can assist you to turn your potential customers into lifetime clients.

  1. Giving Away Free Stuff

Many people in Singapore really sit up and pay attention to whenever free stuff is waved in front of them. If you want to improve traffic and develop your business, think of setting up giveaways.

You can use various ways to give away free stuff to your visitors including requesting them to share your content, invite friends, or follow you on social media. You can reward them in return. You can give gifts like items with your business logo on them to ensure that the customers can remember you wherever they go.

Giveaways enable users to try out your brand without risks; they will most likely return again and again if they like your brand. If you get lucky enough, they will even become your brand ambassadors and spread news about you far and wide.

  1. Use Photos

When considering digital marketing strategies, photography is a big boost. A high-quality and relevant image can boost your sales because it improves the user experience of your website. Here are some tips to ensure that the photos include in your pages are high-quality.

  • Ensure the images are taken under soft, high-quality lighting to make them clear. Clear images attract the attention of your visitors.
  • Involve people using your products or offering services. Your brand can be annoying by itself because customers want to see themselves using your brand.
  • Ensure that the products look exactly like how they will appear when delivering them to your clients or else many clients can be vicious in their online reviews.
  1. Be Kind to Your Neighbours

If you own a business, your neighbours are most likely in the same field of business as yours. You might not have realised it, but being kind to your neighbours can help you boost your business. If you are in the same area, sometimes you do share your customers.

If you work together to develop your customers, they will choose to come to your businesses time and again. For example, you might refer your customers to the neighbouring businesses when your items are out of stock or when you are closed. Expand and multiply your customer base by cleverly sharing with the right complimentary businesses.

  1. Follow Other Businesses in Your Industry on Social Media

By following other successful businesses in your field on social media, you can learn their strategies and utilise them to boost your business. You should never resort to copying all ideas lock-stock-barrel. You should include your thoughts in your content and adapt them.

You can even collaborate with other businesses to co-host your content, especially if your business is still not very dominant. This ensures that you both benefit from the shared customer base and increased recognition.

  1. Show Your Business’s Status

Individuals want to know the type of character they will find in your business establishment. So, show them through photos and posts on your site and social media. When visitors see that your business is classy, they know what to wear and what to expect, and can select your business based on the type of product they need.

The character of your business and its physical establishment can be reflected through images on your site as well as social media posts. This is very critical, especially when you want to attract the attention of new clients. Since they have never visited you, it will offer them an insight into what to expect and make them feel more comfortable.

  1. Using Instagram Highlights and Stories

Instagram is continually developing new features and updates. The favourite ones for digital marketing are Highlights and Stories.

Instagram Highlights allows you to show off your brand where the audience can connect through and check out all your products and services. In these highlights, visitors can see the other items that you offer as and also engage themselves with your content. This makes it simple for clients to come to your business and make purchases.

Instagram Stories enable you to publish content on your website with ease and for short terms since they cease to exist from your site after one day. The Stories can serve to keep your audience engaged with the messaging you have implanted. If you need your Stories to remain visible perpetually, you can convert them into Highlights that will stay in your profile till you eliminate them.

  1. Generate an Email List

Adding email lists to your advertising strategy helps you to keep in touch with your clients. You can alert your subscribers about the specials, events, and new content through emails.

If you need to get a list of interested visitors, start with requesting them to subscribe to your site. If you need to add subscribers to your email lists, take into account utilising popups to enable individuals visiting your website to sign up and contact you with ease.

Here are some tips that you can use to get started with your email marketing:

  • Don’t send too many emails to your members within a short frame of time. Not many people visit your business on a daily basis, especially on online platforms. Individuals sometimes feel that they need to change the brands they use every day. So, you don’t need to send emails to your subscribers on a daily basis. Keep sending updates and promotions once a week.
  • Come up with creative headings for your emails. You should craft titles that capture the attention of the reader by showing off your brand personality. Your emails should directly reflect your brand and should be relevant to your business niche.
  • Determine what your clients need. You can use various types of emails including photo-based and content-based emails, or both of them combined. A combination of descriptions and visuals of what your products and services will look like is a great idea.
  • Let your customers know when you add fresh content. You can send emails to your customers with links to your website when you add new content to your site.

Sending emails to your subscribers is a direct way of marketing your business by reminding them to come back to your website.


Conducting digital marketing for your business can be a challenge, but with the above marketing tips. You are sure of improving your sales. The best part is that these ideas apply to any business niche. Embark on these systematically and with purpose. Outranking and grabbing marketshare from your competitors will thus be more a certainty than a dream.

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