Digital Marketing Services Available In Singapore

Digital Marketing Services Available In Singapore

Digital marketing is promoting a product or brand and building awareness online using the available digital services. The major digital marketing services commonly used in Singapore are search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media postings, social media influencers, guest posting, video marketing, email marketing, reviews and sponsored features.

But, before you can actually jump into the process of identifying an ideal digital marketing tool for your business in Singapore, you must first understand and acquaint yourself with the different tools that are available today – and you can start by taking a look at the following list:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

search engine optimisation in singapore (1)

Almost 85% of consumers in Singapore use search engines to search for products and services. In fact, up to 90% of online purchases in the country usually start by a search for the product or service on popular search engines, such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

Effective SEO helps businesses to rank high on search engines thereby getting move clicks on their product or services than their competitors, and up to 60% of consumers each month usually find a local Singapore business that satisfies their particular needs.

Search engine optimisation involves several activities like organic link building, keyword research, linkable assets creation, utilisation of both off-page and on-page optimisation and other related activities.


  • Delivers an uninterrupted flow of free, targeted traffic
  • Exposes your business to prospective consumers
  • SEO can help your business to grow
  • Sets you up as an administrator in your niche


  • It takes time to realise meaningful results and a Return On Investment (ROI)
  • SEO doesn’t guarantee a 1st page ranking on search engines
  • Competitive niche will require businesses to invest quite a significant amount of money

2. Social Media Posting

Getting Social Media to Website

Social media is unquestionably one of the most remarkable things to occur in the digital platform that marketers and business owners can utilise to create promote their services and products. Through social media marketing, business owners can reach out to highly-targeted prospective clients through direct as well as person-to-person engagement.

The number of Singaporeans using social media keeps on rising each day and is estimated to increase by up to 31% more this year. Digital marketers and businesses continue to market their brands on social media and more than 55% are intending to raise their SMM budgets in 2018. Businesses, however, should choose an ideal social platform to market their kind of products/services to a particular type of targeted audience. Here is

Here is a simple guide to help select the right social network for marketing your brand:


pinterest a popular tool to pin images in singapore

This social site is effective if you are centering on visuals for marketing your products and brand. A majority of those on Pinterest are women, therefore, if they are your target audience, then marketing on Pinterest will be great for your brand.


facebok now gaining tracking in singapore

You can promote your business to almost any kind of general consumers on this social network. All you need is to utilise the various tools which Facebook provides, like live videos, business pages, groups and Facebook ads to reach out to your target audience.


linkedin now gaining tracking in singapore

If you are targeting business owners, professionals, and business-to-business leads, then LinkedIn may just be the best social media for you.


twitter the effective social media tool in Singapore

If you are trying to market your new business and would like to get the attention of early adopters, then this social network may be ideal for you, especially in generating quick brand awareness.

Google Plus 

This another effective digital marketing platform for getting the attention early adopters, particularly if your business is new. It is also ideal for reaching out to the general social media users as well as business-to-business leads. However, every business owner in Singapore should learn how to make establish and maintain a good presence at Google Plus as this may be an ideal factor that will determine the results of your overall digital marketing efforts in the near future.


  • Social media posting exposes businesses to bigger audiences
  • It is way cheaper compared to other digital marketing tactics
  • SMM provides marketing insights to business owners
  • It has a huge conversion rate


  • Maintaining an interactive presence on social media is time-consuming and painstaking
  • Social media accounts are often prone to hacking and security breaches
  • Your business image can be hurt irrevocably

3. Email Marketing

email marketing effective to reach customers

When performing lead generation as well as other marketing tactics, business usually collect contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers of prospective customers, including authorisations to send them product information and updates through email. This form of digital marketing is one of the best ways for product promotion and could give an ROI of up to 3000%.

Many digital marketers make use of this digital marketing technique, with up to 65% of them rating it as an excellent means of delivering high ROI. In fact, more businesses in Singapore are expected to increase their email marketing activities next year. Examples of common emails sent by businesses include emails for conversion, newsletters and brand building.



  • Email deliverability issue is a common problem
  • It takes time to build your list of emails and content
  • Some people don’t go check their email inbox

4. Video Marketing

consumers love video marketing in singapore

The video marketing landscape in Singapore and around the world has changed in many ways over the last 10 years. Consumers are phasing out laptop and desktop computers to interact with web videos. Instead, they are now using their tablets and smartphones. What’s more, these devices are more affordable today than they have ever been previously; they are basically no hindrances on when, where and how consumers can watch videos online.

get google ranking ad

Video marketing is among the few types of digital marketing that provides the flexibility, relevance and value consumers are looking for. Almost every type of business in Singapore can use video marketing as a way of promoting itself as well as its products and services to prospective customers.


  • Engaging and can thus attract the attention of prospective customers
  • Powerful and very popular digital marketing technique
  • Simple for the target audience to comprehend
  • Memorable compared to written text
  • The right combination of pictures, music, and words can create emotion in a video hence drive behavior


  • Video marketing is more expensive than an email or print execution
  • It takes a considerable amount of time to create a good video
  • People can face online technical issues when viewing your videos

5. Guest Posting/Blogging

guest posting effective for content

Guest posting is a very powerful way to market and build your business online in Singapore. Authoritative blogging can bring you SEO value and remain an essential part of your digital marketing tactics. If you plan to hire an agency to help you in the quality of guest blogging, it is important to, first of all, find out if the agency is reputable and relevant to your needs.

Take the time to evaluate the most respected websites in your niche to use them in your guest blogging quest.


  • Guest posting will spread your name out there
  • Quality guest blogging improves your SEO efforts
  • It is a convenient way to diversify your web traffic


  • Poor guest posting can hurt your business

6. Social Media Influencers

You are probably aware that “word of mouth” is one of the most effective methods of marketing. It has been shown to influence 30-50% of all buying decisions. After all, people would trust someone they know more as compared to corporate advertisements. 

In today’s world of digital marketing, word-of-mouth extends beyond recommendations from family and friends into the realm of social media influencer marketing.

get google ranking ad

get google ranking ad

A social media influencer is a person who has influence over a large following of people. No two social media influencers are the same and the form of influence varies. Some of these influencers have a powerfully engaged following, particularly in certain market sections.


  • Amazing results if you link with the right influencers in your niche
  • Based on “word of mouth” marketing, which has and will always influence consumers
  • Can be combined with other forms of digital marketing like video marketing


  • Very Expensive
  • Easy to get so dependent on social media influencer marketing that you fail to notice other tactics
  • Challenging to sustain because you are relying largely on others influence
  • Risk that businesses will spend money on social media influencers and the results will be short of expectations

Digital Marketing Penetration in Singapore

digital marketing penetration in singapore

According to a 2016 Internet Live Stats, 6.1 million people in Singapore (85%) use the internet. The country has a mobile penetration rate of 173%, with about 8.7 million active mobile subscriptions. Singaporeans who buy products online prefer using their computers, with smartphones come in second place.

Majority of internet users in the country spend a significant amount of time on the computer (5h 42m), compared to smartphones (2h 19m) daily. 70% of Singaporeans relied on search engines to help them in their purchasing decision (Google Barometer, 2015).

Singaporeans use social media, with 95% of those on the internet having a social media account. Most people in Singapore prefer to use social media on-the-go, with Facebook coming in first as the most popular social network.

Majority of Singaporeans like watching videos in the evenings and afternoons (PWC, 2015). 30% of the total internet marketing revenue in the country is used for paid search results. With high internet penetration and literacy levels in Singapore, the country is very well suited for digital marketing. Businesses should see this as a huge advantage towards success.

Industries That Can Do Well With Digital Marketing Services In Singapore  

a) Medical services

Businesses that offer medical services, such as urgent care clinics, dental practices, and doctor’s offices, are likely to do very well with digital marketing in Singapore. Other than creating a dynamic website, there is a whole lot of effective digital marketing methods that these specialists can utilise to boost their rankings. They can create high value and informative content on their platform. Search engines like Google and Bing loves fresh, relevant material.

b) Restaurants and Bars

The hospitality industry sees the most turnover of any business with digital marketing. While a good SEO strategy is a huge fuel for effective marketing in this industry, reviews tend to take center stage in marketing restaurants and bars. They can break or make the local search ranking for a restaurant or bar.

c) Law Firms

Generally speaking, when Singaporeans are looking for legal counsel, they will do a research to find the best nearby expert. Therefore, implementing the best digital marketing techniques is crucial for law firms. Law firms can easily market their services in Singapore to reach out to a large audience

There are several things that a law firm can do to boost its local rankings as well as its digital marketing efforts. For example, law firms need to construct their websites properly using relevant Singapore keywords.

d) Real Estate

Local real estate and digital marketing services go hand-in-hand. But, due to the emergence of platforms like iProperty and PropertyGuru, the smaller local real-estate agents require a superb digital marketing strategy to gain the best search exposure in Singapore. Real estate is among the most successful industries in Singapore as far as the use digital marketing tools like Facebook ads and search engine optimisation.

Bottom line

Singapore is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, with company owners and the government actively encouraging and funding transformations. This is quite a positive move which will see more and more businesses reaping benefits from their digital marketing efforts. Businesses can upgrade their digital marketing courses by seeking government’s help via ICDL, and SkillsFuture grants in order to remain relevant and reach out to a large audience.

Author Bio

Tom Koh is widely recognised as a leading SEO consultant in Asia who has worked to transform the online visibility of the leading organisations such as SingTel, Capitaland, Maybank, P&G, WWF, etc. Recently he was instrumental in consulting for a New York-based US$30B fund in an US$4Bn acquisition. Tom is a Computational Science graduate of the National University of Singapore. In his free time he performs pro-bono community work and traveling.

October 19, 2017

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