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Every business owner’s dream is to make the business a success, and this can be made possible by considering various factors among them being the determination to succeed.

However, even as one considers the primary factors that lead to success, there are other factors such as marketing, that directly affect the business. A school is also a business and for any school owner in Singapore, marketing is as important as any other methods you may use to attract new customers. When marketing your school, you need to ensure that the parents feel confident as they bring enroll their children in your school. Here are a few marketing tips to attract more customers to your school:


  1. Have an effective website

As we all know, the world has developed technology-wise, with many people preferring to get the information they need through online platforms such as websites and the rest. Gone are the times when parents used to inquire more about a school before enrolling their children.

What parents will do nowadays, is that they will just search for the best-rated schools in the area they live in and choose the school that best suits their children. One thing that you can do is make sure that you use effective SEO strategies so that your website features at the top of search engine results.

This way, parents can learn more about your school, and find all the information they need to enroll their children successfully. Make sure that the website is mobile-friendly since some parents need a website they can access throughout, no matter where they are, or whether they are using their laptops, phones, or tablets.

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  1. Be strong on social media

The impact of social media on people’s lives has proved itself to be of a high degree over the years. Nowadays, people will visit various social media pages for updates and news, which means that you can as well market your school through such platforms.

One major factor to consider is who your targets will be. You may choose to target the parents, or students, depending on what seems more convenient. Besides, you may decide to create two pages, one for the parents, and another for the students if you feel that you need to interact with the parties separately.

Always ensure that you update the information while providing interesting content.


  1. Use the email market campaign

Email marketing, when used properly, can be one of the most effective advertising methods you can use since many persons including the students have emails and can follow up on what you offer.

One benefit of email campaigns is that they are inexpensive methods of advertising, which means that you don’t have to use lots of cash on them.


  1. Use business cards

This is one of the most effective methods of marketing your business, even though some people think it is somehow outdated. Especially for service-based businesses, this is one of the highly recommended methods to spread information about your school services to potential customers. If you have enough money to have your business cards designed uniquely, the better.


  1. Look for personal referrals

For school owners that are confident with the services they offer, use of personal references could also work out well, since your customers will make potential customers feel confident about the services they expect to receive from your school.

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However, before asking your customers to refer potential clients to your school, ensure that the services offered are of high quality.


The above tips should help you market your school in the best way so that you receive lots of applications from students interested in your school. Ensure that you have quality services, since the above tips may not be as effective as they are supposed to be when the services are of low quality.

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