8 Myths About Digital Marketing Keeps You From Growing

8 Myths About Digital Marketing Keeps You From Growing

There is a lot of misconception about digital marketing. Many people believe that all you need to do is install some software, build a blog, and you’re good to go. While this might be true when you’re starting out, the digital marketing landscape is extremely complex and ever-changing. If you want to grow your business successfully, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends and know ​what works and what doesn’t.


In this article, we will dispel eight myths about digital marketing and how you can succeed using this expanding niche as a platform to grow your business.

Myth #1: The More You Post, The More People Will Come To Your Site

The first misconception people have about digital marketing is that the more you post on social media, the more customers you will attract. While this might be true initially, it’s important to understand that those users are just a small fraction of your total audience. People who use social media might find your content, but these same people could be scattered across multiple platforms. In other words, don’t post just to post. Find out what resonates with your audience and use the right tools to get the word out about your business. Remember, digital marketing requires strategy and planning. Trying to wing it won’t get you far.

Myth #2: All Blogs Are Created Equal

Blogs can range from extremely basic to extremely sophisticated, so it’s important to understand what type of blog will suit your needs. If you’re just starting, build a basic blog around your brand or business name and stick with it. As you grow and establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry, you can add more features to your sites, such as an About Me section, a Contact page, and more.

Choosing a platform for your blog is also important, as much as deciding what type of content you’ll post. Most businesses choose to use a platform built for blogging, such as WordPress because it’s easy to use and has a lot of features.

Myth #3: The Key To Having A Successful Blog Is By Adding More And More Posts

Just like any other form of marketing, having a steady stream of content is beneficial. However, posting frequently doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, it can do the opposite. To establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry, you might want to consider ramping up your posting schedule. But don’t just throw content at the wall and see what sticks. Consider using a tool like Content Optimizer to analyze the content on your site and identify the areas where you can improve the most. 

Myth #4: Reaching Out To Influencers And Generating Content From Them Will Automatically Result In Clients

Getting influencers to work with you isn’t a magic trick. It takes a lot of planning and open-mindedness to work with influencers. You might want to consider approaching famous bloggers or vloggers with a compelling story and offering them valuable consideration, such as free products or service discounts. But, don’t expect just to show up, shoot a video, and boom – instant customers.

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To get the most out of influencers, you need to establish a robust online community around your business. Create engaging content that resonates with your audience, and consider using influencers to help spread the word about your business. But, beware of anyone promising to give you fast results without considering your interests or needs.

Myth #5: Getting A Brochure Or Book To “Boost Your Visibility” Will Increase Your Chances Of Being Selected For Acquisition

Getting a brochure or book to “boost your visibility” isn’t going to get you very far. Sure, having an informative, well-designed document on your desk will make your customers feel more confident about your business. But, does the opposite. In fact, when a potential customer walks into your office for the first time, the last thing they want to see is your book – especially if it’s poorly designed or lacking in content.

There are many reasons why you might want to avoid relying on printed material to promote your business. With the internet, everything is just a click away. While a brochure might not disappear, the chances of a web page being overlooked are much less. If you want to succeed using digital marketing, it’s important to consider what materials your customers will find most useful.

Myth #6: Creating Engaging Content For The Twitter Generation Means Posting Videos And GIFs

As a new business, it’s easy to get caught up in the trap of using sensationalist headlines and engaging content in an effort to grab the attention of your audience. However, engaging content doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to post videos or GIFs. To attract long-term customers, you want to provide them with valuable information to help them grow and prosper in your industry. Create content that is well-written, logically presented, and provides your reader with something new and useful.

To attract the right audience, consider which platforms your customers are using and tailor your content to fit. For example, if you’re marketing to millennials, consider using videos and GIFs to engage with your target audience. Having a mix of platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, will also help you reach a larger audience.

Myth #7: Having More Than One Website Is A Waste Of Time

It is easy to assume that having multiple websites will waste time if you are looking for an easy way to gain a broad audience. Contrary to popular belief, this is not true.

With a single website, you can reach a very large audience and allow customers to browse products and services easily. If you are looking for an internet marketing strategy, consider creating a landing page that will allow you to collect contact information with ease.

When you have a physical storefront or a blog, you can ensure that customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Creating a separate storefront for individual products is a good idea, as well as creating a blog for each niche you are in. Having a separate blog for each product or service that you promote is a great way to establish credibility with customers. When you are running a retail business, it’s important to keep all your blogs relevant to your target audience and fresh enough to encourage them to come back for more. Additionally, if you use the right keywords throughout the content of each blog, you will have no trouble driving traffic to your site when people are searching for these terms. Having multiple websites is not a waste of time at all and is actually quite the opposite. It takes time and dedication to build a platform that will allow you to thrive as an internet marketer, but the effort is well worth it in the end.

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Myth #8: Affiliate Marketing Is A Scam And Will Never Work For You

One of the things that have made social media so powerful is that it has opened up new revenue streams for businesses. The most common form of affiliate marketing is simply referred to as Affiliate Marketing. What is affiliate marketing? For those unfamiliar, affiliate marketing is when a business promotes a product or service but doesn’t necessarily sell the product or service themselves. Instead, they earn commissions from advertisers who do sell the product or service. For example, an online retailer might promote a dress sold by a different company but earn commissions if a customer makes a purchase at that retailer.

While this might not seem like a scam – after all, the advertiser is paying the online retailer to get the user to click on the ad and make a purchase – there are a lot of pitfalls hidden in that scenario. To begin with, the advertiser might not pay the agreed-upon amount. In addition, the user might not make a purchase after all. However, if you’re using a well-designed affiliate management program, these pitfalls are almost nonexistent.

Beware Of Myths

If you’ve been dreaming of quitting your job and becoming your own boss, it might be time to take action. While it’s not impossible to succeed as a digital marketer, you must be aware of all the myths and misconceptions surrounding this expanding niche.

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or content creator, it is your responsibility to maintain your audience’s interest in your content consistently – which is much easier said than done. This is why it’s important to understand digital marketing myths and how they can be used to your advantage. This approach could prove to be more effective than trying to expand your reach to as many people as possible and can also help you generate a greater revenue than if you tried to reach as many people as possible. There are many myths about digital marketing that you need to fight against constantly, and by clearing up any misunderstandings you may have, you will be able to equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to use digital marketing to the maximum effect and grow your business.

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