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How to Market Law Firms in Singapore

market law firms in Singapore

The digital marketing strategies of law firms in Singapore have evolved significantly in the last two years. Thousands of lawyers and law firms are taking advantage of this evolution to reach out to their target audiences. They no longer rely solely on mass media channels like radio, newspapers, magazines, and television. In this piece, we will focus on how to market law firms in Singapore.

Unlike marketing for other types of businesses, designing a marketing campaign for a law firm is usually vastly different. This is primarily because there are various legal ad restrictions that govern Singapore law firms. Law firms must therefore take this restrictions under consideration when developing an innovative or creative marketing plan.

The marketing team must be able to create a unique brand that clearly distinguishes the law firm from others with the same specialty. So, if you want to design a successful marketing campaign for any law firm in Singapore, here are some things that you should know.

Knowing What Legal Restrictions Apply is Essential

As mentioned above, there are some legal restrictions that apply to advertising any Singapore law firm today, and they must be adhered to at all times. Therefore, before advertisers and marketing specialists begin developing their strategies, it is essential that they are always up-to-date on ethical topics like:

  • How to create marketing communication that distinguishes editorial comments from personal opinion.
  • How to relay disclosures in a simple and straightforward manner to consumers.
  • How to create the most successful digital marketing campaigns within the latest legal marketing restrictions.
  • How to avoid deploying a marketing campaign that causes the firm to be penalized with certain types of legal sanctions.

All of these topics and more are vital when developing effective marketing campaigns that comply with the laws of Singapore.

Keeping Up with Trends Sets the Stage for Future Law Firm Market Campaigns in Singapore

More foreign law firms are establishing new businesses in Singapore hence increasing competition among law firms. The changing trends have pushed many of these these law firms to hire the best resources available in the immediate area and across the globe. These efforts are geared towards attracting new clients and growing their businesses.

According to Law, some of these new competitive challenges can only be solved by creating unique marketing plans. Firms must employ marketing techniques that concentrate on an active approach which addresses internationalization and legal work in Singapore.

Having said that, if many of these law firms are going to thrive in this new global competitive marketplace in Singapore, they’ll need to implement a comprehensive marketing plan that is easy to deploy and maintain. Simply stated, the marketing team must be able to create a solid company brand that all marketing and promotions can be based upon for many years to come.

Knowing How to Initiate a Surefire Law Firm Branding Strategy

Hit and miss marketing strategies in today’s competitive environment are no longer good enough to remain relevant in this constantly changing legal world. In fact, even when a law firm has hired all of the best resources, most marketing specialists say that weak marketing campaigns can hinder the overall growth of the law firm. Therefore, whenever a firm develops a marketing campaign, it ought to use the best techniques.

 One, in particular, that many successful law firms today use involves focusing on building a solid and easily recognizable brand for the firm. Specifically, those law firms that want to stand out from among the best. So, the brand of the company comes first since it must precede any marketing and promotion efforts that have to be done.

Knowing how to Create a Memorable Brand

Building a strong brand is not always easy but it is achievable when the marketing specialists are familiar with the keys to accomplish their goals and objectives. Here are 3 basic tips that you can use to build a memorable brand for the law firm.

Tip #1 – Identify the Firm’s Purpose

Not all law firms are the same, especially since they are started for different purposes. By defining their purpose, these organizations are able to come up with their guiding principles.

Tip #2 – Why Should Clients Work with Your Firm?

Another essential key to creating a specific brand involves the position that the firm’s customers take. In order to gather this information, this input is supplied by the customer. For instance, the customers can relay the greatest strengths of the firm based on the services it provides.

Tip #3 – How Memorable is the Company’s Brand

Branding of a firm can be done in so many different ways but the messages relayed must be consistent-from the logo on the correspondence sent out to clients to the website  that displays identifiable traits of the firm. There are many ways to create a memorable brand that clients and potential customers can recognize immediately.

Using the Best Online Tools in the Industry

There is a wide range of different online tools that a law firm’s marketing campaign can employ in Singapore. Some of which are more commonly used and prevalent than others. With Singapore taking third place in the most global mobile users, marketing teams can take advantage of a variety of different marketing campaigns such as digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for law firms is now becoming the norm rather than a luxury for the more affluent firms. Therefore, aside from using traditional promotional methods like print advertisements, Singapore lawyers need to use digital marketing to advertise their brand, products, and services. This is also one of the primary reasons why every law firm in Singapore should launch their own official website.

Official Website and search engine optimisation

Launching an official website for the firm allows marketing specialists to devise an end to end marketing plan that can help the firm achieve its goals. For instance, if the firm is looking for maximum visibility on the internet, they should hire a professional in the SEO field to optimize their website so that it ranks higher on search engine result pages. Typically, the higher the visibility, the higher number of prospects and leads for the business.

How to conduct marketing for a law firm in Singapore may not be as simple as some may think. There are laws that govern the strategies a firm uses. Fortunately, there are many different ways to create a successful marketing campaign, which includes concentrating on building a memorable brand.

Lawyers and savvy law firms now understand the importance of marketing their services digitally. They can use the following techniques to effectively enhance their leadership positions and generate new client bases.

Analytics Marketing

Social media and the internet have changed the way businesses (including law firms) in Singapore interact with their clients and prospects. Today, you can transform the traditional marketing strategies of your law firm into analytics-driven, where you rely on real data instead of “gut” instincts to reach and know the needs of your target audience.

Analytics-driven marketing assists law firms to shift to proactive rather than being reactive. By using this form of digital marketing, you are able to anticipate the needs of your existing and prospective clients. This helps you offer better services. 

Paid Social

In today’s second era of social media, it is becoming very challenging for law firms to solely rely on organic social media strategies to interact with their target audiences. Organic, in this case, means establishing a social network via the free tools that most social networks provide.

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It’s still possible for individual lawyers to utilize organic social media successfully to engage with current and prospective clients. Using this strategy, however, does not guarantee results nowadays.

Well, this is because social media networks are profit-making businesses. Their goal is to increase their earnings by making it harder for law firms and other companies to market to their targets for free.

As a result, “social advertising” or “paid social” is becoming one of the most effective digital marketing tools for law firms in Singapore and around the world to engage and reach their target audiences.

Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook provide law firms with amazing targeting opportunities. The latter, for instance, allows law firms to upload a list of e-mail addresses of prospects and clients. These can then use for targeted advertising.

When combined with analytics, paid social carries the potential to deliver exceptional return on investment for law firms.


Last year, podcasting was one of the largest disruptors in the world of digital marketing. Edison Research, a firm that specializes in both qualitative and quantitative research, undertook a study that shows the rapid growth of podcasts as a medium of digital marketing.

The study found the number of people listening to podcasts in Singapore grew 24% between 2014 and 2015. The study also found that 36% of Singaporeans ages 18 and above had listened to podcasts in 2015. This is an improvement from the previous year where it was at 21%.

Podcasts are generally simple to make.  They provide law firms and legal marketers an opportunity to create engaging content for their target audiences. It is also also more affordable as several consultants and tools are available to help you make it succeed.


If the lawyers/law firms are not tech savvy. It shouldn’t be a problem because lawyers and law firms can outsource  digital marketing. There are marketing agencies such as MediaOne which help law firms with digital marketing strategies such as SEM and SEO. All in all, a good law firm is one that stands out by offering the best services.











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