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Digital Marketing for Games & Games Accessories Business in Singapore


Digital marketing, is here and it’s here to stay. The numbers are in, and the results are conclusive. Due to the digital era having such an influence on Singaporeans, any business that doesn’t adapt to the behaviour of digital marketing is losing out on potential growth.

This article will explore the many ways that digital marketing improves a business’s output, reach, and overall bottomline. What do companies like Lazada, Qo10, and Carousell have in common? They digital market their brands and reach their customers with internet and mobile marketing.

Here’s why online marketing is a good decision for anyone in the gaming and gaming accessory business.

Cost Effective

The gaming retail industry in Singapore did quite well in 2016. The Singapore Business Review says that consumers spent a whopping $508.7 million on video games. That’s good news if you’re in the gaming business. But useless, if you have no internet marketing plan to reach potential customers.

Why is that? Because most of Singaporean consumers are doing their buying online. It seems as if they would rather obtain their information online before purchasing.

So it would make sense for a digital marketing company to advertise and give the consumer what they want. Since they are shopping online, it is much more cost effective for a gaming business to to use digital media.

Really, it’s great for all businesses to use digital marketing but for smaller shops it’s almost necessary because of a limited budget. Digital marketing has been proven to be more cheaper and cost effective than traditional advertising outlets. Add in how effective it’s becoming to a society that is continuously glued to their mobile and internet devices, then it all comes together and makes sense.

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Connect With Customers

Connecting with customers about the latest “gaming consoles” or “five tips on how to play…” are just a few ideas in how to engage with a customer. Digital content, original or sponsored, allows a gaming business to communicate with customers about the industry and the brand it’s promoting.

Instead of snail-mail, try an email advertising or newsletter campaign. Since 80 percent of Singaporeans have Smartphones, and most likely have their notifications on, this idea could leave to conversion customers not just browsers.

Providing A Platform For The Mobile User

As noted above, 80 percent of Singaporeans have Smartphones, and 96% of Singaporeans who are online users have at least one social account. These numbers don’t lie. 48 percent of people in Singapore watch videos on their phones. With the likes of Youtube advertising, a gaming accessory business could generate a ROI and inspire many leads.

This large demographic provides a gaming business an untapped group of potential customers.

Spy On The Competitor

The great thing about the internet is that it brings everything together quicker. With Google Alerts, or spying and navigating a competitor’s brand, will allow a new company some insight about what is happening at companies like Lazada and Qishan.

These are great ways to gain perspective on what these companies are doing, what they aren’t doing, and what needs to be done to solve the demand for Singaporean gamers.

Earns Trust

One of the biggest dynamics that help a gaming business with digital marketing is social proof. This can be done by creating a “testimonial” section, in which customers can relay information about their experiences shopping or doing business with that particular company.

Review sections make consumers feel as if they can trust the company. It’s an honest perspective about the product and the brand. This tool should be used by a gaming business to gain perspective about what the consumer expects from retailers in the gaming industry.

Bonus: Content Is The Name Of The Game

As a bonus, one other reason among many, is content generation. When done right, and typically a digital marketing company knows how to effectively convey content that does call people to action, content is the best way to gain respect and trust from consumers.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation content is an effective way to rank along Google’s search engines. Most digital marketing companies contract work to freelance and professional writers. A writer can effectively offer quality and authoritative pieces relating to the gaming brand. This can be done by blogging, or “DIY” and “How To” articles.

Effective content doesn’t sell as much as it helps or informs. When a business learns this trait, they typically enjoy more social shares and customer loyalty.

The Final Word

The gaming and gaming accessory industry in Singapore is ripe for the picking. All studies and signs lead to increase video-game sales. Even better, online and mobile gaming is expected to grow as well.

There’s no better marketing strategy a gaming business in Singapore can gravitate to than that of, digital marketing. Digital marketing has outpaced the traditional marketing method, and hasn’t looked back since. And it is expected to widen its lead as time and technology progresses.

Hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore is an essential way to boost any business, especially the gaming industry. Online marketing is the way of the future to consume, connect, and communicate for all businesses.


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