Digital Marketing for Travel Agencies in Singapore

Based on a telling report published by Hubspot’s “21, 2016 statistics revealed quite a bit of valuable information in regards to Content Marketing in Asia Pacific. This study states that 58% of all marketers in Asia are having problems with defining the best content and influencers. In particular, those that are meant to help with building, reaching and supporting conversion. Due to the problems that these travel agencies are experiencing, they are always looking for winning strategies that can help them to be successful with their marketing campaigns.

That being said, here are a few effective ways to deploy a successful digital marketing strategy.

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#1 – Use Creative Viral Online Ads Campaigns by Customizing it to Singaporeans

Customizing a digital marketing campaign to Singaporeans does not have to be a difficult task. Particularly, because this group of people usually love a good deal. Therefore, you may want to launch freebies on the site that will draw lots of visitors for longer periods of time. Also, because Singaporeans love lucky draws and other contests, even more, it is easy for an ad campaign to go viral. For instance, a campaign that sponsors videos that require viewers to respond to several questions before they can win a daily challenge is often a big splash. Especially, when the winners are participating in these contests to win travel tickets to a luxurious hotel in a popular destination.

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#2 -Hype your brand from the start of the Site’s Launching via Social Media

Whenever a new site is published to the public, there is no need to wait to deploy a marketing campaign. In fact, it is best to actively generate brand awareness. This can be done in a number of different ways including encouraging the public in Singapore to give their own comments and contributions too. By keeping visitors in the travel community engaged, there is also an increase in activity on the site.

#3- Good Humor is Legal and Great Content Marketing Techniques

Even though some travelers may not get the joke that the site owner tells, they are still relevant to keeping large groups engaged. In fact, people who run the company’s travel site should not be afraid to have a good sense of humor. Typically, good humor is also a key to running a successful social media travel agency’s campaign. Particularly, when the dialogue used is positive, relaxed in tone, and conversational. In these situations, a humorous tone is often playful when travel agents are recommending the best places to visit in Singapore on their next vacation.

#4 – Blogging is a Critical Part to any Internet Marketing Travel Agency Strategy

Blogging is a critical part of any travel agencies online marketing campaign. According to information posted by Hubspot’s Asia Pacific Content Marketing Report in 2016, approximately 45% of all marketers surveyed agreed that blogging is still very effective in delivering a successful content strategy. For instance, to keep travelers coming to the site for information that they need and want, you can provide the pros and cons to various hotels in an area, hot spots to visit when traveling to a specific location to eat and popular culture locations that’s a must-see for the family. All of these topics and more will make the travel agency’s site a valuable resource to both infrequent travelers and those savvy travelers that stay on the road in Singapore.

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#5 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimization is one of the keys to ranking at the top of the major Search engines like Google. Therefore, when a travel agency is designing their local SEO campaign, it is essential that they understand what works and what does not. For instance, the site must have engaging content posted that keeps people visiting the site and the right associated keywords and keyword phrases that make it easy for the site to rank number one to Singaporeans that want to buy a local retail product or a service.

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