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Digital Marketing for Healthcare Businesses in Singapore

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Businesses in Singapore

Digital marketing has changed the way businesses operate in Singapore and all over the world. And with the kind of hostile competition that’s found in almost every business field, you ought to have the best healthcare marketing tactics to make a lasting mark within your niche. As a healthcare business in Singapore, your prime considerations are patients and their families, healthcare professionals, and visitors looking for healthcare-related information on your website.

But do you know the right digital marketing strategies that will help to position your healthcare business high on the search engine results so that your target audience can see your website? Well, here are some ideal strategies that you can implement for the success of your healthcare business in Singapore:

A Responsive Website

According to a 2016 report by HootSuite, Singapore is the world’s leading country in smartphone penetration. This means that more than of your clients will be using their smartphone devices to find medical facilities and information, as well as to book appointments. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your website is designed with smartphone and mobile phone users in mind to be able to reach this target group.

One way of doing so is by equipping the website to support a variety of devices that are being used to visit the site. Doing so will not only help in eliminating confusion but will also help you to market your healthcare businesses to the millions of Singaporeans using mobile devices to access the internet.Visitors ought to be able to find the most important information easily and quickly, access exclusive mobile features, such as like click-to-call, and see a version of the website that is reformatted instantly to fit their mobile screens.

If you don’t have a responsive website for your healthcare business that functions seamlessly and quickly, then all other digital marketing efforts are pointless. You have to act first and make a good first impression to deter these easily-distracted web users from moving onto your competitor’s healthcare websites.

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Content Marketing

In Singapore, healthcare businesses that understand and implement the art of blogging usually see more than 56% rise in website traffic. New, quality content is the most effective way to help market your site to patients in need of your services, as well as to develop real leads.

Crafting good content will improve your position in search engine results, informs clients, build trust, and invite visitors to see your practice. Quality content includes keywords and search engine optimisation techniques that help connect internet users with your website.

To have a rewarding content marketing strategy, every healthcare business should have a thorough, written plan for success. Upon creating the plan, look for specialized experts with years of experience in the field of digital marketing to help you create compelling press releases, blogs, infographics, newsletters, videos, and social media posts.

Then, promote the content on various channels including blogger outreach and social media promotion to enhance your overall brand awareness and SEO efforts. From there, keep on monitoring the effectiveness of your content and website through analytics reporting and tracking.


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