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Are you searching for ways of using digital marketing for brand awareness in Singapore? Competition between businesses or companies has made the need for brand extension a matter of priority in sales. The reason is that most brands understand the need to increase brand awareness through engaging with consumers directly using online means, for example, the Internet.

For instance, social media sharing, brand giveaways, and advertising are one of the best ways of increasing brand extension online. This article looks at effective ways of using digital marketing for brand awareness.

Recent studies show that 77% of consumers go online daily, and over a quarter of them reveal being “almost constantly” online. However, the digital marketing field is vast. When developing a brand awareness strategy, you should decide the digital marketing channels you will use and how much priority to give to all of them.

Homepage Video Content

One way you can use digital marketing to increase your brand awareness is by developing engaging home page video content. Video content is among the topmost effective ways for brand awareness. Videos are more engaging, memorable, and popular among most consumers than all other types of content. Whether you are a B2B or B2C brand, it is vital to have a clear video marketing strategy. With video marketing, you can tell your brand’s story engagingly and concisely. It’s your duty to engage them with rich content, for example, through video marketing to ensure that they stay longer on your site. The result is that your site ranks higher in search engines results.

Homepage video content helps to get the consumer’s attention and retain it. A video is a medium for getting information quickly and in a format that consumers can easily digest. According to Cisco, 82% of digital consumer traffic is video-based.

Video marketing also increases information retention. Adding visuals will help boost retention by nearly 55% compared to audio-only. With a homepage video, a marketer can control their communication’s content and voice. This will help you to deliver transparent and consistent brand- or user-generated content.

A homepage video content is also a scalable and shareable digital marketing strategy. You will be able to increase brand awareness across every touchpoint, such as social media channels. Moreover, video marketing will also provide you with actionable brand marketing data for analysis.

If your content marketing strategy includes video posting, you will see increased conversions. You can use your video marketing strategy to target stakeholders or the entire online community. Moreover, you can also communicate at scale by using subtitles and audio descriptions to cater to users with audiovisual impairments.

Studies show that consumers have a 64%-85 chance of buying a product after watching a video. Therefore, you will deliver quality leads while also motivating consumers to consume.

On top of engagement alone, home video content also boosts your SEO when you add inbound links, share buttons, integrate ”native” videos on the site, and post on different channels. Hence, your site will rank higher in Google’s search results.

Social Media

According to Statista, there are nearly 3.02 billion social media users globally, and it’s the norm for users to visit the social media networks at least once daily. Social media is becoming a significant part of how people spend their time and where they obtain information. Therefore, social media marketing is another important digital marketing channel that all digital marketers should include in their brand awareness strategy.

Social media users frequently discuss successful brands on social platforms, and the conversations become essential to brand awareness and sales growth. It is difficult for brands to keep up with all social media platforms. Social media marketing aims to find clients and potential audiences; therefore, digital marketers should focus on places where the clients and audience spend most of their time.

While using social media for brand awareness, it is vital to ensure that you deliver content and engage with audiences. Your content should be specific to the type of social media you use. For example, if you want short posts, you can use Twitter, Facebook for longer posts, and Instagram is perfect for quality visuals.

To increase brand awareness using social media, you must also encourage your audience to share your content to help you reach their network. Sharing helps to convince potential consumers to become clients. Therefore, as a digital marketer, remember to add options for social sharing when publishing content so that your audience will share directly from the source too.

Another strategy you can use for brand awareness through social media is mentioning influencers and customers. You must develop a culture of engagement on all your profiles, which will encourage others to do so. 

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Mentions will reward your audience by making them feel valued and recognized. You will also earn favors with other accounts by mentioning partner brands and influencers, especially those aiming at increasing their following and expanding their audience.

A robust digital marketing strategy pulls together your social media, content, blogs, SEO, and more to increase brand awareness and attract new business.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways for digital marketers to build brand awareness and generate revenue online. You can introduce your brand in ads that the brand’s target market can see. If you create ads that depict what your brand is about and add a memorable name or logo, you will notice an increase in the number of people interested in your products or services.

According to a recent study by Google, search ads have a positive effect on brand awareness. You can geo-target the ads to your chosen area according to the IP address if you are running a local business. Search ads will reach consumers who are already in a receptive state of mind.

Consumers are actively looking for products and services; therefore, they will remember you if they see your brand when they search.

A smart digital marketer knows that using paid search can help them get in front of consumers who know they want something but have not yet decided precisely where they will buy it. There are numerous routes that you can choose from according to your budget and type of business. They include:

Influencer content. You can partner with influence to grow brand awareness since you can directly target your key audience according to your target demographics. You can grow brand awareness with influencers by using brand ambassadors, one-off posts, and competition.

Display advertising. If you lack set demographics like age, gender, and location to use, you may also select specific ad placements that will appeal to your target audience. Your display campaigns can come in different shapes and sizes including banner ads, interstitial ads, rich media, and native advertising. These approaches are effective in delivering your message in front of an engaged audience.

Pay per click. Pay per click is more of a performance-based channel where brands focus their attention on paid search campaigns results instead of brand awareness. Building PPC ads on strong and targeted keywords specific to what your brand does and sells will grow your brand affinity for users searching for products. This will help them associate your brand with the products they are searching for.

Paid social. If you are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels, you can increase brand awareness through paid social. Even with a small budget, you can do much, especially when you invest in brand content.

Content Creation

Content creation is vital in building a brand. Branded content brings value to your clients by letting you show your audience how your brand is and what it represents. This type of content aims at entertaining or informing, to catch the consumers’ attention, and drive real engagement.

Content creation involves the use of articles, infographics, podcasts, among other channels. A strong brand awareness campaign is more than just customers knowing your brand name. It reveals how well the audience knows and understands the qualities making your company unique.

You can only set your brand apart from the competition through the development of an effective content strategy. Content is also an excellent way of showing personality, sharing opinions, and positioning your brand on issues. This means that content humanizes a brand, and customers would rather do business with humans than brands.

Before you begin content creation, you must understand your audience, their likes, preferences, and interests. You also need to know their problems and the type of solutions they need. If you connect with your audience naturally, you will understand them and tailor your content to make it speak to them.

Aside from understanding your audience, you must also understand your brand, its story, visions, values, voice, and solutions offered to consumers. Crafting an effective content strategy requires you to know these crucial things about your brand since they are the reasons why your new clients would care about your brand.

In the early stage of the marketing funnel, you may want to use articles and blog posts as they are the most common forms of content. If your audience has a short attention span, you may want to use infographics because they are easy to read and understand.

Once you have created your content, it’s essential to monitor how it performs, analyze its effectiveness using key metrics, and adjust.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns allow you to show targeted ads to consumers who have already been visiting your website. These ads follow the consumers across the internet and appear when browsing, watching YouTube videos, or scrolling through their social media feeds.

Remarketing allows brands to remain connected with their audience. When consumers visit your website, ads follow them all over the internet. This is a great way of increasing your brand exposure. More exposure means that the brand will become more recognizable and give you a competitive advantage.

Apart from increasing brand awareness, remarketing campaigns also increase the chances for the consumers who visit your website to take action. This is essential since 70% to 96% of people who visit websites leave without taking any action and never return to these websites, according to Bounce Exchange.

If you want to be successful in remarketing campaigns, you must know the different types of remarketing campaigns to implement for your business. They include email remarketing, display ads, among others.

Content Syndication

Brand awareness also means brand recognition which is the extent to how consumers can identify your brand by its features. For consumers to recognize your brand, you need to do more than just publishing content and leaving it there, hoping people will see it.

You will have to make your content appear in other places for more exposure, a technique known as content syndication. The technique involves republishing content on different sites to get a wide audience. This strategy is an excellent way of increasing brand awareness and driving links to your website.

Before you begin content syndication, you must understand that duplicate content may hurt your SEO and potentially lead to penalties for your website. Therefore, you should be careful with how you implement this strategy.

Because it is difficult to land syndicate content on major and authoritative websites, you can start from scratch by doing self-service syndication. This way, you will republish content on publishing websites like social networks, blogging platforms, and multi-author blogs.

Public Relations

Public relation is also an effective, powerful digital marketing channel that is often neglected. With a good PR strategy, you can earn mentions in publications that your audience is reading, and this will increase brand awareness and result in authoritative links boosting your SEO.

This strategy involves pitching gust posts and thought-provoking articles on relevant websites on the web. You can write guest posts for websites that have content your audience cares about, especially in high-profile industry publications. This way, you will build trust in the voices representing your brand, even if you write content not directly about your products and services.

Guest posting helps your audience think that you are the leader and that you dominate the market niche. This is a great way of building, creating, and establishing brand awareness online. The strategy also helps you gain access to a different type of audience.

Digital marketing has become a popular way of boosting brand awareness. Every digital marketing technique is unique and has its own set of strengths and weaknesses for particular brands. This means that public relations may work for one company but fail for another company. Therefore, it is essential to determine how well every strategy will work for your brand by diving in and finding your own digital marketing mix.

Brand awareness does not have to be as daunting as it may seem. If you employ the channels discussed in this post, the process will be easy. Remember to keep testing new strategies to identify the ones making the most significant impact.


Remember that the aim of digital marketing is to increase your brand awareness in Singapore. It means you need to create exciting content that users will find worthy of sharing and liking on social media channels.


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