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Digital Marketing for Food & Beverage Businesses in Singapore

In the last five years, the food and beverage services industry in Singapore has grown tremendously.

For instance, in 2010, the number of registered establishments surged to 65,197 from 4,489 in 2005.  This figure surged to 65,197 by 2010, and the numbers are expected to increase by 60% before 2020.

The cause of these big increases vary but are mainly driven by students from leading learning institutions like ITE and SHATEC. Both of which are highly involved as greatly contributing to this industry since they are setting up new brands after graduation. Therefore, this is now a very competitive field to enter into. As a result, it is essential that these business owners know how to run effective digital marketing for food & beverage businesses in Singapore.

That said, here are some effective digital marketing recommendations that can be used to increase sales and profitability.

Build a Geo-Specific Digital Marketing via Competitive Analysis

Before any food and beverage owner markets their own brand, it is important that they conduct a market analysis so that they can understand the different types of tactics being used by their competitors.

The background information will help you to come up with creative marketing concepts and presentations for scaling the business. One of these: not surprising is to use digital marketing for your F&B business because Singaporeans tend to check out reviews online before making a booking.

In particular, the types of tactics used to reach their customers. This background info will help the food and beverage establishment to come up with innovative marketing concepts. One of the most essential involves the use of digital marketing since Singaporeans like to check out reviews online prior to making reservations.

A recent study showed that sales of food and beverage services dropped by 5.7% in 2015. The report also showed that people aged between 15 and 34 years love dining out than other age groups mainly due to their love for food and financial freedom. They will spend on the average $348 per month. Fortunately, this is very good info that can be used to build a geo-specific marketing strategy that will help to attract additional customers. 67% of customers dine out more than once a week and spend SG$348 per month on these services.

With this kind of information, you will be able to come up with geo-specific marketing tactics that you can use to attract more customers.

Create Content for Humans Instead of Search Engines

When a food and beverage business owner and their representatives are devising their Internet Marketing strategies, it is very important that they understand the types of online marketing tactics that work and why. Particularly, as it relates to providing the best content for their site. Even though there are quite a few search engine optimisation strategies that are effective in increasing a site’s ranking on the major search engine, some SEO tactics tend to be much better than others. For instance, the best content for these type of sites is those that increase traffic with real human attention instead of catering to the search engines. Over the years, good useful content will attract users to visit again and again.

Email Marketing and Online Marketing Strategies

Some people may not know how effective email marketing is since it has been around for a long time. Though some people may think this form of advertisement is outdated, it is still a very powerful tool that can be used for a wide range of marketing strategies. This is one of the main reasons why a Food and Beverage business in Singapore can use this type of marketing to launch various kinds of promotions. That said, here are some effective promotional email marketing schemes.

– Send customized emails to previous customers to get them to return again. Offer discounts and savings for popular food items to get them to return within a specific period of time.

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– To stimulate the taste and appeal, sending out mouth-watering images of the restaurant’s food can help to generate and stimulate cravings for their most popular dishes.

– Email gives the owners a medium to keep in constant contact with their customers

Designing a winning Internet marketing campaign can easily be simplified when the owners of the food and beverage establishments know what to do in advance. Some of the most beneficial and advantageous include building a geo-specific Digital Marketing via a Competitive Analysis, creating readable human content instead of appealing to the search engines only and deploying an effective email marketing strategy.

Social Media Matters For F&B

Most Singaporeans take to online platforms such as social media to review their dining experience in various restaurants and hotels. The study shows that 25% of potential customers polled post reviews once every week and 13% of them post a review once every month. When asked how many negative reviews it takes to decide not to dine at a particular restaurant, 21.9% said only one.

Based on the fact that 52% of Singaporeans read restaurant reviews posted online before deciding to visit a dining place, even a single negative review is bad for business. Research shows that high negative reviews result in a market share price drop of 1.9%. Therefore, you need to focus on customer interaction and quality to create loyalty and formidable relationships with your clients.

Find Digital Ways Of Marketing

Finally, you also need to look into the blind spots, platforms that are less popular, such as blogs, online magazines, and Q&A sites. All these strategies combined with quality SEO, and SEM services will give your F&B brand the muscle it needs to establish itself as an authority in the country. Choose the best seo provider in Singapore today. Call us today at (65) 6789 9852 to get your online marketing campaign rolling.


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