Digital Marketing for Express Delivery & Local Courier Services in Singapore

Digital Marketing for Express Delivery & Local Courier Services in Singapore

Without a doubt, technology has changed and galvanized many things, and that is including marketing. The old-school, put up a Billboard is still a nice way to promote a business, but chances are, the space is limited and its quite expensive.

Enter Digital Marketing. What is it? How can it help? Where to get in Singapore?

First, let’s talk about some staggering facts. 80 percent of people in Singapore own or use a Smartphone. What’s more, is that the younger generation in Singapore is spending a lot of time on their mobile devices, so much time, that they spend 3.5 hours a day, according to TNS, a global consultant research group.

Numbers and statistics mean nothing unless one is to understand the meaning. And what these numbers are telling us is that Singapore is crawling with future customers and clients.

Online Marketing isn’t exclusive, meaning anyone should be capitalizing on it. It’s not a matter of it if helps, it is how it helps and how much. This article will explore the different ways an express delivers and local courier service in Singapore can maximize their benefits from internet marketing.

What It Is

Many express deliver and local couriers promote what they ship, how fast they ship, and of course, the price. It’s how and what they promote that determines how efficient the promotion will be.

Not every business has a budget to advertise on Global TV or MediaCorp. Digital Marketing uses search engine optimisation, social media, email, and mobile apps all together to promote the courier brand.

How Does It Help?

Digital Marketing Agencies will incorporate a few tools and tricks to extend the reach of a business. For instance, even creating a social account on Facebook and LinkedIn, will help generate leads. Leads are good, because they are possible customers.

Facebook is a very good platform to advertise, whether that is paid or organically. A Digital Marketing Agency can effectively create an advertising or marketing campaign on special offers that the express deliver business is offering. Example: “For this week only, international shipping is S$13.50 on packages up to 20KG”

There are many methods used in Digital Media Marketing. It would be foolish for a brand not to take advantage of the billions of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest users out there.

Can Online Marketing Work For Courier And Delivery Services?

The important thing to note is, that many APAC businesses are finding that their biggest obstacle in the way of their brand is, quality content. According to Hubspot, 57 pct of APAC businesses consider that their biggest obstacle.

Digital Marketing is not limited to certain brands. As a matter of fact, companies like DHL and Speedpost utilize the services of a Digital Marketing agency as well. And it show.

Speedpost’s website is organized and easy to navigate. They have sections like “ezy2ship,” which helps customize a customer’s shipment, a price calculator, question and answer section, packaging advice, and much more.

If I’m looking for something to buy or need help with anything, the first thing I’m doing is researching by search engine. With proper SEO and Search Engine Marketing, that a Digital Marketing agency provides, a business for whatever solution I need will pop up.

Just to add to that point, 42 percent of Singapore consumers use online services to inquire about products before they buy. What does that tell us? You’d be foolish not to be online marketing your brand.

Leave It To The Pros

Ultimately, a business will thrive when they leave it up to the professionals to handle their content. A business-owner is busy with daily operations and record-keeping. Handling all of the social media activity is too much of a job for one person to do.

Digital Media Marketing is much more cost effective than the traditional newspaper and television ad.

And From There…

A Digital Marketing Agency will set up an Express Deliver company with the right tools. First and foremost, developing a page, creating a blog, advertising on Facebook and using Google’s Adwords are just a few essential items that one can expect from a professional.

Why do these things?

The Benefits Of A Website

Customers look online before they buy, and more and more are exhausting this trend. An informed customer is a buying customer. Inform a customer about the brand, about the services, deals and offers, contact information, pricing, etc.

A website helps market that brand. It cost money at first to host and have the domain, but it pays off in the long run because it allows the brand to connect with the customer or client.

The website helps a customer take a look at different experiences of prior customers. Review sections are a great tool for any business to have. It shows engagement and trust as well as brand reliability.

Advertising, linking social media accounts, and creating blogs are also important elements of a website.


Ranking on a search engine is important for the brand of a business. A good Digital Marketing agency understand that but also efficiently facilitates both practices.


Search Engine Optimisation is earning traffic through unpaid or free listings using keywords that help rank the article to a search engine. Proper and good SEO skills and tools will help any business thrive when they utilize it correctly.


Search Engine Marketing, is the big brother of SEO. As a matter of fact, SEO is an element of SEM. SEM is essentially buying traffic through paid search listing. It’s internet marketing that promotes a business by increasing its presence online through search engine result pages. This is very essential for any business to grow including courier and express delivery.

And Thats Why Digital Marketing Is A Must For Express Delivery And Courier Firms

Digital Marketing is growing, it’s cost effective, and it is much need. Especially for a business like Express Deliver and Local Courier Services. Bringing choice and optimisation to the customer, making it convenient, while extending its reach to prospective customers.

Singapore is tapped into technology, and this means that a business needs to adapt to what society is doing. Future generations go online to buy. This shouldn’t scare any courier service at all. Embrace it, take advantage of it, and let a Digital Marketing firm take care of the nuts and bolts of the online marketing world.

Branding, advertising, leads and sales is a Digital Marketing agency’s speciality. Expand and grow with Digital Marketing for Express Delivery and Local Courier Services in Singapore.

September 30, 2017

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