10 Digital Marketing Examples that Will Inspire Your Campaign

10 Digital Marketing Examples that Will Inspire Your Campaign _ MediaOne Marketing

Marketing wasn’t always complicated. Back in the day, it only took a few radio spots, newspaper ads, and flyer print-ups to get the word out about a product. But as technology advanced and the world moved online, marketing transformed into something much more complex. 

Now, it takes a mix of creative strategies and tactics to really make an impact. As a marketer, you have to worry about evolving methods of self-promotion, such as content marketing, influencer outreach, and SEO.

You can scour the internet for inspiration or learn from what has worked for others. To save you the trouble of searching, here are ten examples to inspire your next digital marketing campaign. 

#1. Reynold’s Building Solutions — WebFx’s Client: Used SEO Services to Increase their Organic Traffic by 43%

Reynold’s Building Solutions had big ambitions for their website. They hired WebFx to help them achieve their goal of improving organic traffic numbers, and the results were impressive. WebFx helped them increase organic traffic by 43%.

Located in Harrisburg, PA, Reynold’s Building Solutions is now the go-to source for quality construction services in their area. 

Their services include construction, energy consulting, restoration, and engineering.

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Before hiring WebFx, Reynold’s never bothered to evaluate the effectiveness of their online presence, especially their website.

WebFx got to work right away, analyzing their current website’s strengths and weaknesses and ensuring all elements were optimized properly. They also helped them implement a custom SEO strategy to help them increase organic traffic and drive leads.

The result? A staggering 43% increase in their website’s organic traffic and 71% YOY organic contact form submissions! Now Reynold’s is a respected leader in their industry, with plenty of new leads coming through their website.

Their SEO Strategy

WebFx worked with a six-step SEO process that they called ROCKET:

#1. Research – WebFx thoroughly researched the market, Reynold’s competitors, and their current website.

#2. Optimize – They optimized the website, ensuring everything was up to date and functioning properly. During the optimization stage, they made hundreds of changes to the website, both major and minor ones.

#3. Content – They then crafted in-depth, keyword-focused, quality content that answered all relevant questions their visitors had. They used content to connect with leads and answer questions concerning their products, services, and business. 

#4. Keywords – They researched industry keywords and implemented targeting strategies to ensure they got the most out of their campaigns. That allowed them to create highly targeted, engaging content that drove traffic to the website. 

#5. Earned Media and Links – They developed an effective link-building strategy and actively contacted influencers, bloggers, and industry experts to gain natural backlinks. It helped them significantly boost their website’s visibility in organic search rankings. 

#6. Testing: They didn’t take anything for granted – they tested every element to ensure their campaigns ran optimally. They made sure to track and monitor results over time to see what was working and what wasn’t. 

Since partnering with WebFx,  Reynold’s digital presence has grown significantly. The company has been able to create highly successful campaigns that have garnered attention and earned them a loyal customer base

#2. Expedia, a Flight Booking Service that Leveraged PPC Ads

Expedia, a Flight Booking Service that Leveraged PPC Ads

PPC advertising is a paid form of advertising that allows businesses to target potential customers when they’re actively searching for products and services related to their business. 

Businesses can set up campaigns targeting specific keywords or phrases and create ads that will appear when someone searches for them.

Expedia has greatly leveraged PPC advertising, creating campaigns that reach people actively looking for flights and other travel-related services. 

Try searching for any flight-related keywords and add LA, and the odds are, you’ll see an Expedia ad.

Expedia does an excellent job of using PPC ads to maintain a top spot on the search engine results page. 

Anyone searching for flights from Los Angeles will almost certainly see an Expedia ad before any other. 

It’s a great example of how PPC advertising can be used to reach an active audience with a specific goal in mind. 

In addition, they have connected their paid ads to landing pages that match the searcher’s intent. 

That ensures they’re driving people to pages that best match their needs and make it more likely for them to convert.

#3. Airbnb, Social Media Advertising

Social media is an incredibly important piece of the digital marketing puzzle. 

Businesses can use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to create ads and campaigns that target a specific audience. 

Furthermore, they can also build relationships with customers and fans of their brand, creating an engaged community around the product or service they offer.

Airbnb’s approach to social media advertising is one to be admired. 

First, the platform maintains a stellar organic presence across all social media platforms. 

From there, they take it to a whole new level with their creative, travel-bug-inducing ads. 

The company has perfected the art of appealing to people’s desire for adventure, utilizing a combination of creative visuals and text to drive response. 

Through their ads, they can reach more people and increase the chances of getting those viewers to land on pages that match their interests. 

This clever advertising strategy has helped them convert more people into customers and boost their ROI, making Airbnb one of the most successful digital marketing examples.

By combining witty texts and images of unique travel accommodations, Airbnb captures the attention of people looking for unique vacation experiences. 

Their campaigns have found success by inspiring viewers to get out and explore while also allowing them to save money on their next trip.

They also use retargeting ads to reach users who visited their site but didn’t convert.

#4. Gregorybr, Great Website Design

Gregorybr is a Brazilian retail website that won the award for Best Website Design in the Food & Restaurant category at the 2016 Horizon Interactive Awards.

The website is designed to be simple, easy to navigate, and modern. It uses images to showcase its products effectively. They also have a blog section allowing customers to stay updated with the latest industry news.

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At MediaOne, we believe your website should aesthetically engage the user and reflect everything your brand stands for. It should drive conversion for your site while also giving your customers a pleasant browsing experience. It’s about more than just looking pretty — the best website designs are crafted with straightforward navigation and user-friendly features.

Gregorybr’s website nails all of these things. They’ve created a seamless user experience with an eye-catching home page and an intuitive navigation system. Their incredible product photography and fun animations make it easy to explore this website. 

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They also have a simple form above the fold, making it easy for their site’s visitors to make a reservation. It’s an effective way to capture leads and convert them into paying customers.

#5. Strava, a cycling and Hiking App that Uses content Marketing to Tell their Story

Strava, a cycling and Hiking App that Uses content Marketing to Tell their Story

Strava, a top app for cyclists and hikers, uses content marketing to tell their story. They use visuals, graphics, and engaging stories to capture users’ attention and build loyalty. 

Strava also has an active blog, where they post stories of athletes’ successes and how they use the app. Through this, they have created a strong connection between Strava and its users, resulting in more downloads and engagement.

Strava uses content marketing to create communities and foster relationships with its users. They are dedicated to providing inspiring content for outdoor enthusiasts, resulting in a loyal following of loyal customers.

Whether it’s a blog post about the best trails in your area or an inspirational story from an athlete, Strava knows how to capture its audience’s hearts and minds — a tactic that will inspire any digital marketing campaign.

Another excellent example of digital marketing in action is Dollar Shave Club. The company was created to provide a convenient, cost-effective solution for the everyday guy. 

Through humorous videos, Dollar Shave Club has done a great job of engaging its audience and building a community of people who are passionate about its product. Their success is an excellent reminder of the importance of storytelling in digital marketing campaigns.

#6. Primally Pure, a Skincare Company Using Email Marketing to Nurture Customers

Primally Pure is a skincare company that specializes in natural and sustainable ingredients. Their products are known for being of the highest quality, and their email campaigns have helped them foster relationships with their customers. 

Primally Pure is committed to educating its consumers about skincare, and they do this by regularly sending detailed emails that include tips, product recommendations, and helpful advice. Their campaigns are successful because they nurture their customers and build trust.

First, the company uses a creative referral strategy, where they encourage customers to enter their email addresses and refer their friends to receive $10 off their next order for every referral they make. It’s a great way to build organic leads and spread the word about Primally Pure products.

In addition, Primally Pure uses email marketing to highlight its site’s content and share exclusive discounts and other offers.

Their cleverly designed email CTAs encourage users to take action. Plus, they make sure to segment their email list with relevant offers that are tailored to each customer’s interests. 

The goal is to get customers to like their skincare offerings and return for more.

#7. REI Co-op, An Outdoor Recreation Company that uses Influencers to Reach their Target Audience

REI Co-op is an outdoor recreation company that utilizes influencer marketing to promote its products and engage its target audience. 

By combining influencer marketing and user-generated content, REI Co-op creates a sense of trust and personal connection with potential customers.

They share awe-inspiring content from everyday adventure seekers and influencers, allowing them to connect with their target audience and inspire them to take action. 

Their popular hashtags, #ForceOfNature, #thedirtydarlings, and #NewMexicoNewDay capture the essence of their outdoor lifestyle message and encourage people to explore what nature has to offer. 

REI Co-op packs some powerful social proof into its digital marketing campaigns, showing prospective customers how much fun others are having. 

90% of people trust influencers’ recommendations and opinions more than branded ads. That means when they see someone having fun using the gear, they’re more likely to go through with a purchase than if they just read about how great it is or saw an ad about it.

#8. HubSpot, a Content Management and Relation Marketing Platform, is a master at leveraging Social Media to Reach New Customers.

HubSpot, a Content Management and Relation Marketing Platform, is a master at leveraging Social Media to Reach New Customers

While social media activities are notoriously difficult to convert to sales, HubSpot has turned it into an art form. By creating content that educates their target audiences and provides value over time, they’ve been able to attract new customers and keep existing ones engaged.

The company also knows how to have fun with their digital campaigns and is not afraid to show it off. They don’t push products or services on their socials. Instead, they ask sincere and thought-provoking questions that make their audiences pause and reflect.

They’ll congratulate their users on their promotions and career advancements and offer valuable advice on work-life balance. They’re all about providing actionable content that shows they genuinely care about their audience.

#9. Kate Spade, a Women’s Clothing and Accessories Store that Uses Email Marketing to Keep their Customers Engaged with Fun and Playful Emails

Kate Spade’s emails are always a delight to open, with creative designs, witty copy, and a bit of humour. They don’t just send emails to remind customers about discounts or new collections – they go beyond that by creating entertaining and informative content.

Even better, they use their email campaigns to collect valuable customer data and offer discounts in return for their participation. It’s a great win-win situation, as Kate Spade can get valuable insights to help them create even better campaigns while customers enjoy the discounts. Talk about a creative marketing strategy.
#10. Unbounce, a Landing Page Builder, Relies on Affiliate Marketing to Build its Revenue

Affiliate marketing is an often overlooked part of digital marketing, but it can be incredibly effective when done correctly. It’s one of the most effective ways to generate organic traffic and leads and drive sales.

Simply put, it involves getting other websites to promote your product or service and offering them a commission for doing so. 

It’s like paying for an endorsement from someone already established and trusted in your industry.

Unbounce does this flawlessly. They have a well-organized affiliate program and offer 20% lifetime commissions for sales made through affiliate links.

They also put a lot of effort into ensuring their affiliates are successful by providing them with plenty of resources like landing page examples and blogs.

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More Digital Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Campaign

The internet is full of digital marketing examples that will get you thinking about how to market your product or service better. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Virtual Reality Marketing: Nike teamed up with Roblox to create a virtual world called Nikeland in 2021. In this world, players could dress up their avatars in Nike-branded sneakers and apparel.
  • Video Marketing: We can all take inspiration from Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” campaign. The company created a series of videos that got people suddenly interested in blenders.
  • Audio Marketing: Audio marketing is a great way to reach people as they relax or drive. You have the option of either creating a podcast or running one-off audio adverts. Take inspiration from Audible. They understood that people who listen to podcasts would also appreciate audiobooks and created an ad campaign targeting podcast listeners.
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing is the future of marketing. With mobile devices becoming more and more powerful, companies can reach customers on the go like never before. Just look at Netflix. 
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They crafted an incredibly successful mobile campaign, sending users push notifications based on what they’ve been watching and suggesting similar shows and movies.

  • Automation Marketing: Automation is the bread and butter of digital marketing. Companies use automation to streamline campaigns, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Take Monica Vinader, for example. They used marketing automation to create an automated email follow-up series. They even have automated emails for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Specific Digital Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You

Now, let’s look at specific campaigns and the inspirations to draw from them:

#1. Volkswagen Beetle: The Last Mile

In 2019, Volkswagen sought to give their iconic Beetle a proper send off, after 80 years of production. 

They created a digital marketing campaign dubbed “The Last Mile.”

It was a simple video that walked the viewer through a relatable family story, how the Beetle was passed from father to son. 

It ended with a powerful message – that the Beetle would continue on its journey, even in its final moments (where the road ends, another one begins).

So, What Makes Volkswagen’s Digital Marketing Campaign So Powerful?

First, it’s the captivating story. Then the imagery and the feeling of nostalgia. 

The video gets you hooked and engaged, and before you know it, you’re moved and inspired by the message. 

It perfectly communicates Volkswagen’s goal  — to continue with a timeless tradition, even when it’s time to move on. 

Volkswagen captured a powerful emotion through a simple story that resonates with its audience.

The video was only the beginning.

The campaign also included a simple website where you could “build your own beetle” and share it on social media. 

It was a brilliant way to get people engaged and excited about the product. 

The campaign was successful, generating massive brand awareness and driving engagement through the roof. 

It showed us all what’s possible when you combine creativity with a well-thought-out strategy.

What Can We Draw From It?

There are a few key takeaways from Volkswagen’s campaign

First, VW utilizes multiple channels to engage with its consumers.

Second, they tapped into social media and leveraged the history and nostalgic appeal of the Beetle to create a sense of connection with their target audience. They also managed to create a sense of community around their brand.

Third, they used the power of gamification to create an interactive and unique experience for consumers. The video was simple yet amusing and entertaining. 

And lastly, they managed to stay ahead of the game by utilizing emerging technologies such as augmented reality to increase customer engagement. 

The result? You can tell from the response and the overwhelming engagement that these campaigns had a lasting effect on their customers.

#2. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In 2014, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took the internet by storm.

ALS Association produced a social media masterclass to raise awareness and funds for the ALS disease. 

The challenge would go viral, with celebrities and everyday people getting involved and posting about it.

It was fun, creative, and, most importantly, worked. 

So, What Makes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a Successful Digital Marketing Example? 

It was creative and meaningful, and most importantly, it made people interact with their cause interactively.

They also kept it simple. 

The challenge was easy to understand, let alone participate in it.

Simply sit or stand and wait for a bucket of icy cold water to be poured on you. 


It evoked many crazy reactions and responses, which made it even more popular. 

The videos were shared across social media, giving the campaign maximum exposure and reaching a broad audience.

The clever CTA at the end of the video, “challenging” your friends to join the cause, effectively made it viral. 

It shows that success is within reach if you keep your message simple and engaging. 

What Can We Draw from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

  • Don’t be afraid to think outside the box: use innovative ideas to stand out. 
  • Keep it simple — the fewer the details, the more people are likely to understand and engage with. 
  • Don’t limit yourself – use multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. 
  • Have a compelling CTA – how you end your campaign can be the difference between success and failure. 
  • Leverage your social influence – getting people to “challenge” their friends is a great way to leverage your social influence. 
  • Make it fun – if you can make your campaign interactive and entertaining, people will likely engage with it. 
  • Focus on the customer – your digital strategy should always be centered around what’s best for your customers.

#3. Buffer’s Guest Blogging

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Buffer is a social media scheduling and management platform for small businesses. While they have a great product, their digital marketing strategy goes beyond that.

They’re among a few brands that successfully leveraged guest blogging to grow their online reach. 

For the unacquainted, guest blogging is the practice of writing content for another website or blog and publishing it on their platform.

So, What Makes Buffer’s Guest Blogging Strategy Worth Noting? 

So, What Makes Buffer’s Guest Blogging Strategy Worth Noting? 

For one, Buffer took a proactive approach.

They sought out and pitched to websites that fit their target audience rather than wait for those websites to contact them. 

They also had a well-defined goal when engaging in guest blogging — build relationships with influencers. 

Buffer knows that relationships with influencers can be extremely valuable for building credibility and trust and ultimately driving more sales. 

They wanted to establish themselves as an online authority, and there wasn’t a better way to do it than by getting their content in front of influential bloggers. 

With this example, you can see how, even though guest blogging is nothing new, Buffer was still able to find a creative way to make it work for them. 

The takeaway here: find which digital marketing channel works for you and double down on it. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just find creative ways to make your existing strategies work better for you.

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