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Event planning is one of the businesses that require a lot of marketing and selling so that you convince your clients that you are the best service provider among several who want to have the same customers you are targeting. The greatest event organizers in Singapore will tell you that the best way to win lots of clients is by providing outstanding services that will leave a mark in the hearts of those clients, such that they can easily refer your services to other clients. However, even as such customers recommend your services to others, you can’t fully rely on that, since some potential clients need to know more about your business before they get convinced that you are the best service provider. That is why marketing your services is the best thing to make sure that you get many clients. Here are some marketing tips to assure you of greater success as you try to attract more clients:

  1. Build an excellent website

This will always be the first tip to marketing your business, with no concerns about whether it is service-based or product-based. You could have built a website, but then realize that it doesn’t have a lot of traffic as you would like it to have. This could be related to design issues or the content you have on your site. Therefore, consider building a website that has engaging content so that your customer will feel like visiting again, and also referring other clients, and this should earn you a lot of traffic. Other than the content and design, ensure that the website is Search Engine Optimized so that your customers will find it easily.

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  1. Utilize Online Advertisements

As much as many business owners avoid advertisements for fear that they are expensive, they continue to be effective in marketing your services. The best thing about online ads is that they will be viewed by many potential customers, taking into consideration that most people use online platforms on a daily basis. Upon looking deeply into online ads, you will realize that they offer more benefits than losses when used in business.

  1. Make the best use of social media

Don’t be one of the several business owners that under-rate the benefits of social media when it comes to marketing your business. Social media has been and will always be an effective strategy for marketing your services. The best thing about social media services is that it connects very well with event organizing. Here, you can post various pictures of the past events that you have organized, so that clients may have a pictorial idea of what they expect. Make sure that you update your pages as much as you can so that your clients can access updated information about your services.

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  1. Use trade shows

Making use of trade shows should even be the best strategy for marketing your event organizing business. The only challenge that you may face when it comes to trade shows is that you may need to sacrifice and invest more than other marketing methods, but it’s worth the effort. Here, you provide your clients with an actual presence of what they should expect, such that there will be many potential clients visiting to see and even book your services.

  1. Use Referrals

When you serve clients, don’t only eye the monetary benefits that you may get from such customers. If they like your services, ask them to refer you to other people who may be in need of your services in the future. Issuing such persons with something like a business card will enable them to pass on complete information to other potential clients who may be in need of your services so that it looks more like networking. In conclusion, always make sure that you provide quality services to your clients. The key to having greater success when it comes to any business is providing satisfactory services, so that your clients may have greater confidence in you, and look forward to getting more services from you.  


Live events offer the best opportunity to engage with your target audience if you are doing content marketing in Singapore. When you interact with your audience in person, you are more likely to convert them into customers. The secret to holding a successful live event is proper planning. Additionally, you should have a competent management team to oversee the event itself. This way, you are almost guaranteed of maximising your ROI. This year, organisers are planning to spend more on marketing live events than ever before. Presumably, most of the budget will go towards email and social media, as these are the most effective digital marketing channels. That said, you can always gain more by using a multichannel approach to event promotion. Here are some of the ways to promote your next live event so that it benefits your content marketing in Singapore. 

How to Promote A Live Event Using Content Marketing in Singapore

Content is useful for promoting live events. It can boost the attendance and the ROI you generate from such occasions. content marketing in Singapore Here is how your content strategy in Singapore can influence the success of your live events.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the most effective ways of promoting an event. It is also the best way of communicating with the attendees before and after the occasion.  Keep in mind that everyone on your mailing list is already interested in your brand, products and services. It is much easier to convince these subscribers to attend your event than it is with people who know your business from Google or social media.  Emails should be integral to your content strategy in Singapore. You can tease your subscribers about an upcoming event to create excitement. Then, you can follow it up with more details about the theme, guest speakers, dates, and venue. When the day approaches, remember to send out reminders. Lastly, it is advisable to promote your event in regular emails, even if you already have dedicated messages for that purpose.

Blog Posts

Creating a blog post to promote your event is, without a doubt, the simplest content strategy in Singapore to implement. However, it is not as effective as email marketing. A typical blog post on an event will cover the schedule, guest speakers and the themes that will headline the occasion. Blogging about your live event can be impactful for your content marketing in Singapore. It also means that you prospective attendees have another place to refer to apart from your landing page or social media posts. If your posts are relevant and valuable, your audience will share them on several platforms. This increases your exposure, which could mean a higher attendance for your event. It also increases traffic to your website, which is excellent for SEO in Singapore. Guest posting is equally as effective as creating your posts. When creating guest posts, ensure that you publish on sites that are relevant to your niche and have a bigger audience than yours. A smart way of increasing the publicity of your event is by mentioning it in the guest post. Ensure that the post a backlink to the event’s landing page. This way, you will benefit your SEO by driving traffic to your site, as well as boosting attendance to your event.

Social Media Posts

You can take advantage of the popularity of social networks to build hype around your live event. Most internet users spend a substantial amount of their time online browsing these websites. For instance, you create a countdown timer for your event. This will keep your audience eager for the occasion. You could also post a link to the landing page of your event. The resulting web traffic to your site can improve your SEO in Singapore. Social platforms provide an excellent platform for interacting directly with your followers. You can respond to any questions they may have about the event by replying to messages and comments. Moreover, you can incentivise your followers to share posts related to the event. In exchange, you will make your content marketing in Singapore successful. It is worth noting that paid ads in Singapore gain more prominence on social media than regular posts. They are effective in reaching out to targeted audiences who are not following your businesses.


Video is more effective in communicating the purpose of your event than written content.  It is particularly useful if you have a series of events. You can create several clips of previous episodes so that interested parties can get an overview of what to expect. Alternatively, videos can also serve as teasers to encourage people to your event. In such videos, you can give a sneak peek of the speakers, the venue and the agenda of the event.

Interactive Surveys

Most businesses that engage in content marketing in Singapore use surveys to ask for feedback after live events. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but it is much better to conduct surveys before the event. The latter approach allows you to learn about the preferences of your audience. As a result, you will adjust your presentations during the event to suit these needs. When attendees are satisfied, it is easier to connive them to become customers. This is the primary objective of digital marketing in Singapore.

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Similar to videos, podcasts generate high levels of engagement with your audience. However, the application of podcasts is slightly different from videos. It is not mandatory to create a special podcast for your event. If podcasts are already part of your digital marketing in Singapore, you should base one episode on the live event. You could include interviews, live talks and anything that will grab the attention of listeners. If you provide valuable information in your podcasts, you could turn a passive audience into regular listeners, which is great for content marketing in Singapore. The podcasts can also serve as a means of promoting subsequent events. If podcasts are not a part of your digital marketing Singapore, you can always appear on third-party channels. Make sure that the podcast you reach out to cover relevant topics and have a broad audience. The objective is to make sure that you publicise your event to boost attendance and increase brand awareness.

EBooks and Free Resources

During the live event, you should offer giveaways to the attendees. Items such as eBooks and brochures give valuable information about your brand and products. They also ensure that your customers remain engaged in your brand after the event is over. Later on, you can send additional resources that have detailed coverage of the topics covered during the event. By forming this connection, you encourage brand loyalty. You could also use these resources to improve your SEO in Singapore by linking the clients to your website. Everybody loves a freebie. That said, you should offer something valuable, and not the typical pen and notebook offered by most marketers. Your giveaways must provide value to the customer, as well as serve a purpose for your digital marketing in Singapore.

The Benefits of Live Events to Content Marketing in Singapore

content marketing in Singapore Here the benefits of organising live events as part of your content marketing strategy.

  • Increased brand awareness: the people that attend your event will act as brand ambassadors and spread a word about your products and services.
  • Increased web traffic – live events can boost your SEO in Singapore by driving more people to your website. Naturally, people will go to your website to learn more about the event.
  • Interact with customers – live events offer a unique opportunity to meet your customers in person. You can use the interactions to learn where you need to improve your business.
  • Boost your local SEO – events make you popular among locals, which can indirectly improve your rank in local search results. The more locals are aware of your business, the more clicks you get. This translates to a higher position on SERPs.
  • Get quality backlinks – when you guest post on popular sites ensure that you include a backlink to your site. This is great for SEO, as it improves the authority of your website.
  • Get content ideas for your website – when you interact with your clients, you get a chance to know their challenges first-hand. You can then use this info to create content that solves these problems.
  • Increase Sales – live events allow you to pitch your products and services directly to interested individuals. The customers also get to try out the products, which increase the chances of a purchase.


A well-planned event can prove useful for your content marketing in Singapore. It is an excellent way of increasing brand awareness and learning more about the challenges facing your clients. Remember to offer giveaways to the attendees, as this encourages brand loyalty. You can also use the info from the clients to improve your services and create relevant content for your website. It is worth noting that the success of your event depends on its publicity, make sure that you advertise on multiple channels to boost the attendance rates. For more tips on how to do content marketing in Singapore, be sure to contact our team at +65 6789 9852. 


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