Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore: What Are The Benefits

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While digital marketing has become an essential key to ensuring that a business thrives, there are still large sectors of people who know very little about it. Sure, business owners understand the importance of having social media accounts and search engine optimisation, but when it comes to best practices a lot of them are still struggling. To be honest, most business owners are only loosely following the current marketing trends.


This isn’t to say that startups are the only businesses that have a difficult time with digital marketing. Even more experienced marketers find it hard to navigate the online world. In fact, according to a study done by Atkearney, almost 60% of marketers at top companies say that their digital marketing is not well-integrated with traditional marketing efforts. 6% are unaware of how their digital and traditional marketing strategies even align with each other.


So how can business owners bridge the gap between what they know and what they don’t know? The answer is quite simple. They can enlist the help of experts who can not only define digital marketing concepts and terms but also give them in-depth explanations and real-life solutions.


This article reviews what Singapore entrepreneurs can expect to learn from digital marketing courses. It also takes a look at a few of the best digital marketing courses in Singapore. But first, let’s discuss how business owners can benefit from these courses.


Benefits of Taking Digital Marketing Courses In Singapore

The more business owners know about digital marketing, the more successful their online campaigns will be. But why should they enlist the help of experts? Here are several benefits to enrolling in a digital marketing course.


-Leveled Playing Field

Digital marketing courses will level the playing field between small businesses and their larger competition. According to Blue Ocean Sys 60% of small businesses agree that local competition is too high. This is especially the case when it comes to online competition. Luckily, even some of the larger companies are confused about digital marketing. So not everyone knows all of the ins and outs. This means that structured training can make it easier to stand out from the rest of the industry.


-Greater Creativity

Digital marketing courses can give business owners the ability to be more creative. There are many small businesses that simply mimicking the strategies of larger, more experienced companies. Unfortunately, these companies can only go so far with their marketing campaigns because they don’t know the how’s, why’s or what’s behind their decisions. Their growth is stunted because they cannot improvise and improved strategies. Knowing the principles behind digital marketing concepts gives the business owner more control. They are able to be more creative with their ideas which can help them to continuously breathe new life into the business.


-Job Security

Digital marketing courses can give business owners job security. As the world becomes more tech-savvy and consumer behaviour shifts to online buying, business owners are becoming more aware of a need to switch up their marketing strategies. This is especially the case in Singapore where digital skills are becoming a must. In 2016, HR in Asia reported that 84% of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia employees felt that they needed additional digital skills in order to be deemed employable.

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These types of skills can easily be learned with the help of digital marketing courses like SEM training. No matter how large or small a business is, entrepreneurs can work towards ensuring that their future is secured. A digital marketing course can help business owners become in-demand professionals.


What Business Owners Should Expect

Digital marketing courses go beyond the basic and generic online advice. They empower business owners with a working knowledge of the most powerful digital tools. Here are a few of the most valuable things that are typically covered in digital marketing courses:


-Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an advertising system which allows business owners to bid on certain keywords so that they can appear in Google’s search results. Digital marketing courses will completely explain the auction, the bidding process as well as other important factors such as the Quality Score and CPC. These courses will also give business owners the best and most effective strategies for choosing the most profitable keywords for their ads.


-Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising gives businesses the ability to ensure that their ads show up in the news feeds of Facebook users. Digital marketing courses will teach businesses how to get started with these ads. They will teach them how to use the Ads manager and how to set up an ad campaign. Business owners will learn how to effectively create Facebook ad messages and images. They will also learn how to effectively target their audience.


-Video advertising

Digital marketing courses will teach business owners how to leverage their audience data to keep their content targeting relevant. These courses will show students how to implement retargeting in order to track users across several devices. Business owners will learn the intricacies of monitoring video shares, subscribers as well as site traffic. Students will also learn how to track online conversions and how to craft their story.


-Mobile Marketing

Digital marketing courses will instruct business owners on creating cross-channel mobile marketing strategies.They will teach their students how to measure, optimise, and test their mobile marketing strategies. They will also discuss other important elements such as SMS/MMS, responsive design, and apps.


-Content Marketing

The best digital marketing courses will teach students how to develop a content marketing plan. They will offer a list of the best content creation tools. Business owners will learn how to optimize and syndicate their content. These courses will also teach students the most effective strategies for marketing their content.


-Email Marketing

Business owners will learn the best practices of email marketing. They will learn to grow lists that are healthy. They will learn how to save time with email automation. Business owners will learn more about eh different types of marketing email as well as the importance of measuring and metrics. Digital marketing courses will also give students the ability to A/B test their efforts.

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The Best Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore

While digital marketing courses can add to the longevity of a business, this does not mean that all courses are created equal. In fact, it’s very important that business owners do careful research before making their final decision. Let’s take a quick look at 3 of the top digital marketing courses in Singapore today.


  1. MediaOne


MediaOne has a reputation for being one of the best online marketing agencies of Singapore. With over a decade of experience, this award-winning SEO agency specialises in some of the most valuable digital marketing concepts including search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, online reputation management, and social media marketing. Just recently, MediaOne decided to share its expertise with business owners who want to give their brands a boost.


Both beginners and experts can benefit from their courses in SEO, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. MediaOne stresses the fact that their structured training is in-depth and will give business owners more control over their own projects. Their digital marketing specialists can give business owners greater insight into why some competitors have an edge over them as well as how they can overcome and take the lead in their industry.


  1. Happy Marketer

Happy Marketer is a digital marketing consulting firm. It treats its clients and marketers to data-driven, results-oriented, and creative digital advertising campaigns. And it specializes in helping copywriters, marketing managers, and designers.


This digital marketing course was created to help business owners find solutions to their marketing challenges, pass Google’s certification test and network with others in their field. From Singapore to Malaysia, and many more countries, this company educates its students about web analytics, social media marketing, search marketing, and Google tools. Training is hands-on and interactive.


  1. Equinet Academy

Since 2013, Equinet has offered digital marketing courses and workshops and have worked with companies such as IKEA, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, and DHL. And its goal is to equip every business with competent personnel, improving innovation and productivity while maximizing returns. This company, based in Singapore and around Southeast Asia, offers a 2 day crash course in digital marketing. Business owners will be trained in SEO, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords and email marketing.



Singapore’s currently has over 180,000 small to medium businesses. And according to Spring Singapore, these SMEs make up 99% of the country’s enterprises. This is why it’s so important that Singapore businesses owner consider their digital marketing strategies. Not only that, but business owners should also develop a solid grasp on all digital marketing concepts.


While entrepreneurs may be satisfied with searching the internet for the most important and valuable tips, this does take a considerable amount of time away from the average business owner’s schedule. A digital marketing course ensures that individuals get all of the information at one time and learn to use it as it relates to their business. This is a huge return on investment.







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