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As a nation, Singapore has become heavily dependent on technology across all aspects of its people’s daily lives. Medical information volume continues to grow online, translating to patients seeking clinic services becoming more dependent on online searches to get healthcare providers and health information. This is part of the greater move from clinic service being a purely provider-steered system to turning into a consumer-steered system.

A study by The National University of Singapore (NUS) concludes that for most patients in Singapore, the trend towards seeking clinic services online is a valuable addition to aiding people becoming more involved their healthcare.

But how then can clinics reach out to patients and be able to market themselves digitally in today’s world of the internet?

Market your clinic services on social media

Social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are very popular in Singapore. As a result, they present a ripe opportunity for spreading the word about your medical practice and patient engagement online. Whether you are starting a new clinic or just aiming to expand your client base, these forums ought to be part of your digital marketing strategy.

All you need to do is become a creative leader in your medical field by sharing useful and smart content that’s relevant to the types of services you offer at your clinic. If you are a family physician, sharing your own advice or posting articles from medical websites regarding seasonal ailments that commonly affect children could keep patients coming back to your clinic for more information. Some of them may even decide to follow your social media pages!

In the long run, this will build trust and keep you at the top of visitors’ minds and it won’t be long before they make book an appointment.

Optimize your clinic website for search engines

Search engine optimization or SEO includes both the creative and technical elements needed to improve the rankings of your clinic website on search engines, raise awareness of healthcare practice, and increase visitor traffic. SEO entails many facets including the local Singaporean keywords you will use on your page, featured links, or basically structuring your site in a manner that search engines can correctly understand and categorize.

It is of great importance to understand the variations between “long tail” and “short tail” and keywords. Short tail keywords are usually around two words in length, such as “Singapore clinic” and are the most commonly used. As these keywords are searched more regularly, they can be more advantageous in attracting more traffic. However, you will also be more open to the websites of your competitors who are using the same exact keywords.

In contrast, long tail key phrases tend to be 3-5 words in length and are more specific, such as “finding the best clinic in Singapore”. Even though these keywords are not popular, they can be of benefit to your clinic venture as they more targeted to limited searches and face reduced competition rival websites, which raises your web page rankings for those keywords.

To make sure the content of your clinic website is both SEO optimized and professionally presented, consider having SEO experts and specialist developers undertake your website maintenance and development to ensure your website is not getting buried by competitors.

September 29, 2017

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