Digital Marketing Certifications You Must Have As A Singapore Marketer

digital marketing certifications for the singapore marketer

Digital Marketing Certifications every Exceptional Digital Marketer needs to Stay Ahead Of Everyone

Singapore Online Marketers

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An exceptional Linked In profile, a degree in advertising and an experience of six years in traditional marketing is just not enough these days. Having one or more digital marketing certifications will do the magic.

Every employer sees how the digital world has changed the marketing world. They all strive to be up to date with the trends in digital marketing. Therefore they look for a digital marketer with abilities in SEO, social medial skills and capabilities in interpreting and working with analytic data.

You can find numerous digital courses and certifications online thanks to today’s advanced technology. If you are a digital marketer aspiring to succeed with your personal brand in this constantly evolving world, these are the course you need to take.

So how do you know which certifications are the best for you to qualify as a marketer in Singapore?  By going through all these certifications listed below. These are your gateway to becoming the best e-commerce web developer and designer in Singapore. Be sure that with one or three of these certifications, the best online marketing companies in Singapore will consider you eligible for hire.

Digital Marketing Certifications You Must Have As A Singapore Marketer.

Do not let yourself fall behind in your quest for acquiring the best digital marketing skills. Take advantage of these digital marketing certifications to sharpen those skills and make sure you are the leading candidate for every new digital marketing job in Singapore,

Google AdWords Certification

Although it is now known as the Google Partner program, this is one of the top digital marketing certification offered by Google itself. It is the certification for professional people ready to show knowledge in Google AdWords and is valid for a year. For digital advertising, this is the tool most people use.

How to Be Certified

Passing the AdWords Fundamental exam and either of the following makes one a certified Google AdWords professional:

  • Shopping advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Search advertising

Google AdWords is offered for free and after every 12 months, a person has to sit for another exam.

Google Analytics Certification

Google analytics academy offers the Analytics course free of charge for measuring the growth of online traffic for a website.  As a beginner, do not be discouraged by the comprehensive nature of this tool because it gets easier as one becomes an advanced user.

How to Get Certified

Google Analytics Certification is technically a qualification rather than a certification that turns you into an effective user of Google analytics. A Google analytics exam is required for certification and it does not cost anything.

It is recommended that one gets a first had experience of using Google Analytics before taking an exam. But there is the option of reviewing study materials before sitting for the exam.

Once one fails to pass, that is, scoring below 80%, they are given a period of seven days to sit for the same exam again. For certification update, a person can take an exam after every 18 months for as long as they want.

HubSpot Certification

HubSpot content marketing certification offers skills in how to use the content marketing tool, the reason for using it and how it fits into the inbound methodology. In today’s digital space, content is king especially in SEO optimization. Content marketing is the key pillar of an effective digital marketing strategy.

HubSpot content marketing course takes three and a half hours covering different aspects of content marketing strategies such as creating content framework, repurposing content, promoting and analyzing content and storytelling.

Getting Started

The cost is free, when a test is done and passed; one is given an action item to complete the certification practicum only open to HubSpot customers. Certifications and badges have a13 month validity.

Google Tag Manager Certification

This course is offered by the Google Analytics Academy where students are taught how to create website tags, core concepts and principles of management using Google Tag Manager, how to enhance Google analytics implementation and how to configure other marketing tags such as Dynamic Remarketing. After completing the course, one is give a certification. For certificate refresh, one has to take the exam after every 18 months. Although it is only offered to Google partners.

Facebook Ads Certification

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One of the most effective ways of reaching the target audience and building traffic online is using social media platforms such as Facebook for advertising products and building awareness. For those seeking to set themselves apart in this digital world of marketing, becoming a Facebook Certified expert is the best choice.  

Facebook Ads Certification acknowledges advanced level proficient with Facebook products and services. Two certifications are offered:

  • Facebook Buying Professional
  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional

Content Marketing Institute Online Certification

CMI course as it is widely known is offered online for content marketers by the CMI university.

A wide range of topics on content marketing such as Story, Audience, Planning, Process, channels, measurement and conversation is covered in this continually updated curriculum. Students can work at their own pace and can start with any course as long as:

  • all the seven are completed
  • every training material has been studied
  • the exam has been passed

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This is one of the exceptional digital marketing certifications that does expire, it save you from having to sit for exams after some months.

If interested, Sign up for notifications on CMI university website to get information on when the next period of enrollment is going to be. 

An annual subscription of the CMI University curriculum only costs $995.

YouTube Certification

The world’s second largest search engine is YouTube. This is a must have digital marketing certification for the Singapore digital marketer and i will tell you why.

YouTube generates over 3 billion searches monthly and 100 hours are dedicated for video uploads per minute. Video is the most preferred content medium on YouTube and every other person is a YouTuber these days. Do not be left behind, let your web designing, optimizing and SEO skills be known out there.

What It Covers

 With this certification, you can learn how to create your own YouTube challenge, how to make it grow, how to optimize it and how to make money out of it. After you have passed the exam, you and your company get certified for 18 months.

Think of how much you can achieve in just a year and a half through your YouTube channel.

The best part is this course if offered for free.

Gain a competitive advantage in digital marketing as a Singapore marketer by obtaining as many of these certifications as you can.

You can now proudly add them on your social media profiles. Let the world know you as a Singapore digital marketer and excel in your job. 


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